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Essayist. Screenwriter. Theologian. Twerker. Baker. Creative. (Reps: @RachelleGardner @apbspeakers) #RedLipTheology out in 2022 on @ConvergentBooks

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@rozellahw @LuxeLifeChey Yea. Risotto ain’t no hoe. LOLOL @BritniDWrites ...yea. 🥴 I think the invitation either didn’t get properly vetted or her folks didn’t tell her everything. @LeslieMac Not even her. LOLOL There’s an Olivia Pope of the gospel music industry. She gon have to call her and follow the plan.CeCe’s Response’s only one person who can Olivia Pope this situation for CeCe. If you know, you know she’s the only… @LuxeLifeChey Now you got me trying to figure out how to make this! @wanderson91 YIIIIKES @withadoublet Her rep confirmed it.Me listening to “Hallelujah to the King” we’re gon get anywhere, folks gotta be honest about their journeys starting with the fact there is one.Social media will also have progressive and liberationist Christians leading you to believe they’ve always been tha… media lacks the nuance that’s necessary to parce the difference between Christian mean girls and sisters who… @OneNabi FACTS @OneNabi We attended the same church when I was in college and all my interactions with him were terrible. TERRIBLE.We will be following highsnobiety and doing the same thing as well. We will never cover Tory Lanez or his music a…
Retweeted by Candice Marie Benbow @OneNabi Why did I know it was him?’ 🙄 @OneNabi ...wait. Which one?!WE CAN’T EVEN LISTEN TO “ALABASTER BOX” AT THIS POINT WITHOUT GETTING PISSED!! @OneNabi Yea. I’m just hoping against hope here cause I don’t want it to be true. 😩I’m praying she was completely duped and had no idea what this actually was.200K Americans have died from COVID-19 and Black people are still disproportionately affected and dying. What COVI… @ZoraToniMaya In college, I was in a group she founded. This feels off. Like this doesn’t seem like something she’d…**If it’s true, I hope she pulls out before it airs because I ain’t got time to find albums to replace “The Throne… Winans allegedly being in a video celebrating Trump’s response to COVID-19 is exactly the obsurdity I’ve come… did what the church ain’t done all pandemic. like to start with my characters’ wants and their wounds. And, how those wounds influence motivation and what the…
Retweeted by Candice Marie Benbow @KellyeComms 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
@nevabeenyoNegro Chile I’m pro choice, pro all that (LOL). For some of them, it’s the ability to say they… in 2020 is also having said dudes double back to ask if I can connect them to the popular preachers that fol… in 2020 is dudes sliding in your DMs with a tale of church woe and telling you that you’ve been too traumati… it’s #NationalDaughtersDay All that I will ever be in this life is made possible because I’m Debra Louise… BEEN Wynter
Retweeted by Candice Marie Benbow @kelleent Yay!!!!3 recurring things in my scripts: 1. Sexuality and intimacy 2. A lead trying to get to or rediscovering their auth…
Retweeted by Candice Marie Benbow3 Recurring Things In My Scripts: 1. Faith and spirituality 2. A Black woman navigating her sexuality, whether ef… @BrookeObie Thanks! I need to get it for the new laptop I gotta buy next week. 🥴YALL final draft is having a 30% off sale on screenwriting software. This is def the time to get it if you’ve been waiting!
Retweeted by Candice Marie BenbowI just went to say goodbye to my nail tech. The way he just made me cry. “Better job. Better life. Better you in Ge… Thee Stallion is having a stellar season. In addition to the huge success of “WAP” and her Revlon deal, The…
Retweeted by Candice Marie BenbowThis!! @dstarwriter59 @AmandaDannielle Folks really want to be famous at all costs.The #GirlDads and the #ProtectOurQueens clowns really made his album #1 in iTunes. I absolutely hate it here.daily reminder that no one gives a shit as long as you hurt a black woman
Retweeted by Candice Marie Benbow @AmandaDannielle He acted like people didn’t even say anything. @kelleent It was good! LOLOLOLHe has become incredibly disappointing. is setting the tone this morning + refuses to cover Tory Lanez ever again. 🔥
Retweeted by Candice Marie Benbow @k_lisarae @ShawU_WC Send me an email!!"I hope that you don’t dim the light we love so much but learn who deserves to stand with you in the fullness of it…
Retweeted by Candice Marie BenbowIt’s #NationalLobsterDay and I made a lobster roll! While the debate is always “Butter vs. Mayo”, I opt for a lemon… book, from one of the best people I know, has been a balm. In #LoveIsTheWay @PB_Curry offers guidance and wi…'t stream it. Don't discuss it. Talk about Meg instead.
