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Coffee fuels me to create code. Currently studying in my last year for a Bachelor's degree. Working as a software dev 9am-5pm. Creating content from 5pm-2am

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@rafrasenberg Imposter syndrome is always there for so many people, including myself. You have to get aligned wit… @_marcba Morning Marc. Hope you’re doing well :) @JakubTesarek hahaha I wish! Maybe I should try that next to time @filipkunjadic Morning Filip! I’m good thanks, how are you doing? @JakubTesarek I drink my pre-workout while reading articles for 20 minutes and then when it’s kicked in I go for a… @towernter I didn't put it in there but so do i at some point in the morning. I usually look through twitter before… @natterstefan Morning Stefan! Hope you're doing well. I'm very good after doing the same thing, taking a break off… @Tyler_Potts_ I feel like I'm in the same boat! What do you want to do instead? Game Dev? @denicmarko 1. Take notes. 2. Always ask questions, no matter how stupid. 3. Learn to write tests.Brilliant thread. I've never contributes to open source before but after reading this I might give it a try's your morning routine? Mine is: - drink a glass of water - brush teeth - weigh myself - drink pre-workout -… @AuMayeung C#, it's just so simple to use and was the first language I learnt @catalinmpit Happy birthday Catalin!!
@FinnCoding I like it. Nice and simple, while showing what you can do!
The weekend has finally arrived. Let's use this weekend for: - relaxation - catching up on needed sleep - taking t…
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@Tyler_Potts_ Nice work Tyler! Well deserved 🎉 @igmarko That's a good idea, I'll give that a go next time, thanks! @dmokafa Thanks Deni! I'll always struggle with the syntax for tests but I guess it just takes practice @pratham85086605 Congratulations Pratham! Massive achievement @nialljoemaher Master chief collection is awesome, I had it on the pc game pass so will probably get it again on th… Don't feel bad about taking time away from social media. It's good to reset. It's good to have some gratitude for the things around you.2. Find out how you learn best and just keep repeating it that way. For me, it's watching videos and reading articl… Don't leave things till the last minute. Even if you're confident about it. I had 10 weeks for this module and h… folks! I've spent the last 2 weeks away from Twitter as I've been studying for exams and writing an assignment… @nialljoemaher I'm going to be relaxing after just finishing an exam and handing in my assignment! Have fun on Do… @dan_spratling I love the idea of lists, I've never used that! Also, good advice about turning notifications off.… @chrisdixon161 Nice one Chris 👌 @Tyler_Potts_ Relaxing after spending the last 2 weeks studying for exams and assignments! @florinpop1705 What specs did you get? @pratham85086605 I use most of mine but don't do "proper" touch typing using the home row @dmokafa What process do you take for writing tests? @heysarahpaz At least you're doing something Sarah! Hope you recover soon 🙏
@OBonio Thanks Ian! @dmokafa Thank you so much Deni! @towernter Thank you! 👌 @radnerus93 Thank you 😁 @LashaKrikheli Thanks!! @rafrasenberg Thank you very much Raf! @filipkunjadic Thank you mate 😁 @thechampsmoke Thank you!Hey, it's been a while. I've been studying hard for an exam tomorrow and an assignment due on Friday. Hope everyo…
@devinDford Congratulations Devin, that's amazing work!! @filipkunjadic @ChrisComps1 Thanks a bunch Filip! That's the next thing I'm going to add is B-roll to my videos, should make it a lot better
@ChrisComps1 Hey mate, I was really enjoying it but have had to slow it down for the next week or 2 due to assignme… wife is being made redundant after 15 years of service. 😢 If anyone is after an IT Project manager (Prince 2 ce…
Retweeted by Cal 🤳👨‍💻 @LashaKrikheli @rafrasenberg It’s a Batchelprs degree in Digital & Technology Solutions, so it has programming, net… @rafrasenberg I’m doing my degree right now and have a year left. I agree that this line of work doesn’t necessaril…
I might be focusing on my degree at the moment but I had stuff planned to post. New blog on what I've learnt about… @natterstefan That's awesome, hopefully you crush it! 💪 @devinDford I use formspree as well, it's super easy to use and works very well! @rafrasenberg Keep smashing it Raf! @natterstefan Morning Stefan! I'm studying all week, trying to get an assignment done and preparing for an exam nex…
From the 4th July, we're allowed to go to the pub and get smashed, but we're still not allowed to go to the gym...😭
I've got an exam and assignment hand in next week, so going to be pretty quiet on here while I knuckle down and stu…
@yusufcodes Happy birthday mate! Have a good day @rafrasenberg Where do you see your career in 5 years?⛏⛏⛏
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@catalinmpit Massive congratulations Catalin! You definitely deserve this. You've put out so much incredible content. Onto the next 30k! @jh3yy This has been recommended so many times! Definitely think I'm going to have to get one @adrianmarkperea I usually code in the morning and for work till 5:30 and then game in the evening @chi_noms Thank you mate!
