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MSW Student; Preschool Teacher; Classically trained singer; Star Trek nerd. Often conflicted; always nosy. Logical self vs. Emotional self tend to contradict.

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You know that feeling of dread when you've got an assignment due soon; but then you start it/ format it/ plan it ou…
@Milnoc @BrentSpiner @greggrunberg @MikeSievert people say that ST and SW should do a crossover, but I don't think… @Milnoc @BrentSpiner @greggrunberg @MikeSievert Well I'll be honest, I watched the special edition first, because t… @Milnoc @BrentSpiner @greggrunberg @MikeSievert No the end of Return of the Jedi. Yub nub was replaced @dmlash123 @greggrunberg @BrentSpiner @MikeSievert That would come as a surprise to me. @Milnoc @BrentSpiner @greggrunberg @MikeSievert and the song switch! @IAmJohnAles It sounds like it would be a cover for a cover band. The original band is amazing; the cover band is b… @MarleneForeign @DonnaJoan8 @Dawnisla1 @BrentSpiner Can we end this please?! I feel like I'm back in middle school. @Milnoc @BrentSpiner @greggrunberg @MikeSievert Except the enhancements made the movie worse, IMO. Like the ending of Return of the Jedi.I took off work next week for some mental health/ self-care days. I'm still going to my internship Tuesday and Thur… @MarniLBTroop Can't fix the world. It was mainly a joke about the names anywayGood Idea: A program that delivers free hot meals to teachers who are either teaching from home or teaching in the… @IAmJohnAles @IAmJohnAles Eh? @EmmaOfTheImpact @EffEmmGee @Dawnisla1 @DonnaJoan8 @BrentSpiner Yep. I think I'm an empath in many ways @EffEmmGee @Dawnisla1 @EmmaOfTheImpact @DonnaJoan8 @BrentSpiner Screen shot?? @EmmaOfTheImpact @EffEmmGee @Dawnisla1 @DonnaJoan8 @BrentSpiner I just hope that no one has been hurt. It hurts me… @EmmaOfTheImpact @EffEmmGee @Dawnisla1 @DonnaJoan8 @BrentSpiner Probably so. I don't believe I was unkind so it must be for other reasons. @EffEmmGee @Dawnisla1 @EmmaOfTheImpact @DonnaJoan8 @BrentSpiner I'm blocked now by this person so I've no idea what you're laughing about. @EffEmmGee @EmmaOfTheImpact @DonnaJoan8 @Dawnisla1 @BrentSpiner I give people the benefit of the doubt most of the time @EffEmmGee @EmmaOfTheImpact @DonnaJoan8 @Dawnisla1 @BrentSpiner I do my best to be kind, and resist starting drama.… don't wear makeup very often, so I try to post pictures of myself in my natural state. Take it or leave it.
@Mishalocked24 Castiel is only in the show every 7 episodes? @IAmJohnAles While we hope that we will win this election, we also must prepare for the worst. What should we do, r… @IAmJohnAles @brewsandbats @WilliamLSeymour Because you need to make it for me! You're going to, right? @Mishalocked24 who? @DonnaJoan8 @Dawnisla1 @BrentSpiner 🙄 @DonnaJoan8 @Dawnisla1 @BrentSpiner Thanks for the offer, but I'll pass. I am not interested in slander. I won't ge… @DonnaJoan8 @Dawnisla1 @BrentSpiner No, but I don't want to get involved in conspiracy theories. I have enough on my plate right now. @DonnaJoan8 @Dawnisla1 @BrentSpiner Too old for what? He's married @DonnaJoan8 @Dawnisla1 @BrentSpiner I know he doesn't care about me. Frankly I don't need him to. Doesn't mean I can't be kind to him. @DonnaJoan8 @Dawnisla1 @BrentSpiner He's always been nice to me @DonnaJoan8 @Dawnisla1 @BrentSpiner Well you do try to get his attention a lot for someone who doesn't like him. @DonnaJoan8 @Dawnisla1 @BrentSpiner I'm sure @DonnaJoan8 @Dawnisla1 @BrentSpiner Both of you? Were involved with him? How odd. @DonnaJoan8 @Dawnisla1 @BrentSpiner Dawn @Dawnisla1 @DonnaJoan8 @BrentSpiner Didn't you just ask him for words of comfort like two days ago? @louise_voyager @BrentSpiner Sherlock Data is my favorite Data. I want this shirt @pemdasi @BatlethBabe I very rarely block people, and if I do I usually unblock them soon after because I want to know what they say. @JohnnyU74334315 @BrentSpiner @Hymr80 U74334315 @BrentSpiner @JohnnyU74334315 @Hymr80 Dayum, Brent. Sick burn. Probably a bot though.
