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@dominicandubbb I was gonna say the same fucking thing i give up LMAOOO @dominicandubbb @dominicandubbb Smoking rn, u gon be on later? @cammithy Hacked.
Retweeted by hylian princess @MrRedMartian Excuse me?! @Dance_jason506 Thank you @austrumental ❤️❤️ @cammithy oh wow
Retweeted by hylian princess @cammithy Love it!
Retweeted by hylian princessHow dudes look when they say Jill Scott isn't attractive:
Retweeted by hylian princessbitches will argue with you and her tutu be wet the whole time. I’m bitches 😭a nigga will argue w you & dick be hard the whole time.. 🤦🏽‍♀️
Retweeted by hylian princess @hiimshawny Beautiful wow and the cat cute @dmonaej Body!My side so cute @SSBChuck Lmaooo you be smokin midddddd chuck @cammithy Damn I never thought the day would come where you’d roast me for smoking Reggie
Retweeted by hylian princess @ParadoxZeppeli I’m deadI expect your voice to be a tad deeper
Retweeted by hylian princessLmfaooo i said what i said @PapaGibsTTV Nope high as hell doeTime to drink!’m fucking pretty omg @YaamiTX2 WHAT THE @cammithy you're so pretty 🥺
Retweeted by hylian princess @clitsanddoobies Thank you gorgeoustime to SMOKE6 YouTube videos later.. 💧💙
Had to be 😭 the first FaceTime call I be ready to get matching tattoos 😒
Retweeted by hylian princess5’11 brown skin Pisces that stole her only iPhone charger knowing she lives with android users
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Retweeted by hylian princessHighschool vs Now (4 years apart)
Retweeted by hylian princessnigga rap like a vampire
Retweeted by hylian princessPlease don’t call me babe. Please.I’m mad as hell😭 latinas
Retweeted by hylian princessHighschool vs Now (4 years apart) 😭 when celebrities would get roasted? Show would be called Sumn like “the roast of __________” yada yada 😭No, keep the original actress pls
Retweeted by hylian princessIf this is marriage, keep it far away from me.
Retweeted by hylian princessGirl, fuck you! @sevaneightnine I ain’t kno u look like dis @AudiiRob Have a good day nawrob❤️ lmfaooooYou can’t trust a nigga that don’t find Jill Scott attractive 😒😒
Retweeted by hylian princess @sevaneightnine Oh wow @willpremo Nah not yet. 🥴 wby? @willpremo Hi willThis one of my favorite movies 😭😭🤣 @ScubaSteve757 Fortnite*❤️❤️❤️ i love the way they were so quiet lol @Katlyn_Marie06 It would be lost in a car crash on the way to the hospital.
Retweeted by hylian princessMeredith Grey & Cristina Yang would already have a COVID-19 vaccine
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Retweeted by hylian princess @TopOppGleexhy LMFFFGGGHHHHHHHVXDDWish this was me rn
Retweeted by hylian princess @MANITHED0N As fuck cause ew 😭 @casphertohard Twitter be so sadDid you just niggas <
Retweeted by hylian princessCongratulations!
Retweeted by hylian princess @therealbratney LMAOOYou been imagining a lot lately you good? @thefakeaaliyah Holding you to itme
Retweeted by hylian princessHaven't seen Will like this since he killed his dog in I Am Legend... Fuck you Jada!!!!
Retweeted by hylian princessIf i lost like 40 pounds i would be unstoppable 🥴I- pls I’m begging even thinking about another bitch will make me lose my mindYou lame af am not built for no open relationship i will crumble in 2 seconds.You definitely have to make yourself squirt first so you can tell a nigga how to make you squirt or else how tf is…
Retweeted by hylian princesscoronavirus is gonna be so romanticised in a few years like. there'll be 10 year olds writing fics on wattpad title…
Retweeted by hylian princess @TopOppGleexhy Nah i just realized i been blocked 🙃 lmaooo @TopOppGleexhy I ain’t even do shit lmaoBoy @TopOppGleexhy Aw shorty blocked me @trapkeez AnywayI’m going to look so bomb w these locs omg 😭😭 @Kashkeef Yuckomfg you’re prettier this made my night 😭
Retweeted by hylian princess @elenuuh omg u so pretty! @TrixieNumba9 @myculturenoisey LMMMMAAAAOOOO 😭😭Somebody match via ft thoBro i genuinely dont have the energy to finish these faux locs lmao like I’m deadass over it 😭Or yanno i could just tweet ab it 😭 @MrRedMartian Lmaoooo @TopOppGleexhy 😭 @myculturenoisey @TrixieNumba9 She fine to me too😋A dub...Mfs don’t know how to act right
Retweeted by hylian princessI would like to fuck this man 😔Life not fair lmaoif you a muppet im tryna fuck it is HILARIOUS
Retweeted by hylian princess @myculturenoisey @TrixieNumba9 WTF LMAOOOOOO @TrixieNumba9 PLEASEEE LMFAOO BEAT THEY ASS?Good morning 🥳 #sayitbackwhy dont pizzas come w that lil table anymore
Retweeted by hylian princessSick. Lmao .
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