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@guwelp @KyraRosa16 @DruePhoto LOOOOOOL oh gosh. I was on the phone joking about this with drue. Get a grip.
@Vxntz My bro 📸Happy adoption day to me 🥰- I Am Not Slept On Or Underrated. Don’t Tell Me I Should Have Blown, Or I’m Better Than This Person That’s Out. Do…
Retweeted by CALEBANDTHECAM @DruePhoto *wipes tears and that’s on period60's mod glam on @SophiaTassew, makeup by me / photos by sofijavug on ig 🖤
Retweeted by CALEBANDTHECAM @DruePhoto Are the people mad mad? I’d be to. @NinjaLukeI but we Stan anyway @wsa195 Tired lolI cannot express how excited I am for this upcoming shoot. The styling. The concept. The makeup. Mannnnnnnnnn I am ready 📸🎨good things are coming, i can feel it.
Retweeted by CALEBANDTHECAM @Adam7699 📸❤️I love my tl rn
Retweeted by CALEBANDTHECAMThere is no way. No way. When a whole calebandthecam exists? I hate it here. rocky for wsj magazine
Retweeted by CALEBANDTHECAM @ayperoqueguapa 📸❤️Quiero que este man me tome fotos grandiosas
Retweeted by CALEBANDTHECAM @YangaKali 🥺📸❤️Hell yeahhhh
@OfficialDolapo Listen I’m upset @modernmodeIs PeriodOh god the new shoot concept I just planned out had truly reignited my damn soul @imandgnk I’m stopping bookings March 10th ❤️ @shekinahjoseph Thank you ❤️📸 @alicia_sng_ thank youuuYesss you amazing !!
Retweeted by CALEBANDTHECAMI was wondering if you could like support my photography...? 🥺… @robertbodnarukr thank you broo @RemaKahsay ❤️❤️❤️Ze talent
@0lumide11 I - 😂😂😂😂😂A Chinese prawn cracker as a hat is very creative
Retweeted by CALEBANDTHECAM @theonlymonroee As it should be!*2mins’ve been snappin recently 📸 think I got the blues 💙
Retweeted by CALEBANDTHECAMenjoy the money I hope it makes you happy. dear lord, what a sad little life jane. you ruined my night completely s…
Retweeted by CALEBANDTHECAM @bxtsxjk1 @jamescharles @MorpheBrushes @thbrksbrthr @kyliecosmetics ❤️❤️❤️ @sh444un yepphotography by kim hye jeong
Retweeted by CALEBANDTHECAMOne of my main goals this year is to stop playing with my own potential.
Retweeted by CALEBANDTHECAM @JusTweet_Pross @jamescharles @MorpheBrushes @thbrksbrthr @kyliecosmetics ❤️🎨 @Paleokastrytsa @modernmodeIs @jamescharles @MorpheBrushes @thbrksbrthr @kyliecosmetics Thank you ❤️ @_nke_thee_4th @jamescharles @MorpheBrushes @thbrksbrthr @kyliecosmetics ❤️❤️ @thesophiepaige @jamescharles @MorpheBrushes @thbrksbrthr @kyliecosmetics I’m tryingggg
@wsa195 I did something today and realised I used presses pigments. Walked around Stratford with a stained red eye🥴I did a thing :/ eyes - @jamescharles x @MorpheBrushes brows inspired by - @thbrksbrthr liner -…’s my work 📸🔥
Retweeted by CALEBANDTHECAMCongratulating people at their little milestones is very important btw
Retweeted by CALEBANDTHECAM @EstellaBathory Thank you ❤️❤️ @wsa195 @bperfectcosm @MMMMITCHELL I’m trying 🥺 @bperfectcosm @MMMMITCHELL thank you for all the support on this. i know it's very different to the normal content… talent doesn’t stop 😍
Retweeted by CALEBANDTHECAM @ShadeofScarlett @bperfectcosm @MMMMITCHELL 🥺❤️
@cyberglittter @creepyyeha_ @theestallion Periodt @Lexiijademua Coming from you?! 😩❤️ @TheRealMalone__ My guyyyy 🥺🥺🥺🥺 @moonriise_ 🥺❤️❤️Ya me gustaria a mi :'(
Retweeted by CALEBANDTHECAM @simzdto_ decided to just be open about what I’m good at 🎨🔥 @charatlanta you are a star 🥺❤️did I tell you I blend aswell? eyes - @bperfectcosm xl carnival palette cut crease - @MMMMITCHELL blank canvas… really is my passion. I love photography but there’s nothing like a cut crease 🥺😍Can’t believe Caleb carries the entirety of Vogue on his back 😔🙏🏻 They’d starve without him so selfless
Retweeted by CALEBANDTHECAM @faithnoe11e LOL I CANNOT !!!!!! @j4yvenchy ❤️😩 @a_realonee @BritishVogue @vogue ijn it will happen @BritishVogue @vogue feature him in your magazines pleasssee!!
Retweeted by CALEBANDTHECAM @NinjaLukeI Book me let’s reup @nashexbih 🥺❤️❤️❤️ @a_lexle_e Thank you ❤️ @357MRico this 🥺 thank you manI’m so proud of Caleb g. Every time I see this I get motivation to continue. Truly an inspiration. 💯🎉🎉
Retweeted by CALEBANDTHECAMMum I got featured by vogue again🤯📸
@mxrcwest Happy birthday king11 years ago today, HEATH LEDGER posthumously won Best Supporting Actor at the Oscars for his performance as the Jo…
Retweeted by CALEBANDTHECAMse eu fosse bonito ou tivesse autoestima o suficiente pra fazer um photoshoot seria seguindo o hype da segunda foto
@seiwoh_ Hate you lol @K1ngm1dasXXX and that’s on what? @charatlanta Periodt.Since we’re talking bout range. Photographer, makeup artist, stylist and creative director here 📸🎨 @nashexbih I screamed at myself lolYou could be the most talented in the room and yet be overlooked because someone spoke louder and went for it. Al… lost my heart and my mind, I try to always do right
Retweeted by CALEBANDTHECAM @UniqueMerv @cyberglittter ❤️Kiri | Shot By Me | Makeup By Me
@thecalahjones LOOOOL someone gets its @DruePhoto omg hi friend
Oh la la, mais oui! 😍
Retweeted by CALEBANDTHECAM @ShadeofScarlett ❤️❤️FEED THE FOCUS
Retweeted by CALEBANDTHECAM @kaiiwong1 📸❤️ @SoreiSoth ❤️❤️Okiiee sirrr💖
Retweeted by CALEBANDTHECAM @theonlymonroee Your turnWhewwww 😍😍
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