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Camo @ Home @camoyoshi Seattle, WA

Computers, Cars, & Anime define me. I'm a wholesome guy who is often sad, but I try to be happy. I've been broken too many times.

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Retweeted by Camo @ Home @Rominyaaan Unless you have a concealed carry permit of course. I'd love to see her try and conceal carry that rifle though, lol have a link before people say it's fake
Retweeted by Camo @ Home @curva_ieftina BruhThese just keep getting better
Retweeted by Camo @ HomeNow we just need one of goatse to see if they will fall for it
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Retweeted by Camo @ Homethis is my boomstick
Retweeted by Camo @ HomeWould you guys accept?
Retweeted by Camo @ HomeIts cold out so time to get comfy
Retweeted by Camo @ HomeGle KingWha: The Combination Google and Burger King and Whataburger "Be the It" —Itdroid Come in for the Whatachi…
Retweeted by Camo @ Home【コラボ情報】 12/12(木)のVer.2.2稼働に合わせ、「東方Project」との期間限定コラボを開催! コラボ限定EXパーツや東方ユーロBGM、その他報酬をGETせよ! ▼詳しくはコチラ…
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Which 2D anime girl would you like to date? Because we've got all the best ones in stock during our sale. All shipp…
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Retweeted by Camo @ HomeI got briefly excited that we were going back to the 90s with the #FTP hashtag and thought old school File Transfer…
Retweeted by Camo @ Home @Onomatopathetic Just wait until you're 26
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Retweeted by Camo @ HomeShe will conquer the world
Retweeted by Camo @ HomeI have a message for bullies!
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Retweeted by Camo @ HomeShit like this is what childhood dreams were crafted from.
Retweeted by Camo @ HomeThis King Cup F-Zero jump can be found in Red Canyon II, just make sure you have enough speed to successfully compl…
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Retweeted by Camo @ Homeちび古見さん #かわいい #巨海さんは古名氏です #古見さん #クリスマス #地に古見さん @9431116
Retweeted by Camo @ Home凄い幸せそうな親子✨
Retweeted by Camo @ HomeTime to try and sleep, another day of work tomorrow @SmtihXoz @MegaRadar Yeah I have that problem too, I over apologize
Retweeted by Camo @ Home @ZackTaylorFA @MegaRadar My new job has been distracting me but when that is done for the day, it comes back to me @ZackTaylorFA @MegaRadar Didn't really mean to steal the conversation I just felt like I needed to vent a bit @ZackTaylorFA We were together for the better part of five years so, I don't know how long I have to recover but it… @ZackTaylorFA I'm just giving up, this last one still hurts too much and I don't know if I can ever move on... @ZackTaylorFA Since June for my last one Was ready to even pop the big question too @ZackTaylorFA I still feel like it's bullshit... Maybe I'm just not a people person @Yammzey Instead you get up as close as possible and use your super shotgun hitting them with a cluster spray of 27… @Yammzey Because melee attacks aren't very useful in Quake @ZackTaylorFA I've had three and all I got was worse self esteem and depression than when I started... @Yammzey Bunnyhopping: repeatedly jumping, building up additional momentum while strafing Circlestrafing: strafing…昨夜のPlayStation Awardsのお祝いとのことで、 アルファインダストリーズのタカハシ様から、 お祝いをいただきました。 タグと戦闘機は3Dプリンタによる手作りとのこと。 ありがとうございます。感謝です。
Retweeted by Camo @ Home @Yammzey Can't teabag me if I'm bunnyhopping and circlestrafing with my super shotgun @widnawz They all know I'm a id fanboy anyway so I mean what did you expect @Yammzey What are you gonna do about itA bunch of my friends are playing the new Halo and are all in a voice chat. I joined in, shouted QUAKE IS BETTER and then disconnected @ZackTaylorFA I speak from experience, relationships are BS @Uzumeme_ Using the Corsair HS60 and it works well, also the MSI DS502 is nice but it is wired
@widnawz @ZoeyLovesMiki Usually the best way to compensate for this is a SSD cache for your HDD(s). Be it a SSHD, s… @widnawz @ZoeyLovesMiki If it's compressed by even 5% while being 30GB it makes a world of difference for someone s… @maullarmaullar @Rominyaaan
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Retweeted by Camo @ Homewtf sort of european barn were you raised in
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Retweeted by Camo @ HomeACE COMBAT7 がPlayStation Awards 2019にてVRとGold Prizeで受賞致しました。 ファンの皆様、関係者の皆様、ありがとうございました。 #PlayStation25thAnniversary
Retweeted by Camo @ Home @killer_alt A hairbrush*singing* 2 factorrrr authenticattioooonnnn babyyyy
Retweeted by Camo @ Home @LolicOnion I wouldn't do it if you don't have the money in savings
@Raideshi I'm just lonely a lot ok ;_; @Raideshi I'm a Aquarius and that's why I was asking for a friend to talk to @Sun_Ultra10 This can only mean one thing Buy more hard drives
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Retweeted by Camo @ HomeKomi with my cat Pixel! A commission from @extendedfreezer
Retweeted by Camo @ Home @Tanner_Baka_ YesOh shit its me
Retweeted by Camo @ Homeblep
Retweeted by Camo @ Home @circle_myria Volvo! <3 Modern Volvo too? S80 T6? C30 T5? V70 R?ボルボ内さん
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Retweeted by Camo @ Homeoriginal japanese dialogue being funny: very detailed, layered inside joke that also has japanese cultural history…
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Retweeted by Camo @ HomeNighty night cuties!!
Retweeted by Camo @ HomeRemember romantic experiences? Neither do I lmao
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Less than 3 days since I started working on my new side project, and it's already almost done! Title TBD but it's a…
Retweeted by Camo @ Home @KalebPrime Wow, back in 2009 the island I was living in finally upgraded from dial up to cable and we thought we were suffering.When your boyfriend works out a lot
Retweeted by Camo @ Home#KAC予選頑張ってる人を癒す猫画像選手権
Retweeted by Camo @ Homezipで圧縮したpdf
Retweeted by Camo @ Home @Onomatopathetic I just finished my first week working in IT at corporate and I'm really enjoying it so far @Nied_cl Thank you @Nied_cl I really don't know I feel agitated and short tempered and on edge and I have no idea why I feel like I'm about to snapI'm a fucking disaster tonight. My mental state is horrific right now...garupan is the best sports anime and der film whips these are cool tanks
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Retweeted by Camo @ Home @Onomatopathetic Used to live there it's expensive as hell and the people are kind of snobby @Onomatopathetic @flowrmeadow Fuuuuck the ferry system that shit is even worse. I speak from 12+ years of experienc… @Onomatopathetic @flowrmeadow I don't even trust semis after I've had them almost merge into me twice I'm a parano… @Onomatopathetic @flowrmeadow All without using their FUCKING SIGNAL TO INDICATE TO LANE CHANGES FUCKING SEATTLE DR… @Onomatopathetic @Onomatopathetic If I see someone pulling this shit I'm pit manuvering their ass and they're gonna flip over
-Compliment somebody in public. "Don't talk to strangers." -Tries to explain self. "Don't talk back." -Prove the…
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