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@notperceive @writtenbyahmad 😭😭 i well i hope this helps @notperceive @writtenbyahmad talking to yourself? @_raamsey Now that's just foul @_raamsey @netflix I've been hearing about it, I may check it out but not rn 😭 @WrittenByHanna cracked the code on white girl colorism 😂 film is showing out — Da 5 Five Bloods Miss Juneteenth His House One Night in Miami The 40-Year-Old Version…
Retweeted by If Beale Street Could Twerk @imari_sagas hmm I don't watch a lot of horror tbh but I guess Midsommar? It wasn't that scary but it was so gruesome for me 😂 @imari_sagas It's on my list but i'm scared 😭😭We should've been had a prestige show @imari_sagas Haha you're no bother! 😂even tho it's obvious that a lot of big artists/labels are catering to TikTok, it's nice seeing random small artist… just know there has to be 20 something rejected Harlem Renaissance pitches lying around in Hollywood producers desks rn @imari_sagas I think it was tryna show her reclaiming the narrative, just examining the different ways things could… Payne
Retweeted by If Beale Street Could Twerk @garontherun a Rihanna and Tinashe daughterI’ve officially launched my personalized poetry business full-time! I’m super excited to begin this journey. Plea…
Retweeted by If Beale Street Could Twerk @imari_sagas I loved IMDY, my fave show from last year. I'm not sure if she was tryna say she was complicit? Hmm th… @keincolor his best form trulya cast
Retweeted by If Beale Street Could Twerk @keincolor I love swaggy Ed Sheeran, why lie 😭 @jojoxcvii idk why but this took me out 😭😭 @swiftlyinflight Yup yup! Just an excellent body of work! @imari_sagas I did, I thought it was a mixed bag, acting and concept was good, writing all over the place 😂I AM HEALTHY I AM WEALTHY I AM RICH I AM THAT BITCH I AM GONNA GO GET THAT BAG AND I AM NOT GONNA TAKE YOUR SHIT I…
Retweeted by If Beale Street Could Twerk @blkboybulletin writing snapped as usual! Very informative!Very interesting analysis of country music's step into to streaming era @blkboybulletin @blkboybulletin twinsies! @nightoscphere The way she makes sure all her businesses connect to each other, ugh her mindthe only FOMO I get over not having Apple Music is not having access to some of their podcasts and radio shows smhThat’s correct
Retweeted by If Beale Street Could TwerkLet me tell you @TheRealEliGoree did an incredible job play Muhammad Ali. His accent was spot on. #Wrassling #OneNightInMiami
Retweeted by If Beale Street Could Twerk @Diddy care to comment @nightoscphere I wanna do all 3It's actually fucked that record labels own an artists' music once they sign to them cuz labels can still make mone…'s a link, did yall know they have songwriting camps for Insecure's soundtrack now? That's how Tate met Issa. W… @camerouninema no but why is issa so above n beyond a good person?? like i keep getting shocked at how intentional…
Retweeted by If Beale Street Could Twerk @nightoscphere It shows you don't have to be exploitative while doing things in the entertainment industryWow, this is very cool of Issa Rae's label @UtterlyVapid Honestly, I would make a couple of fake fanpages for myself if I was a celeb. Just to look more relevant in the streets @sedomaaa Trailers are so annoying 😭 I was shook watching the film cuz I went in blindyou're not popping until you have a Brazilian fanpagehot @sedomaaa Was it? i didn't even watch the trailer 😭 I saw the film before it came out 😭😭 @DanielleRdson Right, she's so talented, I can't wait to see her growI just know they were American, only American film twitter spoils with no regards to anyone else's release schedule 😭😭 @screamiirene It was just a picture but I was shocked someone posted it, cuz it's a HUGE spoiler just looking at it 😭I can't believe she wrote and produced this herself and she was like 18 or something 😭 @imari_sagas Yes her videos are kinda very homemade but in a cool way if that makes sense? @Bernard_Timmons Right, nothing I can do about it now 😭 @romanroyco 😭😭 i kinda understand that as well"i want to bite into you like an orange" I love her so much 😭 guess I understand what yall are saying about how other people's sadness helps you release your own sadness. I ki… funnest thing about listening to this EP is seeing how Tate will incorporate the color into the lyrics. She's s… seeing Yung Baby Tate get more recognition makes me so happy, I was bumping Girls hard when it came out 2 years… @yungbabytate @youtubemusic Deserved!I’m on a MF BILLBOARD in TIMES SQUARE!!!!! Omggggggg thank you so much @youtubemusic this is a dream come true 😭😭😭😭…
Retweeted by If Beale Street Could TwerkPerfect casting! Eli Gorée
Retweeted by If Beale Street Could TwerkWhoa, the number of tiktoks to this song doubled in like 2 days. C'mon viral hit, we need a video!bow down to regina king. what an ensemble
Retweeted by If Beale Street Could Twerkpraying one night in miami or minari pulls through and snatches that sag ensemble away from chicago 7.
Retweeted by If Beale Street Could Twerkstreaming bad bitch music to make me feel better yup! Egots yes
Retweeted by If Beale Street Could Twerki never understood listening to sad music when you're already sad*moodmod for today do not deserve @_FloMilli 😩 #RADAR
Retweeted by If Beale Street Could TwerkNew single dropping soon for the upcoming movie @JATBMFilm. See it in theaters and on @HBOMax 2/12.…
Retweeted by If Beale Street Could Twerk @omare_rdz I prefer it over the original
Her Mean Girls serve
Retweeted by If Beale Street Could Twerk @ofcosmonauts I need to rewatch it cuz I think I was too tired but I remember not feeling it and liking O13 more bu… @ofcosmonauts That's how I feel about Ocean's 12I hope 2021 means a new Florence + the Machine album @DescantCantus You've been missing out! @Diamondalexo honestly a lil r&b Dua might be a moment @Diamondalexo I did not expect her to do so good on that, it's actually crazyRecent remixes I like that added a feature while also changing the production @aminoncinema @netflix 🗣🗣 i'd eat! @Foutanienne Them and Minari need to win @sephthedemon Exactly, that's the narrativeI can't decide my favorite performance, I think they're all great so great @screamiirene Yay! It's so good @Pnkluvr lol you kinda always got to hold back when you have a following, learned that the hard way, it is what is unfortunately 🤷🏿‍♀️whole tl praising One Night in Miami, yup yup's the Snake Eyes trailer?never forgiving hulu for canceling high fidelity
Retweeted by If Beale Street Could Twerkit's weird having like a platform cuz I feel like I have to be responsible about what I talk about even if I'm alwa… @Shoddy92 Periodthings have improved slightly, so yay for that yall 😅 @addylune Check your following now 😂 @addylune 😭 haha no worries, sometimes I mute mutuals to avoid spoilers and shit and i forget until 4 days later 😂😂#OneNightInMiami was so ridiculously satisfying. Can’t believe I get to live thru all forms Regina King’s talent ta…
Retweeted by If Beale Street Could Twerk @addylune See! Why was I muted in the first place! Answer quickly!✨happy birthday to the extraordinaire, award winning, and magnificent regina king!✨
Retweeted by If Beale Street Could Twerk @addylune Lmaoo no babe, I've been here too much, omg did you mute me and forget to unmute? I do that often 😭 @laurischattin @ItsZaeOk Yay! 😂 @wtfshemar Sounds a mess 😭But I guess you can say this about any platformClubhouse sounds like bad vibes everytime yall talk about it on here 😭 Other than the musical stuff @Minerva49940482 Aw thanks 😭 I try not to look at my follower count too much 😭😭