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Camilla Blackett @camillard London & Los Angeles

Writer: Skins (UK), Newsroom, New Girl and a bunch of other stuff. Brit in LA 🇬🇧 Co-host of Foxy Browns pod. More fun on Instagram

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@BeeBabs Okay so I’m buying a Jerry Cameo for myself next time I feel even vaguely premenstrual. What a king. @LeeLeeeee_ Why did I get full just watching this?? 😂😂😂
@BeeBabs @ZaraRahim The sock line is crucial. Justice for Arthur George! @BeeBabs Wow our first pool-house collabo 😭 @JHandorf Jesus... this is so depressingwhen u suddenly shiver that’s ur ex deleting a photo of u
Retweeted by Camilla Blackett @SophiaCK I think about this too often @matronboy This applies to every single task in my home as well as work. I want my mum to come get me 😭 @wyntermitchell I will watch it 4 times. @mattsinger We didn’t deserve him. Still don’t.Wait! Is she doing the bit where Tracey Jordan wants to EGOT by doing a musical based on his movie and then the son… @wakeamkira 3 = NHS @mattsinger HARD. AGREE. @geekylonglegs He was an illuminati sacrifice for their fortune and you will never convince me otherwise.A short story about how Rob Kardashian is like the painting in Dorian Gray and every time one of his sisters gets l…, I don’t love anyone this much, not even my husband.
Who is writing the “Sundance under the shadow of Harvey Weinstein’s trial” thinkpiece? @crissles Today years old finding out this was a cover...So you mean to tell me that when I have finished this current work, my reward is...more work? Do people know about this?!Can you believe this is Dakota Johnson’s origin story
Retweeted by Camilla Blackett @rilaws Wait, but is this EXACTLY how Harvey Weinstein should go? 🙊 @camillard The Seven Seals of Revelation does include war and with all these people starving for att…
Retweeted by Camilla BlackettLook at us. We started this year thinking it was war with Iran that was gonna end us but turns out it’s a deadly co… pls fking die u absolute shitting supervillain.
@BeeBabs Just cos we don’t fuck with the outside like that doesn’t mean we don’t need this new Clare Vivier tote!For someone who leaves the house as little as I do I really have no business buying all these clothes but here we are! @rgay @Delta I’ve had this happen to me once on Delta One going to Shanghai and I swear Jacque was the same driver. A legend in the game! @dstfelix Before they go they better give up the recipe for that weird cucumber soup I like cos we are not okay with this. @dstfelix WOT!!! @andrewdkeller Sorry to this plane @ZaraRahim @aminatou YES ZARA!
PUT. IT. IN. THE. MoMA. @LeeLeeeee_ Get this girl a one-woman-show! @aminatou @ZaraRahim Just a coupla elite hymen’s hanging out and blessing the timeline.We...don’t want it... 2020 let us not play into the hands of G*n Girl and L*rence F*x. By @‘ing them and linking to them you are putti… hate this website because you could have two degrees and a career in a particular area but someone will start arg…
Retweeted by Camilla Blackett @matronboy @simonblackwell @mrchrisaddison I cannot WAAAAITA lot of women would die. That's what if.
Retweeted by Camilla Blackett @KarlLunz @BeeBabs I...
Wow @jaboukie died for our sins @jnoahmorgan Thanks I hate it!and i have great tits
Retweeted by Camilla Blackett @BeeBabs This is the only acceptable scenario @wordscience Even if I have an actual son I will never love him as much as La’Darius and that’s on Daytona. @HannaLoPatin I. Lost. My. Absolute. Shit.Okay do Jacob Rees Mogg next @FBI @QuotedReplies @youngsinick Wait til Deadwater Fell drops over here. Wheww @JHandorf A King! @meganmontelione @anjelica La’Darius’s brother crying finished me off completely. What a rollercoasternew york times endorses navarro college AND trinity valley?!