I'll also say that I believe black lives matter; that people who say Blue lives matter are sort of losers, and that… all cops are bastards. Many are not, many are heroes. Some are assholes; some deserve to be locked up forever;… @IAmJohnAles I had this semi- awake thought that we need to hangout. That you'd love my husband. @sunflower_scout @BatlethBabe LLAP🖖❤️ @ianmcginty @duckwaltz She only makes decisions based on what cute guys and/or girls she wants to be like tell her to decide. @sunflower_scout @BatlethBabe well in any case, if I said anything that made you angry or upset, I apologize. I've… @sunflower_scout @BatlethBabe well, I wish I could help you remember, but I don't recall ever having interactions w… @Gaaron_G @BatlethBabe Like, I can't even see the post, I don't think I've ever had interactions with this person. @yesthatken @BrentSpiner So what's your deal here?Don't try to defend Trump to me by discussing his tax initiatives. I for one support raising taxes for certain inco… @BatlethBabe Ironically the person who originally posted this has me blocked...even though I don't think I know who they are. @yesthatken @BrentSpiner Is this your assumption of what Brent thinks? @MetisViking Yes I live in Fairfax County, which, while being technically the South, is very liberal and diverse. U… @BrentSpiner I know we all have our optimistic and pessimistic sides, but what is your realistic side telling you a… @mekhrista I don't think you're boring. @MetisViking Probably not Northern's pretty liberal-ish, but it's not a big city. Although it's near… @MetisViking Where would you like to move? @louise_voyager @BrentSpiner I'm so relieved your mom tested negative. I know you were so worried! I hope she's feeling better ❤ @2Boldlygo_and Haha yeah me too @2Boldlygo_and Bingo @2Boldlygo_and Or people that say things that they think are interesting but are really uninterestingEver notice that some people are just really boring? @jamespyles @ChrisCuomo @CNN My guess is that this is misrepresented. He was probably saying that girls should not…
@jamespyles The one you retweeted most likely won't. That is, course if he is in fact one of your heroes. I try not to make assumptions. @MarniLBTroop @CWolert @BrentSpiner @rick_leijs @JohnnyDiggz @Marina_Sirtis @levarburton Yeah, probably not, as it'… @BrentSpiner @cat_abroad @fafferaday You're quite clever. I must say. @BrentSpiner @EmmaOfTheImpact @cat_abroad @fafferaday I'm fine with cats too, just as long as they aren't in my hou… @MarniLBTroop @CWolert @BrentSpiner @rick_leijs @JohnnyDiggz @Marina_Sirtis @levarburton George Mason University @cat_abroad @fafferaday @BrentSpiner Good point, the guy who played Noonien and Arik I don't trust, but the guy tha… @fafferaday @BrentSpiner @cat_abroad really? Cause I always had a crush on Lore. It was the guy that played Dr. Soong that I wouldn't trust. @MarniLBTroop @CWolert @BrentSpiner @rick_leijs @JohnnyDiggz @Marina_Sirtis @levarburton no, but it it unlikely tha… @BrentSpiner @MarleneForeign @bkparallax No, I think he meant librarian. He hates books, as you can tell. @cat_abroad @BrentSpiner @fafferaday Right, but is that interview canon? I doubt it.Welches Geräusch macht ein deutsches Motorrad? Warum Warum. If you don't understand this joke, put the German part into Google Translate. @cat_abroad @fafferaday @BrentSpiner I see @oblivions_muse @BrentSpiner I mean yeah...that is his name 😉 @oblivions_muse @BrentSpiner I think "Brent" would suffice. @CWolert @BrentSpiner @MarniLBTroop @rick_leijs @JohnnyDiggz @Marina_Sirtis @levarburton Indeed. @cat_abroad @fafferaday @BrentSpiner I don't think he said "stupidest actor" I think he said "worst actor to work with" @CWolert @BrentSpiner @MarniLBTroop @rick_leijs @JohnnyDiggz @Marina_Sirtis @levarburton I just finished watching t… @CWolert @BrentSpiner @MarniLBTroop @rick_leijs @JohnnyDiggz @Marina_Sirtis @levarburton True, I can almost guarant… @CWolert @BrentSpiner @MarniLBTroop @rick_leijs @JohnnyDiggz @Marina_Sirtis @levarburton The reason was it was avai… @pesmerk @IVerboten @BrentSpiner that's a name @IVerboten @BrentSpiner Violence and cruelty are not the answer. @CWolert @BrentSpiner @MarniLBTroop @rick_leijs @JohnnyDiggz @Marina_Sirtis @levarburton I've eaten at Chick-Fil-A,… @EffEmmGee @BrentSpiner I really hope that I'll get an opportunity to see him in person someday. I'd be pretty anxious too! @MarleneForeign @BrentSpiner @daughterofskadi @EJHastings @JohnnyDiggz @Marina_Sirtis @levarburton That's a pretty good analogy @MarleneForeign @BrentSpiner @daughterofskadi @EJHastings @JohnnyDiggz @Marina_Sirtis @levarburton Yes but it's tha… @BronIlex @rolandemmerich Only if they bring back Milton...a scientist needs his boyfriend 😇 @bobthefishtk @BrentSpiner @JohnnyDiggz @Marina_Sirtis @levarburton I hate to say it, but I agree with you on that. @BrittanyMH1963 You've already gotten snow? It's still ~65-70° in my area @JerryGr43631709 Nope I haven't heard of it @jblumenfeld100 @alliwhotrek Or Piper @jblumenfeld100 @alliwhotrek Or BillieDid you know that kindness and compassion make you beautiful? @Sarahgbeee "Beep boop" - Bubo
@IAmJohnAles I need to start singing again, I think. @Chris_Meloni Um why have I not watched that show?? Who is that hot hot hottie??? @BrentSpiner I'm going to assume The Producers depiction of how Broadway works is accurate, because it seems so realistic.