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@JerryDunleavy principles first, jerry @WildCougar_ @thepat1945 @joshtpm The street was not public. It was literally labeled private property right where… @joshtpm They threatened to kill his dog, burn down his house, and one of them loaded a handgun in front of him and… @yashar WHY ARE THERE HANDS COMING OUT OF IT feel old?
Retweeted by Caleb HullWe’re really doing this? @RitaPanahi Boomer Removers @liberrocky @RobProvince It's setup for a can, which is not on atmSt. Louis AR-15 guy is an absolute baller @KnightSidonian @RobProvince lol my home defense isn't setup with a drum @RobProvince @JerryDunleavy @Neoavatara @RobProvince @RexChapman @xshularx She on the other hand... big yikes @JerryDunleavy @Neoavatara @RobProvince @RexChapman @xshularx He's obviously not up to speed on handling a rifle, b… really enjoys sunsets 🇺🇸 @jaredlholt this isn’t real
I don't know who needs to hear this right now, but get a dog.How do you delete someone else’s tweet? can’t even remember what normal life was like before coronavirusThis fight is absolutely nuts @ufc. @PlatinumPerry just went off on the government taking his money in taxes after his UFC win tonight UFC when there’s no audience making noise is so bizarreFlorida leads the way yet again: Bipartisan support for the BIGGEST expansion of #schoolchoice in U.S. history!…
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Spirit and Frontier already have that crown. dog is is weird 😂😂😂 @msediewyatt Knew it was coming. He got one bite... @LPDonovan is the type of tweet someone sends when they don't actually look at any data, have no interest in the facts, a…
Retweeted by Caleb Hull @HeathMayo you literally said in your “clarification” that Atlanta wasn’t a “protest hub.” Lmao dude just give up. @HeathMayo You’re not deleting it because you’re getting this precious RTs and don’t have any principles, but keep… @HeathMayo Your entire tweet is a lie and you aren’t deleting it because it’s getting shared. @HeathMayo Also incredible how you claim to stand on principles, yet you can’t even own up to the mistake and inste… @HeathMayo Got it. You’re not going to delete your tweet, which you yourself have admitted is a lie. Very principled. Great work. @textTRUMP88022 @jaredlholt I’ve literally criticized him for this aggressively. But that doesn’t mean we should ju… @jaredlholt Are you justifying attacking someone in public because you disagree with them? We should all be able to… @HeathMayo You claim to be all about principles yet you tweeted something completely misleading, got 30,000 likes,… @HeathMayo Delete your tweet, Mr. Principles.Heath Mayo literally defended Texas opening up early and is now tweeting this for resistance RTs knowing he’s lying… @JoelHeyman @freakinbox it’s not just video lmao
I’m dead looks like the bionicles I used to build in 2nd grade @LouiseFisher_ P365 xl!So relatable. Much wow. please help. My dog is broken. this the part where we pretend thousands of people protesting in the streets never happened and this is solely e… ttyl grabbing a sandwichRemember when we used to step away from our dial-up computers on AIM and had to set an away message before we could leave? LMAOLJDunkFan23C & @chuckschumer, you are doing such an honorable job of honoring Floyd Taylor, I mean, George Taylo…
Retweeted by Caleb Hull @Timodc @mattdizwhitlock Keep on moving those goalpostsImagine attacking a statue and then seeing your face on the President of the United States' Twitter feed facing a p…😭 @FrankLuntz How many times are you going to re-follow me, Frank? Am I another guy you're hitting on?If you live in Washington, D.C., this is what your tax dollars go to: @HillaryClinton And if I delete all my emails, I never had any emails. @dixonyonan @FlyFrontier Your first problem is flying Frontier.PELOSI REALLY JUST SAID THIS: "I only will do that if you tell me that this legislation is worthy of George KIRBY'… the facts about C̶O̶V̶I̶D̶-̶1̶9̶ frequency and oxygen.THE ACCURACY Friday white, teachers-union backed politician says “Black Lives Matter.” Yet when Black students like me testified abou…
Retweeted by Caleb HullNEW: Alicia Garza, one of the co-founders of the Black Lives Matter national org, names cop-killer Assata Shakur a…
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@jason_howerton Ummmm or Woody came to life and sat there himself.@GovRonDeSantis just signed the single largest #SchoolChoice expansion in history, alongside raising teacher salar…
Retweeted by Caleb HullP226 should be cut out from the rest of the country and yeeted into the ocean. Pass it on.'s rally had over a million live viewers on youtube alone. Biden currently has around 15,000.'ve seen this ad probably 30 times on youtube. Makes you wonder how bad the other takes they filmed are. Biden really just claimed “over 120 million are dead from COVID-19.” They really need to get this senile old m…, I haven't seen a single person whining about the size of Joe Biden's crowd at his event right now in Lancast… Biden is currently live at an event in Lancaster, PA outside and you can hear constant screaming in the backgro… Biden doesn't know how to wear a mask. FBI concluded that it's been there for a year. pounce you have the means, one of my tweeps’ staffers was killed in a terrible Father’s Day car wreck, along w/ his 4 y…
Retweeted by Caleb HullI'm literally getting more engagement on Parler with 17,000 followers. @NoahShachtman good journalisming hereRemember when @Twitter said it wouldn't allow fake news about the credibility of the election? Good times. Too bad…
Retweeted by Caleb Hull“Chicks” also assumes their gender. people received $1.4B in stimulus and I never even got my check. Good work, government. @jason_howerton @ruthyoest @nadinebh_ The cherry picking is amazing.Um, guys the IRS paid dead people $1.4B in stimulus. Seems like a bit of an issue... @jason_howerton @ruthyoest She desperately wants people to read her piece. The only way these people get clicks is… blocked the GOP legislation for police reform and @SenatorTimScott immediately went to the Senate floor t…
Retweeted by Caleb HullLibs: "If you hate Twiter's rules so much, why don't you just create your own platform like the free market capital… "Oh, you guys were right. Guns are kinda important." @AnikVJoshi You're pointing to 2 people out of over a million on the platform and applying a blanket statement. I'm done here. @JuddLegum @benshapiro You have partnered with NowThis, a news site notorious for exploiting FB's platform to push…"Conservatives are better at social media than us so we must silence them" @AnikVJoshi You're mad because nut cases are given a place for free speech where others can call them out on what t… "everyone I disagree with is racist" crowd is going to have a very tough time in the real world. @AnikVJoshi So you're literally arguing for the free market to step in and provide an alternative while denouncing…'s really showing your true colors if you're using that as an opportunity to apply a blanket statement to everyon… isn't banning people for no reason and it's driving the left nuts. Do I agree with Laura Loomer and Katie… @AnikVJoshi You work for AEI. What has AEI done on tech censorship?If the Bulwark is telling you what you're doing is not conservative, it is most likely conservative.