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ESRB Rating: MATURE with Blood and Gore, Use of Drugs, Intense Violence, Strong Language, and Suggestive Themes Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War available NOW:

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Before you set down the turkey, settle your beef here. #BlackOpsColdWar
@Slacked 🙌 @dinahjane97 Time to go to work, work, work. @ATLFaZe 🌅 @LAThieves @LAThieves Let's go!#Nuketown is back in #BlackOpsColdWar. Drop a GIF to show how you feel about it. 👇Telling the stories that never happened. Find out how #BlackOpsColdWar story consultant David Goyer helped push th… is 🤜💥🤛. Available Now:
Rep the town you run. #BlackOpsColdWar Get the new @PacSun Nuketown T-Shirt now: the town apart. ☢️ Nuketown 24/7 is LIVE now. #BlackOpsColdWar✅ Double XP ✅ Double Weapon XP Now live all week long. #BlackOpsColdWar, frenetic, and familiar. Get the lay of the land before facing the #BlackOpsColdWar chaos on Nuketown '84:…☢️ Nuketown '84 is NOW LIVE. ☢️ #BlackOpsColdWar
@Nivek_Hp @ShadowUprise ☢️ Nuketown-ready. ☢️Know who you're fighting with. Get intel on all 13 Operators available to you in #BlackOpsColdWar here.… '84 drops tomorrow in #BlackOpsColdWar. Check in with @Treyarch's Creative Specialist, Miles Leslie, on w…
Name this band. Wrong answers only. #BlackOpsColdWar.
#BlackOpsColdWar is geared up. Available NOW:
Launch Week patch notes are here! • Weapon + Scorestreak tuning • Stability improvements • Bug fixes • Mode adjus…
Retweeted by Call of DutyVeterans from our grantee charities stopped by to thank @GameStop team members for their support of the Round-Up fo…
Retweeted by Call of Duty🔴 WE ARE LIVE! The FIRST EVER @CallofDuty Fireteam: Dirty Bomb Tournament 💣 The battle of Methodzstan Vs Camdovi…
Retweeted by Call of DutyEverything you need to know about unlocking Operators for #BlackOpsColdWar and #Warzone. '84. November 24. #BlackOpsColdWar @SLAMonline @_fournette @JoshHart you gonna take that?
Your purchases of the past 2 Endowment packs in #ModernWarfare will fund the placement of more than 18K veterans in…
Retweeted by Call of DutyThe Cold War Colosseum is LIVE! The draft is about to get underway, these team are about to be stacked 😤 WATCH…
Retweeted by Call of DutyStraight from the streets of Nuketown '84. Purchase #BlackOpsColdWar and login by 12/3 to receive the Nuketown We…
Introducing #SquadSketches Share your art of Woods using #SquadSketches for a chance to be featured. @Attach Fireteam, arming a dirty bomb only requires one person, but the time is reduced with each teammate nearby. Look…“Many of our 26,000+ dental professional ambassadors have spouses and/or family members in the military, so we are…
Retweeted by Call of DutyThe $25,000 #ReleaseTheKraken invitational is LIVE! You already know the duos covering all of today's action.🎙️…
Retweeted by Call of DutyAll business, all the time. Tune in to watch @FormaL take on #BlackOpsColdWar now.
@PrestigeIsKey 💎💎💎The Battle of the Throne \\ STARTING NOW // Which World Champ will reign supreme? Tune in:…
Retweeted by Call of DutyWe've got a lot of land to cover. 🗺 Gather everything you need to know about the Maps in Black Ops Cold War Multip… @GuyFieri New Show @GuyFieri? Diners, Drop ins and Dives?The winningest player in Call of Duty history is live. Watch @Crimsix try and add to his legacy in the…
Which Scorestreaks are you equipping?LIVE NOW #RokkrArmsRace $25K 6v6 Tournament STREAM: BRACKET:
Retweeted by Call of DutyWho's really got your back? Introducing the Squad Lie Detector filter for #BlackOpsColdWar, try it now on… of the trade. #BlackOpsColdWar Before going into battle, learn about each weapon class and its strengths and… locked in with the perfect loadout. What are you running in #BlackOpsColdWar so far?
