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She was like idk if I wanna call you bro or sis 😭Reconnected with my blood sis just now omg she act just like me it’s crazy.Y’all be too funny on here I can’t @chippy_nonstop I am 😭MAM, U R UNDER ARREST FOR PLAYING THAT BPM
Retweeted by don diva @ACABPERIODDDD Yoooo @CAKESDAKILLA made a top tier track here...
Retweeted by don diva21 Mins With Gregg Evisu (LIVE FreeStyle) by djmikeq on #SoundCloud back in the day @TheOnlyMikeQBombs go awf when I enter the building. @grandmathebaby they pay it lolOut in jersey city like what it gave @grandmathebaby It’s called being a beautician my mother is the same way @jatovia ExactlyMade the hometown news... 🙃⭐️ Dallas documentary filmmaker Ja’Tovia Gary examines Black feelings about safety
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"It gave walk thru..." - @CAKESDAKILLA
Retweeted by don divaPick a card, any card...@TenzMagazine“They got some drag queens in Harlem....” We love a good clip from the timeless documentary film Portrait of Jason…
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Retweeted by don divaMy style is reverting back to my high school days with a way more refined taste and a bigger budget for sicker exec… told me not to post my new toes lol but the girls with taste get it.Nah not even giving that me be myself dammit 🥵 @NYGELSARTORIAL Miss Hicks been a muse since a Bronx Tale. Love her down. A true wicked beauty. @BriMalandro A good toe @i_am_thou_art_i I had to copEvery director I’ve ever worked with got this video in the reference folder. I’m sorry it’s too amazing. toes to step on y’all necks it on your speakerphoneI love a good CB2 catalogueAnd I even there yet what I be saying lol @LivCThinks1994 😘😘😘Selling skin @AdamantxYves Thank you @TorraineFuturum 😘Country band Lady A filed a trademark lawsuit against a Black blues singer who has performed under the same name fo…
Retweeted by don diva2 clouds above 9Thank you so much, Beats, Dance, Don Dada @cakesdakilla for @tenzmag Exclusive 📷: @saileywilliams #Culture #JackdApp
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Retweeted by don diva @djgayz @TenzMagazine Thank you @coveruptj @KarlaKaress Enjoy y’all @TatyanaAssata Thanks booJust spoon me no homoCakes in @TenzMagazine 💋 @MarkDoesStuff Thank youIt’s always the one who love playing the victim that do the latest shit. It never fails. @AightBetty SamePUMP THE BEAT: @CAKESDAKILLA via @YouTube
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Retweeted by don divaPUMP THE BEAT🔉: @CAKESDAKILLA, the unapologetic house & battle rapper talks Lyrics vs Flow, giving reality tv “a wa…
Retweeted by don diva @ITSNINARIVERA Thanks boo @UNIIQU3 @TenzMagazine Thanks sis @_mothers_ Thank you!Cakes in @TenzMagazine 💋 @Astrolith I was just watching you on YouTube with Miss Taylor
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Retweeted by don divaI’m coming with it thanks bb @arxhiiie Thanks boo @raisaflowers Thank you sis @rosedommu The carry starts now @salivationarmy Yussss @MUALIEN_ Thanks boo @MedinoGreen Thanks Dino @rougewaycunta Kunt cully cunt cunt kah @Ripparachie Link me at the afters sis @DivoliSvere Turnt it @TeaHacic 😘 @mattmattradio Thank you @eacheasy Yoooooo this a mood @CAKESDAKILLA
Retweeted by don diva @HANNAHRAD Exactly might have to splurge on some Princess cut diamonds and thangsLabel deal offically signed. Stay tuned. @yosoymichael Ex-hypocrite is me @_mothers_ I just saw him at the gentrified bodega last week. Still maintainedI'm raising money for TO ELEVATE MY PHOTOGRAPHY. Click to Donate
Retweeted by don divaLSDXOXO brought Floorgasm to Zoom for Low Heat–– peep every set online now.
Retweeted by don divaI hate late shit @NegressElba I struck nerves.After I drop my ep, then my new album I’m giving this account to an intern and tweeting freely on my burnerI actually can’t take this app lolIt’s a joke like most things on this app bitches can’t even cite your sources MLA style @jatovia I haven’t watched it in so long you know I can’t stand to see myself on the silver screen lolOmg wow so long ago @jatovia he don’t shuck and jive My IMVU needed that Afropunk neosoul drip. The doll is ready to chat. got my physical copy of Tidal magazine with my spread in it. It feels good to be back in print again. Baby me doing the dutty whine.
Me dancing to Ungodly Hour at the cookout in 15 years if I’m still alive
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