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musical artist, creator of, clothing expert @poolhallco, minecraft let's player

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@thecodemiko Banger tweetif you spell your name wrong on an IQ test does your score get knocked down @Hooverr @aksually @Hooverr @aksually
@Gusbuckets Let's talk about shrek's penis @macawcaw123 Bro What2021 is the year of the return of ugandan knuckles @tommyinnit MILF stands for Man I Love FMinecraft
yeah it's cool and all that it's 2021 now, but wait until you realize that 2020 was LAST YEAR! @thecodemiko @itsandreabotez @alexandravbotez 🧙‍♀️ @jschlatt is your new years resolution to get verified again @macawcaw123 What @WEEGEETHEGOD AND IT SHOULD BE EVERYONE'S!!! @PoolHallCo 🧙‍♀️ @hi_blnd this is awesomeness headquarters @RobboFunny i hate this @TheAn1meMan + 10 = 2021...LOL THIS YEAR IS AWESOME
@itsandreabotez @ConnorEatsPants answer the man's request @octolinghacker @itsandreabotez maybe if I knew what it was @itsandreabotez nah lol @AltriveEpic new year, same memes 🔥 @itsandreabotez what's the top called and why do the pants got lines and shit @chrisTyson me neither but like actually 365 days lolololol i'm like a human sponge of oil and grease and I smell straight up nuclear hahaha @itsandreabotez ight but what is it @itsandreabotez what do you even call what you are wearing in this picgoing into 2021 looking left because 2020 ain't treat me right...
@tonyhawk tony your life straight up sucks @eddyburback hahahahahaha @eddyburback yupcan't wait for covid to go away tomorrow @Idubbbz but who slapped your stomach @gawrgura gura what is this @MinxMore he needs a doctor. @39daph Banger tweet @pokimanelol YESSSSSSSSSSSS
@pokayalt what does rn meanDAMN DANIEL! Back at it again with the white vans. @isaac_why @dreamwastaken damn this blew up. follow me for more 🏀 @dreamwastaken CHRIS! Is that a weed? "No this is a crayon-" I'm calling the police" puts 911 into microwave "911 what's your emergency? @SMii7Y Mother trucker dude, that hurt like a butt cheek on a stick @Drake wanna play fortnite @BTS_twt If only Bradley's arm was longer. Best photo ever. #oscars @Grunkkkk @Ninja a potato flew around my room before you came 🧙‍♀️ @Ninja It's us. @Connnor01 @MichelleObama @JoeBiden Michelle Obama 🧢 @Connnor01 @MichelleObama We did it, @JoeBiden @isaac_why exercise? I thought you said extra fries 😂😂 @Grunkkkk Congratulations to the Astronauts that left Earth today. Good choiceyou're tellin me a shrimp fried this rice
@Krtzyy sorry dave... @thecodemiko Hey everyone I'M COMING ON THIS SATURDAY!!!! January 2nd!!! @GiggukAZ now I'm gonna ask a lot of women to collab @traves bro what happened you gotta pick that up man! Put it back on! @RSTYCG wait this is so dope @Cyb3rFlare THIS IS SO AWESOME @dreamwastaken @Dream @aksually AKSEL you're a super nice guy and everyone I talk to has super nice things to say about you. One day we will HANG OUT!!!! @CatVibeToAnime I love cats, vibes, and anime! Your account is a W @RTGameCrowd NO RT you're a good lad! You're a really good content creator and I love popping in to see what you're… @catsnoplace I love cats :) @AntVenom Antvenom bro I literally watched you win the hunger games and then years later I got to meet you and talk to you. You're awesome! @artymovevo ARTYMO thank you so much for your help with some of my past videos! You're good at editing! @JoeDrawsStuff JOE I LOVE YOU. You're a very funny guy! Thanks for gaming with me and the boys! @CrabsAndScience William every interaction I've had with you has been awesome. I'm sorry I haven't tried your soyle… @_uwumi UMI! You've been very kind ever since we met and I genuinely think you have what it takes to be a successfu… @aztrosist Aztrosist I have news for you @sablepillow7 SABLEPILLOW YOU'VE BEEN AROUND FOREVER! HOW ARE YOU STILL FOLLOWING ME? @Scottposts Scott you've made a few of my favorite videos on my second channel! Thank you man! You're really talent… @rnknvisuals RNKN! I remember your filthy frank anime op from FOREVER ago dude. You're really talented! @LudwigAhgren Ludwig Carson edit this picture. We need more edits of this picture. There's never enough, reply with your Carson @LinusTech @qtcinderella @JustaMinx you should kiss ludwig on camera for money and fame @nakeyjakey double digits! @JustaMinx gross. i don't want your cooties. Women can stay away 🤣🤣🤣 @JustaMinx you're gonna look so much worse than normal @Quackity double digits!
@Valkyrae really? @pokimanelol Lemme know if you need a coach. I’m the best chess player on twitch. @16pxl I BOUGHT YOUR WALLPAPER PACK AND AM USING ONE OF THEM! Your art is so cool! @PMDShitpost Lycanroc! @Jack_Septic_Eye live show at PAX West because the entire time I was basically taking mental notes on how to do tha… @Jack_Septic_Eye you're literally jacksepticeye. Thank you for always been such a driving force of good with your p… @Connnor01 Connor you've become my go to. My main man. My go to main man. Actually super appreciate the help in the… @GatorsDaily I see da gators and I :) Thank you! @ReverendMonkey BIG TANNER. BIG T. THE REAL BIG T. You're an enigma and I love it. Legit a really funny dude, and I… @Kkatamina You scare me a little bit but like in a good way. Also your fake tattoos were bad ass looking. I haven't… @Kyaandere Hello Kat, you seem to live the life of an anime girl and that's awesome. Unironically though you seem l… @peterparkTV Peter you seem like such a nice guy. Also I keep seeing Ludwig say you're hot? I don't disagree but...… @nyannyancosplay YO KAT. I don't know if you realize how iconic you are from being THE HIT OR MISS GIRL - and I'm s… @24framesofnick Nick NICK NICK!!!! I love you dude. You have such an infectious energy around you. Proud to know th… @ModestCube Trevor I never watched Cow Chop but I know it's not going to be all you're ever known for. Your energy… @SenzuFrijole Erik you sweet summer child. You're so soft spoken yet you're one of the most welcoming people I know… @TedNivison TED. You excite me. I've been saying this for years but wherever you end up, you're going to be incredi… @weesterner Weest! Bro going on omegle last night with you and the boys was one of the most fun nights I've had in… @svyoshi Yoshi I need you to shut up. But also I'm glad we started gaming more in the past few months dude, and tha… @ShamPeeYT SHAMPEE - Thank you a ton for doing that interview with me a long time ago when I was tiny. I thought it… @Stonepa_ Stonepa you're very funny and I hear very good things about you from everyone I talk to! Have you thought about content creation 😮 @billiamthies HI I WATCHED YOUR VIDEOS ON DIGIMON after watching digimon tri recently and I really enjoyed them! Great work dude!