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An Artist + #warsurvivor using creativity as a vessel to heal from #trauma + increase awareness of #cptsd |Past: @housedemocrats @senatedems @theblackcaucus

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Have a good day friends! December bring you abundance, prosperity, and continued gratitude♥️ @alamanecer @Sams_Girma @nlevin @pandanflavor Thank you for recommending me 😊I’m f*cking amazing @RealGabbyR Highly recommend!!Stay a while.
@RealGabbyR This combo is literally why my face is spotless. Once a week hahaVegetable in Season for December: Kale Beets Celery Chard Leeks Fennel Greens Carrots Broccoli Collards Arugula…
Retweeted by Wilsar™ 🇸🇱 artist + photographer @MirandaDMc2 I hear that and I'm glad growth has allowed you to extend yourself the grace you needed. You're beauti… #BuyBlack @MirandaDMc2 You look sooooo adorable 😍 @_BlackMuses I had moments where I wanted to call IT...and realized that I am IT and started crying haha @_BlackMuses Me last week after I finally setup my printer 🥴😂 @DavidT2026 Cause you know... 😂 who needs to hear this but ffffff people are not the standards when it comes to behavior or decorum. Like, have… @ChristaDavidArt Your work is gorgeous 😍 @MsCurlyT85 Thank youuuuuu 😘Illustration by me ♥️ art practice is connected to my healing journey. It’s the catalyst for my self care. It’s extremely personal.Im going to start selling my originals in 2021 at I’m excited (and nervous) for folks to h… workout in your favor. Be patient. Don’t compare. Practice fully. @ashleylatruly It truly is♥️Dot by dot starts with radical honesty of self.
@MsCurlyT85 They really doToday I started working on a painting made out of dots/stipple. #wip you have an African dad, you understand this to the core 🥴😂 @iTerryTommy Where’s the style exactly...? It’s banal.Shamelessly eating pie, drinking coffee, and preparing to start a new painting on cardboard canvas. @Tiny_Frog Ohhh that’s heavenly. Pie and tea. I’ve got to try that too @Saweetie @Natalie_Claire5 I sell luxury art prints 🥰 @Duanecia @HiThatsChelsea Omg yes!! This is awesome ✨♥️
Shop this holiday season ♥️ this a few weeks back and instantly became one of my favorite movies. @skylarvibes Hello beautiful people. I’m a self care-focused artist who create art for your heart and mind using Bl… #SmallBusinessSaturday friends. I sell one of a kind, beautiful, soothing, meaningful art for your heart and… exist. Trust me♥️’m grateful for the artists who inspire me and my creative ideas everyday. From photographers, poets, writers, de… @MichellCClark Why are you like this? 😂 Im dying Michell 🤣Day #2 of coffee and pie and I don’t want to ever look back lol that feels good to touch sunshine ☀️
@themakeda It’s my pleasure. You’re a gift 😊 @themakeda You know who you are and what you want to say or not say. There’s sensuousness to your art; like a soft… people have been my biggest supporter when I became an artist. A lot of my print orders and big ticket commis… @MichellCClark Same because idk if I even want to enter that world hahaAnytime I get an idea to do something with my audience, I start overthinking it and then talk myself out of it. Why am I like this? 🥴 @Alizzeeeeee That’s really sweet haha. Also going to shamelessly promote my art store ✨ of today’s practice can’t think of a better person to support this shopping season, than @CallMeWilsar - go here:…
Retweeted by Wilsar™ 🇸🇱 artist + photographer @MattADeFreitas Thank you so much friend 🤗🤗 @KarenAttiah Thank you for shinning a light on this issue Karen. I’d shamelessly share my website as well ☺️ @itsafronomics I’d love to add my art store to your thread 🥰 @ScottieBeam @dariansymone Hi! I’m an artist who sells prints and cozy products at I hope… @MichellCClark Preachhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhI’m grateful for the opportunity to share my story; to no longer carry the weight of my trauma alone because art an… a slice of pie and coffee for breakfast and it was magical haha @RemmingtonFB always feel extra beautiful after a haircut @SchuBooty I ♥️ youuuu AT BOO BOO ON TV
Retweeted by Wilsar™ 🇸🇱 artist + photographerWhen your sis a celebrity 🤩 my baby pic made the news😂
Retweeted by Wilsar™ 🇸🇱 artist + photographer @Jbizzlebaby92 You famous now sis 😂
@CallMeWilsar Wonderful! I just shared with Alyssa too lol. Hope your days been fantastic and full of nourishment🍴
Retweeted by Wilsar™ 🇸🇱 artist + photographer @itslizzardfu You are the best-est babe. Thank you so much @kimmaytube Thank you very much. I appreciate your kindness🤗'Art saved my life': D.C. artist reflects on how her work has helped her overcome her past make my local tv debut in a few minutes. shout out to @ABC7News @TheRealJbeamer Thank you very much ♥️I’m so proud of myself 😋🌱🍃 @WhereWomenBloom Haha Thank you ♥️Please don’t wash your greens with soap. a sense of gratitude for all that I am and all that I have. I truly hope you are enjoying your… sure I got a workout in today. @MsCurlyT85 It should huh? Smh @DomoWarren Happy birthday friend ♥️America is so strange, culturally. #MacysThanksgivingParadeWhat's that sound, you ask? It’s the ladies of @ZPHIBHQ! We’re so happy to have them perform as they celebrate 100…
Retweeted by Wilsar™ 🇸🇱 artist + photographer @VickieRemoe You’re so beautiful ohhhhChose persistent over perfection today.Focus on flourishing. Everything else is a distraction.
Retweeted by Wilsar™ 🇸🇱 artist + photographerMY CAT, A BOOK AND MY IMAGINATIONS, Ameh Egwuh, 2020
Retweeted by Wilsar™ 🇸🇱 artist + photographerI’m grateful for a quiet morning ✨
STILL, Sungi Mlengeya, 2020
Retweeted by Wilsar™ 🇸🇱 artist + photographer @ReaganGomez Definitely get the pencil. Procreate is great to work with. I toggle between procreate, adobe fresco,… @LUXURY0RNOTHING DAMN JILL!! 🥰 @PlsNoMatata This is legit me lol @PlsNoMatata I like to do my part haha @talaya_music @PlsNoMatata I appreciate your support so much 🤗 @talaya_music @PlsNoMatata Thank you 🥰 @PlsNoMatata I hope you know how much I appreciate your retweets and support 🥰🥰Ivey evolved a lot as an artist so I’ve been going back to past digital collages and applying what I’ve learned so… original digital collage print is available at starting at $75. Start your art collec… lil series is slowly growing 🥺
Retweeted by Wilsar™ 🇸🇱 artist + photographerI have nothing to prove to anyone.! I love to see it!!!