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@PATHTrain This is outrageous. You have 50,000 people delayed for a #%$ barge. This state sucks. @PATHAlerts Is the boat carrying gold bullion? You are holding up 50,000 people.
@BilldeBlasio @MikeBloomberg Be honest, you're tweeting this from the gym, right? @DailyCaller Politifact: "Mostly true" probably.
@PrimeVideo I don't think anyone can publicly deny that this is the complete and unvarnished truth. @jeffguhin Massive redistribution with open borders spells utopia. @jimgeraghty During a time when public health and literacy were climbing in the US as well. @ryanhutchins @CarlySitrin Thank goodness there won't be any rando commenters to wonder about the marginal efficacy… @ryanhutchins Way more insight in the comments than there was in many articles. @nhannahjones When did Mayor Goode change his name to "government"? @nhannahjones This is why millions of African Americans risk everything to escape America and get to free ground in Cuba. @kdrum @kausmickey So in that case, may as well bring in 5 billion people. @ComfortablySmug For tweeting during the flight? @asymmetricinfo @Michaelander45 @Xeynon @JJayScout @insomni_action Is this to prevent the nuclear war that you were… @davidharsanyi Because there are movies and tv shows about those events every fifteen minutes. @jdeavila Finally, at long last, NJ will spend money on schools. @kausmickey He should be replaced by somebody on an HB-1 visa. @mattyglesias There's a Journolist thing putting out talking points for Bernie, right? @jasongay @WSJ At this very moment there are thousands of leftist intetnet sleuths trying to dredge up something they can use to cancel him. @MaraGay I also think about Trump all the time, even when it has nothing to do with what's going on. I accidentall… @bklynike @MaraGay The Clearview bulldozed the middle of a white community. Bayside seems to have recovered.
@CommutingLarry There must be some benefit at the county/town level also. Presumably you have maintenance, storage… @MaraGay Look at the horror that took place in Bayside, Queens. Throgs Neck Bridge lands there which brought in th… @house_skip You think a house in NJ is a tax shelter? Why would NJ taxpayers flee their tax shelter to Florida upon retirement? @roddreher @asymmetricinfo Pandemic that wipes out millions of lives is just the tonic we good people need to free… @asymmetricinfo Coronavirus proves once and for all that open borders are an unalloyed good, will crush Trump. @charlescwcooke The Communist Manifesto is very clear on this: The utopia will be preceded by an indefinite heredi… @charlescwcooke They have free literacy programs! Free! Do you have any idea what public schools in America charge in tuition??!!
@JimPethokoukis This will be like the 6th consecutive time they've nominated exactly such a person. @BlueBoxDave So I guess they're in the undecided column? @Ed_Realist @Steve_Sailer The movie Miracle does a where are they now on all the main people, most had non-hockey careers. @maggieNYT @MaraGay If the Khmer Rouge could win, Sanders can win. There is hope. @PeteButtigieg We can light up the galaxy, for all beings. @roddreher Well once the government centrally plans the economy, that young man will be doing as well as his counte… @BilldeBlasio @PeteButtigieg @BernieSanders Thank you for keeping Barnard safe. @bdomenech Commenting on the physical appearances of others is exactly the sort of thing Hitler would do. @RyanLEllis Society can deal with less labor. You don't need to destroy the village to save it @RyanLEllis Luckily non idiots are focused on per capita growth. @nytimes We can only quarantine ourselves against viruses that originate in Iceland.
