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Music Artist • New Single 'Codi' Out Now!

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have u streamed Codi today??
I just had my first Maccers in fucking timeI want a feature on this song I’m working on, suggest people!
#FUCKRONAcan’t lie all I wanna be doing rn is jet skiing on the medtook a trip to the desert @alfiemumford_ @Jackiemmarin let’s go! proud of you little man, keep going!
over 2,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. Might not seem a lot however it’s fucking crazy to me. Thank u guys honest…
is Codi on your playlists?? Reply with a screenshot and I’ll follow / dm yaalove u guys frfucking sun burntI’ve never received this amount of love on a song before man thank u all so much, nearly 13k streams in just over a…
me & bro self isolating u for everyone that’s listened to my new song honestly the support is incredible🖤 keep streaming guys🖤… maccies however u wanna say it🤣 it’s maccers here🤣
I just want a maccers I can’t lie @Annoymousgirl11 Honestly, on tourIt just updated and we hit 10K, thank u so much man, I know it doesn’t seem a lot but for me it is, I’m independent…
Just sat outside n watched the stars for a good hour. I have so many questions about space & life etc, it interests me so much man.we should get 10K spotify streams on Codi tomorrow, thank u all for the support on the song, keep streaming🖤 to clarify by upcoming I mean new to the music sceneKeep seeing drama between upcoming artists/bands on my home page. Firstly, I don’t wanna see that shit it’s patheti… @tannerfox @montykyeets Congratulations bro that’s crazy
why do social media platforms ruin they’re platforms by adding shitty algorithms. How can I grow when you literally make it impossible.spongebob be vibin🤣🤣 got an even better question.. why the fuck not. Stream that shitI got a question, how many of you follow me but don’t listen to my music? answer honestly, I wanna know @123nec @SpotifyUK ayy that’s what I like to hearI need everyone’s help, we can get ‘Codi’ to 10K on spotify by tomorrow if everyone streams!! stream it and let’s g… to say money heist has well n truly fucked my sleeping patternwhat’s good
@maaxkiing Bruv don’t ever say that, I don’t know you but what I do know is don’t take your life for granted n say… @Adam_byt @itsskeira_ That’s crazy man, congratulations @zachclayton Bruh that watermelon got aiiir🤣🤣
If ‘Codi’ gets to 10K streams by tonight I’ll pick a few listeners n send you some dough💨
How’s everyone? @JosephDevries @RockysRoses hope you’ve been keeping safe brother, once this all ends and all clear we need to plan… @MikeyCobban I’m so sorry to hear this mate, sending you and your family my condolences, I’m always here for you brother🖤
I appreciate all the love on my new track, love🖤 @MrBeastYT meet me on monopoly Xbox tonight let’s resolve this
@hannahgold02 I wouldn’t hope it on anyone, I just hope they understand the severity of itthe government have too much faith in the UK. If you ease the lockdown people are going to take advantage of it. We…
@shaunsim6 Let’s go @hannahgold02 Ay ay ay I mean the people not being active with me😂man where my actives at, yall boringwhat you guys up to? @5secxndsofhealy ayyyimma do a music video for Codi as soon as I can I’ll keep you all posted. In the mean time stream the shit outta it… @Investopian you all like Codi, however I got so much more I can release bruh stop sleeping on me
@JackJ this lit🤣🤣 @shaunsim6 let’s go @MegaStarOfTweet @JoshClayden Thanks bro! @123nec How comes! @alfiemumford_ Proud of you little man keep it up! @bizzlefovvsx Thank u🖤 @JoshClayden @SpotifyUK Thank u brother🖤YESSSSS THE SONG IS FIREEE AND I JUST REACTED TO IT GONNA UPLOAD SOON
Retweeted by Cal Turnerwell shitttt that was quick!! Thank u guys! Keep streaming and add it to your playlists!! nearly got 1K streams in less than 12 hours! Let’s fucking go guys stream the shit outta it!
ADD IT TO YOUR PLAYLISTS!! PLAY THAT SHIT! THAT🖤MY NEW SINGLE ‘CODI’ IS OUT NOW ON ALL STREAMING AND DOWNLOAD PLATFORMS!! LINK - guys I gotta repost an announcement of the song so make sure to be active on it (the links broken so need to redo it with a better link🤣)this link don’t work so run it up on spotify!! I NEED YOU TO GO CRAZY WITH THIS SONGLESS THAN 10 MINUTES LETS FUCKING GO1 HOURI need you all cmon manOii where my actives at??MIDNIGHT TONIGHT! LETS GO! ‘Codi’ will be available in every country and also available on every single music pla… @THESLUMPGOD ay bro don’t say that
@Adam_byt @itsskeira_ race me @camerondallas let’s go, good manI need you all the spam the shit out of my Instagram2 MORE DAYS!! #CODI
@MrBeastYT music 100%, what I’m doing rn3 DAYS #CODI @ArizonaZervas Let’s goay what’s good guys, woke up feeling roughhhh, had a good time tho thank you all again for the messages, I don’t al… @mikemajlak ayy let’s goooo😂 finally
I’m 21 boyyy, thank you for the messages!! Little something for you guys, this Friday I’m dropping my new single ‘C… all best be ready to run the shitttt outa this next postPosting something tonight at 8PM on my Instagram, BE ACTIVE @betteroffbrodie thank you! @NikkiColhoun ayy thank u! @LaurenGBx thanku! @BronniesPunx @bronscarebear thank u! @francescaleighx thank u!! @_laurencphotos Thank you! @armsofniall_x thank you! @bethandoran15 thank u @ericaericcyy thank you!! @FamousBirthdays thank you! @AshMusicUK @ItsJackSims @ellsxrose @MrPaulHolton Thank you ash! @kxtrina1518 thank you! @ItscharlieB Thank you!thank you all for the messages, I’ve tried to reply to everyone, keep an eye out on my socials later on @jaysmyweakness thanku!