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The #PLAYMAKERS & #RePLAY Challenges are here! Visit our website at to download your materi…
Retweeted by camillapandaBaby Yoda for stream: ✅ Coveted @Twitch hoodie: ✅ Custom desktop: SOON Am I a ~*real streamer*~ now? Challenge release day, teams! Visit our website at noon ET to download your Challenge materials & join us at…
Retweeted by camillapanda @iamBrandonTV Hiya! My name is Nikki. I have a cute and chaotic kitten that I stream with that loves to yeet. I hap… @DeejayKnight @firstlegoleague If it is not a water game I will be very disappointed. /s @FallGuysGame Fall Guys is the best way to get a hold of the guy who was the guy who was the guy that works with you. 😂🤷
If you need some chill tunes and a sleeping kitten to motivate you today, Katness is taking a nap on air!…
Due to personal reasons, it is now Halloween. Thank you 🎃
Retweeted by camillapanda @Luminosity Come hang out sometime! doing some play by play commentary for fun because why notNoot noot! Beta keys for whomever wants to play @FallGuysGame Just use !giveaway and enter with the free ticket.… @CalTran2410 @FallGuysGame If I could regularly game announce/emcee I would be so, so happy. @Nelstar15 @PlayAvengers Also, PC and PS4 would work best for me. @Nelstar15 @PlayAvengers Hi! I'm a huge comic nerd and I love a variety of games! I am just stepping into content c… had a BLAST playing @FallGuysGame with my community today and I am so thankful for the subs, follows, and tips. 💕…
@paperdoll You've got this!!Hey, I just met you And this is crazy But masks stop COVID So wear one, maybe #MaskUpPA
Retweeted by camillapanda @kellyxdanielle @StJudePLAYLIVE @TeamKittyTV I'm so happy I got to do it with @TeamKittyTV! You're an amazing perso…! @StJudePLAYLIVE items just arrived ❤️ Thank you to those who donated. I am so excited for next year's PLAYLI… @synth3tk I think sowe really really really really really really really really really really really…
Retweeted by camillapandaThis is going on my resume y'all @Jaredkrinsky @FallGuysGame I got some codes to share with my twitch community if you want to join it. 👀Got into the @FallGuysGame beta and I am super excited! Thanks for letting me playtest and providing me with a bunc… guess a lot of dinosaurs are actually supposed to have feathers but we said no thanks to that
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@FallGuysGame Wait. Hold up. NOOT NOOT NOOT NOOT @FallGuysGame NOOT @EonsofIan @BrosineTheta @wizards_magic @MTG_Arena @DeejayKnight Don't dream it, BE it! @EonsofIan @wizards_magic @MTG_Arena @BrosineTheta @DeejayKnight @wizards_magic @MTG_Arena 👀👀👀 Can I pick three? @BrosineTheta @EonsofIan @DeejayKnightGotta start them young on quality games like @wizards_magic (and @MTG_Arena) ❤️ @FallGuysGame Does it count if it is in a month from now? 👀👀 Asking for a friend..@NASAPersevere wasn't the only one who counted down to launch... you did too. Thanks to everyone who contributed t…
Retweeted by camillapanda @Jaredkrinsky I do have it!This looks like an absolute blast and I can't wait to play it with my community.
