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@PaolaOeste This is your house right? @livichamp She surely does. 🖤🏠🖤 @Scientits Took me AGES to locate this old tweet, but I have form with goth houses. @Scientits Yeah probably! If we could afford it.Of course it’s in New Orleans. It could be nowhere else.I love this so much. I hope that inside everything’s either completely jet black or an absolute riot of colour.'s particularly stupid and offensive is that the "Oxford" vaccine is in fact the result of a joint venture betw…
Retweeted by ElkizabejhWhat's the point of the vaccine if I'm just going to die of cringe?
Retweeted by Elkizabejh @livichamp Also accurate, though you rarely dress in black.NEW: here’s the definitive chart on which parts of England have been hard-done-by or "let off" by the new tiers. T…
Retweeted by ElkizabejhIs this not Ian McKellen in CATS?
Retweeted by ElkizabejhTrump: it’s a normal size desk? desk guy (barely keeping it together): yea
Retweeted by ElkizabejhThe most stressed out I've ever been about Christmas was when I was 16 and I got my first ever job, working at M&S…
Retweeted by Elkizabejh*frantically taking notes*
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My grandfather passed away in spring on the day after my birthday. We couldn't see him because of the coronavirus.…
Retweeted by ElkizabejhThis is extremely not the case.
Retweeted by ElkizabejhThanks to @angelbelsey for alerting me to this musical monstrosity this morning. It has lifted my spirits no end.
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Woodward: I'll sit on the fact that the president knew the virus was airborne in February for nine months to sell a…
Retweeted by ElkizabejhIf anyone refers to the Dolly Parton funded Covid vaccine as anything other than The Jolene Vaccine™️ I will be pho…
Retweeted by Elkizabejhhumbling to see @hansmollman has achieved this today and i haven’t even had lunch yet
Retweeted by ElkizabejhI imagine people will become extra cautious now. No one wants to be the Wilfed Owen of Covid, catching a bullet wit…
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Got to the apartheid episode of The Crown and wondered if any Twitter folk were thinking what I was thinking and ye… me matching hijabs with queen elizabeth 😭😭
Retweeted by ElkizabejhI love @livichamp like a sister, but this attempt at trickery was frankly amateurish. @JimTheSG 96 Bells here if you’re still interested!
@PaolaOeste It’s awful because it was thought up by the worst people in the world, but it’s SO FUNNY. 👸🏻🥜🥜 @Scientits It’s lovely. The full recipe’s here if you want to give it a go. A US fluid ounce is 30ml, near as dammi… mad that 5 weeks from now I’m going to have to read articles about 6 members of the same family dying from…
Retweeted by ElkizabejhI can’t stop thinking about this story from Never Surrender about Alan Rickman dragging Tim Allen
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Acknowledgements strike again.
Retweeted by ElkizabejhJoe Biden being incredibly clear and forthright on trans rights and transphobia should give Keir Starmer pause. Lab…
Retweeted by ElkizabejhAt least 37 transgender and gender-nonconforming people have been killed this year, most of them Black and Brown tr…
Retweeted by ElkizabejhTrail Cameras
Retweeted by ElkizabejhI appreciate journals making Covid19 work open access, and I hope when this is over we don’t forget that their logi…
Retweeted by ElkizabejhPrittsess Nut Nuts have never ever met a bully who thought they were a bully.
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It’s a Christmas miracle
Retweeted by ElkizabejhThe Tories are giving us four days off lockdown coz they flat-out know that Cummings fucked it for them in May and…
Retweeted by ElkizabejhInternational Men’s Day deal: Burger, bottle of my own brand cologne AU CONTRAIRE, resignation email, bottle Midori…
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@Scientits DRESS DRESS DRESS DRESSGet me this dress. I need this dress. Seek this dress, locate it, obtain it, and give it to me. GET ME THIS GODDAMN… found a small owl inside of this year’s Rockefeller Christmas tree, he hitched a ride all the way to NYC and i…
Retweeted by ElkizabejhBy his fucking ankles do I have to think of everything
Retweeted by ElkizabejhPeople against student loan debt forgiveness
Retweeted by ElkizabejhThis thread is good fun and contains a truly spectacular gif of a bored child on a swing. is the most humiliating day for Toby Young since only 0.1 people came to his stag do
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The Grenfell Fire Inquiry has been told that Celotex, who supplied insulation for the tower's refurbishment, delibe…
Retweeted by ElkizabejhFor a bit more context: microchip needle on the left, vaccine needle in the right. I promise you’d notice if the go…
Retweeted by ElkizabejhIt’s covid’s birthday! Thanks for literally changing every single person’s life
Retweeted by Elkizabejh @livichamp I suspect parenting a litter of Sweeps might cause premature ageing. @livichamp important met a man dressed the same as my dog and he was kind enough to have a picture!