Retweeted by Candice Marie BenbowIt’s both selective amnesia & willful ignorance that a lot of folks posting and repeating that oft-cited Malcolm X…
Retweeted by Candice Marie BenbowHe absolutely did and the room told him the world doesn’t care about Black women either and he’d not only face zero…
Retweeted by Candice Marie Benbow...just woke up from a 3 hour nap. Let’s see how long it will take me to pack this bookcase. yall both can rock Savage X Fenty now. Megan Thee Stallion gets recognized as one of the most influential women by Time Magazine and this elf has decid…
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Who is surprised that TI is doing free PR for a man who shot a woman
Retweeted by Candice Marie BenbowDo not watch Tory’s live. Do not watch Tory’s live. Do not watch Tory’s live. Do not watch Tory’s live. Do not watc… latest for @nytopinion
Retweeted by Candice Marie BenbowTI is exactly who he is: 🗑’m praying for Reggie. Really praying. is beautiful.Congratulations @KieseLaymon!!!!! You deserve and we’re so blessed because of it!!!Ahhh black people. Never. Ever. Change. I love us.
Retweeted by Candice Marie BenbowI want this grill for my birthday/Christmas. I wanna name her Ruby. LOLOL I asked my uncles to get it for me. It’s… @WaltBangher 🤣🤣🤣🤣 @ceesunshine ...did! LOLOL @ceesunshine LOLOL! Facts! He looked at me like really?!I felt his help right there! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I sure did make some on a random Tuesday and dude looked at me like I was crazy. LOLOL @quietlionness You are going to HOLLER!!! The Apostle said there's been a great falling away. You know they're ser… HOBBIT, YOU BETTER GATHER THESE DON’T KNOW GOD FOLKS FOR TALKING ABOUT YOU! 🙌🏾 truly enjoy watching Jordyn Woods flourish as an IT girl
Retweeted by Candice Marie BenbowAs I’m packing, I decided to see how many Nordic Ware pans I have. 23. 🤦🏾‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤣🎂 they BLM? Who are these dudes?It’s “Protect Our Queens” til you gotta face military tanks, be tear gassed and shot with rubber billets. WTF is t… has 24 hours to respond
Retweeted by Candice Marie BenbowThey really paid her family for a wrongful death and then said nothing was wrong about how she died.
Retweeted by Candice Marie Benbow🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 Rankine profiling Lizzo for Vogue is just what the doctor ordered. Even when our lives are under threat, w…
Retweeted by Candice Marie Benbow @NTRL_WMN LOLOLOLOL Well, in his defense of the love and respect Black men have for Black women, he called me a bi… @NTRL_WMN I was wondering when you were gonna get here. LOLOLAgain. I’m voting but things in the game done changed. These young folks got questions you better be prepared to an… folks want to sway non voters, it would seem they need a better response to this than “Trump is the Devil and we… of the city leadership Louisville and state leadership of Kentucky are Democrats. Some of the very folks who h… am a voter. I will vote Biden/Harris because I believe their plan is much better than our current direction. A… @EricaPMiddleton Quite. LOLOLSome Black men will become downright rude and disrespectful to Black women in order to prove that Black men aren’t…😭
Retweeted by Candice Marie Benbow @MelaninandLit Yea it’s great. It’s just hard. @nyynyk The fact that you think I’m complaining about semantics demonstrates why it’s important for all of us to st… @TankAHill Therapy will help with that and being in community with folks who you’re willing to let hold you account… @Commandr_nchief ...and on IG cause he’s doing the same over there too. LOLOL @nyynyk comments under here are scary AF. will never forget seeing Fences at the National Black Theater Festival when I was younger and people being moved… @dstarwriter59 Truth is I’m tired. LOLOL