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Independent Arms Researcher (Usage, Sale, ID), focus on NSAGs in MENA/Asia. | كاليبر ابسكيورة | Like/RT ≠ Approval. | 🇬🇧 ɴᴀᴛᴏ sʜɪʟʟ | BACKUP:@calibreobscura2

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@AbraxasSpa @Arms_Research @fredgrs @MarkHiznay Seemed like a standard POM-2 pattern to me? @bilyyang @NationBreaking @rowbats @kirlant @Elizrael @AbraxasSpa I'm memeing. This explains it: @rowbats @kirlant @Elizrael @AbraxasSpa @Nrg8000 UK pls, not sure how significant it may or may not be @kirlant @Elizrael @AbraxasSpa It's Wagner *setting* the IEDs/APERS mines, not defusing them lol @Nrg8000 Russian inscription next to the door reads "dangerous," indicating that Russian mercenaries are mining civilian h…
Retweeted by Cᴀʟɪʙʀᴇ Oʙsᴄᴜʀᴀ @604yousuf It makes a lot of sense in the later tweets. Clearly was pro IS. @Ivan_Is_Back But but it look weird!! @Ivan_Is_Back Thicc ratio boi @Ivan_Is_Back He's blocked me, no reason??
@JettGoldsmith If I have something to write that's relevant, I'll certainly keep it in mind @_AlameenYaqub Mr Yaqub I am disappointed @Craig5212 I do indeed @oneminutecall @TheNumba1Guy And she is stupid. The story is made up. @Jake_Hanrahan Thanks man @AbraxasSpa 🙏 @lawfulhamster 🤔 @lawfulhamster sure @JimmySecUK I don't actually care about losing followers, I just don't know what direction to go, and not confident either way @BKistemaker Imposter Syndrome you know @JimmySecUK If only it was! @DB_Coupe Mr Elon plsOne of the issues with this is I'm genuinely just a guy. I didn't study any of this, I feel I have no qualifications @MENAsymbolism Shukran man @MattyMok I'd like to think I stay reasonably ahead of the curve regardless, but idkTbh I started this account purely about small arms ID but I find myself more and more interested in NSAG organisati… @AdelHouta @TAbugharsa 👍 @ironybrah1 @blueboy1969 Neil got 'em all @ironybrah1 @blueboy1969 I found all of those. But the regime don't use anything but Chinese, Russian and Iranian hardware @MENA_Conflict Your comment gives the impression ("other experts") that I'm an expert MENA no, I'm in a group with experts that's it☺️Oh, a correction from @GregoryPWaters - this wasn't a reserve unit. It was standard 10th Div Regulars, which makes…, this was just another example of a Hurras al-Din/Incite the Believers raid in #Idlib. Rapid, planned with… also plenty of ammo for the T-55(A)M- including what seem to be APFSDS-T/HVAPDS-T, and HE/HE-FRAG variants (I l…, the video also showed quantities of small arms that the original photo releases missed- large quantities o… attackers captured a variety of hardware, detailed below, including a T-55(A)M tank. 7/, the drones appeared to be stationed to assist with the correction of 60/82mm mortar fire targeting t… the attackers did suffer some losses, most of the garrison swiftly fled the town whilst being filmed by at… swept through the village and it's environs (With the high quantities of wild poppies all around the overgrown…, the main bulk of the attack was carried out by multiple Inghimasi attackers, who presumably using the bene… was a small small scale attack, but was nontheless supported by ZPU-2 armed technicals, mortar fire, and drone… the 10th of May, Incite the Believers Ops. Room raided the village of #Tanjarah, which was occupied by small res… @notaterrornerd LENA NO. @NM7799W Not so difficult nowadays, you can thank the PMU for that @AdelHouta And no ammoA post-1986 AKS-74U on sale in #Iraq with the curious serial of 666604. It's available with 6 magazines for $3500… @abo_obama They've replicated 74M features (Some of them), but