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David J. Majors @ 🏡 @CallMeDjm Detroit, Londo Bell, Promenade

Semi-Amateur Podcaster. He/Him, David/D.j.m. Sports in Detroit, Anime, #StarTrek 🖖🏾, Wrestling. I would've punched Q, too. #CashApp: $MaiBaq76

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@official_makai Thank you for the stream. @votevets Is he trying to get gas prices up?My campaign slogan Bring back liner notes or at least read the wikipedia's article section titled PERSONNEL.
Retweeted by David J. Majors @ 🏡 @CallMeDjm It was a year's worth of build up of HHH burying guys (Jericho, RVD, etc.) and then they ran *that* stor…
Retweeted by David J. Majors @ 🏡 @EnginVIR A low-budget suspense/thriller.Wrestlemania 19, and Booker T losing is what pushed me towards the indies and everything non-WWE, permanently. It…'t trust anyone who doesn't say Booker T.
Retweeted by David J. Majors @ 🏡 @EnginVIR Maybe because I didn't take it as a horror movie. I guess I graded on a curve. @Lifeiskitsch Not alone, Molly. 🤐 @EnginVIR Well, I wouldn't go that far. I thought Bird Box was alright. @animecommentary A lot of these "die-hard" fans are looking to have their childhood nostalgia brain tickled, while… @EnginVIR You only need to know one thing: Overrated.STAR TREK FANS. ATTENTION STAR TREK FANS!!!, the Democratic National Party is putting all of its power behind defeating a progressive candidate for o…
Retweeted by David J. Majors @ 🏡Republican president tells democratic governors that he won’t help them with the pandemic response. Those governors…
Retweeted by David J. Majors @ 🏡We still don't give Amazing Red and Jack Evans enough credit.My wish is for @official_makai to get a full-time English translator. The story, the website, the episodes on YouTube. I want it all.RT if you also knew exactly what routine it was gonna be before you even hit Play. 😌
Retweeted by David J. Majors @ 🏡 @davebirkett I get your choices for the Lions and the rationale behind them, Dave. I don't necessarily care for the… @dragonblaze2009 Enjoy. IMO, it's a pretty good ending. 🖖🏾 @EyesOnBrandon What kinda...Sweetie everyone’s already washing their hands five+ times a day, covering their face, not shaking hands + avoiding…
Retweeted by David J. Majors @ 🏡Unlike the rest of the internet, when I indicate that I'm back on my bullshit, it's a cry for help for you to stop me in my tracks.EVERYBODY DIES. #AEWDynamiteThey gave Lance....MARKO?!?!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 #AEWDynamiteCody and his obvious love of all things No Limit slipping out again. #AEWDynamite #MakeEmSayUhhhh's opponent, Anna Jayy has an instagram. Oh man. Does she most certainly have an instagram.NOBODY KICKS OUT OF THE FALCON ARROW. #AEWDynamiteSHIDA DID THE DEAL! Nobody kicks out of the Falcon Arrow! You heard it from @SexyChuckieT himself!
Retweeted by David J. Majors @ 🏡 @NoContextTrek @TrekGeekBill I can't even say "Oh, it wasn't THAT BAD!" It really was that bad.Just like the Falcon Arrow, nobody kicks out! #AEWDynamite @SexyChuckieT OC got PAC, Greg got Kenny. Where's your super epic singles match?One-Winged Angel at approximately 19:02. #AEWDynamiteGod, that bump was absurd. #AEWDynamite2 minutes! #AEWDynamite @jessiegender You've activated my trap card! "Life is like a hurricane, here in Duckberg! Race cars, lasers aeroplanes! It's a duck blur!" @DRinaldiMusic Shhhh. "undisclosed location" has been identified. #AEWDynamite @BossLorgis That one is in my watchlist!ORANGE CASSIDY OVERFLOWN WITH EMOTION!!! BAH GAWD, HE CAN'T CONTAIN HIMSELF! #AEWDynamite @dabryceisright @TheKipSabian @thePenelopeFord @JimmyHavoc @RealBrittBaker @RealBillyGunn @orangecassidy was a time in life when if somebody took you on a date to the AMC star Southfield you knew they were serious…
Retweeted by David J. Majors @ 🏡I love this building. #AEWDynamite
@CallMeDjm If Steven isn't on screen, the other characters should be asking, "Where's Steven?"
