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Biodegradable. Token ginger fwieennnddd. Powernap enthusiast when not woke. Part Brent, part exchange. Emergency services supporter...because why wouldn’t you?

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@shazwwfc @Celtergeist12 @robdelcraig @jasminkatie @RichTheRed252 @ObiWan_Jabroni_ @edkidd01 @xawul @Celtergeist12 @robdelcraig @shazwwfc @jasminkatie @RichTheRed252 @ObiWan_Jabroni_ @edkidd01 @xawul @robdelcraig @shazwwfc @jasminkatie @RichTheRed252 @ObiWan_Jabroni_ @edkidd01 @xawul @OutOfOfficePod_ @LemracLemrac @Leeroywwfc @shazwwfc I thought you suck knobs? @robdelcraig @shazwwfc @jasminkatie @RichTheRed252 @ObiWan_Jabroni_ @edkidd01 @xawul @OutOfOfficePod_ @LemracLemrac @DigbyWhat I couldn’t deal with the hate tweets @drphiliplee1 URGENTE!!! @shazwwfc @robdelcraig @jasminkatie @RichTheRed252 @ObiWan_Jabroni_ @edkidd01 @xawul @OutOfOfficePod_ @LemracLemrac my new happy place #findyourhappy #onlyinitforthefreehotchocolateinit @KristyDyson Landlords like this @shazwwfc @robdelcraig @jasminkatie @RichTheRed252 @ObiWan_Jabroni_ @ANutsey @edkidd01 @xawul @OutOfOfficePod_ @Sorrelish Love it! @KristyDyson On brand reallyNailed it @IrrumAli There are several shortcomings here, but needs must! 😉😂 @DellaHudsonFCA Indeed @MikeKeaney1977 Performing as you want you to perform? @ErinClaireSF Oatcakes. Staffordshire delicacy. Everywhere else is missing out @DellaHudsonFCA 😂😂😂 @Lgotahusky Totally @milkgapes It’s a good me-me @Lgotahusky Twitter needs a ‘close friends only’ setting from the tories: “Free meals aren’t the most effective way of solving food poverty”Don’t hate the player, hate the lack of sausages @perrigame Ten years in and never looked back! Love waking up full of energy! @milkgapes @perrigame ♥️ @pudseyvicar @_BillieBelieves Really hope that’s a typo...! 😂 @DellaHudsonFCA Damn...Making the most of the extra hour with a steady social run! Thanks for the company @CarlaSeaward 🙂 @HansGr00ber “I don’t know who needs to hear this but...” @YellsOnPolitics @Lgotahusky Pam-eeela!But I’m a problem solver years ago I stumbled across my biggest dilemma in life of the day is ‘pinchfart’ (16th century): a miser; one who withholds money to the detriment of others.
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@GraceCRoberts AMAZING! @NWmwaypolice Dick! 🙄 Sorry you have to deal with thisRetraining in Cyber idea: Where The Fuck Did You Think It Came From? in which Tory MPs are quizzed on how their family made their wealth.
Retweeted by calorieneutralrunner @andraswf @Lgotahusky @HansGr00ber Improving (increasing) my BMI @JMS78 @DeanRed123 Are you now living next door to me? @PublicChaffinch @facefirst__ Because we’re scummy men and selfish @PublicChaffinch @facefirst__ Aka just being male @gemloulav @gamray Sounds like the certain risk of isolation is worse than the very small risk of you infecting her… @rainbowchaser79 I’ll let you know in 1hr 22! 😂Yaaaassss! @Disco_Squirrel Me neither. Ran out of food parcels @Sorrelish Yay progress! @RichTheRed252 @shazwwfc @Leeroywwfc @robdelcraig @kingrob32 @saliddle1986 @ObiWan_Jabroni_ @Celtergeist12 What do you know about football? @GBurndred #philosophy @taratwo Exactly! OutdatedIt’s tough for Tory MP’s this weekend #prayforTories @Michael_Dunn4 Don’t forget your food parcel @Lgotahusky Ever since, you’ve just resorted to vodka instead @milkgapes She’s my favourite horror @Lgotahusky Oh my sweet summer child etc @Lgotahusky Tbf you weren’t keen pre-twitter eitherBrexit trade deals summarised @Lgotahusky Not seeking medical help because Slavic mum < seeking medical help because twitter bullied you @_BillieBelieves Sad times 😢 @milkgapes It’s what happens when you don’t bring the penne in return @edkidd01 I’d do most seasons @lornaaaa_xo WAP @tris_siam Gtech cleaners confuse me too @shazwwfc The time, sponsored by Accurist is... @tris_siam Urgh. What about the free Parker pen though? @gemloulav Likes are not transferable sorry @RichFiend Or an extra hour in bed every week throughout winter? @tris_siam Gotta be Pantene. It’s all they ever advertise. That or life insurance 😳 @milkgapes DO IT!!!! @Lgotahusky @DeanRed123 Not now, LSpring forward, lean back @DellaHudsonFCA WHOOP!This is the only way people will ever be able to explain this stupid medieval phenomenon of BST which helped farmer… do we get an hour more or less in bed this time? @lornaaaa_xo Ngl sounds like the perfect night out @DeanRed123 Exactly THIS @DeanRed123 We joke about this phrase but I’ve met a few who genuinely believe that! Apparently everything can be s… @Go_SYH_In_A_Pig @RichFiend @bchadwickfrance @freepearn @colinwmd I’m pale just thinking about the hysteriaEvergreen reply @RichFiend @bchadwickfrance @Go_SYH_In_A_Pig @freepearn @colinwmd I’ve already psychologically bookmarked it @JimMFelton @BBradley_Mans The debate on free school meals is pretty simple. One side says: "We're not geniuses bu…
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Retweeted by calorieneutralrunner @bchadwickfrance @Go_SYH_In_A_Pig @RichFiend @freepearn @colinwmd I’ve been in stitches since I even thought about it @Helen_Something Morning Helen! 🙂 @YesMissMurphy @heljenkins Subtext: Do put yourself out. Really doIn over a decade of prosecuting and defending criminal cases involving the supply of drugs, from street dealing to…
Retweeted by calorieneutralrunner @RichFiend @freepearn I’m the terriblist @DeanRed123 I thought old people used to buy drugs with their free TV licences? Now I’m confused @PyramidHead76 @Lgotahusky DeliverL?Please read & sign ❤️
Retweeted by calorieneutralrunner @PyramidHead76 @Lgotahusky *stalkerness @Lgotahusky Here for this @Lsenior @lucietun @YouTube It does if you listen to 6music 😉 @freepearn @Lgotahusky Too far @freepearn @lucietun @YouTube YES