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missing my friendswe getting the perfume design soonediting :) exhausted and spending my evening in bed editing photosmy colleagues were all so excited to see my pictures from yesterday and said I was talented nah my day is madesome b&w gems sorry for the spam 📸 beautiful🤍
Retweeted by 𝐚𝐧𝐢𝐪𝐮𝐞made by me 📸🐆 likes? I didn’t expect that 🥺 @prospergrande thank u 🥺 i love it a lot @shxdyringz they were in hiding yesterday sadly but I’m gonna go to another zoo soon to hoping to catch some shots of them 😎 @shxdyringz leopards in general are just so majestic and very good for pictures @shxdyringz followed! the snow leopard on your page I’m in love wowif you want to check my photography account out here’s a link @centurykook hallo lizzy is zo verwend die vermoord dat beest 😭 @shxdyringz was the first time I tried it at the zoo and I’m very pleased! link me ur insta i can’t seem to find itphotographed this wallaby with her little one yesterday isn’t she adorable @shxdyringz I have a canon eos 2000d and this was made with the 75-300mm lens! a beauty @selfishsmiles thank u sm 🥺 @centurykook kitten 😭 onze nicht heeft een kat en de buurvrouw een hond & kat dus she wants one @centurykook help zoe probeerd het hier ook al de hele tijd 😭 @needyshells so proud of you that’s amazing!I already got 100 followers on my photography instagram page 🥺 @s0ulfulangel thank u 🥺 @4evergirlalex if only we could take these cameras inside concert venues @fizzyevans that means sm thank u @healingforari thank u 🥺 @shxdyringz thank you so much ☺️ @sweetnercompany morgane 🥺 thank u @irisboca 🖤 @breathinwangie this already made my day
got work tomorrow so I’m off to bed, tired but fulfilled from an amazing day 😌 @sunkissedhanna I only speak the truth @sunkissedhanna pardon me? the prettiest person everI’ve always been that person who seeks validation in the approval from others and I’m trying to spend some time by… @sweetenerbrooke thank you so much 🥺 I really love how the sun shines on its fur @arismemories in the zoo lol @arismemories i live in the netherlands @arismemories holland @augielovesphoto canon eos 2000d !I was dedicated to get the right shot @bemybrandon absolutely serious @piggybarkbutera my sister was my personal paparazzo todaysuch a good day today :) new camera is so good I’m in love @wildfIowercaIum letterlijk nu rijd er eentje langs ons is that witchcrafthappy one year to boyfriend <3 to lalisa only for today can’t decide if it’s gonna be hot enough for a dress today 😭
society makes people feel ashamed about things they can’t control @buwygyib fr :((jennie kim. was supposed to be pride parade in amsterdam I’m: sadsomeday it will all make sensesomeone talk to me I’m lonely to the zoo tomorrow so I can try out my new camera I’m very excited @kilIsIove i love u :((life is weird @VictoriaMonet very excited 🥺 @needyshells how is it about to be a year since european opening nightdoes anyone have a time machine? cause I really wanna go back to swt. @notearsbutera i love you and care about u so much always here 🤍a year ago after buying pit for antwerp I’d do anything to go back @arianaaailysm look at yourself @bemybrandon the way i love you so much @gwslovisa so are youworking again today in this heat 🥵it was time for a new layout filter cause I feel cute today
missing her so much I can’t believe it’s almost a year since europe opening night video about to reach 100k yup swt videos 🎥
Retweeted by 𝐚𝐧𝐢𝐪𝐮𝐞I suckneedy or better off ?? — needy the only correct answer’s try this again hello pretending I didn’t have a mental breakdown @MaxiemGG @centurykook wel netter lakken de volgende keer xanyways gonna watch disney to make me feel better and just made a nail appointment for next week 💅wish I had a talentI’m literally so useless ? like what am I good at ? I’m just existing.why did u make me ugly @ godsuddenly all my insecurities are coming up I absolutely hate it here @centurykook @MaxiemGG me too cute @MaxiemGG ze houd niet zo van mannen xxx trauma @needyenough @ArianaGrande STUNNING @MaxiemGG @arianaaailysm neverboth my best friends: spending multiple days with their boyfriend me: single af cuddling with my dog @arianaaailysm i love you so muchmanifesting know supposedly I’m lonely now, know I’m supposed to be unhappy without someone. But aren’t I someone? @infinityonmanic was ook mijn eerste keer en dacht ben benieuwd of het echt zo goedkoop is but was het zeker waardLITERALLY THE PRETTIEST WOMAN’s my whole entire heart right there @infinityonmanic I know right !! bij de guess outlet in bataviastad, normaal gesproken 80€ en nu 19€ dus echt een koopjesummer outfits 🌸