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Views are my own. Expect some silliness.

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@rgpoulussen This is a long convoy.#goals @TicoRomao @puertoricojoe @tatianacoronel_ That’s the lyrics to a Platinum hit!! 🎶
Hi #LatinxsCreate - #LatinesCreate I’m Vanessa,proudly Mexican🇲🇽 illustrator & concept artist,kidlit artist. I lo…
Retweeted by Chris BennettColor Photos Of The Original “Addams Family”
Retweeted by Chris BennettNov 12, 6PM: For @GUWargaming, @fortcircle will discuss how to leverage #tabletopgaming to teach military history -…
Retweeted by Chris BennettMagawa is the hero we don’t deserve. 🎖 was it like growing up in the 80s? The 80s:
Retweeted by Chris Bennett @jbouie Clearly OP has never watched a college student typing a term paper on their phone. Lol @torylynn @fortcircle Well done. I’m hoping this game makes it into plenty of classrooms. I will certainly try my best! 👏1979 Sesame Street & Philip Glass “The Geometry of Circles #1″ animation.
Retweeted by Chris Bennett @shiigeeboo @colebrax The love story between those two was the best. @puertoricojoe What’s your take on it so far. @Tank_Archives @bullypulpit_hq @libbybrittain Google Docs for the game designs I’m working on. That’s my chicken soup.
marketplace sketches under the link #illustration #digitalart
Retweeted by Chris BennettGMT is like “no biggs but we are literally working with 60 design teams right now”. 😳🎲 🔥 ended well. is the science content I am here for.🥰✨ Bow in a 1928 Technicolor sequence. Wow. Check out information regarding the upcoming inaugural CONSIM Game Jam hosted by @fredserval happening Octobe…
Retweeted by Chris Bennett @josephnschmidt really is going to drag me into doing this. 🎲🙌 is now available at your Friendly Local Game Store (FLGS), and shipping now at…
Retweeted by Chris Bennett @cysketch @TicoRomao think we can agree they picked the right Fonzie!
Retweeted by Chris Bennett @Moonspinner55 Love me some Jean Peters. 🥰 @LadyOwlSword @Moonspinner55 Wow she’s a ringer for Millie Bobbie Brown! @Moonspinner55 @TicoRomao That movie didn’t age well, but I loved Carole Bouquet’s Melina Havelock. Her performance… this movie and Seven Days in May, Frankenheimer made some ballsy decisions for the early 1960s. it’s like my Instagram feed. 🤔😂😂 @deejayumb Completely rando, but have you ever seen this? Might recognize a few lads. @josephnschmidt encouraged me to take a quick layout pass to make my rules for Operation PBSUCCESS: The 1954 Guatem… @NoosferaMedia @TicoRomao Max: Fury Extras new #ttrpg post this week: comparative analysis of materials, social structure, and gameplay in @Epidiah's…
Retweeted by Chris Bennett @deejayumb Lol I liked the first few MSG albums. Where did they get away w a 45 min set? Was it a festival?
@deejayumb Speaking of the 70s, I’ve got this on the turntable. Utter classic from the Schenker days. How cool woul… @deejayumb I always had a weak spot for Mademoiselle. Clearly this Tommy Shaw guy has something to add to the picture. 🎶 @puertoricojoe @heroiclogic Thanks for the heads up. That’s doesn’t sound like the version I played lol. @tatianacoronel_ Back to hate-tweeting the game? ⚾️🥳 @heroiclogic in The Oregonian in Portland, Oregon. 25th September 1938 front page.
Retweeted by Chris BennettCan you get wilderness badges in Camp Pinetop by observing your fellow scouts? Find out by joining @TalonStrikes fo…
Retweeted by Chris Bennett @puertoricojoe I played this about 5-6 years ago. Is there a newer edition? @rgpoulussen How did Germany place. @contestedground I bet Game Studies would take a look. @contestedground Traveller saw the potential for Patreon 35 years early.I’m backing this super cool game and you should check it out! ✔️ for @BarnardsGame #pixelart #ドット絵
Retweeted by Chris Bennett🦋 warrior, one of two of the few surviving full-size ancient Greek bronzes. Different alloys like copper/silver…
Retweeted by Chris Bennett @josephnschmidt The rules are on BGG and they look tight. March of Progress doesn’t have rules online but there’s a… @josephnschmidt have you seen March of Progress? @SilariaCreates @Pixel_Dailies 👏 @film_girl Knock it out the box!! 🙌 @SBarrBrisebois @btoandbatbooks @TicoRomao @WorldCinemania @bloodofkirby @CanadaDaredevil @eckmc @MovieKessler @tatianacoronel_ Biden is the “hey I have gay friends” candidate.
@neighbours_wifi argument is invalid. of the world, unite! The recording of Cards in Wargames with @Volko26 is live on our YouTube channel here:…
Retweeted by Chris BennettCan't stop thinking of how Galina Balashova decided to put art on the walls of the Soyuz when designing its interio…
Retweeted by Chris BennettThis is why I pay to stay on this hell site. 🐕 Ellington plays in Coventry Cathedral, in February 1966 #Jazz
Retweeted by Chris BennettVery cool. Chess Set in a Ring, crafted by Artist Joe Turner. (
Retweeted by Chris BennettThis is relevant to my interests.🎸 🤘🏼 @film_girl Christina rn: first day of Autumn
Retweeted by Chris Bennettoh my god these kids will never know what a snow day is.. it’ll just be a zoom day
Retweeted by Chris BennettBuster just saw things in comedy that no one else did before. This gag still works almost a century later. 🎥 🍿 @partytimeHXLNT my chance to get on my soapbox. One of the biggest ways that the genre changed is that it's developed a sub-gen…
Retweeted by Chris Bennett @heroiclogic @kickstarter Good man.It’s still almost unbelievable that they got some of these scenes on film. Truly a classic. 🎥 ⚔️ just backed The Landing: Gallipoli, 1915 on @Kickstarter is a super cool little game. Check out the link and share with your friends! 🎲 ⚔️ issue of Game Studies journal is now available #openaccess #gamestudies:
Retweeted by Chris BennettAlways. @KailynNelson It doesn’t sound plain to me at all! We are always our own worse enemies. And hearing glows from othe… @LeenaVanD I’m a wizard so...good cocktails?🍸 @KailynNelson 👏 @kurtruslfanclub I always get “oh cool did you work on <AAA game they are playing right now>??” 🕹 @kurtruslfanclub That’s hilarious! I’ve honestly never had someone say that to me. 🤔Also new: ActBlue passed $160 million raised (more like $161 million) in the 72 hours after Ruth Bader Ginsburg's p…
Retweeted by Chris Bennett🥰 🍁 @darlingnisi “It's time for your morning bath, sir What would you like to bathe in this morning?” 🤔💜Top Wargames We’ve Played So Far in 2020
Retweeted by Chris BennettAt some point today I'd like to slide a large emerald across a bar table & ask "Can you get me there or not?"
Retweeted by Chris BennettThis is pretty cool. 👏