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Grammy Nominated - Ivor Novello Nominated - Triple Platinum - SONY RCA - EFC - JFT96

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Good old Covid-19 agreeing to leave carol singers alone... 😂 mate, hope you make a full recovery, best wishes & stay positive. 👏🏼👍🏼 @MarineAFC 👏🏼This track is EVERYTHING 🥺 @CamelPhat
Retweeted by CAMELPHATGet us back to Manchester 🙌🏽🐝 gonna try staying up for Iron Mike & fall asleep 5 mins before it starts... 🙃 @sooooza @CamelPhat Fair play the timing of that is 💯!
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Probably the most predictable loss of the season tbf. Slowest team in the prem vs the fastest/fittest. That said ou… I binge-listened to "Dark Matter" by @CamelPhat on @TIDAL and I finally discovered something these guys from Liv…
Retweeted by CAMELPHAT @chrismarkmcgee She’s got a point here... when in doubt blame the faceless scientists!!! #mythHasn’t got a fucking clue this fella... @chrismarkmcgee Lucky with a point let’s be honest here @CamelPhat I’m sending ur album back 🤬😜
Retweeted by CAMELPHATPositive thinking... I like that @CamelPhat Hahaha horrible you
Retweeted by CAMELPHAT😂😂😂😂😂It’s arrived @CamelPhat 🐫 🌙
Retweeted by CAMELPHATWhat a way to spend a Friday night locked in. @CamelPhat 🕺🏻
Retweeted by CAMELPHATStill listening to @CamelPhat's #darkmatter daily! One of the best albums of the year.
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Christmas gift ideas... 🎁👀 Link:
Retweeted by CAMELPHATDark matter album came today cant wait to blast it nice one the boys 👌 @CamelPhat
Retweeted by CAMELPHATEasier @CamelPhat ft. LOWES my god. I think it may be one of my favourites 😍
Retweeted by CAMELPHATGod, @CamelPhat's new album is mind blowing🤯
Retweeted by CAMELPHAT @CamelPhat setting @BBCR1 off tonight on @AnnieMac let’s get the evening started 🙌🙌 no better way to start the de…
Retweeted by CAMELPHATThis new @CamelPhat album is incredible 😍
Retweeted by CAMELPHATChristmas gift ideas... 🎁👀 Link: Matter dropping through my mail box this morning made my day. Nice one boys, will be pouring a drink or ten an…
Retweeted by CAMELPHATArrived this morning....... the album of the year...... @CamelPhat Dark Matter* *Mandatory hard copy Had to ha…
Retweeted by CAMELPHATFriday in it... has just made my day!! 💿 Thanks Mike & Dave!! @CamelPhat @MIKEDISCALA #DarkMatter
Retweeted by CAMELPHATCan’t stop listening to Dark Matter @CamelPhat. Unbelievable from start to finish
Retweeted by CAMELPHATThe White jacket to pretend he knows what he’s talking about... 😂 of my 160km @MovemberUK running challenge! Only 3 days to go! @CamelPhat & @I_Skream keeping me moving!! Nea…
Retweeted by CAMELPHATHere you go: MATTER CD, VINYL & MERCH ***OUT NOW*** 🌙✨ Link: @CamelPhat it’s finally arrived ! :D
Retweeted by CAMELPHAT @CamelPhat only been waiting for this album since last summer 😀 can't wait to have a listen!
Retweeted by CAMELPHATHere we go...!!! 📀 Playing CamelPhat, LOWES - Easier @Camelphat, @wearelowes
Retweeted by CAMELPHATFriday’s mean @CamelPhat dark matter on repeat. Let’s be avin ya ✨✨✨
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You love to see it! @CamelPhat Dark Matter [Vinyl]
Retweeted by CAMELPHATSat mortal with @CamelPhat on since there’s nae pubs open & am happy as owt pure class this like x
Retweeted by CAMELPHATcan’t go to the pub, can’t see my mates, can’t even go for a meal out...just ordered a disco light, few gins…
Retweeted by CAMELPHAT @NBackland Get some Fresh air man. Go for a walk/run. Clear the mind. It’ll be good for ya. We’ll get through this mate 💪🏼👊🏻 @dantheforestman Liverpool has been in lockdown nearly 6 weeks now mate. I know of more people who have died from s… Fuck off mate!!! 🖕🏼 @CamelPhat Listened to Dark Matter twice, back to back driving 5 hours through the desert last night. How does it g…
Retweeted by CAMELPHATRepeat 🔄🌙
Retweeted by CAMELPHATWalking last night listening to @CamelPhat whilst watching @Space_Station fly across the sky was trippy AF 🪐💥😎. Hug…
Retweeted by CAMELPHATAs the UKs entire hospitality sector and supply chain waits for today’s tier announcement, just remember, that whil…
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@StrongArmour20 Im no professional at this but people are available to atleast listen. One simple conversation coul… don't just listen to an album I like, I freaking devour that thing inside and out. @CamelPhat has truly out done…
Retweeted by CAMELPHAT5/5 Review of the Dark Matter album this time from @dmcworldmag Check it out 🌙 of the very best to grace our game. RIP Diego Maradona.