Retweeted by Camilla BlackettBong Joon-Ho recording the cast of Parasite. ❤️
Retweeted by Camilla BlackettOmg #CheerNetflix Hive! That viral video last year of that cheerleader going absolutely OFF?? That was La’Darius! @StaceyWeikel @SaintNeauxbody I cuh-ried when she said the thing about someone smiling at her!!!! @meganmontelione @anjelica I just finished it and when I tell you that I WEPT! Lexi my baby! Jerry! I’m so proud of all my children!!! 😭😭😭
@cmccrudden The altitude in Bogota is also no joke! @ZaraRahim I didn’t log onto this app to cryThe Safdie brothers are trying to end my life and I welcome it! @franklinleonard @JOSH_BENNY @KaraRBrown Put me in my GRAVE! @KaraRBrown @JOSH_BENNY okay so hear us out... @meganmontelione @anjelica Jerry is my son, La’Darius is also my son, Morgan with her Winters Bone ass backstory is… my god... @LeeLeeeee_ Of course. Of courrrrse.never thot i'd see the day the beehive drags fuckin sainsburys but here we are and it's chaotic and beautiful
Retweeted by Camilla Blackett @RobynVinter I’ve never felt more exposed lmao @RobynVinter Wow drag me!!The people rejoicing them paying back the money for Frogmore... do they think they’re getting a tax rebate or something?Honestly, it’s not that I dislike my legs, I would just like to be 4 inches taller but I also refuse to wear heels… @PhoebeLovatt Sure but what are you gonna do with all this ass? It’s all fun and games til you’re out here double-c… @meganmontelione I’m only on episode 1 and I want more for these children than I want for myself!I let you people bully me into starting CHEER and now I’ve formed devastating emotional attachments to every one of… @KaraRBrown Exactly!EXCLUSIVE: With a single photo, hundreds of law enforcement agencies in the U.S. can learn your name, where you liv…
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@Zeddary @RandPaul @ArtDeciderWhy am I looking for new jeans when what I’m really looking for is new legs? @cmccrudden Go here for breakfast and here for dinner a teacher in a drama is interviewed by a police officer, it’s always in the classroom sitting on the tiny…
Retweeted by Camilla Blackett @alisiahobbs Also, everyone in this show is an alcoholic I swear! Not one scene without someone chucking back a beverage lmao @alisiahobbs Re: Headmaster - remember that tiny moment when he and Jess were off to one side at the Celidh in ep1?… @alisiahobbs Okay just finished ep2. a) This copper did it!! and he bribed the junkie to lie about who he saw in th… @LeeLeeeee_ Willlld @NDesameau @jnoahmorgan @Blue7318 Not Noncy Drew! 😭😭😭Quite something that Harry & Meghan have to give up HRH and Prince Andrew, an ENTIRE PEDOPHILE’S CONSORT still has his.Nice Saturday you’re having there. Be a shame if someone ruined it with a birthday party you forgot to put in your calendar... 😏
@Nickrob Agreed. My friends got into an accident and then the electronics failed and locked her inside. She had to break her way out.Look, I’m currently responsible for at least one full-time salary at Diptyque and I take that commitment very serio… @JoannaSimkin And the layered eye is chefs kiss! @matronboy Welp!Christopher Tolkien cared so deeply. I’ll never forget him coming to my drama-school production of The Hobbit and h… @igotdibsbaer Omfg I just googled and put. it. in. my. veins!!I want a #LoveIsland season where everyone is bi! Give me the true chaos that I crave!
@alisiahobbs I thought that too but fact that Steve pulled Tom out of the house threw me off cos there was no way h… @Nickrob lmao u r so annoying!! @alisiahobbs My current (wonky) theory is that Steve did it cos he knew about the affair and he planted a trail bac…'s been 6 months since I joined the gym and no progress. I'm going there in person tomorrow to see what's really going on.
Retweeted by Camilla BlackettIs anyone else watching Deadwater Fell? Because I have some theories!hard to believe uncut gems is being called a “bro” movie when i would argue it is strictly for hoes
Retweeted by Camilla Blackett @mrbjorke @andrewdkeller @98fmKCQ @ChrisWillman Honestly, we’re gonna need a bigger phone! @andrewdkeller @98fmKCQ @ChrisWillman @mrbjorke I think Patsy Kline has her new digits? If not Shania’s got it.