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Caleb Goellner @calebandrew Los Angeles, CA

Writer. Cartoonist. Proud pug dad. Tweets = mine.

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@warmoth I’m partial to the dash. Probably my superhero comics bias. @TheBurnham Hm. Feel like there was a surge of 2-3 things right after like Brave Raideen, Gaiking, and Combattler V. @kyledrawsdaily Surely you’d just start casting fire spells?
@wookjinclark Tech is basically analogue device magic on IG, so as long as things are needlessly convoluted (and fu… @wookjinclark I think the biggest hurdle to making Inspector Gadget compelling now is that our present has eclipsed… @kennykeil Lowfi Napster upload from a burned CD-R
@thejimgibbons @zacksoto I’ve never regretted dropping out of grad school. In fact, I feel like it gives me *cred* 😅 @NateMing Airbrushed solid plastic needed to “clear” the way for crystal fx parts @EricDrumm It was so funny that it dropped carded. @NateMing I love it. TB released it 2x times in a Cap & Bucky 2-pack and in Avengers: United They Stand... not sure… @mingdoyle When the iPad Pro first dropped, some tech teardown guy compared it to a baked potato wrapped in aluminu… @andykhouri I fear your advice will never reach those that need to hear it the most through this channel. They're t… @NateMing Yeah, but you gotta admit - it's a sick figure as a random artifact.The giant Sentinel figure looks sick, but the only Sentinel toys you REALLY need are the giant head with spider leg… @slitherup Taste of Chaos 2016, baby!X-Men Legends Marvel’s Sentinel is 26.3" tall and has the best design of any of the various toy versions, but $350… @slitherup Try through college 😅 Sonic defies you to draw its head correctly. How did @yardleyart and @virtanderson do it???🤔
Sometimes I think action figures are bad for the planet and want to recycle my entire collection, only to replace i… @thejimgibbons Worst alt-universe Trek episode, IMO. We're supposed the believe the cops will show up to help at th… @mooncalfe1 I believe @roxypolk can give you some Alaska advice. @TheBillyMartin There's also a much cheaper (and still awesome) Marvel Legends Cable that you can still track down…'s upcoming Amazing Yamaguchi Revoltech Cable Figure is an insta-preorder. @jeffparker I just keep thinking it’s The Polar Express 2: We Got Better at MocapThis cover is so sick. Plus, Superman is like "Why am I even on a team with you losers?" to most of the the JLA fo… @jkroeg If you *really* feel like buying one, certain older (and maybe newer) receivers have that very feature. Som… dad is growing out his hair in an effort to achieve a ponytail, which I have decided is his way of telling the w…
@The_Real_John_P @reliablecomics See? Doing nothing but wasting my own money is why I stopped selling print comics by mail. @reliablecomics I *think* this is the smallest size: I was using 7-1/8-Inch x 10-3/8 to sh… @reliablecomics Jiffy Rigi Bag Mailers are the best in the game. @rickyftw I keep wanting to buy a full set on eBay, but we are way too hard on glassware.Paint this on my chapel ceiling Annual has my first ever published comic interiors, which is super exciting! Please check out Reflections, writ…
Retweeted by Caleb Goellner @IanFlynnBKC @virtanderson @Ziggyfin @IDW_David_M @rileysauruss Thanks so much! I did my best to follow your and th… @ianmacewan @david_wolkin His deal is cute animal sidekicks sold hella merch in the ‘90s 🐧 @david_wolkin I’d never heard of the Kansas City dog, but it actually sounds pretty good.It’s here! The Sonic the Hedgehog Annual 2020 is out today, featuring a Metal Sonic story by me, @virtanderson, and… @gregoryprout *energon
@uzionmain That website’s been 100 years old for 200 years. @david_wolkin The best part is when it's people you know.Been trying to draw stuff that’s sitting on my desk every day. Of course, that just means action figure parts. & Roboco taking advantage of its Shonen Jump status for the crossover gag使徒のいる生活
Retweeted by Caleb Goellner @david_wolkin EVA was an original anime, but the manga adaptation is drawn by the original character designer. It d… @kyledrawsdaily I’m always here with more recs, if needed 📓📔📒📕📗📘📙📚📖 @david_wolkin Read the manga once you’ve finished, it’s a blast. @kyledrawsdaily Read Planetes, too, while you’re at it (same creator)Vinland Saga is one of the best manga out there, by one of the coolest artists out there.