Retweeted by CAMELPHATRepeat 🔄🌙 workout + @CamelPhat = incredible HIIT workout!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 #moodboost
Retweeted by CAMELPHATNow Playing CamelPhat, Elderbrook - Cola @Camelphat, @_elderbrook
Retweeted by CAMELPHAT.@CamelPhat & Au/Ra - Panic Room. 🔊 A true club cut! ⚡️
Retweeted by CAMELPHATNow Playing CamelPhat, LOWES - Easier @Camelphat, @wearelowes
Retweeted by CAMELPHAT @CamelPhat My 8 year old boy is doing his best this month to raise money and awareness to break the stigma for…
Retweeted by CAMELPHATCoffee & @CamelPhat to start the day on the commute - wide awake club #DarkMatter
Retweeted by CAMELPHAT @djdylhen 10000000% mateWoohoo!! finally on its way 🎉💃🏻 @CamelPhat
Retweeted by CAMELPHAT @i_oofficial RIP Mate, I hope you find your peace. Keep spinning them tunes up there. ❤️ @AdamDaubeney @i_oofficial I’ve actually only just heard the news on his passing. Our thoughts are with his family & friends. Very sad news.
Sickening number of suicide cases throughout this pandemic. It’s absolutely heartbreaking. If you’re feeling low, a… BBC Radio1 Essential Mix 🌙
Retweeted by CAMELPHATFinally got around to listen to the @CamelPhat album. 10/10. This would be a great time for me to start a vinyl col…
Retweeted by CAMELPHATBest album ... congratulations @CamelPhat
Retweeted by CAMELPHATGet well soon 👍🏼👏🏼 BBC Radio1 Essential Mix 🌙 full @CamelPhat 'Dark Matter' review from a few weeks ago has also been featured in the @weraveyou magazine this…
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@CamelPhat you guys never disappoint!! Album of the year! #DarkMatter
Retweeted by CAMELPHATWhat an amazing album!! 🤩🤩 @CamelPhat #DarkMatter 🌙🌓
Retweeted by CAMELPHATI now want a cow for Christmas 😂 Matter by @CamelPhat is one of the Best Dance Albums I've ever heard! Really love the Work you guys have put…
Retweeted by CAMELPHAT @CamelPhat This whole album is great! Spectrum is killer!!! You guys should be proud
Retweeted by CAMELPHAT.@CamelPhat x Yannis x @foals - Hypercolour. 🙏 This MASSIVE collaboration features on our Most Rated 2021 compilat…
Retweeted by CAMELPHATRight way to star a week !! 1:08:00 🤯🤯🥵🥵 @CamelPhat Tomorrowland Belgium 2019 | W2 Garden of Madness
Retweeted by CAMELPHATGot around to giving the @CamelPhat album a full listen finally today, and holy smokes, it's fantastic. Definitely…
Retweeted by CAMELPHATNow Playing CamelPhat, LOWES - Easier @Camelphat, @wearelowes
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@CamelPhat I'm 62 years old and #DarkMatter is my album of the year. We owe you for this one guys! Thanks for the e…
Retweeted by CAMELPHATwhen @CamelPhat comes together with @artbatmusic 😎😎 just fantastic
Retweeted by CAMELPHAT60% of @beatport top 10 melodic house & techno features @CamelPhat Someone should think about calling those Guiness world records guys up
Retweeted by CAMELPHATNew @CamelPhat album is a work of art
Retweeted by CAMELPHAT🎵 spectrum - CamelPhat ft Ali love @CamelPhat banger!
Retweeted by CAMELPHATThey get released on Nov 27th. All there on the website mate. @Fallen1984 He’s World class but we can’t keep depending on him to win games.Embarrassing 2nd half that... we basically give up!!! #EFC
Imagine @CamelPhat all night long @BramMooreDocks 🤯🙌🏾
Retweeted by CAMELPHATSATURDAY NIGHT... GET IT LOUD! boys return @CamelPhat #Creamfields2021
Retweeted by CAMELPHAT @CamelPhat Thank you for Dark Matter, can’t stop playing it🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by CAMELPHATBeen listening to @CamelPhat a lot 😏🧨
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@CamelPhat #reaction = #Lovingthealbum
Retweeted by CAMELPHATMissing those surprise B2B sets @nicfanciulli @CamelPhat 🤫📀
Retweeted by CAMELPHATAirplane! still cracks me up!!! “And stop calling me Shirley” 😭✈️