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Graduate student of Social work; Preschool teacher; Classically trained singer; Fanfic writer; My dream is to one day sing a duet with Brent Spiner.

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@skirtca Taco bell isn't worth all the hype. Chipotle is where you wanna go!
@EffEmmGee @BrentSpiner I really don't know much about cameo honestly. I have just heard that some celebs are doing… is the worst case of gate keeping that you've witnessed from a community? @wlwtroi Cult was weird because it didn't have any supernatural aspects to it. Freak show and Roanoke were pretty g… @Last_Bolshevik @Apollosguy1 @startrekcbs @CBS @StarTrek @theProgSoapbox I mean people die/get killed on shows....i… @wlwtroi Have you watched any of the other seasons? my favorite is Asylum but I loved almost all the others. I coul… @SapphireRobbie @BrentSpiner I know it's inaccurate because I follow several people who are doing cameos and they are not retired. @SapphireRobbie @BrentSpiner Not true...I've seen many actors and actresses that are still working offer to do makes money....I'm convinced that drinking red wine almost daily has significantly increased my immune system. I haven't really go… @BrentSpiner Okay well be sure to let us know if you do decide to do them 😉Hi @BrentSpiner. Out of curiosity, have you, or would you consider doing cameo video shout outs? I know a few peopl… Monday. Ugh it seems like there isn't a lot to look forward to these days. I'm just working and sleeping.… @FINALLEVEL I still think you're cool. Do cool people still say the word cool?
@albinokid I met you very briefly in....what was it....2006 maybe 2007. You visited Interlochen art's camp I got yo… @ManuIntiraymi hi there! I'm just curious about how you pronounce your name. I think you're awesome and I sorta tal… @BrieBeecher I used to deal with this when I was sucked....Lets cancel #CancelCulture @NewbSombrero @placeresciegos Perhaps people should stop asking him about it, when he clearly doesn't like it. Seem… @edwhitfield @BrentSpiner @jdonboli I think Dr. Soong was just playing a lot of BINGO in those days. @IsaacTimm2 @jdonboli @BrentSpiner God, that's frightening. @IAmJohnAles Gotcha. Makes a lot of sense. Thanks! @IAmJohnAles Can you give an example? I use lol all the time @ManuIntiraymi ❤🖖😇 @Sly_Botts @ManuIntiraymi More like fascism lol @assholepaw @placeresciegos Oh. No I doubt he thinks that. He is a minority though. Just not in that way @jonathansfrakes @THR You deserve all the accolades. @assholepaw @placeresciegos What kind of minority @spock_oclock @SirPatStew @jonathansfrakes @JeriLRyan @IAmJohnAles @SantiagoC @ItsMichelleHurd @TheIsaBriones
@ManuIntiraymi Oh, damn, I didn't realize this post was from last comment still stands though @riverstone248 @ManuIntiraymi There is nothing worse than being blacklisted/blackballed because of a misunderstandi… @rickbeckley @WilliamShatner I think the best course of action is to not believe anything said about… @placeresciegos I'm curious. What makes you think he's homophobic? @agent_a29 It's already super short. I got my haircut todayMy new haircut. #SaturdaySelfie #haircut #style #hairstyle @WilliamShatner Blocked their....little red wagon?Wishing the happiest of birthdays to the one and only, gorgeous, talented and fantastic @JeriLRyan! You deserve nothing but the best!I wish I could see who views my posts. @randybmccoy @WilliamShatner jealous lol 😇 @LaurieBerkner my 3-and 4-year-olds love listening to your songs. They know the lyrics to at least 3 of your songs.… @agent_a29 cutie 😇Let's see..... @Chris_Meloni is this some kind of inside joke; because I don't get it.... @luvstravel @WilliamShatner I'm pretty sure he does do a lot of good with the money he's earned. He does charity work; he's a philanthropist @WilliamShatner It seems like you can't do anything nice for people without others being offended or causing drama @WilliamShatner I believe in giving people the benefit of the doubt... but I'm also curious. I want to know the absolute truth @JackBla52245607 I don't know who are but you have followed me twice and two times I've gotten my hopes up that you… @WilliamShatner Oh my God. 🙄 @WilliamShatner I've tried my hand at trolling...just to see what it was like, but it's really hard...I’m Jewish.🙄
Retweeted by Caitlin Elizabeth 🖖💖💜💙Thank goodness it’s February or it would be pretty sad.
