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h̶u̶m̶a̶n̶ ̶p̶e̶r̶s̶o̶n̶ abstract concept womxn safe space.

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@rainydaywavysea 😭😭😭😭😭 thankyou 💜 @rainydaywavysea yes it does 🥰 and nothing can be done wo support anyway, here w you bbg @rainydaywavysea @momoskhanehaibc @mrudzilla why can't I remember it? 🤔 tyy will hear @mrudzilla @rainydaywavysea which song is this @rainydaywavysea 😂😂😭 who else will fix them for us sweetie💀💀💀 @whoelemeal jaisa insaan waise movies @potterhead2796 @chatterboxvents wow @whoelemeal padhke rt kiya kar na 🥴 @SANDIPANMITRA6 supreme l̶e̶a̶d̶e̶r̶ brain damageHahahahahahahahahaha
Retweeted by kar🌸 @SANDIPANMITRA6 is literally no scenario, in the ENTIRE universe of scenarios, where punching a Nazi is morally wrong. NONE.
Retweeted by kar🌸 @dulhanmaachis yesss I was checking them out actually, thankyouu ❤️ @sadelakarela love you 🥰🥰🥰 @paan_addict thankyou, but I'm not looking for courses here, also had a few other niche questions @sadelakarela thankyou!! I will, I was gonna text you about this tomorrow after my exam got over ❤️ @SANDIPANMITRA6 except for short PR clips, what exactly has she done to be a goodwill ambassador??? ? i simply don'… @SANDIPANMITRA6 @rasmallaii "are you done venting" 🥴 @rainydaywavysea IR, but I wanted to discuss a few other options. and open to all countries rn based on the courses i can apply to @SANDIPANMITRA6 @rasmallaii usually i dont give one flying fuck about the existence of most celebs bc they're not e… @rasmallaii it's unreal how much I hate herhello! I'm looking for people who offer career counseling services (especially related to international postgrad de… @venks_01 RIGHT i bookmarked to read all of them properly @badassflowerbby fucked up :( I've seen so many people tweet about this recently, especially womxn who have been speaking out on the regular @badassflowerbby Ahh that's happening to so many people. pls complete your 2 factor authorization! @HavaldarShinde 😂😂😭😭😭😭😂😭😭😭😂😭 @KaafiNormal understandable. Ioss for the world F @KaafiNormal want to rt @KaafiNormal is anything real anymore i"educate me! spoon-feed me everything I need to know!" says someone who is white and on the internet, where they ca…
Retweeted by kar🌸 @mrudzilla 😵😵😵 @vaniIlaessence happy birthdayy ❤️🌸 @debausheri you gotta love white people <3 constantly breaking barriers and proving that they can infact, get much worsemy personal favorite: difference between drug dealer and pharma CEO is shareholders
Retweeted by kar🌸WHAT A PHOTO.
Retweeted by kar🌸 @imtiredffs 😂😭😭😭😂😂 AASHNA
@hahaditi ❤️ @hahaditi @notnotasnack @HavaldarShinde chup kar yar @HavaldarShinde @notnotasnack can't see tweet from blocked account.nobody hates teens i promise, sure its v annoying to see petty drama on the tl and unnecessary clout chasing but it… the risk of sounding holier than thou, as a teen who struggled w depression/su*cidal thoughts for years PLEASE d… is one common thread in all their stories- Periods for these women meant the forceful end of their education.…
Retweeted by kar🌸why am I laughing so much
Retweeted by kar🌸 @KaafiNormal felted 😵😔 @notnotasnack that's not true. everyone hates u <3 @whoelemeal @HavaldarShinde @KaafiNormal no thots head empty gang @notnotasnack phir bolegi ki mai muh kholti hu aur log gaali dete hain @HavaldarShinde @whoelemeal what tf did that even meancan't even tweet these days. I'll just start writing and think what's the point and delete it midway @thevanforyou @clownprinc_ shots fired at scooby, aged 14 @karanbirtinna Uh yes, wow man your wife needs to get on Twitter lol
Retweeted by kar🌸 @sadelakarela creep move 😐 yeah do it @dulhanmaachis yar engg colleges are genuinely the worst, even 1-2 guys who have acceptable views don't speak out b… @dulhanmaachis dude i have an actual recording of my argument w someone (pol rich fam) who said theke hitler bhi it… @dulhanmaachis engg boys are the worst lol next level ignorance. college is hell @sadelakarela so cringy and uncomfortable 😣 @wrechoslovakia @wrechoslovakia van go road can no go space @KillMeRaikkonen why what did she saymy blood actually boils looking at asshats who I've personally had fights w wrt asking them not to use the n word p… @whoelemeal why is he @manasarao_ @kkmapIe omg 😭 this is the most excited I've ever been about a hypothetical trip 😭❤️❤️ @Rhewind4 padhle dhirubai @TheOtherDravid @whoelemeal @spillthebeens @toh_kar_na @freelychained she's laughing at your lies @manasarao_ @kkmapIe 🤲🤲🤲🤲🤲 cannot wait goodbye world @TheOtherDravid @whoelemeal @spillthebeens @toh_kar_na @freelychained @whoelemeal @TheOtherDravid @spillthebeens @toh_kar_na @freelychained tu leader hai bullying gang ki 😴 only facts 🥰 @whoelemeal @TheOtherDravid @spillthebeens @toh_kar_na @freelychained tu chup kar 😂😂😂😭 tu kam nahi haiLawyers need 7 years of university to practice and know the law. Police officers spend 8 weeks at an academy and ar…
Retweeted by kar🌸 @whoelemeal @TheOtherDravid @spillthebeens @toh_kar_na @freelychained y'all are such bullies omg @kkmapIe @manasarao_ HIII lesssgo i hate it here @rainydaywavysea hi 😳 @IssaNewLife text me :( right here if you need anything bb @GKDtweets age well and look so good im- 😐🤢He said “I’m a 6’3 Black man. If I’m walking down the street with a bright pink bag I could look like I stole it fr…
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a reminder that black people do not have to be excellent to deserve not to be killed by the police.
Retweeted by kar🌸 @GonerYouGonerMe just say no @GonerYouGonerMe we live in a society @GonerYouGonerMe preferably hot 😭😳 @dumplinghoee CRIED @kabhikabhirant that makes a lot of sense honestly @rasgullakijai accha @whoelemeal karnikas fav acc @rasgullakijai ?? @rasgullakijai tell @ancestraI two at the top murdered a combined of 32 people. The two at the bottom sold illegal cigarettes and wrote a bad…
Retweeted by kar🌸 @whoelemeal @freelychained 😭😭😭😘 @whoelemeal @freelychained won't defend him bc he used the cursed emoji @uhhnanyaa imy 2 how was your day @rainydaywavysea have any fake scenarios ever worked @uhhnanyaa hi jaan @ancestraI underappreciatedboss: what do u think about these fancy new ambulances first responder: no thoughts, head EMT
Retweeted by kar🌸 @sadelakarela 😭🙏 illusion jai mata di let's rockY’ALL READ THIS 😂😭
Retweeted by kar🌸 @sadelakarela how does someone look so good in a casual picture i have to take 20 to get 1 which isn't 20% bad