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Toroid of non-uniform density with variable friction and resistance. Earth-bound Space Tourist. He/him/it.

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@DanielAndrewsMP 👍🏻 Not before time. Sad and terrible that state governments over the past decade or so haven’t be… @DajanaGuenther I don’t think any real people will have a problem with it, that guy works for a conservative think… can’t expect australians to do trivial tasks that other people all over the world have been doing for decades!'re looking to build our space engineering team for ACRUX-2! You’ll be involved in project development incl. sy…
Retweeted by How good is corruption? 🔭☕️ @kimhawtin Yeah, you start at 11 and then go down to 0.5 too :-) @astro_obrads No worries. It’s in the Brisbane Ranges. @FiPanther Something something algorithms inherit the biases from their creators? ;-)Around 0.5, maybe. But since I'm a little bit above Dutch average height I'm about twice the size of your average A…'m working on a 1337 containerisation production that I will call dpcker.
@astro_obrads Hey, have you climbed Staughton Vale Cliff yet? Stumbled across it yesterday and looks pretty imprsss… @Astro_yyz We have a few old donated refractors kicking around as well, but we hardly ever pull those out. The dobs… @kattekrab In the foreground is an old quarry called Aerolite, which I guess makes it a pumice quarry in a scoria cone 🌋⛏Wurdi Youang - Exploring around the Brisbane Ranges yesterday,@kattekrab and I found a gravel road with a rather lo… @Astro_yyz You need specific training to operate the C14 and the historical 16" Monash scope. I haven't had any for… @Astro_yyz We've got a handful of dobsonions of varying size (20/25cm) with a few eyepieces each that any member ca… @Fractal10 @sara_stace Anecdatally, drivers in work vehicles such as utes, and younger male drivers are less likely… @Astro_yyz But if it’s just you and sister, I don’t think there’ll be a problem to smuggle you in st such an event… @Astro_yyz Yep, that’s the advantage of membership. Just turn up and play on any members night. That doesn’t apply… @Astro_yyz Do you know perchance @JamesTeach? @Astro_yyz Members night is always on a Friday or Saturday. I don’t know if we have any special events planned, but… @stilgherrian There is a measure of convenience to some things if they’re all in the same place at the same time. @stilgherrian The BoM one. I checked the bureau app and that has a 10% chance of precip forecast for the hour carro… @stilgherrian I’ve found the Carrot precipitation forecast for Melbourne to be inaccurate at the best of times.
So. Now what? @twisteddoodles One is the Bubble and the other one the Booger.Went on a sunset walk in the park and bumped into a scientist who is going to glue glowsticks to microbats tonight.… @pjf @moylecroft Which is fine for Coles, but does not mean my local pub should play it.Hey you #CultOfVenus people. Radio. Why does Coles Radio exist? Why would anyone want to listen to those mind numbing ads, let along when not in the shop? @micheloosterhof Commiserations. Remember that Flagstaff is only four hours away. @simonahac @kimb0oo @AustralianLabor @LiberalAus @The_Nationals You know, the imaginary one they keep harping on ab…’m glad to report that my daily walks are around 4% faster when I listen to music compared to when I listen to podcasts. @itgrrl @drspacejunk A Utopia Planitia swallow or an Arabia Terra swallow? @ssshocker The wright brothers ruined astrodaguerrotypography. @simonahac @kimb0oo @AustralianLabor @LiberalAus @The_Nationals But what if net zero emissions by 2050 costs 20 cen…
@El_Lobo_Rayado @CosmicRami Why do you hate Eta Carina, Ángel? ;-)The area of sky in this image is 10 x 15 degrees - about the size that would be covered by your hand if you held it… faint dark smudges you see across the bottom of the image are lens artefacts, caused by slight distortions in t… @CosmicRami I think that's M49. Magnitude 8.4, so a pretty bright one and hence big :-)The things that aren't fuzzy are all stars. Normally they would be dots, but because my camera was not tracking rig… the center is a short line-up of galaxies. That line-up is called Markarians Chain. Just to the right of tha… of capturing galaxies with a normal camera and zoom lens - here are a hundred or so for your enjoyment. E… @ctudball Dub-western. @drspacejunk @CatherineQ I’m stuck at home with 8 kinds of four pillars. @drspacejunk @CatherineQ 👀 @tserong Making quite the spectacles of yourself.
