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@twitch partner & streamer for @9livesgg_ | in love with @1PBrady

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@1PBrady . @CrackyyFN @qtbala lol @autumned1 also why is max home rn @autumned1 let’s hangoutttt i’m always here i love you @autumned1 why 🥺trio arena w brasy amd zaxy got the cutest boy in the comm like how am i so lucky ... @cxltures @forpzy @Sceptic LOLOL @trapistaken twittwrgood morning i just woke up @purxbtw no @cIeeoh hehehei’m his pfp, in location, and in his header. ladies if he wanted to he would ‼️ @1PBrady @ZitoFN_ VOUCH ZITO @ZitoFN_ @1PBrady @h8Iey you’re part of the problem 😑seeing ass on the timeline knowing it’s gonna be on his is so annoying :| @LiquefyFN
@9LIVESgg_ 4, 5 , 3good luck in the cc @cxltures @cIeeoh awe yeah same he’s the best aw nice cxltures @Brady_1P Awe @4rare7 @cIeeoh @h8Iey it is but like he is my best friend that’s all i need @ilyells i say ellshotti @cIeeoh yes bc he is not having a girl bsf lmfao😔
Retweeted by 9LIVES Candikahoot w chat i literally feel ike im dying tho idk how long ill be live @h8Iey damnpreview for @candihotti
Retweeted by 9LIVES Candi @FaZeSway @1PBrady @1PBrady gotchu @purxbtw @_carIie everyone is brain dead @LarsonFN_ sux @RodlinOT it’s so hard :( he cut out half of the one clip where i fall ik it looks bad at that part idk @sutterfn u took too long i posted it @LarsonFN_ LMFAO AN HOUR WHY? @breadfn_ ur stupidnlmfao that’s heat Alike everytime i try to get a vid done by anyone other than purx it always goes south.... he’s cursed
Retweeted by 9LIVES Candi
@lukefnbr_ get the crest 10 day ones @lukefnbr_ yes @cxltures no one cares 🤣💯 @purxbtw whatmy next highlights vid song is so good and it matches my name yayay @techychun @OnePercentHQ wwho can edit me a preview right right right now @ZitoFN_ @1PBrady @cxltures @AssaultLefty same @cxltures @1PBrady ok @anivfx_ @purxbtw @noobteyo @metsiyy @_EliiFN ew tf 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯 @ZitoFN_ being a band kid is a flex @anivfx_ @purxbtw @UnknownxArmy1x WTF LLMFAO @bearoncrac @bearoncracmom @emmmakor vape @333dun pretty @Aeolus check dms then HMMMMno one showed up to the cemetery w me and grandma im crying for her @forpzy @cxltures @Aeolus can u please just prove him wrong @Aeolus @metsiyy @Dann0FX then quit being fake and listening to haters 💯 @cxltures me @Aeolus @cxltures u cant spell @metsiyy @Dann0FX wtf unfollowing you fake @Aeolus ok says you @jojiFN @_carIie everyone’s going crazy on me todaydo i have an ego lmk @HidesFN yeah @ClixHimself awwww @cxltures THATS SO MEAN IM GONNA CRY NOOOO @xoonies @1PBrady u can just press and hold the photo and then press save photo on any tweet @xoonies mf didn’t even crop the photo @1PBrady @cxltures chronic @deerdrahh and white @deerdrahh native american 😁 @HidesFN hides from girls @deerdrahh nope i wish @osnapitsbells 150 subs?!?!? get it girl 🤩 @Bonnzzaiivfx @OkisFN these look like candi clips @kejzerr @1PBrady @1PBrady @StrasicB . @Swftlyy thanks for da subbbbhaiii 🐭
@Khanada @TheOliverOG @ralfn_ CARRIED WYMi genuinely love watching comp like i wish i was good at the game. i wish i could play half decent in tourneys @Vumpkin1 @Nlechoppa1 @orangie get this in verified tab 🤞🏻💯💯 hes so good @1PBrady @Aeolus @CotalTV . @IIyjadee aw ty @Gaannzo brady does @1PBrady @Gaannzo king @cxltures wtf 😭😭😭😭 @h8Iey idc how old a person is tbh if they’re stupid imma tell them oopsi just caught someone looking at me through the crack of my stall @cxltures @EpicGames @xSUND0WN fr? @caro1ine it’s easy dw if i can pass u can @jasoncrypto11 he ain’t no bozo he’s the shit 😤😤 @Ruby56473 no @wdripxz monday at 10how do i get my account more active @purxbtw i’m still sorry