Retweeted by David J. Majors @ 🏡 @Nyanlathotep @FGC_Dad But @FGC_Mom's been gone all day. Where is she? :'( @Nerdygal33 Hating JBL is ALWAYS IN.I've got it completely backwards. I do all my puns and memes on facebook to a tiny audience. While all of my snark and bile spews out here.Hating John Cena is SOOO 2008. Don't be that guy. He makes Corey tolerable. Hating Corey Graves is SO IN RN, WE'RE…, what is the game y'all are playing?! This is what you're playing instead of Doom: Eternal? really shouldn't be encouraged, EVER., 90 percent of anime podcasts, including my own. @peteyrave What are your water costs?!!?!?Rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine Turns On His NDA. Tells Judge There Are No More Marvel Versus Capcom and Viewtiful Joe Games…
Retweeted by David J. Majors @ 🏡 @ScreaminJWalkin "Lift up your mask for love, on VIRL"The NXT Loyalists are being TESTED tonight. Did you see who is gonna be on commentary?Lil Nas X Plays Skullgirls Live On Twitch And Gets Shutdown For Breaking TOS. Talks About It On His Instagram Live…
Retweeted by David J. Majors @ 🏡Like Jon Moxley manning the camera at #AEWDark, everybody's pitching and doing their part. @ScreaminJWalkin VRAL is gonna be it's name.Do people not know that a fever is one of the symptoms. This is absolutely terrible. Respect the medical professio… was my theater!!!AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would hear callers to @971theticketxyt about how Latin baseball players weren't any good until the weather g… be @Ortiz_Powerful. #TigerStyle @jerichosbubbly @AEWrestling Check the date.Hey, that's me! That 2004 NBA Finals. Mmmmhmmm. does Joe Exotic look exactly like a early 90's WCW midcarder?
Retweeted by David J. Majors @ 🏡 @TheSoulMinded Welcome back. You were really....buggin out. 🤭O_O Don't do it, Governor. You don't want this massive L on you when Gavin Newsom is looking for a running mat… @violetikon Except EVERYTHING is based on how much $$ is in your bank account. @JbrexMe @TheMacabreChap Hm. Well, it IS the end of the world, so..... @TheMacabreChap Just...gave it to her? Was it a family member? A sister, a cousin? A eff buddy? Something?Since we’ve officially hit “stabbing toddlers in Sam’s Club because their Asian” levels of racism I highly recommen…
Retweeted by David J. Majors @ 🏡 @ChuckModi1 If the Lions hadn't already ruined my enjoyment of the NFL, this is the nail in the coffin.Yes, March was rough. But quite frankly... and everybody.'m really surprised at how many Haken songs I know. I'm loving this. @TheSoulMinded CAN'T STEP ON THE ROACH. CAN'T KILL THE ROACH. THE ROACH COMES BACK EVERY TIME. @StrawberryStat1 Love that #TangerineTwang 🍊 @chocl8girl @PrmativApostate @AFlyBlackCommie @TheSoulMinded THEY LEECHES. THAT'S WHY THE MOVIE IS CALLED PATASITE. LEECHIN OFF OUR BLOOD. OUR STRUGGLE. @TheSoulMinded MY MAN OUT HERE SPITTIN THAT TRUTHY TRUTH. THE BUGS SURVIVE A NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST, JUST LIKE WE SURVI… possibly getting out on April Fools day during a quarantine is the most 2020 shit I’ve seen so far
Retweeted by David J. Majors @ 🏡 @QuestiontheNWA 🤟New episode of Nerd News is now live! Check it out and be sure to subscribe!
Retweeted by David J. Majors @ 🏡 @FGC_Dad @timrattray Some people still need to learn the hard way. @timrattray Cough on them. @JANELABABY #ExtraSauce I recorded an impromptu podcast giving my two cents on how creatives can spend their time…
Retweeted by David J. Majors @ 🏡This is perfect.
Retweeted by David J. Majors @ 🏡 @prettygoodphil @inagarten @this_vidWell, if Colossalcon happens...@theotakuchef. You take a lot of selfies. @JackUTS As someone who does both a sports podcast and an anime podcast, I'm glad to see people coming around to the truth. @FGC_Dad ..... I'm calling @FGC_Mom. @SASBurnerAcct @brianruh Oh so that wasn't an April Fool's joke? @JOutterbridge @caymiendavis @stephenasmith @this_vid