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please do not get a crush on any of our dinosaurs. every last one of them is out of your league
Retweeted by camillapanda @libbyk Whoooo!!! Yayyy!! 🎉🎉 Congrats!!Who do you follow on Twitter? Is your Facebook feed adding value to your life? You are the sum of the 5 people you…
Retweeted by camillapanda @CarKnobz I only get cash when friends pay me back and then I try to save it for an emergency fund instead of spending it. @libbyk
@kellyxdanielle @uniquevintage I'm over here waiting for my paycheck so I can throw my money at then like... @StJudePLAYLIVE Ahhh!! Yay!! @Rnbw_Arcade Can this please be a permanent part of Twitter? This makes me so happy. 🥰 @Rnbw_Arcade I'm sorry for the notifications but I want to keep smashing the heart for the animation @Jenna_Foertsch YESOf course the day that I need to sleep the most is the day Katness decided to stay up and have night time zoomies. 🙃 I'm so tired.It costs $0 to retweet a black lesbian artist 💖
Retweeted by camillapanda @kellyxdanielle Yaass!! @MirandaPings_TV Also, don't do it to try to win *back* someone's affection. It's weird, doesn't work, and there's a whole song about it. 🙃
Casually yeeting around a planet in #NoMansSky like my cat trying to get some treats. Come hang out.…'m super excited to be the moderator for this! I hope to see some familiar names as attendees! #omgrobots @EonsofIan You're not even from Jersey bro.If I eat Pork Roll for every meal today, does that mean I celebrated #NationalNewJerseyDay right? 🤔🤔🤔2015 | 2020 A lot has changed. I've learned so much about myself and I am finally being honest about who I am.…
@SnipingForDom I'm newish and would love to make new friends and learn from other casters while building an inclusi… Pumpkin Spice Coffee spotted at Target already. 👀👀👀😍😍😍 #psl #fall #pumpkineverythingwould any sponsors like to pay us to put decals on the dinosaurs
Retweeted by camillapandaShe's "helping"
Katness learned that when the light is on in the bathroom someone is in it. Which means she MUST cry until whoeve… woke up at 5 am to Katness laying on my chest and giving my face a bath. She took her time so I sat there for 30…
New art and a new game, who dis? Come chill with me this Friday night while I play #NoMansSky ! @synth3tk @G4TV Awww thank you! You'd be amazing to have on a show as well with your commentary and MC skills! @ASchreiber That is accurate and I realize it still can be very toxic but I have hope we can make gamer culture a m… a kid I DREAMED about being on any game focused show on @G4TV. I was bummed when they went away in 2014. I am…
Anxiously looking forward to @Twitter @TwitterSafety giving us access to their beta program to stop comments from s…
Retweeted by camillapandaI totally want to play No Man's Sky right now but I also want to wait till tomorrow to stream it. Ahhhhh. I am so… @TonzyGG I really hope you become a twitch partner!! You've got this!Come learn about some cool things with me! your @FIRSTweets experience work for your future. July 28, 4:00pm EDT: @BAESystemsInc, @BoschHVAC, &…
Retweeted by camillapandaI should not be laughing as hard as I am over this. conspiracy theories offer a sense of community in the face of social distancing, says @BostonJoan, a di…
Retweeted by camillapandaI made it 10 miles before Katness decided to "help" by trying to wrestle the thing on my foot as it was moving.… totally fell off my 20 miles a day goal when it comes to biking during quarentine. I need to get back on that. Starting today.
Let's try this again with @MTG_Arena on #twitchtv #stream #streamingJust Kidding. My power went out. Let's give it like 15 minutes. some @MTG_Arena on air! Come see if I go up in rank or get my booty kicked. Jin can wear a mask while fighting Mongols, you can wear a mask too
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@lucyjamesgames I wish everyone had that level of excitement and love for themselves. @CalTran2410 She's just too stinking cute, even when she is a little monster. 😻😻Also, kudos to @CalTran2410 for making this gif.This might be the cutest thing to happen on my stream and I can't tell if my kitten is excited to see me or…
Stream time! Lets doodle and chill! #twitchstreamer #twitchtvShow us your Chairman's Award video from this season! And if you are Regional or District Championship winner, send…
Retweeted by camillapandaThere is a lot of equipment being developed to assist disabled gamers with accessibility to their favorite games.…
Retweeted by camillapandaTop Tip: Set your week to 'Easy Mode' if you just want to enjoy the experience
Retweeted by camillapandaLooks like I can stream PS4 games again without having to move all of my set up. Is my desk still a mess? Yes but it works.Morning workouts featuring Katness. I made it through 1 warm up set before she wanted her turn with the barbell.… pet the fox. #ghostoftsushima
Retweeted by camillapandaHow many times will I redo my streaming set up this month? At this point, who knows. 🤷‍♀️ Hopefully I didn't bite…
@HarrisHeller I make art based on the music I have on and/or any heavy emotions that may be weighing on me whether… AAAHHHHHHHHH energy right here @MyCatIsAMonster Every guy I have asked or that brought it up when we went swimming told me they do wear undies un…
I had my Spotify on shuffle and "Down with the Sickness" came on. That song did NOT age well at all.
@ggsarahmony @kellyxdanielle @Torbin_ A bunch of my work stuff just went down so I suspect something bigger is going on.
Retweeted by camillapandaContemplating doing a few more digital art streams. I'll still getting use to it as a medium and I want to eventual… you ready to play? #FIRSTGAMECHANGERS
Retweeted by camillapanda @emilyvgordon 👀 I've written short stories before but nothing huge... Or that I've really shared.