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Alex aka Muscato @CafeMuscato Palm Springs, CA/Cairo, Egypt

Retired bureaucrat; continuing champagne fan. Expect: stars, flowers, snark, nostalgia. Anti-Fascist. He/him.

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Sometimes I have to wonder what FB thinks I get up to in my spare time... @cindynorth1 And have floating island and a little Calvados after. Sigh... @selfstyledsiren @thebasementtan I like to think that working with Kay prepped him for pairing with Myrna. Kay was…"Tired Museum Feet", 1956, Stevan Dohanos (Usa 1907-1994).
Retweeted by Alex aka Muscato @cindynorth1 Or not, for that matter. It’s a great wide world, and we love what we love. We can argue about it ove… @cindynorth1 Oh, I’ll bring you ‘round, sooner or later. @DeanBrowningPA @AOC My god you’re vile. @cindynorth1 You say that like it’s a bad thing. She was a genius. The key to her writing is reading it aloud. The… @cindynorth1 It is, by Pablo P. He showed it to her. “But Pablo, it doesn’t look like me!” “Gertrude—it will.” And it did. @cindynorth1 I miss my gals... @cindynorth1 I’m going to go and just stand in front of some favorites, staring, staring, staring. @cindynorth1 Oh, love. Once upon a time on Fridays, the Met, open late, would set up tables and little gilt chair… @MamurphyMaureen It’s a faint echo—especially here, in a state that might kindly be called en deshabille—of the Fox… I would like my 2019 waist back, honey, but I ate the dumplings and you did the treason, so we’re both out of l… think I don’t like you? Why? Because I haven’t called? No! I’m bad at communicating. Get over yourself.
Retweeted by Alex aka Muscato @BCDreyer That would be it, although now I really have to reveal my WASP ignorance; entering it, feeling the little… @paraicodonnell For some reason, I have to know: are the noodles hot or cold?It’s Ethel Merman’s birthday—everybody dance!
Retweeted by Alex aka Muscato @BCDreyer @krista_oreilly Like playing scales, but of its kind not unamusing. At least one word that had I not live… @kevinddaly III is good fun—you can tell they’re kind of scraping that barrel, but it does do a fun side-by-side of… @ChrisGs76 @notcapnamerica Am I the only one who’s DYING to know what she’s got in that purse? @kevinddaly I love the THAT’S ENTERTAINMENTs, but they left a generation thinking that MGM was it when it came to m… @kevinddaly Fox’s hypersaturated Technicolor is _astonishing_ on a big screen; I remember a double feature of Grabl…*Laughs hollowly in having-worked-in-classical-music-once-upon-a-time.* @IvankaTrump Vanky’s first Manhattan lunch date... mean, seriously, go to hell you plastic harridan, you parasite, incestuous nonentity, you classless, feckless, co… HER. NOISE. @BCDreyer Sometimes I get mad at myself for being before-my-time nostalgic for people like Lady Peel and Charlotte… @BCDreyer @benrimalower Is it possible we were taught “‘til”? It’s taken me forever to drop it, and it still creeps… @Slackermom66 Today it would probably be national news; back then, it only barely made the local paper. @BCDreyer “Ca oo diraha may oo el oto? EL OTO!” “Them piggies is greasy!” Two lines that, even when I think of th… @Slackermom66 It was quite a day. As memory serves, at least two football players were among her clients, as were… @mckellogs This is all of the following: tragic; hilarious; and fabulously on-brand. @RHD86559591 The realization, in regard to a number of my relatives, that I didn’t like them, they didn’t like me,… @RHD86559591 Goodness... makes my own evil stepmother seem a charmer. @Iacoguy “Revenge is a dish best served cold” is one of the wisest adages I know, and I’m endlessly grateful to my… @TomasJMurray Good heavens—and you seem like such a nice boy!When the typing teacher Miss Lee,* who’d already had several run-ins with the administration over “wardrobe inciden… @BCDreyer One’s beloved Miss Pym is of course notorious for having her own characters (and, at least once, her own… @BCDreyer One of the (many) reasons* I shall never write anything of substance is the pressure I’d feel to cram as…
@jepaco Nope—it’s rather a scandal at this point. We had hoped to take a far northern route when we drove west in ‘…, with New Orleans in hot pursuit. once in a while I’ll come across a blocked account in a chain of responses, click to have a look at it, see t… @CountSnarkula She’s a goddam national treasure. @publicroad Well, yes; it’s a book singularly devoid of incident, after all. Poor Jane, with her dull middle-class… @SteveGuest I truly find it hard to believe that it’s possible to be this stupid—and in public, to boot—but... you’re managing it. @MrJoeKeenan @BCDreyer Surely by now that’s a generic term for anyone who has to spend a long evening singing a thi… @BCDreyer Anyone who says NELLIE isn’t a word hasn’t run in some of the circles I have. @Smartypantsny Well, it is, after all, a helluva town. @willmckinley @BarryMotivates I’m genuinely surprised that there was never a late ‘60s/early ‘70s softcore Torchy takeoff/remake.Poolside porn., now—having a birthday isn’t all _that_ bad, Bebe Daniels. And anyone with a hat that spectacular shouldn’t pout…
