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Douglas Fairbanks in The Mark of Zorro (1920)
Retweeted by Chris Bennett @ohhoe @SaraJChipps “Don’t drop that!”
Bloom’s Taxonomy is still super helpful for teaching critical thinking. Happy Birthday and thank you! @josephnschmidt Nothing but respect for MY Ghostbusters.Charles Perkins
Retweeted by Chris Bennett @rgpoulussen No one even seemed to notice. Just a shell fired in the air coming back down? 🤔 @SafeNotAnOption @AeroDork Okay no reason to drag the Russians into this.“The world is not run by those who are right. It is run by those who can convince others that they are right.” -Jam… @NBCSWarriors The Warriors draft scouts right now.
“The path of least resistance makes all rivers, and some men, crooked.” -Napoleon Hill @Roman_Britain @MuseumOfGlos this is where the term “ding dong” came from. 🤔😂 @AndreaaCW @udonengineering I loved 7...but is it crazy that I secretly stan 9??Wow, this is what the "crop duster" looks like after mods. Photo from Marc Lacoste at the Paris Air Show.… with strangers on the internet is like being part of a scientific experiment
Retweeted by Chris Bennett @mckosky"...those students who played Civilization IV were more likely to focus on nation-level issues discussed in the lec… snowplough of the day.
Retweeted by Chris Bennett @EndlessJeopardy What are white seals?An early demo of Changes from Bowie. 🎹 🎵 So good. Noctilucent clouds, the highest clouds in the Earth's atmosphere, pictured from the ISS orbiting 269 m…
Retweeted by Chris Bennett @samesfandiari Paschell after getting out of the bosses private jet. @anildash Who is Clippy. @warriors @united #Cygnus cargo craft is open for business and @Astro_Jessica and @AstroDrewMorgan are unpacking and activating t…
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Map of the United States if it was an Oregon doner #Map #Maps #Terriblemaps #TerribleMap #USA #Oregon
Retweeted by Chris BennettGameheads is a great organization right here in Oakland. Check it out! @Discovery Go home Discovery Channel, you’re drunk.Oil lamps found at #Isca #Caerleon #Roman #Wales. 1/ Iron lamp 1st Century AD. 2/ Central Gaulish lamp 1st Century…
Retweeted by Chris Bennett @Chris_Starr @rgpoulussen Everyone loves a nice Vickers. 💥 @rgpoulussen Those guys in the Universal Carriers never looked super happy after like...1941. Wonder why. 🤔 @rgpoulussen From that banner of flags it looks like someone had themselves quite @rgpoulussen Those Vickers MMG are firing high-angle to get long range indirect fire (up to a few miles away). A us… @JaniceChu_89 There’s a new Matrix movie filming a few miles away from me. 🤔 @mc_ellis Live life like you are playing Apocalypse World and wander around the commons of some hardhold with oddments ajangle. @jmstar“In the end, the academics could only suggest that the Army find ways to dig holes faster.” 💥 @kurtruslfanclub It’s the John Player Special filter. fast iterations recycling old components, and a new game is born. It feels great to be back designing after month…
Retweeted by Chris Bennett @ali_heston Here, we STAN ley Tucci. 👏
Helping out with the Stanford Winter Enrichment Experience for Teens. Teaching high school students how to design… newspapers for 💯 years.🌙🌌🚀 Apollo 17 Hasselblad image from film magazine 149/KK - Lunar Orbit, LM Rendezvous 🌜🚀🚀
Retweeted by Chris BennettJason: “Spielworxx wanted a game that they could sell in churches etc. for the anniversary. He didn’t want the desi… @tatianacoronel_ an image processing specialists for our @NASA_Landsat satellite, Dr. Valerie L. Thomas was an integral part of m…
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“We are friends. I sit on you.” 🤔😂 every timeline needs more baby goats.
Retweeted by Chris Bennett @film_girl They better have given you one of those bibs with the lobster on it. 🦞If Dieter Rams made a game console. 🕹 📺 Art by @lovehulten on Insta. reading. #behavioralneuroscience 🧠 @AndroidArts I remember playing the demo to SHOGO with my game testing buddies back in the day. Totally forgot it c…👏
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There is so much I loved about this movie. The Ferrari scene, Kyle of course, Claudia Christian totally stealing a… @Sarcher just give your phone some side eye? 🤔
Gateway playtesting today with some of my favorite people. 😃
Retweeted by Chris Bennett @neighbours_wifi and rain, c. 1946, by Laura Gilpin, US photographer known for her southwestern US landscapes #womensart
Retweeted by Chris Bennett @mc_ellis I am Bennett, destroyer of course. @josephnschmidt player Nat “Sweetwater” Clifton became the 1st African-American player to sign an @NBA contrac…
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Roger Vail #photography Spinning Carnival Ride, 1971.
Retweeted by Chris BennettNeil Johnson #photography Snowy Fence, Union Square, Manhattan.
Retweeted by Chris BennettUmm YES and DUH. Video Games Could Be Serious Tools for Historical Research - MIT Technology Review - Pocket…
Retweeted by Chris BennettMe when I see a new dog in the neighborhood. engineer Justine Haupt has made her own rotary mobile phone. WANT.
Retweeted by Chris Bennett @josephnschmidt @josephnschmidt analog visuals at the Resident electronic music show in SF on Tuesday. (Photo by Korey Luna) @film_girl #RoseAu @film_girl What if we don’t care about the tech but we just care about you(r sh!tposts)? 🤔The mother we all wished we had. @elizhargrave made a great Valentines Day game. 🌹 @techgreatness I’m quitting tech to become my favorite game. @tatianacoronel_
@tatianacoronel_ So what you’re saying is that you have four days to get some lime and red pepper?In 2013, Prince was photographed by @inezandvinoodh for the cover of @VMagazine. In an interview, he spoke about th…
Retweeted by Chris Bennett @KendrickPerkins @warriors @GLeagueWarriors @ImJustPargo @juanonjuan10 @whatseplaying @buttonshy I’m loving Tussie Mussie and the solo expansion right now. 🌺Let’s not find out. to a student tell me the exact type of sci-fi she is really into. “Oh, you must be a big fan of #Timeless remember the first time someone told me about this game. I was like “wait a can’t do 3D animation in… it's 2 cookies, but there's no judgment on how you support female entrepreneurs. 💚
Retweeted by Chris Bennett @warriors Leacock guest lectured in the Serious Games class at Stanford yesterday. His first prototype map for Pandemic… @AntonioFrench @MCHammer @josephnschmidt Dude.
“Excuse me I need to go back to listening to Thin Lizzy” is something I just said. #PhilLynottRIP 🎸 🎶This is the world David Lynch wants for us.
Retweeted by Chris BennettA full rotation of the Moon in high resolution captured by NASAs Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter. Credit: @NASA, @ASU
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@mollyclare old Fox Theatre is still around. 🎥鋼鉄の街(内部)
Retweeted by Chris BennettI would play this game right now. 🎣 to be a single sheet of blank printer paper floating delicately between the world and a manila folder
Retweeted by Chris Bennett @film_girl Fly hair don’t care!