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Camo @camoyoshi Seattle, WA

Linux, Cars, Games, and a bit of pew pew too. 🍵 I like nerdy things, nice people, and Swedish sleepers. If I get b&: Camo Yoshi#1603 - ||||| ||||| |

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@shuda51 The worst thing is probably the big lump I got on my forehead and some aches and pains. But I'll live.#BurnoutParadise
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Retweeted by CamoSunday 5th July, 2020
Retweeted by Camo @depressuexpres1 Lost consciousness from being dehydrated @Unstablealch Yo @shuda51 I, infact did Lost consciousness and fell off of where I was sitting @MarioMasta64 @ShitpostBot5000 Kaching kachow end my life right nowせっかくなので着色した。 #ガヴリールドロップアウト #ヴィーネ
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Retweeted by CamoWent to pick and pull for some Audi parts and got her driving again!
Retweeted by CamoI mean she said please so how can I say no to that @MooseIsL00se You definitely got a bit of a fupa going onglonk提出が今日までだったヴィ
Retweeted by Camo @CrispyWaifu Ok he's pretty funny lol that's pretty good @CrispyWaifu You ever heard of this guy called dragma He does cool music videos on youtubeThe LoRa QWERTY Messenger is a standalone text messaging device for off-grid communication:
Retweeted by Camo @CrispyWaifu I search for speed weed on youtube and I just get results about some weed delivery service lmao @MetalDood I'm home now, gonna shower, take some painkillers and sleep.
Retweeted by Camo @MetalDood Yes, I did @CrispyWaifu Who? @MetalDood Yeah, we didn't have immediate access to any. That was my badACCEPT.GIF (100x100 pixels) GIF: Page:
Retweeted by Camo @MetalDood Passed out from dehydration, smashed my face on the gravel. Good times.I lived bitch
Retweeted by Camo”東大卒だからね。” #できたてころね
Retweeted by Camoでは行って参ります。
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Nice intake bro
Retweeted by Camo @Dayashiiii Sure, why not, I'll quietly lurk lolころさんチャンネル登録者数50万人おめでとう御座います ノリノリなころさんを描きたくなったので久々にGIFアニメ作った #できたてころね
Retweeted by Camohere at the staples center for anime expo! yeah!! #AX2020
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drift brick lookin kinda fresh tho😳😳😳
Retweeted by Camoshoutout to this photo of me pondering the year 2000 in the year 2000
Retweeted by Camo @lazygamereviews "How dare you be critical and enjoy something that I strongly dislike, and therefore that makes yo… 28th June, 2020
Retweeted by CamoI made a costco chicken bake casserole
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@Dayashiiii The game I like to play is try to identify the engine based on the exhaust note since I'm across the street from a dyno shop
Retweeted by CamoThis is what the establishment fears
Retweeted by Camoopen for a surprise im begging you
Retweeted by Camoah yes, me, my girlfriend. and her melon bread pillow. #ガヴリールドロップアート
Retweeted by Camo @SissyphusHypno Oh, nevermind then @SissyphusHypno @SissyphusHypno So, you saw the Postal Dude wearing a fedora?Ducke... 🦆🦆🦆🦆
Retweeted by Camo @UtsuhoRocks Yes officer, this tweet right here ☝️余裕です!
Retweeted by CamoWelp, my desktop I was using for capture card duty stopped posting, so I'm down to one desktop PC, and neither of t…
@Dayashiiii So... go fuck yourself? @Nicospeed3 @ShieldGrab N/A really is the better option on a Previa. They make decent power as is lol @OkuuTheEngineer Never has a game made me have heartburn like DEDoom Eternal is so fucking stressful holy shit
Retweeted by Camoランチアストラトス!完成です! #100日後に公道を走るストラトス のストラトスを描いてみました!(ご本人の許諾済みです) 今日が100日目なのに合わせてみました!^o^
Retweeted by Camo @Mangosah Ohayo kon-pekoこの本を読んでみてください: "【電子版】月刊コミック 電撃大王 2020年8月号増刊 コミック電撃だいおうじ VOL.…"(電撃だいおうじ編集部 著)
Retweeted by CamoNo excuse
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Retweeted by Camo @33is42 Uh I've never had that happen @33is42 ...whatWheel alignment 👍
Retweeted by Camo @Tubzbuster Expert is traditional flight-sim style where left or right on the left stick will roll your aircraft, a… @Tubzbuster Ace Combat games since 4 has two control methods, Simple and Expert: Simple means if you push the left… @KalebPrime Damn and I thought Comcast here in the US was bad. @Tubzbuster If you have questions or difficulty I am a huge nerd for the series and have played literally every sin… @Tubzbuster I would recommend starting with 4, it's much easier than 7. 4 is a PS2 exclusive though but you can emu…
Retweeted by Camo @OkuuTheEngineer I played on HMP and found it equivalent to UV difficulty with Doom 1/2, or HMP on PlutoniaHow the fuck Doom Eternal run at 2650x1600 so well on ultra nightmare settings and FFXIV can't even handle Limsa Lo…
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Retweeted by Camo放課後帰り #絵かゆ #できたてころね
Retweeted by CamoKokode korosan wo hitotsumami www #できたてころね
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Bestbuy: Tell us about your vehicle so we can deliver your item at curbside! Me: Uhhhhhhh, anime?
Retweeted by Camo creates a periodic table so that people don't need to remember it anymore Teachers: make students memor…
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Retweeted by CamoIm slowly sinking bro
Retweeted by CamoFinally, insomnia explained.
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Retweeted by Camo @GreenVirus76 Are you planning for that SSD to be your only storage?
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Retweeted by Camo @n_3_q_0 @MooseIsL00se WTF you are literally Yukari IRL @DaveOshry Here comes the Rule 34 trainWell, I got it running for the most part. Here’s Bad Apple on taskmgr on a very large computer. SMT had to be dis…
Retweeted by Camo @Tubzbuster Anya no, Anya stop
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