@SucceededBuild @Tyler_Potts_ Sounds like an awesome idea! I definitely need more time to get the hang of it first… @rafrasenberg Thanks a bunch Raf 😁 @Tonia_Luisa Well I'll be posting the links on here so keep an eye out mate 😁 @filipkunjadic Thanks Filip 😁😁 @SucceededBuild Thank you!! @towernter I don't have FIFA. I used to play it quite a lot but tend to just play cod nowI made a video. Yay. Let me know what you think. @chrisdixon161 They look so meat Chris! Nice job! @rafrasenberg Brilliant advice! Lots of water should be added as well 👌Healthy dev essentials: - 10 ounces (300G) of vegetables / day - 2 pieces of fruit / day - Multivitamine tablet -…
Retweeted by Cal 🤳👨‍💻There’s 2 ways to build the tallest building. You either put all your energy into making your building the talles…
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@nialljoemaher This is awesome!! @rafrasenberg This is an interesting question! I think I've only ever disliked a small handful of videos, for the s… @sharifElkassed It's cool, you can switch between them by pressing Ctrl + Windows key and then left or right arrow.… many of you on Windows use the multiple desktop feature? I have started using it with a virtual desktop just… @towernter Thanks mate 😁 @Roderickdev @adrianmarkperea A few people have recommended this, I'll take a look! Thank youI forgot just how beautiful Assassins Creed Odyssey is! #gamedev @natterstefan 😂😂*Sits down to computer at 5:30pm to try and work*
Retweeted by Cal 🤳👨‍💻 @devgemsrealm I've never used a vertical mouse, I'll have to look into them and see if they'd be any good for me @adrianmarkperea Ooohh I've been looking at the MX Master ones and they look really good @PRPGWorldWizard That is very annoying! Yeah mine keeps sticking and it's so shitMy mouse wheel has started to squeal and stick when using it....I think it'll be time for a new one very soon! An… @puruvjdev I love how tight-knit this community is!Developers nowadays when they need to set-up a simple blog or landing page
Retweeted by Cal 🤳👨‍💻This turned out wayyyy different to what I thought it would!! GO ANDROID!
Retweeted by Cal 🤳👨‍💻 @kefimochi Kate, your drawings are amazing! Do you do drawings for people at all? I'd be interested in getting some…'ve partenered with @RandallKanna to give you TWO free copies of this amazing book. What do you have to do? 1) F…
Retweeted by Cal 🤳👨‍💻Brilliant list of resources! really love the dev-community on here
Retweeted by Cal 🤳👨‍💻 @catalinmpit A device connected to the internet is all that's required to develop and publish apps! @haysstanford Mine was C# @rafrasenberg Completely agree mate!In the beginning, my videos on Cal Plays won't be great. I've uploaded and scheduled the first 2 and I'm not even… @chandrikadeb7 Massive congratulations!! @ellie_html @autonomousdotai Your dog is adorable!!! @spences10 Hey friend 👋 @ismathim Glad to be part of the circle :D