Retweeted by Caitlin Elizabeth 🖖💖💜💙 @WilliamShatner They would know this if they had listened to Adam Sandler's "The Chanukah song"
@WilliamShatner They also cost moneyShabbat Shalom! Happy Friday, #TGIFHi there @BrentSpiner. I have to know: how do you personally pronounce the word Data? The answer may turn my life u… @ItsTheCatia Thank you, I was getting notifications every 10 seconds about someone liking such and such comment @WilliamShatner My god, you get a lot of far out stories. Must get annoying. @BrieBeecher Probably not @BrieBeecher Absolutely. I got this vibe too. I just wonder if she is still with Chakotay @WilliamShatner I always love seeing your commercials. What's wrong with Mike Slocum Lawfirm?Is there any way to stop getting Twitter notifications when people like comments written by others on my posts? It's quite annoyingHappy birthday #AlanRickman! You're gone but never forgotten. I miss you a lot! The world is a lot happier because… @wonderouspages @marillenbaum27 My thoughts too... if the sun doesn't effect them the way it would normally.... why would garlic? @starscythe Yes! I said she looks like Marina. Did anyone else sense a lover's vibe? @jumblejim My family will be in Hawaii starting on leap day. I unfortunately will not be joining them... @IAmJohnAles Right? All these "Vote blue no matter who...unless it's a billionaire, or they have offended me in some way...." 🙄 @dillangandhi @BrentSpiner @OceanicPicon815 Damn I didn't realize. I guess I'll have to watch it! @ManuIntiraymi @rocdisjoint It was pretty obvious it wasn't you...and disappointing, but that's life I guess @TheIsaBriones Picard: Tea? Wine? Seven: Bourbon My kind of woman!Picard: Tea? Wine? Seven: Bourbon My kind of woman!
9 days until I get to meet @WilliamShatner . I work with kids, so pray I don't get sick. I'd never forgive myself… google: How do I say goodbye to my childhood home? 😭 @miccaeli I mean, I guess...but who doesn't love Italian food? @ManuIntiraymi I'm sad that this spoiler has already come out. I'm not watching Ep5 until later this evening. Still...❤️🖖 @ManuIntiraymi @danfissel This makes me sad; if you need to vent hmu @mfnickster @BrentSpiner @OceanicPicon815 I think it was more of a suggestion; akin to "Doctor, it hurts when I do this." "So don't do that" @saphicstarlight @soongslut I like that these pics are in HD. What a guy @BrentSpiner I remember watching "Guess who's coming to dinner" in my constitutional law class senior year of high… @WilliamShatner you sure do travel a lot. I'm actually quite jealous. I've got an insatiable wanderlust. @JoeyThompson80 @WilliamShatner Seems like a cool guy from what I've witnessed. Good sense of humor too @SATlSFYD @skirtca I don't quite get it... is... is the kid you used to be in the basement? @JoeyThompson80 @WilliamShatner I get to meet him next weekend, I'm so nervous 😳🙃 @WilliamShatner That's cold 😑 @WilliamShatner I'd rather have real encounters; why lie about it? @WilliamShatner Honestly this whole thing is making me feel sad; I need to know if it's legit... @WilliamShatner Man, seems like it would've been a better idea to not ask you about it and continue the illusion. Now it's just kinda sad 😕Why is @brentspiner the 11th most popular person named Brent behind youtube and reality stars, hockey players and p… @BrentSpiner @TheDoomfake @realKetwolski @Treksphere @startrekcbs ARRRRRGH I hate it when people delete their comme… @GarrAarghHrumph I couldn't really tell you. @GarrAarghHrumph How do you determine who is more famous? @skirtca it's a lute @skirtca Yes, I was wrong about the title it's been demoted to Dwarf planet; not planetoid; in 2006. But it isn't i… @skirtca But it isn't anymore. It was demoted to planetoid several years ago @bradycummings @rainnwilson Ah yeah I vaguely remember that. Starbuck is way hotter in the reboot 😇 @saphicstarlight He looks like a classic 80s dude @RWBuford Well I certainly didn't understand it when I watched it as a child. I only watched maybe about the first… @wlwtroi why's that? @rainnwilson I've always wondered if Dwight was a fan of the original BSG or the reboot.
@BrentSpiner @jaketapper was that an actual project that you did or was it a just-for-fun sorta thing? @SevenBorg23 @ItsTheCatia @BrentSpiner @OceanicPicon815 I'm just offering conjecture, but maybe there's a reason people keep blocking you. @ItsTheCatia @SevenBorg23 @BrentSpiner @OceanicPicon815 Well I don't know where this person it could be aft…