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@statcap obsessed w this video to be controversial but i think i deserve borger @chibleee ikki??
@TT15784662 Thank you I knew you would understand.being ahead the whole pokemoba game then losing zapdos the last min bc u got overconfident and thus losing bc of th… @bishoujomog @politetobugs actually kadeem made this @higgzorz Game ?Game > Game ?? Gamewill any1 b nice to mE todayjustr wonderinganyone else haven’t eaten a real meal in four dayshi @syencefyction cute and with great posture @higgzorz YesIt Is Once Again My Weekend @bishutengo @bewbin they hurt a bit at the toe just bc it’s tight but that’s to be expected w pointy toes!! but the… @bewbin @americancreams @higgzorz @politetobugs @thesunismygirl @kantoucan @asianvelma wow thank you everyone i can stay<3 @politetobugs erm. @canalststation What about you? What’s it going to be? Loyalty to moo, or loyalty to socks? Moo, or socks? The moos…
Retweeted by harbinger of harbingers @bewbin one has complimented my new shoes today i have to leave.anyone else PigPilledi want to see movey @bugsnakcs .does anyone know Why @politetobugs hbd!!! however im not surprised your disloyalty to moo has gone so far that you are having your birthday on socks sunday….socks sunday @IVEREORNOXI our brain worms are truly festering i love u too❤️❤️anyway basically have felt like an alien in my own body for the past year and i can’t remember the last time i actually felt like myself @americancreams rattoo twins :)i miss feeling like i had ppl i loved to go to when i needed to say something if i felt really bad n over the last… miss the friendships i used to have that made things feel worthwhile and it hurts to know nothing will ever be th… @TT15784662 that’s soooo sad im so sorry i feel ur pain…… i hate to be the bearer of bad news bc there is 100% no w… @TT15784662 is it completely not able to turn on? my friend’s nintendo online account ran out which you need in ord… was very bad</3sufferinga little nutty? @artinsociety would go well with the jade Pork BELLY!
Retweeted by harbinger of harbingersThe most popular treasure in Taiwan's National Palace Museum ~ the Jadeite Cabbage, carved from single variegated p…
Retweeted by harbinger of harbingerscannot believe we just had a game with a jungler jigglypuff .
will someone drive me 2 ikea im feeling fragile and it’s for socks @madelinegxvx i got tf away from him immediately lmao im home safe now ty!!! @cyberjock_ not me but hope u have fun !no offense but i feel like shitn they said WHAT TF DO U MEAN UR SORRY n i said no i mean i didn’t hear what u said n he said U HEARD WHAT I SAID t… just thought i was about to get shoved into the train tracks bc some guy on the platform just walked 15 feet o… in a cup betrayed me @bishutengo im the little onesocks up playin with they wormall wormed up n ready 2 go @higgzorz pudding duckcorn in a cup getting cupped cornbro im normal i promise @quintetmagician cannot believe y’all r getting ur buttons to work normally 😭😭 anyone like to buy me kiiroitori ambient light for $22 ? feel like i need kiiroitori ambient light for $22 i don’t have time for a relationship im busy being expert class 4 two diamonds +542 hp slowbro for some reason @NoahSpenser LMAOjk im cracked again @tweetsontheweb yes!! pokemon unite on switch!!the plays…………………………
iwhave to quit pokemon unite im getting way 2 tilted …………………….. alternatively everyone else could simply stop being bad ?
retweet this for no reason
Retweeted by harbinger of harbingers @vinejadeivy omg oh noooo solo queuing ranked has honestly gone rly well for me LOLmy eyeballs r about to fall out lets freaking go we lost but look at all my badges .
@tyrakmoore i’m really loving my group being a mix of league and dota players refusing to use the actual game termi… @politetobugs LFMAOOOOOOOOOOOOO “IS THIS WAT U DO IN UR HOUSE ALL DAY” @ginkgocrown SOOOO GOOD I LUV ITChildren need to be prepared for the real’s literally so cute that nintendo tried to eliminate toxicity as much as possible in pokemon unite by not keepin… @antip0pes YES @ipod_linux just a quick game on my 15 min break.. @hotgoof ive played both handheld and docked! surprisingly fine handheld @politetobugs LETS GOfirst ranked match :0 this named meow meow that’s wat i like 2 see @syencefyction @americancreams zocdoc has in the past been inaccurate for me w insurance acceptance info so im a li…’s a lot of responsibility and very tiring to be a little guymoo is just a little guywheres moo wednesday @higgzorz which one @stststanley HIIwho grinding unite ranked w us .im literally pbr @bishutengo im having a really fun time it’s just . Pokémon dota soccer*screaming at my nintendo switch* WE DONT NEED FOUR POKEMON BOT LANE PLEASE LEAVEimCWRACKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #PokemonUNITE #NintendoSwitch @ginkgocrown ❤️❤️ @quintetmagician well before I couldn’t decide between green or pink but today only the pink is in stock!!! staying true to my roots.. @quintetmagician i just bought one also to arrive tomorrow…. Lfg @soulflowerremix am early bird who is catching they worm @pontybone @americancreams @metroflora i haven’t had a vegetable in 8 years @americancreams @metroflora LOL it’s so weirdly worded im trying to figure it out too??? maybe it’s just which of t… @americancreams @metroflora well the way the q is worded if b12 is only found in animal products then it can’t be “… @happyteers can’t argue w this one ! @happyteers ray im literally so unhorny i just want my brain removed from my skull