What has been your go-to loadout in #BlackOpsColdWar Multiplayer?Update: 2XP is currently live in #BlackOpsColdWar MP and will be coming to Zombies later today. To make sure every…
Retweeted by Call of DutyOne more? #BlackOpsColdWar Available now on all platforms: @Attach 🤯Who said you can't multitask? Here's some #ColdWarWisdom: Even when you're on the go, you can still edit and cust… weekend gets a boost. 2XP is NOW LIVE for 24 hours in #BlackOpsColdWar. @MeyersLeonard Time to cook up some W's.
@MegTurski Target found. He'll be home by dinner.What’s something that ISN’T Zombies, but FEELS like Zombies? 🧟 #BlackOpsColdWarFire away #CODTopPlays @TylerTroche_ This guy gets it.The @ATLFaZe Cold War Clash powered by @nerdstgamers starts NOW, featuring: @Temperrr @Vikkstar123 @scump
Retweeted by Call of Duty#BlackOpsColdWar is teamwork. 🤝 Available now: @KARNAGEclan @TastyFPS 😳 that was quick. @Nadeshot That launch weekend grind. 😤 @FINALLEVEL Stay ice cold out there. 👊The locational Ping system will allow you to ping objectives, loot, locations, and enemies for your teammates.📍👀… make sure you’re playing the next-gen version of #BlackOpsColdWar on PS5: 1. Highlight the game tile on the Das…
Retweeted by Call of Duty @Shark1X We got you. @K1 The only week you wish you played on Thursday. @ASTROGaming 💪Retweet to manifest getting only Ws in #BlackOpsColdWar this weekend.
@CodeNamePizza 🍕🍕🍕Get the job done. Find out basic rules and best tips to conquer the competition in every available Multiplayer ga… @Sp00nerism Looking 🔥😎Time to dial in your loadout. From Gunsmith to Wildcards and Perks find out how you can build your perfect class… to level up. Get all the intel about how to progress towards Prestige in #BlackOpsColdWar in The Prestige Pri… and load. Purchase the new @CODE4Vets Challenger Pack in #BlackOpsColdWar and help vets get placed into jobs… War is explosive. #BlackOpsColdWar is available NOW. @FlorianThauvin Call up the @OM_Officiel squad. 🙌 @NoisyButters TFW it's launch day. @ReggieWatkinsJr @Activision @Treyarch @RavenSoftware @IvyIsenberg You're the man, Sims. 👊 @Di3seL_ #BlackOpsColdWar Soundtrack All Day Long ▶️🔘──────── 1:57:15 @hutchinson 👊 @Marksman @Treyarch 👀 @Postmates No excuses to leave the battle station. @timthetatman THE RAY GUN @ValdiasFlores Grind > Rest > RepeatTime to unravel the conspiracy. Play #BlackOpsColdWar now on all platforms: @NoahJ456 Welcome to the party.The race to find Perseus has begun. #BlackOpsColdWar is now rolling out across the world on all platforms.
@Blazt Who isn't?Get in the best shape to dominate. It's time for #BlackOpsColdWar Boot Camp, a crash course of the best strategie… is nearly here! Join us for a very special studio broadcast as we dive into Campaign, Multiplayer, Zombies,…
Retweeted by Call of DutyFor an entire week, the best in the world will battle it out in #BlackOpsColdWar with streamers and celebrities. 🏆… next chapter begins. #BlackOpsColdWar Get the intel on what's available in the much-anticipated sequel to the… #BlackOpsColdWar. Get ready to dive into the next evolution of Black Ops Multiplayer, a Campaign entrenc…
✅ New characters. ✅ New ways to progress. ✅ New arsenal of Cold War weapons. Here's everything you need to dominat…"Watch the tape." Prepare for #BlackOpsColdWar Zombies with the Die Maschine Intro Cinematic."It's happening again." Watch the #BlackOpsColdWar Zombies reveal trailer here: new Dark Aether story that elevates the entire Zombies experience. Here's everything you need to know before div… recap of what's to come in the next chapter of the iconic Black Ops Zombies series. #BlackOpsColdWar Here's eve… haben #BlackOpsColdWar im großen Stil nach Berlin gebracht. Wer freut sich auf den Launch?
Retweeted by Call of DutyBack to basics. Before playing #BlackOpsColdWar, read the guide on the basics to getting started:… Days. #BlackOpsColdWar Pre-load now on all platforms.
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Get ready for #BlackOpsColdWar Launch Week: Daily streams hosted by CDL teams featuring pros, celebrities, and stre…
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