Retweeted by ElkizabejhYour daily reminder that Dolly Parton is one of the main funders of the #Moderna vaccine. Dolly will save us all.
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4 years and 2.5 billion dollars later, this is how Trump's border wall is going. (📹@WDCreports)
Retweeted by Elkizabejh @Captain_Bionic Yeah! @Captain_Bionic Not that it’s not lovely! And it *is* an image of a cell. It’s just that it’s a drawing of one, not a photo. @Captain_Bionic That’s a rendering, surely. No microscope exists that can do this.Stock photography: hero nurse v nurse when they campaign for a pay rise
Retweeted by ElkizabejhBarbara Beese and son Darcus Beese marching in support of the Bengali community Bethnal Green in the 1970s #SmallAxe
Retweeted by ElkizabejhAhaha oh my god
Retweeted by ElkizabejhNo idea why it’s taken me this long
Darcus. Malachi. just brilliant. #SmallAxe
Retweeted by ElkizabejhSacked off The Crown in favour of Mangrove. A good decision.#HisDarkMaterials NOT THE BENCH.
Retweeted by ElkizabejhI would kill 1,000 people for Mrs Coulter’s wardrobe. #HisDarkMaterialsFood will become something of a luxury item next year. Brexit will see to that.... Massive price increases across…
Retweeted by ElkizabejhThe marshmallow test is a fantastic analogy for the COVID situation, in that people like to pretend it's about indi…
Retweeted by ElkizabejhThe joy of having the northern lights right outside your door 💚
Retweeted by Elkizabejh @Scientits Something you *wouldn’t* buy in Claire’s Accessories.Trans rights are human rights. Trans men are men. Trans women are women. Trans rights are human rights.…
Retweeted by ElkizabejhNB bet Boris buys this for Carrie. And two of the charms will be nuts.Anyway there you go. If you’ve got the price of a Mercedes hanging around, and you want to turn your own and everyo… where it’s due: it was his idea. *Vomiting intensifies*) the worst is the charm that represents the designer’s husband, which is supposed to depict “sex on legs”. *Vomi… ski lift featuring pavé-set rubies. A dog’s pawprint (why do Tories always like dogs when dogs themselves are so… this case the charms have been chosen by the designer herself, and boy howdy they are… something.It is this custom-made charm bracelet/necklace. news: it is a gewgaw of such surpassing repugnance, such loathsome gem-encrusted  rankness, that it complete… news: this year’s MET (most exorbitant tchotchke) is the cheapest since 2014, at just £35,000!And here is last year’s excrescence have been doing this since 2012 to increasing levels of indifference. But I enjoy it. Here is a recap of 2012-2018 the Christmas season begins in earnest, with the annual ritual wherein I go through the festive edition of th… tidings! find the whole narrative so perfectly encapsulated in this pic so fucking depressing. Yeah yeah it's the nagging…
Retweeted by ElkizabejhHas any one lost a chicken in Tooting SW17 London?
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Reminder: Wolfenoot is in nine days.
Retweeted by ElkizabejhAfter five days of freedom Jess has had to have the cone put back on since she nearly pulled her stitches out. She…"The Rebellion all call you Princess Nut Nuts behind your back"
Retweeted by ElkizabejhAn hour outside Rome, on the edge of a huge nature reserve studded with Renaissance palaces? Yeah I reckon I could…
Important to note that even this official will be a raging inadequate shit, but let’s just enjoy their quote for no…
Retweeted by ElkizabejhYou can tell 2020 is a fucked up year when all the Friday 13th news is good.
Retweeted by ElkizabejhSo the entire nation calling for his resignation and losing faith in lockdown laws didn’t do it but petty office po…
Retweeted by Elkizabejh @Captain_Bionic Those antipodean freaks are capable of anything.Took me most of the afternoon, mind. #HiddenBooksGame uh, omg. You've all seen this sapphic Labyrinth themed wedding shoot, right? I'm just extremely late to the p…
Retweeted by ElkizabejhBiden’s win gave many health-care workers a second wind. Help is coming. A vaccine is coming. There is absolutely h…
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