@ianmacewan @andykhouri @bigredrobot IMO the tradition continues to this day at a few publishers, supported by the dream of movie money.I like Sonic. I like metal. I really like Metal Sonic. Excited for everyone to get their hands on this on Wednesday. Tutorial..."How to Mix Drums for Beats!" Lots of gems in here...
Retweeted by Caleb Goellner @kennykeil Surely that will irrevocably prove that their pristine education is the ultimate value, and not their branded diploma. @MinovskyArticle The Christmas ones, certainly.
Treating myself to pizza-flavored cheese this day. @reliablecomics Nah. Project Bluebook kinda fits the criteria, but it’s got a really Saturday night on CBS vibe. Th…
@HitcH_55 @annajaye I liked it a lot until that weird boat episode with Bajie's wife.It’s been nice living next to an empty parking lot where parents teach their little kids to ride their bikes a few… it’s hard to find suitable dramas to watch with @annajaye. She’s usually into romance and scandal and sad… @wookjinclark Those 3D desk models in CS and MediBang get abused so bad across Webtoons...Fireworks became the bane of my existence when I got pugs that freak the fuck out over every bang, boom, and whistle. Shut up, fireworks. @david_wolkin This is the price you pay for reading Doomsday Clock.
Stoked for this Comic Distributors has been charging customers increased shipping rates, eating into comic book retailer pr…
Retweeted by Caleb GoellnerNow THIS is a message.
Retweeted by Caleb Goellner @TheBillyMartin They’re making dreams come true @TheRyanFord I keep starting The Last of Us 2 think pieces trying to figure out what the controversy is, only to di… @jdepoyster Don't think I won't at least pitch one... I'm too terrible at drawing cars to do it all myself, though...I started watching that Formula 1 Netflix show last night. It's a pretty good sports anime with mechs. @derekdraws I had everything but Fozzie... Until yesterday, when I bought all four in their original wrappers on e… @SlamKusek Yakuza backpieceFinally, an image worth tattooing Taskmaster is a Shy Guy
Heard a terrible buzzing and turned to discover the housefly that'd been annoying me for more than an hour was bein… @Ibrahim_M_ @humanoidsinc @HassanOE @20EyesBrad Congrats, dude!The single worst part of my nine years working at a public library was telling people they had $0.30 fines. Even if…"Cards Against Humanity workers realize they've been working for Cards Against Humanity" @andykhouri There are much bigger problems in comics, but it's pretty ridiculous how ancient SDCC's online architec… @ianmacewan Really happy you got to go not long ago. I’ve been envious for all the reasons and I’m glad you’ve post… @Ibrahim_M_ That line is too good. @thejimgibbons It’s all in service of carrying around my pugs!The new Mortal Kombat Spawn figure looks wholesome @thejimgibbons I'm trying!
Thank you, various fandoms, for using this 10 yo photo of me and my pug Pearl across the wikis thing about being a terrible artist in your 30's is that you keep improving exponentially over time while all… wrote about the "black voice" in american animation & elsewhere
Retweeted by Caleb Goellner @chadbonin I’m only on S1 Ep 2, but it’s one of the better small town mystery dramas I’ve watched in awhile. 26 eps… up on Dark on Netflix and it makes me wish I'd have taken my two years of high school German more seriously.Good memory
My favorite art style is “Oh shit! They fucking went for it!”This cover @JarrettWilliams @reyyystation Kids today don't know what they have in iPhones... @musashinoelegy My favorite pieces are the ones where you crop out your signature. @JarrettWilliams The sewer play set is my favorite Christmas memory. I wish there’d be a reissue! @thejimgibbons @TheJenya Somebody is going to find a bandage-covered R.L. Stein with a dusty chest of unreleased Go… @david_wolkin Petition to travel back in time and have him open his own chain called “Shaq-a-roni’s” with a Jordan…’d the Shaq-a-roni pizza have to land at PJ’s? @david_wolkin @david_wolkin Is there any chance that this could be you in 20 years? @thejimgibbons Recommending a hat version for all the sit-too-close-to-the-camera crowd