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Joined Twitter 10/6/19 IS GOOD. GODDDDDDD IS GREAT!!!!queueing pearl blasting spanish music with aaron crying. no one fucking queue.this is a joke legal reasons.. @netflix 34.097842, -118.316307 you have one week.can you tell my favorite characters didn’t make it @ahad watching new stranger things and eating mcdonald’s 🫡 @ExaltVAL acting clueless is embarrassing on ur end but good looks Exalt! @ExaltVAL u are so weird bro please stop thanks 🫶🏻🫶🏻 @ahad @ExaltVAL @valyngod sup ahad! @ahad @ExaltVAL @valyngod fosho @ExaltVAL bro do not act clueless 🫶🏻 @principitonini ITS DOWN IN THE US. @principitonini is ur netflix down where you areGIFTED 20 TO @valyngod AND HE GOT STURDY @sehies it was worthHere's my top 10 list for the top VCT NA players
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Retweeted by caliI’m so sad babe will you please eat my pussy I don’t know if I’m gonna be ok :(
Retweeted by calihaving a gf is really just having a cat
Retweeted by calime marrying my friends together. didn't know Technoblade personally, we maybe played on a server once or twice. But I do know cancer, and the hard…
Retweeted by calino this is actually heartbreaking
@mellinieee LFGGGG @srxrachaa QUEING WITHOUT only goal is to b as good as @marynah_1 :,) @deqndre because usually the minor is afraid to come out or is being like manipulated not to tbh and lowkey this co… @deqndre i thought you were comparing just edating anyone to dating minors mb @deqndre nvm i read it wrong i think IM HOPING @929hopeless girl how muhc money??!?!?!? have u spent??? @929hopeless bro how many halsey concerts have u gone toabout to hit diamond song… yea @kiwiramune THE BONNIE PLUSH IS SO CUTEthis is still the greatest interaction on this app
Retweeted by cali @902Creed it’s perfect to describe how i feel rn.just got “i heart milfs” and “boba” no comm in my game and a near diamond pkayer kayo who didn’t know how to play k… amamiya on the nintendo switch #persona #persona5
Retweeted by cali @mellinieee that shit is INSANEwho the fukc goes 7 and 12 as fade that’s crazy
i love shakira SHES SO COOL I LOVE HERHe has it all But at what cost?
Retweeted by cali you a little more today @seshiriaa_ @OfficiaIDevour waiting for announcement i cut my hair short in august/ septdon’t stalk his twitter likes & replies if you want to be happy
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Retweeted by caliWhy Would You Do This To My Young Fairly Innocent Heart You Fucking Hoe Bitch.
Retweeted by calistreaming comeback soon i have been touching grass but IM KIND OF BACK NOW LETS GO[2017]
Retweeted by cali @okayeimi this reminds me of @8bitfiction @EleventeenRL @ApexVLR @harusajin this is insaneone day of peace please. i am not gods strongest soldier :3
Retweeted by cali @kiwiramune HELLO I AM IN LOVE WITHYOU @risorah no this is insane @ApexVLR @EleventeenRL thank u!!! @suhniiee thank u @EleventeenRL no budget just good ones that aren’t over like 39482948 dollarsneed good noise cancelling headphones for my phone any recs PLEASE
Lets enjoy some valorant gameplay on the knights channel today. its a fire matchup today 😝 @Cloud9 VS @TSM ACADEMY…
Retweeted by calistarted listening to phum viphurit again MY MENTAL IS GOING DOWNHILL AT THE FASTEST SPEED EVERNieR Automata running on the Switch
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Retweeted by cali @ZCZCZCZC16this is ur fault @milkteaboards @milkteaboards i hope you know that asad just read this shit out loud during the minion movie. @suhniiee he’s just like me @ZCZCZCZC16 am here now smile
Retweeted by caliWATCHING THE ENTIRE MINION FRANCHISE WITH @sevvn @HK4RI @ZCZCZCZC16 @symrifle need them both but yuki … is so … hehehehhehfhswjwhdjshajzANY MEN EXIST WHO ARE LIKE YUKI FROM FRUITS BASKET. PLEASE HIT ME UP. @ZCZCZCZC16 @thepattern because “em” does no EXIST!!!! @ZCZCZCZC16 @thepattern i think it is physically impossible for me to Love someone @ZCZCZCZC16 @thepattern this app is astrology based and i’m coping so i will be listeneing to it. @ZCZCZCZC16 @thepattern NO BECWUSE THERES NO WAY IM ABOUT TO DO THIS FOR SIX MORE MONTHS GOD WHY You’re telling me i have six more months of healing. I Am not your Strongest Soldier. sir, let me get *your* bags 💼
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Retweeted by calithe galorants experience
Retweeted by cali @02i8s NO BEVAUSE I WAS GONNA SEND U THIS HELPA day in the life of a #VALORANT Player.
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@hyjinxVAL 🤍FEATURED CLIP: 💀👊🆚🏹💀
Retweeted by calii’m playing here. @scrollval this is so real @gompersx @KnightsGG @KnightsArena @TSM @N8Vgg @TenrekYT @FlippyBitsGG @DazedDreamx @kchoneycrisp ur so cutesummer nights ❤️‍🔥
Retweeted by caliyea w/ facecam day 2 :o ASCENDANT? ttv / mellinie
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