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Independent Arms Researcher. Interested in Non-State Groups in MENA/Asia. | كاليبر ابسكيورة | Like/RT ≠ Approval. | 🇬🇧 ɴᴀᴛᴏ sʜɪʟʟ | BACKUP:@calibreobscura2

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@GuerillaZookeep @TheNumba1Guy I wish things had turned out differently. @Pirate_Oceans 🔥 @DDS72271514 @GuerillaZookeep At what point and in what area? @AbraxasSpa @MENA_Conflict @evo_kositz @soonergrunt @JABell27 @chadgarland @DanLamothe @kateejamieson @TheNumba1Guy @GuerillaZookeep We is who? @DDS72271514 @GuerillaZookeep This area has no SDF in it. Please research @LieutenantRusty @johnnysobieski 😊 @TheNumba1Guy @GuerillaZookeep I believe you aren't aware what area we are discussing @TheNumba1Guy @GuerillaZookeep You've lost me. @GuerillaZookeep They aren't even Islamist. Assad is by FAR the biggest killer there, btw. @GuerillaZookeep And this isn't that. But whatever, I know your views. @GuerillaZookeep I'm talking about daraa, not anything else. Nice try. @GuerillaZookeep And? @Talhotes @LieutenantRusty @johnnysobieski The people fighting in Daraa are FSA utilising older arms stockpiles to… @GuerillaZookeep *is @LieutenantRusty @johnnysobieski Do you know who is fighting in Daraa or are you just being American @GuerillaZookeep Killings of the regime's intelligence personnel are legitimate resistance. @johnnysobieski AndJust a gaggle of Zastava M92 and Type 56-2 AKs on sale in Iraq. When you want to arm a whole militia
Retweeted by Cᴀʟɪʙʀᴇ Oʙsᴄᴜʀᴀ🍂You'd think more Americans would support people fighting against genuine Tyranny like they quote so often in regard to the Second AmendmentDaraa is lit @HasanDaz 👆🌟 @NataliaAntonova @MENA_Conflict @evo_kositz @AbraxasSpa @JABell27 @chadgarland @DanLamothe @kateejamieson @Pirate_Oceans @Damianev_ Multiple pictures. @bestkoast Link it, always want to see who 🤯 @HasanDaz The usual @Pirate_Oceans @Damianev_ Real M16A1 @MalwareJake AFAIK it's well known the area near Westminster is heavily stingrayed. Drops the signal down to 2G and back up againAbsolutely amazing how many reddit posts steal content I post. Glad it's getting out there, but... @LindseyGrahamSC @Jake_Hanrahan @RashaAlAqeedi @Seamus_Malek @hasanshaaban Being very online™ has its advantages @azelin @DanieleRaineri @WashInstitute 👆👌 @notaterrornerd Weird how Delta or SAS can manage without the white powder 😳 @Seamus_Malek @hasanshaaban Based @notaterrornerd But they have a RIGHT to do drugs and murder people @pruster M24A big thread on some IS Sniper weaponry from 3-4 years ago, mainly posted because watching old IS releases can occa… @yogiv9 *Latakia raids Intensify* @Damianev_ Decidedly notHi Speed lo drag MENA style @AbraxasSpa @oryxspioenkop @Oded121351 @MENA_Conflict @HKaaman Also I have no idea why I did that.I hope that this was an educational thread and was an interesting look into the so-called snipers of IS Wilayat Nin… notes: - Even in '15, thermals were in active use by ISIS. Their use, sometimes identical models, continues n… this completes my thread- a good look at the ISIS sniper with the "media operative" in close attendance. Media… shots of the much more conventional SVD Dragunov and PSL in use. These would be expected to be the most common…'s the Pulsar Digisight N750 again, this time on an improvised mount attached to a late model (Type 3) FN FAL.