@DutchSpace @Marco_Langbroek @timmermansr You have to be able to hold it up side down without the hagelslag falling off. 🧈 🧈 🧈 @DutchSpace @Marco_Langbroek @timmermansr More butter, so you can really mash the hagelslag in. @girlgerms Mamak on Lonsdale near Elizabeth is also really nice, and there is a mixed set of various asian things a…'s 11 x 30 seconds of exposures on a 200m zoom lens at f/4. More than enough to snap galaxies dozens of light y… @girlgerms All trams in the CBD are free, no need to walk much. I can also recommend korean on Victoria Street near… you look closely in the top right corner, you'll spot another few galaxies. The larger of those is a spiral, a l… Centauruseseses! Omega Centauri is the biggest and brighter globular cluster in the sky, about 17,000 ligh… @stewartsmith Portland, obvs?
@AstroKatie I had to think long and hard about this - but my answer is Jupiter. Because you need only a relatively…! Making for some lovely lens flares. And so bright off the camera, it actually scared me when the camera… @drspacejunk @CosmicRami @dvcotton @Helen_E_MC Australian Venus lander to research what living in Australia in 2050 will be like?
@SvenDowideit 🙄 @SvenDowideit The Netherlands have been doing it wrong all this time, then. @SvenDowideit You're the second person to assume the capital is where the pollies are, but that need not be the cas… @i386 I *like* fro-yo @developerjack We have winner, then. @developerjack Dubbo?! @CosmicRami CONFESS! @LapTop006 No reason they need to reside at the capital.So now that Sydney is gone, can we agree there is no longer a need for Canberra and make Melbourne the capital? @IbnulHussaini shall do! @bendechrai The current version was not very happy on the Pi 1. Runs well enough on the multicore Pi3 though. I bou… @IbnulHussaini Not sure yet, I have family stuff on too. @bendechrai I use a Raspberri Pi with kodi. Works nicely with the tv remote and the phone app. @IbnulHussaini There is, deepsky+astrophotography combined with members night on Saturday. @IbnulHussaini 😔😉 Well, throw it in your kit I guess and when we’re both somewhere next you can hand it back. No rush on my part. @IbnulHussaini If you've still got a use for it, hold on to it! @IbnulHussaini I dunno what it was actually, not my gear. Other Peter uses it for occultations. @IbnulHussaini With a camera, sure. Just bump the exposure. Visually, nope. @IbnulHussaini I only just got the video, so it’ll be a while until I’ve got images. @meelijane More big hail maybe. I do remember decent hail trying to get in the house on occasion in the past few summers.Horizontal hail, always nice! #melbweatherOn an unrelated note, everything is sore.“I’ll just sleep in the car for a few hours” sounds *so* reasonable. @BOM_Vic Could you direct a few storms over the city when I'm on my walk this afternoon, so I can snap some more lightning photos? 😉
That was at 3:15am - yes, ouch. Luckily I woke up early and did also snap some other targets without interference of Moon and clouds.Toot, toot - Mars coming through! Currently, #Mars is passing in between the #Lagoon and #Trifid nebulae near the… the up side, did not hit any 🦘 on the way home. @emmajane_net Yep. All overcast now. Packing up and going home.Cloud and wind 😭 Taking as many shots as I can get in before Mars disappears. An extra half hour would’ve been ni…💥 🙏🏻 are not. I suspect the Moon is going to ruin things. On the other hand, there are some clouds drifting in from t… we there yet?I *think* we’ve got I2 Borisov in the 18” dobsonian - recording video! @kattekrab I’d seen that pop up in my timeline - I don’t know if they’re taking the show on the road. @Astro_yyz @MBObservatory Oh wow, thank you. Yes, you can totally bring your sister and not pay admission. I would’…
@warkolm I wish to complain about this ebay password reset what I purchased not half an hour ago from this very boutique.Minding my own business, re-watching Deadwood, and of course Veronica Mars wanders in on some missing person PI que… @TasmanSkies Make them upgrade? @TasmanSkies And that way they can stop asking me whilst I’m fiddling with the telescope ;-)“We come in peace for all humani ... hmm chocolates!”“Houston, we have a ... uh ... a rose?” @TasmanSkies Indeed. And the app can ship with the base dataset, it’s not that huge and a phone always has a REALLY wide fov anyway.