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inventor of bad tweets and heiress to the Blockbuster fortune 🦕 // top 0.1% on onlyfans

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@Skoog i felt under appreciatedalso shout out to the Twitter video player for downgrading the hell out of the quality @vibechess I love you 2tiktok took this down cause i have fat tits but I need to post cringe somewhere @AlisonLeiby damn I’ve gotta visit NYC sometime and try one of these out @HAUGHTYFORYA oh ok now I am crying
sent a guy nudes and he said “ok” so I said “I hope you like them!” and he responded “yea no doubt” @savannah_solo I'd really recommend cam model protection if you're looking for people to take care of leaks for you… guy: love you mom… no oedipus @Keally22 omg yesss representation I am team Nancy though, if you’re eating a sugar cookie I feel like the main ingredient is sugar. just go make carrot cake or somethingdamn why is the comment section of this baking blog so toxic, nancy really came for margie’s neck @Keally22 I always get my family dog the grossest cow knuckle/ mystery bone I can find at a local pet shop and she goes crazy for it @userjaymes I just build a gaming/streaming pc! lmk if you have any questions @Keally22 ah someone with refined taste
@imjustliketony @therealjoshua24 had to just didoh my god??? @nosciencehere agreed, I think it’s kinda sus when they’re “close” with their female relatives too. I don’t rly trust dudes who have momsif you call powerpoints slide decks go fuck yourself @lupinswhoreee I wanna try it I saw someone on tiktok warn against shifting into food because it’s terrifying but I…
@bDippy I have dated people who rave! @yojohnwhatsup yesI once went on a date with this guy who raved about how exquisite and high class the surprise place he was taking m… @Bleu2Bleu damn lmao I’ve just been told that I “don’t need to do that liberal shit here”walking around in the south with a mask on @thetruth_pleaze South Dakota with its 20 people vs New York City @sheridannjeann within the past year unfortunately @lonestardaddy happy birthdaok but which Hogwarts house sucks the most dick
@angelicanguy ah a fellow vetanyone who thinks Twitter needs an edit button was never there when tumblr bullied John Greene off the platformwhen he says “be a good little whore and cum for me” be like “I’m gonna make my ass clap” girl it sounds like we’re playing golf @slizagna thank you ily more :)I didn’t wanna get cheesy and corny but I’m v thankful for y’all, y’all have changed my life. I hope you had a real… @slizagna QUEEN ily I hope you had a good thanksgiving :)
oh hey there champ! Did ya get a job yet? You know, when I was your age, I just walked into the bosses office and d… there’s the little social media star, finally gonna say hi to your little family huh? now what’s that link in yo… my roommates to start a fight at the dinner table so that this can feel like a true thanksgivingwhat’re you thankful for? woah I expressed my opinions about something in a non joke format and you’re going to comment where’s the punc… @excesstential I really like chocolate strawbs too!Hey guys! I’m eating a caramel apple :)
I have so much respect for people who buy 3 month or longer subscription packs to my Onlyfans. Hell yea what a commitment to being horny @goodbeanaltalt :) hope you have a nice day @bleached_metal I’ve only ever seen 7 and wondered what else was out therewhich one is your cum? @ElizaPaige6 that’s so lovely also your header is sickbecause it’s an unconventional year I’m doing an unconventional sushi thanksgiving with the people I’m already livi… @DarthLux I’m doing sushi thanksgiving this year but I agree that most of the food aside from mashed potatoes are trash @tropicanapussy hope you feel better soon!! @jalba730 cheers to that @GabbiManges as a Christian, I was taught to love and respect everyone unconditionally and that everyone is capable… we have the biggest excuse in the world to skip thanksgiving right now and you’re still choosing to go to an awk… @Shenanigans_luv helpwhat is Joe Biden’s plan to mandate Onlyfans subscriptions
I never begged you to love me while I was sobbing lmao that was just a jokethe stock market isn’t realthe pandemic: stocks:
you had to ask your friends to stop hitting on me and I had to convince my friends that you’re attractive we are not the sameguys will shit on your past relationships while talking about how they’ve had nothing but great ones like uhh I bet… @spinubzilla I would rather be still single at 40 than currently married to the person I was dating in high schoolguys beg for a hot gf and then once they get one they start asking her to stop doing all the things that made her hot in the first placehey sorry for taking 6 hours to reply lol I was daydreaming about you and making up romantic fantasies in my head yall shut the fuck up for just 3 minutes there are hot women in my area who want to chat NOW @chuuzus @gorgfranko_ omg why’d I think that was Ellen and get pissed
all this talk about a second lockdown is making me realize I should’ve locked down your heart when I had the chance @Fred_Delicious idk I think that one you tuber drama was pretty badturns out that what 1998 furbys said in response to their face plate being broken was just a prediction for what th…
I don’t get how some people stay in contact with their exes for months or even years after a breakup. anytime after… who take longer than 6 seconds to turn off their phone alarm astound me. how do you live like this @helytimes my university is one of the first to be able to sign up for it, so they really are thinking this way kinda @parallelbark aim sorr y :(imagine knowing both the nuke codes to destroy the world and also the major of a girl who friendzoned you as a fres…’all will buy Arby’s on purpose and then act like you’re still worthy of love @Bleu2Bleu Thank you someone with common ideas @Bleu2Bleu Ikris this fucked up @psychic_pussy69 omg plant queenbitches be like “is there something going on with the planets? I don’t feel well”. girl I read your charts and you’… I was quarantining with my friends for a few hours then we went and quarantined at Dave & Busters for a coupl…
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I met a guy once who wore blush and mascara once to act like a soft eboy but then one day he looked me straight in… @kentuckysad69 I thought so but had to make surepeople with IBS need priority aisle seating on planes @kentuckysad69 omg what is she @savannah_solo It’s finally back up! @VinMan17 snatched waists!! @mroller0724 @mrmikeyreid ahaa fuckfloppy brown haired boys.... I would do anything for u @nxtvxkxng I do think that selling OF promos would be a pretty good idea though. I’m in some large networking group… @nxtvxkxng lowkey kinda considering it lmaodoing some research @matchu_chutrain @MichaelaOkla I can claim to be your crazy ex gf If that helps
@latergatorhater @TheEpicDept I’ve heard that there’s nothing on there. shocking that the girl who married a 90 yr…’s your favorite day of the week? @nosciencehere fuck you @nosciencehere yo this is so funny haha i bet whatever inspired deserves a little treat or something @nosciencehere if you do this I’m forced to be like that woman who has the RFID scanner in her arm