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Just a lil reflection/pep talk: I have never won a beat battle nor have I ever been nominated for something re: my…
Retweeted by Cam(den)Sade, Aaliyah, and Twigs' shared birthday is trending but my half-birthday is not. Do you not see how fucked this is?If you call anyone who works in fast food “just a burger flipper” or they just “pour coffee” you can’t use those se…
Retweeted by Cam(den) @willycrooks No I am not okay thank you for asking!This has got to sting for some people significantly older than 21 @maxreist @maxschramp SecondedHey, indie musicians40 minutes! Tap in to send us your music!
hey long time no tweet @camstacey_ @ell1psis_ and I are doing a little feedback stream tonight so come check it ou…
Retweeted by Cam(den)Feedback Friday is TONIGHT! We're incredibly excited to welcome @jkuchmusic as our special guest! Tune in tonight…
Retweeted by Cam(den)Good to see Holy Ship! upkeeping their online presence with the pandemic going on, good for them @KaTTimpala and I are getting a community repost chain back up and running. Like the v*l one but better and l… teach very affordable piano + theory lessons if anyone wants to learn how to make chords like these ❤️ dms are op…
James Cameron’s Avatar (2009) fucked up in the crib playing Minesweeper
Friendly reminder that Madison Cawthorn went on vacation to Hitler’s vacation home because it was on his bucket lis…
Retweeted by Cam(den) @cozykevvv @TYG_KO 🙏🏻🥺Y’all think we can get @KidCudi to notice my music???
Retweeted by Cam(den) @lynxical Soon enough 🤔 promise 🙏🏻 @KidCudi For your consideration, Mr. Cudi. It’d be an honor.
@imstaceygg @kruegrrl i’m sure this is old news, but just wanna make double sure you’ve seen @pooldad Kel Dor for sure
New visual fa y’all
Retweeted by Cam(den)Schrödinger’s President.
Retweeted by Cam(den) @kruegrrl @TYG_KO ❤️ thank you, sophieGood morning this quote still fucks
Retweeted by Cam(den)My name is Jeremey Johnson. I was arrested Aug. 15 at a protest for allegedly striking an officer with a skateboard…
Retweeted by Cam(den) @nebita @TYG_KO 🙏 thank you, ben nebita @MooreKismetBass @TYG_KO 💝 @palpapalpa_ @TYG_KO 🤪Special thanks as well to @xavimakesmusic for the green screen and @infected_butt for letting us use your camera 💝Beat made almost entirely with sounds from Mom's 45s Vol. V, for those of you who want some warm, fuzzy loops for y…🔩 "Alternator" ⚙️ 🚘 w/ @TYG_KO 💣 Out exclusively on Bandcamp (for now): Aang let his hair grow out
This is a DRKSHDW lookbook Neutron was addicted to cocaine @SweaterDisco Ty Sweatygood deal on these samples paccs today, scope em if you like out-of-the-ordinary textures and high quality vinyl fu…
Retweeted by Cam(den) @milligram3D Sending good wishes. Surgery is not nearly as scary as it seems.The Outer Worlds (2019) @_TechnicalDebt_ Around a year ago he passed off an entire splice pack of “industrial” sounds as his own, entirely…
Thank you yet again for all the love on Mom’s 45s 💝 First 4 vols. will stay at a discount ($10 packs, $30 for all… the Vice Chair of the Oversight subcommittee who ran investigations into domestic terror laws, I respectfully di…
Retweeted by Cam(den)Anyone remember when he plagiarized an entire Splice pack?
Retweeted by Cam(den)a seventeen year old murderer hanging out maskless at a bar in a state he still does not live in wearing a shirt th…
Retweeted by Cam(den)due to popular request I have removed trump from home alone
Retweeted by Cam(den)I listen to metal that explicitly depicts killing ppl We all know why this law was made
Retweeted by Cam(den) @MIKE_MEHR Tastes like one, too @MIKE_MEHR It’s really good, Mike👎🏻 song that is very good and fun and you want to listen to it on repeat 👍🏻 song that is so potent and hits so har…
3 hours! SHE STUTTER !? I DON’T THINK SO !! 👏🏾👏🏾✨
Retweeted by Cam(den) @ivy_hollivana @fraxiommusic ❤️🚨Producers/Beatmakers🚨 Go Cop This Kit Right Now! You won’t regret it. Link in his bio 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾
Retweeted by Cam(den)cop ALL of moms 45s right tf now or ur sus
Retweeted by Cam(den)go buy Cam's 45 Moms!