@CBSLA @Steve_Sailer Seems racist. Thus is no more dangerous than the flu. @jenngradybklyn @abbydphillip @washingtonpost Could this be impeachable? @abbydphillip @Heminator It's that Nazi Soviet Putin and his cronies Sanders and Trump! @asymmetricinfo One idea to stop him would be to plant stories that he's a Putin stooge. Liberals are terrified of… @nytimes Outrageous that he would try to wrap himself in the glory that is post-apartheid South Africa. @totallynotabird @mattyglesias The imaginary Soviets are all too real. @DouthatNYT Russia is a resource based economy. They export fossil fuels and pretty much nothing else. Any Democra…
@mattyglesias The Soviets are terrifying though. Their agents appear to be everywhere. @lydiadepillis @ODNIgov @RichardGrenell @iarnsdorf Yikes! ProPublica is relentless dreary left wing propaganda! @bentaub91 @tatecurtis @JonathanBlitzer This is outrageous. America has room for all of the world's billions of people. @stateaidguy @JoeCleary2 @InsiderTwets @JonathanPitney That's fairly obvious. CT had no state income tax for longer… @HillaryClinton We need you as our commander in chief to lead our military in a glorious war to wipe out the Russian hordes! @PoliticalStile @tkq @NJTRANSIT We will need at least 500 unbroken years of progressive governance to even begin to… @jamestaranto As soon as I saw that the Astros cheated in 2017, I knew that Trump would have a lot to answer for. @PoliticalStile @NJTRANSIT Wasn't NJ Transit a central campaign issue over 2 years ago? @GavinNewsom Or we can give doctors' houses to deserving migrants. @iowahawkblog Taxes intended to reduce consumption of foreign goods and increase consumption of domestic goods. Th… @mattyglesias Those extra houses could be sheltering migrants. @jimgeraghty You're probably not going to believe this, but they also aren't entirely above board on crime statisti… @brian4NY @ADL @splcenter @NJOHSP @NAACP Definitely not cyncial, base stoking politics, I mean look at what the whi… @matthewstoller An epidemic originating in a foreign country wreaking havoc in America will pave the way for a land… @brian4NY @NBCNewYork @jonathan4ny Too late for Jersey City, alas. @CitizensBank Does one ad agency work for every single financial services company? @jeffalexander19 @wildstein @NJTRANSIT @StewartMader @danieljohnbryan @dracioppi @Colleenallreds @CommutingLarry @peterbakernyt Bill Clinton essentially sold pardons and the left was so outraged they elevated his wife to the Sen…
@mattkatz00 He was ordered removed 15 years ago. Amazing. Total lawlessness backed by the media. @maggie0405 @roddreher That's not what I heard on NPR. Now we all get the same healthcare that members of Congress get. @maggie0405 @roddreher That was fixed when Obamacare was passed. Read a book people. @ActualProfessor @roddreher He actually founded the Khmer Rouge. @mattkatz00 Tax sink. @SykesCharlie Didn't JFK literally have his own brother as AG? @senatorwario @ryanhutchins I'm just saying that we have to be careful about what the problem is, which is that he'… @EdWhelanEPPC Contrived investigation into phantom collusion between Trump and Stalin or whoever creates its own pr… @ryanhutchins Is the idea that he's bad because he buys influence? Who's the governor again? @FuckNjTransit @SenatorMenendez @GovMurphy @StewartMader I'm so glad that Christie was governor for a while. I was… @CarolineVoaden @patel4witham who's children will work the looms? Who will descend deep into the coal pits? @stateaidguy @deucefranchise The point of Abbott, of creating a state income tax, financing urban schools at the st…
@CardiffGarcia @theindicator @RealMustafaNuur @ModeledBehavior Have you thought about lobbying poor countries to ta… @asymmetricinfo @tedfrank "if"? @JonahDispatch The Swarm. @Bricker1965 @aew1776 @FuckNjTransit @diannedoctor Obama had literally a one trillion dollar stimulus program when…
@ChrisMurphyCT Seems like this could be impeachable. @ChrisMurphyCT I like how you met them in Munich to work on peace on our time. You are not the most self aware person. @stateaidguy What's a good population for NJ? 10 million, 25 million, at what point - if we haven't reached it - do… @stateaidguy There is one demographic group that votes in any percentage GOP. Once that group is sufficiently demo… @Ed_Realist I hear you, just saying if Mr X guns down my loved ones, my first inclination is to direct my ire at Mr X. @stateaidguy It's a one party state, no level of 'outreach' will help. @Ed_Realist He's also blaming a device and not the perpetrator or the system that left him the room to carry out the murders. @stateaidguy Do you honestly think that social conservatives have any political influence in NJ? @CardiffGarcia transmission of inequality. Tall couples have tall kids, smart couple have smart kids, disciplined,…
@brian4NY @RutgersU You got to the interview by donkey and are tweeting this by cave painting. @AOC I can't wait to see you on Drag Race! @TheDemocrats Katie Hill. @MikeBloomberg @realDonaldTrump Finally, we might get NY billionaire in the White House to defeat the oligarchs. @allyversprille Well that's how you get a tyrrany, you just put a unintuitive question on a mandatory form and create 300 million felons. @walterolson Would you be ok with a jury verdict against you if the jury foreman was president of the I Hate Walter… @AdamSerwer The notion that federal laws requiring lending to poor credit risks could possibly have contributed to… @stateaidguy Will companies move to NJ, with the highest state corporate income tax in the country, in the absence…
@texasquire @bdomenech That multi billion dollar program is so amazing, there hasn't been a single case of uncovered fraud. @RWTMTOMH @bdomenech Is anyone auditing that multibillion dollar program? @kausmickey When she announced that the 10 year old trans kid would vet the next Secretary of Education, and not the NEA president.