I disagree @thinkdefence I believe @Nrg8000 did some good OSINT Sat work on this @SamWatt8600 @thinkdefence also important to have 24/7 coverage of his house, wife, and autistic child @hxhassan @Ayei_Eloheichem I guess we will see. I don't see it at this stage though.Killings of soldiers is one thing Killings of soldiers from an "Elite" Unit whilst in civilian clothing and away… @notaterrornerd @IntelDoge GIB @kollinxson Correct! @singhshwetabh71 @mrjitjr @jaywankhadejrw er no this is stolen from a American civilian pic @atomicgamernl @TheAKGuy hahah @BokoWatch @Ayei_Eloheichem Am I right in assuming this is mainly re:BH and less so ISWAP, as the distinction isn't made? @APHClarkson I was told they never!!! did!! @primoptimuss This part isn't from Romania 😂
@AlexMello02 Tbh thought this was mainly from their Anwar Fardwan catch @AlexMello02 If they didn't scatter alreadySince you all liked the Wooden furniture G3 on sale in #SaudiArabia recently, here's another one with fantastic ima… @Murtalaibin See I did it like 3x already, maybe he just didn't notice. @Murtalaibin Gang gang @mushtaqbanbhan nope another Iraqi AKM... wait what @Caki____ I don't trust the Wali of Iraq claims. High-Mid ranking sure, but the coalition didn't claim that, only I… @Khalidami450 Yeah, and he's the most obvious attack dog of the assorted misinformation spreaders on this site! @Khalidami450 He does represent a large class of people here who blatantly lie about what the NA are doing, though. @DrJamesFord @il_kanguru >Anyone else who thinks maybe all set up no @DefenseNigeria You coward @DefenseNigeria @NotWoofers @kingsley_017 I hate liars and paid shills, he's an attack dogWhat happens when you call out blatant shill accounts. Far too many of these around @DefenseNigeria Old Images, again... mistake smh @SupratikSaumya Yes. smh @NotWoofers Already denied afaikAKM/PM Md. 65 & GP-25, with the BLA in #Balochistan recently*Correction. Even shorter barrel means it's a Mekut'zrar Carbine, also made from 603/653 like the Menusar.Latest al Qassam pic with Mensuar Carbine and Magpul MOE handguard has some interesting vibes @AlexTheChromoso @TheAKGuy noe @CORONALOAD @TheAKGuy It's just fun, that's all, relax my dude @PC_Angry Yemeni army stocksCan everyone lmk when @TheAKGuy finally reviews Idlibi bullpup AKs @notaterrornerd @OllyMizzi99 Fair ngl @Tpersonal62 @Ayei_Eloheichem The situation isn't even close, and the Russian intervention in Syria was always overt @notaterrornerd @OllyMizzi99 excuse we are we ignoring Ansaru? @Ayei_Eloheichem Nothing like, imo. This is not a RuAF deployment anything like Syria. Defensive and designed to h… @robertcaruso @InTheLionsDen_ No, they have not. @notaterrornerd It looks like you are in Hampshire @KhanTheWise @jandarma @DonnyCass gooSecond early release from our forthcoming May 2020 Sentinel issue: @mikeknightsiraq & @alexmello02 on the recovery…
Retweeted by Cᴀʟɪʙʀᴇ Oʙsᴄᴜʀᴀ @KyleWOrton @Ayei_Eloheichem @ISCResearch "Look, a Win!" not as if IS hasn't survived a far more comprehensive dec… @KyleWOrton @Ayei_Eloheichem @ISCResearch If anything I reckon this is based on the Anwar Farhan and maybe somethin… @KyleWOrton @Ayei_Eloheichem @ISCResearch I'd also be a little suspicious of the Wali for Iraq being in Sham. Proba… @KyleWOrton @Ayei_Eloheichem @ISCResearch Named as Wali for Iraq by Iraqi CTS, but name doesn't correspond to this: @MuslimTurk1 @TheDEWLine No, that's a good point, perhaps related to the Russia > Syria leg @MuslimTurk1 @TheDEWLine Yes, that was the escort plane2x M136 AT4 84mm HEAT RCL recovered by TSK in Dağlıca, #Hakkâri, very likely to be intended for PKK fighters' use.…