Retweeted by Cam(den)Sneaky, very good @TYG_KO verse at the end 🧐You can listen to the demo tape for Vol. V here: A huge thank you to the talented artists…🎵 Mom's 45s Vol. V 🎼 available now! My 5th sample pack made (almost) entirely from old vinyl ✨ The first 4 volume… arrests is not nearly enoughSouthern California Republicans are a different breed of evil, dude
Retweeted by Cam(den) @michaelmasonsux Michael Mason with the 300m snipe from across the map
This is some Boston Globe Spotlight (2015) Catholic Church shit someone call Mark Ruffalo and Michael Keaton’s char… @IMartinFloresI Marting Florings release music challengeStussy Hank Hill said “on sight” let’s fucking go @carter_url @TwitterSupport I’ve been trying to get their attention for months about the racist photo algorithms, s… @palpapalpa_ Thank youCancelling Tank Noodle / Pho Xe Tang Call that anti-phoAnnouncing the first Feedback Friday of 2021 tomorrow w/ soft-spoken superstar @thequietbison Tap in around 8p CS…
Retweeted by Cam(den)Listening to all of the @fordsounds Sirens remixes in a row just to bring me back downThey are trying to slap a Native man with 17 years in prison for supposedly grabbing a police shield during the Bla…
Retweeted by Cam(den)And we’re talking people with disabilities showing up for their healthcare and exercising their 1st amendment right…“But it was the Capitol! You can’t compare to the Capitol! This is unprecedented!” - BLM did march on DC and Natio… to add, but just one more time: If this was BLM, there’d have been a lot more cops, a lot more tear gas, a… fellow white leftists i just want to say that we are definitely the only leftist voices our parents will list…
Retweeted by Cam(den)It doesn't border on sedition. It is sedition. Here is the statute:
Retweeted by Cam(den)Abolish the electoral college.
Retweeted by Cam(den)‘Those Republican members of Congress must go’ — NowThis spoke to @RepCori about her new proposed legislation to ho…
Retweeted by Cam(den)Sign on to @CoriBush's bill now to hold GOP members of Congress accountable for inciting terror through their attem…
Retweeted by Cam(den)RIP Tank Noodle 🤘🏻 tomorrow
Retweeted by Cam(den) @AyyyDeej @AOC Thank fuck
my 4 year old just asked why the cops aren’t crackin skulls
Retweeted by Cam(den)
Retweeted by Cam(den)Imagine BLM trying this.. white supremacists LITERALLY have the luxury of attacking and breaching a fucking federal…
Retweeted by Cam(den)Capitol during Capitol BLM protests today
Retweeted by Cam(den)“You can only breach the Capitol chambers if we get to be line leader” tHe police don’t start smoking tHese weirdos ima get Hot
Retweeted by Cam(den)Why y’all keep asking where the police at? Y’all ask where Miley’s at when Hannah’s on stage?
Retweeted by Cam(den)Please God certain psycho should be charged with sedition upon relinquishing his seat in a couple of weeks
Retweeted by Cam(den)Cops locking the door to the senate chamber
Retweeted by Cam(den)tr*mp supporters just stormed the capitol building. a government building. and are being allowed to occupy. there h…
Retweeted by Cam(den)Someone please check on @AOCEvery single BLM argument about white privilege and double standards in law enforcement is being validated in real…
Retweeted by Cam(den)LMAOOOOOOOO Y’all had the NATIONAL GUARD and the ARMY posted up for BLM protestors but Proud Boys were able to BREA…
Retweeted by Cam(den) @verzache Okay but is it Farrich or Farrick