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Essayist. Screenwriter. Theologian. Twerker. Baker. Creative. (Reps: @RachelleGardner @apbspeakers) #RedLipTheology out in 2022 on @ConvergentBooks

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@Daisy5730 I love her so much.There were times I was afraid I wouldn’t be respected. Now I’m on a national committee with Traci Blackmon, Cynthia… answers about the COVID-19 vaccines is a top priority. I’m proud to support “It’s Up to You” in partnership… answers about the COVID-19 vaccines is a top priority. I’m proud to support “It’s Up to You” in partnership… @raqlionchaser @cbctapestry 💕💕💕Facts the gym late, was scared I was too late, blazed into the parking lot, got nervous when I saw I was sixth in…
@xox_thundah LOLOLOL! I’m working on it. LOLOLY’all can do all the “you wasn’t outside” all y’all want but if you wasn’t literally outside bumping Pages of Life… Swizz and Timbaland just get Usher a nice healthy bag to do his own #Verzuz?! ...because that is what we need…’t no way I’m listening to a dude who bought Mercedez headrest covers and told his barber to push his beard back… ain’t never let me down. I have downloaded the playlist, checked the delivery date on my Adore Me haul and ordered some new Forvr Mood… X Untitled is worship. My GOD today! @HerWildness @thetrudz May you forever be blessed!!!! @thetrudz Oh. LOLOL @JJacq313 Bless you!!! @thetrudz Wait. Where can I hear this?!?!?“How Does It Feel” sonically a gospel song to me. Altar call. When you’re not sure if you’re gonna go up there but…
Retweeted by Candice Marie BenbowDid anybody make a playlist?“Untitled” is the brown liquor song we will be telling our grandchildren they know nothing about.Well since solos exist now, Missy Elliot should go by herself and invite her Friends. #Verzuz
Retweeted by Candice Marie BenbowA D’Angelo and H.E.R. record would singlehandedly lead to a worldwide population increase.“Nothing Even Matters” is one of the most beautiful songs ever.That was beautiful.Somebody pick up Ms Lauryn so we can get Nothing Even Matters tonight. If y’all go get her, she’ll get there.Really Love then Another Life right into Send It On?! Oh I got plans and an outfit for that! LOLOLAnother Life is otherworldly.“Really Love” 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾's a misunderstanding of Torah to compare a tacky statue of a petty dictator to the golden calf. The calf was a…
Retweeted by Candice Marie Benbow @ashleysimpo LISSEN. @boomer4568 @LeeLeeAne way he half read that. LOLOLBlack Messiah bent the rules. It defies gravity. Much like Voodoo and Brown Sugar did. Get back into that damn album. #verzuz
Retweeted by Candice Marie Benbow @TheBaequarian Am I lying?!Method Man is who you wanna come home after the Toyota dealership said you need a new transmission and you gotta he… Man’s wife is blessed.Period. @IMAUdofia88 I. Just. SCREAMED. @WaltBangher 🤣🤣🤣🤣 @IMAUdofia88 LISSEN @TIAreports they both can have me at the same ti*phone dies* is so fine. @EatPrayThot @AmandaDannielle You can always check in. Love you back. @redclayscholar LOLOL! We gotta make that happen soon.
This!!!! This is IT!!!!! will not always be sad. Deep wells of joy will match the deep pits of sorrow you have known. And you will know… will not lose time. Miraculously, the years eaten by the locust and cankerworm will be given back to you. You w… you’re afraid to do, in the words of Melva Sampson, do it scared. Fear is real *and* fear shouldn’t limit… months ago, I moved back down South and my life has completely changed. Nothing looks like what it did this ti…
@notovaryacting Kindred, we are. @DontCallMeJazzy Oh this is good!!!!!! I’m using this since my office (Starbucks) is currently unavailable. LOLOL @xXxBlinxXx I should’ve said that. LOLOL I just pulled the covers over me and told him to shut up. LOLOL...when you complain he doesn’t take you working at home seriously, then he Facetimes you at 10:50am and you’re lay…
@robert_d_tucker No.I’m also looking for Black women who work with dancers, sex workers and those within the adult entertainment indust…’m looking for Black women trained to work with victims and survivors of sexual assault. Counselors, therapists, g…
May we all walk closer to the higher, holy way.For Lent, I’m spending time getting my home together, doing some necessary reading+reflection, and doing Wendy Spea…’ve got some projects that will launch during Lent so I will be back to pub and highlight those. I’m working on… @MsPackyetti Thank you friend.
I got some TikTok leggings. I’ll put them in my IG stories. 🤣And it remains important to me that those who deeply love the church, but have been exiled from it, know their expe… a moment where we can’t gather for reasons of health and safety, I’m glad this documentary exists and provides u… previewed the Black Church doc before it aired and I’m grateful for that opportunity. It’s an important body of… Birthday Granny!!!!! an Apple Watch to track my workouts and hit 1375 active calories this morning!! I’ve got 40lbs until I hit… is my grandmother’s birthday. I’m so grateful for her life and am fully prepared to give her an update, every… the #TikTokPasta for dinner tonight. Used veggie pasta to make it even more low cal. The fresh basil really…
I’m looking forward to joining Northern Virginia Community College this week as we consider how intersectionality,…
I will always write for the woman you should have been allowed to be and I will always push the church that didn’t… away for a bit to soak in the beauty that is this next chapter and sit in the gratitude that God didn’t…
home. God is amazing.
I’m doing a WSSU themed guest room in honor of my mom. Does anybody know someone who makes throw pillows out of afghan blankets?...gotta love folks who pop bad on the internet."We know Black girls and women have to be perfect; there is no room for error. And when we mess up, we know it was…
Retweeted by Candice Marie BenbowAmen @CandiceBenbow: "I will never call Tessica 'the Gorilla Glue girl,' she has a name. She has a story, a life, f…
Retweeted by Candice Marie BenbowThe lack of empathy for Tessica Brown bothers me. So I wrote about it. u know who is benefiting off of her?! Tik Tok. Twitter. Instagram. Why shouldn’t she benefit too it’s her damn s…
Retweeted by Candice Marie BenbowYall are so annoying! She may need hair/scalp transplant treatment and everything else after this serious over a mo…
Retweeted by Candice Marie BenbowI just watched the dramatic reading of “All Boys Aren’t Blue” and all I can say is I’m grateful we live in the time… @WrittenByHanna This is so good!!!⁦@WrittenByHanna⁩ is one of my favorite voices. She’s writing about Heaux Tales as only she can and we’re the bette… Kaluuya ain’t met a role he didn’t body. My GOD to preview this tonight. I’m trying to find the words. They escape me right now. This is a must see!
@iamMelsmith I like how we all have different variations of "when they go low" LOLOLOL @iamMelsmith Jamel!!!The era of "yeah, it hurt didn't it? come on in this house and get some Neosporin and a snack" Black folks is GONE.…
Retweeted by Candice Marie BenbowI'm amazed at how crazy yall talk to folks on here and how surprised yall are when they talk crazy back. LOLOLNo thank you. @NikkiBSwag A person who likes their own tweets, as you have done with this one, should never call anyone a clout chaser.Whew that preaches as much as it stings. can’t believe how ugly so many Black women are being to another sister when they know, firsthand, the trials and… @NieceJanel Right!!!! Im so mad. LOLOLI honestly steer clear of All Nations because many of Matthew Stevenson’s sermonic comments to and regarding women,… is it!! Thank you!!!