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Writer. Cartoonist. Proud pug dad. The gym can never be too empty. Tweets = mine.

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@MinovskyArticle That’s a weekend worth working for — worth fighting forTook a nap. Holy shit.Interesting video for manga fans and any aspiring visual storyteller to watch about a contemporary pro Reiji Miyaji… @TheBurnham It was an awesome job through school, though — I got to read every new comic before it got processed an… @TheBurnham The things I miss out on. I worked at the Olathe Public Library from 15-24, so those JC barcodes (the l… @TheBurnham WTF, when did you move to my old stomping grounds? @RyanTylerThomas @Comics212 The problem is, at this rate, there won’t be a woods 🙃 @kennykeil No doubtMy god. They really did name it “Dreamforce,” didn’t they? - Me, this time each yearAll of my original comics are part of a shared universe. Now will you option them?
@taterpie He's so much sweeter and less aggressive than Pearl that it's hilarious.Gus the pug isn’t quite 4.5 months old, but his razor nails are starting to round out enough that I’m not perpetual… @salcipriano Thank you for saving me some storage space 💫 @Comics212 Our culture makes me want to walk into the woods with nothing but a gallon of water and a Leatherman and never come back. @MooreSaiyan You’d like this new anime, even if it doesn’t star Tim Curry @adampknave That’s def on my listFigma's new SSSS Gridman is SSSS Good, man. @allysonwillsey You’re doing great. Having played the calorie game myself, I’d focus on those goals and nutrient de… @allysonwillsey I took the Athlean-X route and just split my plate into 1/3 protein, 1/3 greens and such (for carbs… @allysonwillsey (If your goal is an “aesthetic” look vs power lifting or something, that is) @allysonwillsey For how active you are, I’d say you only need to consider the calories of treats (any junk food or… @jkroeg It’s why I’ve waited...
"You look tired." "Thanks. I'm a comic book creator with a day job." @IDW_David_M You've just convinced me that rings were created solely to avoid this conundrum. @kennykeil *(Hot)RodzillaMy Inktobers will go on sale w/ ALL proceeds going to the Creators for Creators grant. Follow @FelixComicArt or vis…
Retweeted by Caleb GoellnerI own, like, 9 awesome multitools that I use to... put together IKEA shit and hang framed art once a year. I mean,…
Feel like I should become one of those people who calls every Elder Scrolls game a "Skyrims" as in: "When's the ne… @Alejandrobot If they're scented, that's worse for you than 3600 cigarettes, bro. @curtofranklin The answer, this fall, in Pixar's Shoes @neumaverick Oh my godTake the edge off of every unseasonably early Christmas song you hear by mentally replacing each mention of “Happy… good @VIZMedia drops today (Pearl the pug, not included) Dragon Ball: A Visual History… @warmoth I’m not sure, but it’s like two blocks from my place so I might drop by one of these days @warmoth I’ve had so many people send me this haha
@mitchrohrer Such is my lowkey sadboy cartoonist tech bro auraHonored to have been brought in to lead the design on the new Movie Sonic. Working with Jeff and the modelers, rig…
Retweeted by Caleb Goellner @MinovskyArticle That's always been my pet take. But then I remember what movie people are like.Wish @Mattel would re-issue this poster... @TheRyanFord I feel like I've seen that sentence under a "Perks" header on tech company's Careers lander...Somebody posted this still from the new Rocketeer show, but I figured it was Disney+'s Pop Team Epic adaptation @AlanTheWriter Don’t even get me started on “passionate” @neumaverick You never saw that pup get compensated with name-branded snacks.“Scrappy” is corporate speak for “We aren’t willing to pay people with any fucking experience.” @TheBurnham He's playing Tails in the sequel @neumaverick @rightstufanime I'm just annoyed that they're on Kindle, but not ComiXology @neumaverick @rightstufanime Love those Black JacksEvery time I think about taking some kind of martial arts course, I’ll accidentally swing my hand into a doorknob o… @scott_springer @toysthatmadeus My Little Pony Wrestling Power Rangers!!! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!!! @slitherup Ain’t that the toothStoked for new episodes of @toysthatmadeus on Netflix this Friday. That show is a friggin’ joyFixing movie Sonic was the first step to world peace. Let’s fix ecological disaster next.Hope you all scored your MIB Boglins on eBay before tonight..@annajaye predicts the next Saiyan hair evolution @MinovskyArticle I miss the days of honor. You never saw this on MySpace, just quality Blingee “Happy hump day” posts.