… can also see that one sniper is utilising US-made M118 Match ammunition, not generic 7.62x51 meant for machine g… aso see the by now very common Elmech EM-992 rifle and seemingly a civilian-origin SSG-69 rifle. You may also no… group seemed to have a glut of PSO-1 and POSP variant optics, attaching them to both SVD Dragunov as you'd expe… next video, from Jan 2016, was even more interesting, including this Trijicon ACOG-style optic that the rubber… also had some of the earliest footage of a COTS thermal optic in ISIS hands- the Pulsar Digisight N750, which wa… thread will focus on some of their weapons. The first video showed off a really interesting mix of small arms,… [THREAD] on a 2-part ISIS video series in 2015-16, entited "Shoot to Redeem Yourself" from Wilayat Ninewa. T… @mylifeasrobby @DJOceans Audio is replaced @syrianomark2 @604yousuf @JimmySecUK 🔥 🌵 @604yousuf @JimmySecUK @JimmySecUK ولاية المكسيك ☝️☝️☝️ @AnnaJSeth @AbraxasSpa @propornot @_iamJERRY @elvale_1 @JimmySecUK You haven't actually given a rational reason yet… @JimmySecUK @AnnaJSeth @AbraxasSpa @propornot @_iamJERRY @elvale_1 Yep, common there @Smitherbee No problem 😅 @AnnaJSeth @AbraxasSpa @propornot @_iamJERRY @elvale_1 @JimmySecUK Give one good reason why discussing what he's ar… Iraqi-made al-Nasirah RPG-7 launcher, complete with PGO-7 type optic for sale today in in #Iraq. Only $200! @Smitherbee Iraqi Armed Forces, I'd guess ISOF5 Type 63 (Likely Type 63-2) 107mm rockets used by ISIS on Oct. 13 to attack claimed US Forces, N. #Syria Writing… @jeromeyap3 @cowboysrewind ye#Iraq: A well known IS "Sniper" ("The Tarmiyah Sniper") killed on Sept 23rd. Seems that he was armed w/ M4 variant…>109 likes what @IsraHazel That's because you are a real Gemini woman Israa @Minalami Looks like 107mm Type 63-2 @DJOceans Footage is from Syria @deathdragon007 @Jake_Hanrahan RPG-2
@ShaneWhelehan @massnegro @Edeaulx @PhilipIngMBE @james_c_ashe On my site, link in bio 👆What happens when an Iraqi Gunsmith discovers a WW2-Era Mauser Karabiner 98k and decides to rechamber it in 5.56x45…
Retweeted by Cᴀʟɪʙʀᴇ Oʙsᴄᴜʀᴀ🍂 @Kale_Juice MEMRI is my only Truth. It is the universal language. @GuerillaZookeep No, there was both in DMs and a reply, apologies for the misunderstanding. @GuerillaZookeep there was a SAFAT, and In DMs, sry @GuerillaZookeep I had someone get in before you tbh, I am sorry. For a consolation prize I award you 1 (One) Hout… @GuerillaZookeep 🤠 @JonLawson32 I better be one of them @MotownMonitor oh and @IwriteOK @SyntaxError1871 I don't know what "grifter" is in Arabic, but thats him @MotownMonitor I have reason to believe approximately 3 people in the world would find this amusing @MENA_Conflict It depends on the defenition of .50 calBroke: I only watch CNN™ Woke: I only watch YourVoice™ America with Bill Mitchell Bespoke: I watch both Amaq and Eb… @swanofthedab Nope @swanofthedab No, distinctly less common @planefag See look at you, being all *snarky* like all the media peeps you bash so often😤 @swanofthedab If you are meaning a Browning M2 receiver- no. However, it is *related*I bet you can't guess what this is @slavposting @whatifwekissed Want his cell? @slavposting @whatifwekissed Iraqi is nuts, look what came up today @whatifwekissed I hear that some parts of America are essentially Iraq so I'm sure somehow you could manage @whatifwekissed Go to Baghdad, they sell fairly regularly there @ghost_zoo @FoxXudosi @ghost_zoo be like "pls say sike😓" @ghost_zoo @FoxXudosi That much was already clear😘 @FoxXudosi I DON'T LIKE THIS @HasanDaz @threearows tbh people were thinking it's the kind of thing I'd use as normal terminology, which obviously isn't accurate but#Idlib: When you are hunting Deer at 7 and the Regime at 8 @HasanDaz If you note, she wasn't shooting 😁