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Writes for a living. Draws to spite destiny. Eats comics for breakfast. Proud pug dad. The gym can never be too empty. Tweets = mine.

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@apelad Not even counting the movies or Boruto!Task Force Rad Squad: The Collection is now funding!!! This is the only way to get all 6 is…
Retweeted by Caleb Goellner @MichelFiffe I hope you’ll forgive me for occasionally selling it to people at cons as “Copra but Power Rangers” @neumaverick I think about that sometimes when I lower stuffed animals into their jaws...Just realized my pugs’ crates have The Empire texture @jeffparker “Check out these two cassette players. One has a microphone, the other—-“ @MinovskyArticle It’s weirdly wholesome @bustermoody He’s already a better storyteller than me. I’d have had them all puke on each other @bustermoody Would readManga rules @hermanos You owe yourself this, and many other pugs
@djeljosevic @hermanos Trust in Danny, who sees such films that I may skip them.To send the "funny" pitch email or the boring one? They're not going to read it either way. So live a little. @GregSilber Yeah - shoot me an email at anytime! @slim Sounds like somebody needs to meet my good friend, fiber @GregSilber I’ll be there! Table F-31! @GregSilber Please cover my Kickstarter. I will say anything to inflate its importance to society. (Also, thank you… comic book bloggers should I be begging for Kickstarter coverage? And don't say "The ones whose headlines yo… @ianmcginty @bustermoody Thanks so much, Ian!Task Force Rad Squad: The Collected Edition by Caleb Goellner — Kickstarter
Retweeted by Caleb GoellnerThe difficult-to-find Task Force Rad Squad number 6 IS ABSOLUTELY available in the TASK FORCE RAD SQUAD Collected E…
Retweeted by Caleb Goellner @RyanBrowneArt @bustermoody Bless youOne of my favorite comic artists, @bustermoody has a new Kickstarter with @calebandrew. TASK FORCE RAD SQUAD trade…
Retweeted by Caleb Goellner @baldemar_rivas Get well soon @timleong I sing this every time I see someone wearing a jacket, TBHVersions of The Big Two's biggest crossover events will all soon exist in expensive live action multimedia -- and e… @whoisrico 🙌Of course I just backed Task Force Rad Squad, by the original raddy daddies @calebandrew and @bustermoody . KS vide…
Retweeted by Caleb GoellnerAny comic shops out there interested in a retailer reward tier of the Task Force Rad Squad Kickstarter? I will figu… @CharlotteBeyond @kickstarter Thank you! @mitchrohrer You're amazing @josephryanhill @kickstarter Task Force Ry Squad 4ever 🙌 @SpiritSonic WhoahProud of my many @IDWPublishing colleagues for their recently showcased pug-handling skills. @neumaverick Bless you @megan_mb Excellent workTask Force Rad Squad is nearly to 10% of its Kickstarter goal!!! Thank you!!! Back it here: @neumaverick Been lovely knowing youTASK FORCE RAD SQUAD: THE COLLECTED EDITION is now live on Kickstarter! Back it now at the link!…
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@djeljosevic 🙌🙏🔥✍️🤙 @losthiskeysman I’m waiting to start Astral Chain, but it’s supposed to rule @NickDragotta @bustermoody 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 @Andrew_MacLean @bustermoody Thanks so much, dude! @causleyconcepts @bustermoody is a maestro @losthiskeysman Josh! Thank you! @AaronConley77 Thanks Aaron! @jkroeg @kickstarter Thanks man! @jkgreenwood_art @kickstarter Thanks dude!Press! Here are ready-made heds for covering the Task Force Rad Squad Kickstarter: Pop Cul… @Joe_Quinones I recommend this instead: (or this): @vwhit311 @kickstarter Thanks dude! @JakeSmithArt @bustermoody @kickstarter Thank you! 🙌 @SlamKusek From a guy who knows! Thanks dudeTASK FORCE RAD SQUAD: THE COLLECTED EDITION is now live on Kickstarter! Back it now at the link!… problem with this LinkedIn meme is that only assholes post it @curtofranklin They’re the guardians of Democracy itself
The Task Force Rad Squad Kickstarter has the best video you have never seen. Until tomorrow. When it launches. Which is when you'll see it. @mitchrohrer Stay strong, vacationerTOMORROW IS THE DAY! Task Force Rad Squad: The Collected Edition will be live on Kickstarter. Get set to spread t… @allysonwillsey Preorder life is a rush of pleasant surprisesThis week's manga drops are life-affirming. Get it all at your shop on online - Dorohedoro finale…
@mitchrohrer 4 weeks! No stressHickman's run truly is a revelation for finally introducing HypeBeast WEDNESDAY! TASK FORCE RAD SQUAD: THE COLLECTED EDITION!! LAUNCHES ON KICKSTARTER!!! GET STOKED!!!! @Porkinak So goodAnyway, take good care of your sweet dog and everyone else’s. Keep your pup on a leash where leashes are required.I was just the meanest I have ever been to another human in my adult life after their big ass off-leash dog lunged…
@apelad @rickeypurdin I think he just drew the backup story, which doesn’t have Joker in it (But I didn’t buy it on… @MaxBareArt Congrats and godspeed (I worked a half day the day I got married... please don't do that) @curtofranklin That you can charge via USB-C
@caseyseijas Private Idaho or GTFO @hermanos I back it @Jampolinski That’s my plan tonight, too. No better action series @EricDrumm Time will tell! (Hopefully - it not, sneak into the show!) @DreamworksFilm Well done @mitchrohrer You can pay me in hugs
NYCC is in a few weeks. Precommissions are open. DM for pricing. Everything will look kind of like a ninja turtle.RIP Eddie Money. Legit love this song for being yung Caleb's first memory of a harmonic guitar solo, which graduall… @mitchrohrer @GreatAdviceCast @WolfBabyCEF Aw man. "I Think I'm In Love" is a legit fave! @smarx_ Woof. Forgot all about it
@Biggletron Sinners @losthiskeysman You need to delete this Tweet and create this nu show pitch immediately. @MinovskyArticle The proof is out there (on Twitter) @peachchild @megan_mb @chris_ryall This is a blessed pup. I demand to know its name. @TheBurnham Bet he’ll just go by “Drake” @TheBillyMartin I, uh, well... It doesn’t count if you start a new career as a cartoonist! @louchelarue I can't understand why the super rich have "fans" -- what happened to everyone hating their bosses? I… do it all the time. It's not hard.I mean, they've got enough for a nice house, a nice car, nice food, nice weed, and a nice shrink who will lie and t… I had as much cash as some of these controversial streamers, I'd throw my phone into the ocean and walk away with a shred of humanity. @neumaverick @RanchoObiWan @aluckenbill86 @h_e_e_l_s @MaryPOPCon @mitchrohrer Unreasonably jealous @rickeypurdin You deserve it. Expense that ish
@TheBurnham I’m just trolling. Who could forget the most momentum-crushing opening of all time? @TheBurnham Never heard of these. Are they like prequels to G.I. Joe Extreme? @ChadAThomas Keep it up!!! @justinaclin This may result in your finest work yet.Modern life is such that the most mind-blowing thing an adult can tell another adult is "I slept really well last night!"Weren’t you just taking about this @justinaclin?
@neumaverick Beyond that, it’s simply in my top 10 manga of all time!