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You can speak out on bootlegs but not Black lives. Got it.
Retweeted by gg🍒🥧 #newvideo lana del rey speaks up full video:
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He went full preacher mode 😂🗣
Retweeted by ggmy plans 2020
Retweeted by ggI guess it’s official! #NYU2020
Retweeted by ggaight im done here see yall next monthwe got enough stuff happening in the world and yall are debating over bootlegs yet AGAIN even when broadway is lite… this bootleg condemning, but no purse opening. if you hate people watching them so much, why don't you pay for… cannot believe i had to read this with my own two eyes people are POOR, daniel. theater ≠ food. two different thi…
Retweeted by ggMy plans 2020
Retweeted by ggwhole pandemic and yall out here like “keep watching bootlegs and broadway will never come back” hopefully this si… are not going to be the bane of the theater industry’s existence, your highness. plans 2020 plans 2020
Retweeted by gg @E2mile_ @DaveedDiggs YAKTFV @DaveedDiggs its lit chief @Lin_Manuel (jk but also not really LMAOOO & lmk if you want the recipe. its tembleque flavored!! preciate you, bud 💓) @Lin_Manuel ayo can you sing piragua for me im tryna see something for my next short quarantine food film
quarantineaguas, a super short film: update: ninja blender makes piragua level shaved ice so that is what i will be doing for the foreseeable future
Last fall, we were bringing the beat to the Booth, but our journey began long before Broadway - and…
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Will Smith’s performance on this Joyner Lucas remix is 🔥🔥🔥. Breath control, cadence, flow are all A1.
Retweeted by gga week ago @yelyahwilliams released petals for armor. i decided to write about this record & what it has meant to m…
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that book deserved more merch 😔☝🏽im not saying i might be onto something BUT— 👁
has anyone suggested putting him in rice for 24 hours SAMURAI, still teaching us, 60+ years later.
Retweeted by ggjust take a shot every time they say shot in my shot i can watch leslie odom jr’s professionally filmed room where it happens whenever i want nobody will ever hear from me again i think
Retweeted by gganyway eat the richalright dumb mouse you got me once again but only because i wanna see renee elise goldsberry sing in HQ for once @Lin_Manuel that sinatra cover was cute as hell okay vocal range!!!
Archie & Jessica Yu. Director of this finale episode. She really did such a beautiful job. #HollywoodNetflix ♥️
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2020 Black person on the planet needs to keep this Little Richard energy. Rest In Peace to a pioneer, a legend,…
Retweeted by ggwhy do you use twitter. this is a serious question. i am doing an interview tomorrow and need to have some real statistics help
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Dida Ritz casually serving one of the best lip syncs in RPDR w/o all of the acrobatics and theatrics. We stan.
Retweeted by ggthe person the personality @msmartiannyc jokes on them cause the game is no fun no matter how feminine 😭“wow my kid is really showing interest in patents and inventions, let me get them.......MS.monopoly” @dqDST1913 @Lin_Manuel @FrankAngones clicking takes less than a second AND you’ll be entered for cool prizes! (a zoom call with THE lin-manuel…
Retweeted by ggShaun King is a fraud. He will end up profiting off of his very own “action PAC for Ahmaud Arbrey” Instead, here’s…
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My announcement video for next Monday’s #BackToTheFuture #ReunitedApart got Zoom bombed by someone is who is clearl…
Retweeted by ggThinking about the people who came at me on Instagram for posting a picture of a #BlackLivesMatter hat last week. A…
Retweeted by gguse your inside voice... (the one in your heart.)
Retweeted by gg @frankreynclds hey did u know you are VERY talented 10 years ago tony stark discovered a whole new element by himself in iron man 2 and he was the happiest boy i…
Retweeted by gg @Lin_Manuel me making a mix last night and then waking up to YOU making a mix are we back on the same wave again lo… that the movie party is over id like to end this night by saying miles definitely listens to in the heights isaac being slightly canon in the MCU makes my heart happy
Retweeted by ggthe spidey that fell is the one who taught the other spidey to rise. powerful af #SpiderVerse #QuarantineWatchPartyDude.. Jake Johnson is a legend.