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@DrMatthewSweet A quick search on Google Shopping only reinforces my standing belief that today’s designers are dep… @kevinddaly ...not, mind you, that I’m exactly _opposed_ to a little Celeste dish now and then. @Plaidstallions Whatever the real story, I’m impressed by how the artis has managed to make all three, even the ful… @kevinddaly I’d watch the hell out of that, and not only for any Celeste dish...Oh, I don’t know. I’ll happily sit through a series of stories detailing their continuing social failures and publi… only sea shanty on my horizon... @JoseSPiano @akakarenwilson Oh, I admire and respect her vastly (and have had the honor of working with her, many,… @akakarenwilson I used to think it was her addiction history and exaggerated persona that had them spooked, but at… @akakarenwilson I like both the fact that we watched that, in season, and that I have not a single memory of it oth… @jondmaas @Adam___Green In related news, I’m not leaving the house until the third one goes. @jondmaas @Adam___Green Or Aryan Barry Manilow. @silkiestmaria Yikes. Bro really writes with his whole ass out, doesn’t he? @212inthe630 For no good reason, she recalls, for me, Edie Massey’s eccentric roommate Jean, who washed her hair in rubbing alcohol. @otheroman Absolutely. And congratulations. At least there’s a ray or two of hope. And what a momentous day on which to get it...It’s the birthday of Miss Faye Dunaway. No star has ever done more to dismantle, brick by brick, the luster of her…
Retweeted by Alex aka Muscato @BCDreyer I vaulted to Genius in record time today, but somehow felt stupider than when I started once I’d done so.… @TBunkbed “And where’s that soggy plain?” “Ee Pon! EE PON!!”I just need to know that Leontyne has been vaccinated
Retweeted by Alex aka MuscatoFinding new ways to remove shine and luster from her hair.“Do you have a pencil, darling?” @otheroman Have you had yours, by the bye? @otheroman Yup. And we’re far from out of the woods, vaccine or no. @mjmimages Dreaming of our train journey a few years ago from Barcelona to Paris—little glimpses of the Med, then p… @kevinddaly I’m confident the remaining career support staff at the Residence have been waiting for this moment for… @ropt_donald @billuber Oh, indeed—although dear Dame Margaret’s take is raaaaaaahther far from Dame Agatha’s. On th… @SJGrunewald It was my trainer’s own gym, and he’d written into the TOS you signed to join that respect for all mem… @SJGrunewald A year later, when I was doing _much_ better, something reminded him of that day and he asked me if I… @SJGrunewald When I first went to the gym after my open heart, I was both fat and scared, therefore _extremely_ ten…
Yes; yes, as it turns out, indeed I do., there’s a number for you. used to watch Raymond in Ethiopia 15 years ago, because it was in English and amusing enough. A recent rewatchin… @soniajane1986 @greergxrson Oh, Flo! @TheS_Squared Seems like Sir Laurence would heartily agree... @viakuttabul @jakeloewenthal @bedwyrssong That cleavage rivals anything Miss Mansfield would sport a few years later. @Crisopera1 Not watching it now, but it’s so, so, so splendid. @stephenfarrow @ropt_donald Who knew? In my mind, St. Mary Mead is located not at all far from Tilling, and on mar… @eggsbened I've always liked the sound of nightshade...Starting in 2016, a couple of accounts got a lot of mileage out of formatting his tweets as if they were presidenti… my knowledge, I hasten to add, my waking self has indulged in no poisonings. It was such a reverse from my usua… @ropt_donald Well, we did watch "Evil Under the Sun" last week. Maybe it's time for me to have another go at the M… I was puttering around the house as usual and it struck me that I hadn't thought in years about all the peo… be filed under “Not a problem at our house, Things that are.” @myinfo342 @MarkFooterman I was going to reply with a degree of seriousness about the idea of anything Trump-ish be… Verdon. It’s her birthday, and that’s the tweet.
Retweeted by Alex aka Muscato @Smartypantsny Well, I looked it up, and it seems to me it needs to be a tier or even two lower. What else can explain it?Meanwhile, in today’s Bee-related news, I get once again to fulminate about my old pal ORMOLU, adding to it my new cause célèbre, LUFF.Don’t tell just anybody, but it’s the birthday of the divine Kay Francis. In my head, of course, it’s a national h…
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