@jdepoyster @Starbucks ‘Tis the seez, manThe @Starbucks Holiday Turkey Panini is BACK, baby! 🦃🎄🍁
E. Gadd speaks EwokAfter 2 hours of playtime each, I’m not convinced that Death Stranding and Luigi’s Mansion aren’t the same game from different dimensions.Carrying pugs around like BBsFrustrated by the lack of Death Stranding action figuresThe late Hideo Azuma spells it out @Comics212 @MinovskyArticle 🙏 @Comics212 @MinovskyArticle Where can I get these???
Meditating Leo paint WIP. #tmnt
Retweeted by Caleb Goellner @smarx_ Ready for somewhere better 🤙Some maniac is going to make Bandai's upcoming PS1 and Sega Saturn 2/5 scale model kits run actual PS1 and Sega Sat…
@AlanTheWriter Backwards, please, for the people in the backBotch started playing on my phone at the gym. Almost makes up for it not being empty.How’d J.Crew know I needed a Star Wars rolling pin? Digital marketing is a gift. @ryanwriter Mine’s stumbling upon Godsmack’s “Cryin’ Like A Bitch!!” while driving to a dentist appointment, Googli… of the Death Stranding reviews I saw mentioned how cool the soundtrack is. Or maybe I was just too busy admiring all the poop weapons. @Scott_Duvall Happy bday, dude! @OilyWhisper68 You’d think! @vwhit311 This is about my usage on my other consoles.I have no memory of buying Monster Hunter World, but its download sure is slowing down Death Stranding’s... Did I m… @hermanos You're giving me flashbacks to Skyward Sword... @menglish222 Such a good boyHozuki's Coolheadedness understands me
Do they know it’s not Christmas time at all? @djeljosevic You should be. At scale, that'd be like us eating some watermelon-sized goodness. @neumaverick Sure, it seems like a deal, but the property tax... @hermanos I keep hearing how good this show is. Just gotta finish reading Vinland Saga first... @andykhouri I mean, they could at least link to their careers page at the end of the trailer. @AlanTheWriter This is too real. @microcake 🙌 @kennykeil *They were shouting boo-na-na-naa @hermanos Sometimes you’ve gotta revisit some classics to prime yourself to enjoy new jazz. Plus, I’ve enjoyed havi… @AugustusFain @annajaye I’m just sick of all the crying.@annajaye read the scripts for my next original comics projects and told me they're "actual good" instead of "Cale…
@slim May 32 Santa Baby covers grace your ears today @TheBurnham I feel like I can safely speak for both @RamonVillalobos and myself as I express a degree of disappointment. @TheBurnham I like imagining you listening to Limp Bizkit while you drew this.Didn’t work for Crystal Clear Pepsi @EricDrumm What’s strange is you do get used to aspects of it. Chocolate is still a very dark temptation, but eatin… @EricDrumm *Sponsored by Miller High Life's 143 calories (which can be burned during my long walk through downtown SF) @OilyWhisper68 I’ve never had a chance, but it’s some American Ninja Warrior bizOn my way to a friend’s going away thing at a bar. Not a huge bar guy. Unless it’s a pull-up bar.
I've got a deadline this Saturday, so I bought Luigi's Mansion 3 and Death Stranding for the thrill of wasting money wholesale. @MerrillHagan Oh nice. I hope you can easily score a keeper