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Retweeted by ggguys serious question: if spiderham was puerto rican would we call him peter pernil #SpiderVerse #QuarantineWatchPartyAnd with that... Miles finally gets his own book. I teared up on my couch. #SpiderVerse #QuarantineWatchParty
Retweeted by ggMILES ISNT FALLING. HE’S RISING.RISE UP: another example of collaboration and iteration. And a bumpin' interplay between soundtrack and score by…
Retweeted by ggA LEAP. OF FAITH. PERIOOOD #SpiderVerse #QuarantineWatchPartyTHE BEST SEQUENCE IS COMING UP EVERYONE SHUT UP RN #SpiderVerse #QuarantineWatchParty#SpiderVerse #QuarantineWatchParty The full version is in the Alternate Universe Mode if you purchased the movie.
Retweeted by ggI love how musical the timing of this aunt may fight sequence is. It's syncopated.
Retweeted by gg @THENIGHTSHIFT89 netflix friendo @cafebusteloking
Retweeted by ggit be ya own father’s brother #SpiderVerse #QuarantineWatchPartywhen i finish this movie i gotta go unlock the rest of those suits in the game 😭HECK YEAH SPIDEY SHED #SpiderVerse #QuarantineWatchPartyBAGEL #SpiderVerse #QuarantineWatchParty
Retweeted by gg“im just taking the whole thing” MEEEE #SpiderVerse #QuarantineWatchPartyno one: me: HEY I FELL OFF THAT BUILDING ON MY PS4!!!????!!!!!!! B!!!!! #SpiderVerse #QuarantineWatchParty @Lin_Manuel pull up we’re at the part in the cemetery!MAYBE IF YOU TIED YOUR SHOES #SpiderVerse #QuarantineWatchPartySpoiler alert: Yes
Retweeted by ggWe are all Spider-Man
Retweeted by ggWe really wanted to get the sense of a whole city mourning Spiderman to raise the stakes for Miles...could he rise…
Retweeted by ggkingpin is deadass all shoulder my mans needs to even himself out i KNOW he skips leg day #SpiderVerse #QuarantineWatchPartythe way they visualized the spidey senses was SICK #SpiderVerse #QuarantineWatchPartyReferences to the number 42 throughout #SpiderVerse are in honor of Jackie Robinson, the first African American Maj…
Retweeted by ggTOP SHOWBIZ FACT. Despite the fact we have huge orchestras and top DJs and all kindsa magic that's just me whistlin…
Retweeted by ggthe graffiti montage mix always slaps #SpiderVerse #QuarantineWatchPartyi just caught the date on his test says decembruary 23 LMAOOO yall aint slick at all #SpiderVerse #QuarantineWatchParty“theres only one spiderman” JUST YOU WAIT #SpiderVerse #QuarantineWatchPartythe spidey dance part is my fave #SpiderVerse #QuarantineWatchPartythank you 2 #SpiderVerse #QuarantineWatchParty4 years later and lins verse in wrote my way out still pops tf off he really did what he had to do ive renamed this the milestape, aka a mixtape but better GANGGGGG so EXCITED for the #QuarantineWatchParty !!!!
😭😭😭 @LivinPoetry !! @Lin_Manuel @LighterWay2Live checks out. ((HAPPY BIRTHDAY TERRY❤️❤️❤️❤️)) i have stuff to do but that didnt stop me from making a mix to get pumped for spiderverse tonight!👇🏽 keep that faux negro OFF my timeline, thank you for your service @badbuddhist01 @saxophone_exe @Lin_Manuel will this real otter from my local aquarium make this slightly better? @Lin_Manuel gnight from my fave underrated emoji 🦦🦦