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Who think it’s wrong cuz I was splittin and co-hittin that?

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Who called her that
Retweeted by Sugar BritchesNot in MD, they not. A whole mall is able to pay its rent solely based on snickerdoodle sales.
Retweeted by Sugar BritchesMy mom and family work for Gerawan Farming aka “Prima”. The labels aren’t put on the boxes to give packers recognit…
Retweeted by Sugar BritchesIn this country Viagra is covered by insurance without question, but birth control coverage is dependent upon the r…
Retweeted by Sugar BritchesEartha Kitt had to flee the hemisphere for ten years because she criticized the Vietnam War at a White House lunche…
Retweeted by Sugar BritchesAndroid Users: What's the reason you won't get a iPhone? You know you messing up the group chat?
Retweeted by Sugar BritchesNORMALISE SPEAKING BACK TO ADULTS WHO ARE REPEATEDLY DISRESPECTFUL TO YOU. just cause you’re an older i must take disrespect????????????????
Retweeted by Sugar BritchesOn July 9, a few years ago, a speech about fighting oppression got out of control. The protest organizer wanted it…
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Retweeted by Sugar BritchesWhy do white people start all their raps with “my name is ___ and im here to say”
Retweeted by Sugar Britchesconservatives: we don't care about poor folks liberals: we don't care about poor folx
Retweeted by Sugar BritchesHEARTBREAKING: A 24-year-old woman who went to Atlanta to celebrate a friend's birthday is now in hospice care afte…
Retweeted by Sugar BritchesI hope people understand now that when they say they want government to "be run like a business," this is what it m…
Retweeted by Sugar BritchesThe movie villain. The actual villain.
Retweeted by Sugar BritchesImagine being 80 years old when mfs invented electricity LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
Retweeted by Sugar BritchesTrump and conservative media have invested a lot in arguing that "defund the police" means eliminating police depar…
Retweeted by Sugar BritchesI’m sick of it
Retweeted by Sugar BritchesThis is exactly what’s going on!
Retweeted by Sugar Britches @SarcasticIntent oh I def can slip right back in it if need be. Or read it. I just am slow now...I never get the chance to practice.When they changing the name of that street anyway?!Jefferson Davis Highway Woodbridge VA 2010 2020
Retweeted by Sugar BritchesNo Weapon formed against me shall prosper #LadyABluesSoulFunkGospelArtist #TheRealLadyA
Retweeted by Sugar BritchesWoman: I’m sorry, I can’t break up my family, I won’t do that to my kids Carl Thomas: You selfish bitch I wish i n…
Retweeted by Sugar BritchesWhen you sneeze and your dog been watching the news.
Retweeted by Sugar Britcheswow my dad bouta make me cry
Retweeted by Sugar Britches @SarcasticIntent I used to be...but I never use it anymore. It’s not hard to pick back up though when I need to or… @JustJameis Dramatic reactions to keep from laughing >>>
Retweeted by Sugar BritchesI know it’s not funny but Tia’s reaction SENDS me EVERYtime
Retweeted by Sugar Britches @SarcasticIntent Costa Rica and Mexico...I actually lived with local families while I was there that didn’t speak English either lol @SarcasticIntent you’ll get there @SarcasticIntent you gotta be fully immersed 24/7 for that level lolSharing your mistakes can help someone just as much as your successes
Retweeted by Sugar BritchesI think sometimes when people say “abolitionists offer no alternative to prison” what they mean, and maybe don’t re…
Retweeted by Sugar BritchesI just..
Retweeted by Sugar BritchesLet me find out the former LOML still wants the kid.. Once I settle down it is OVER for you WHORES!!😂😂
Retweeted by Sugar Britches @SarcasticIntent going to a Spanish-speaking country for a few weeks will have you doing this lol. I was thinking and dreaming in Spanish.This is somehow more tonedeaf than naming the band Lady Antebellum in the first place, and that’s saying something.
Retweeted by Sugar BritchesAin’t this bout a bitch unlearning I endeavor to master. Women and BIPOCs, we don't have to give it all away just because the crumbs…
Retweeted by Sugar Britches😂🤷🏽‍♀️🙄🔥😭🤯 joe didn’t leave the bed but started “our chocolate”-ing Charlie as soon as he saw the little golden paper.
Retweeted by Sugar BritchesAll this & these hoes can’t handle a lil sugar 😭
Retweeted by Sugar BritchesPlease stop wearing your mask below your nose. It’s stressing me and my homegirls out.
Retweeted by Sugar BritchesBan Viagra. If pregnancy is God's will, so is limp dick.
Retweeted by Sugar Britchesblack owned also shouldn't mean $45 for a t-shirt that says melanin
Retweeted by Sugar BritchesWhich one of yall gonna come claim yall church?
Retweeted by Sugar BritchesBlack guy: "Nigga" Netflix Subtitles: "Nigger" Me:
Retweeted by Sugar Britches @tiffero there be people out there at all hours! Smh lol. But I need to get my ass up and do it in the morning.pregnancy is too risky for a nigga not to worship the ground you walk on while carrying his seed.
Retweeted by Sugar BritchesBrian we gettin these Gang Bangin jokes off, never forget that William “Smokey” Robinson Jr. is one of the world’s…
Retweeted by Sugar Britcheslet us BEAT
Retweeted by Sugar BritchesThere's someone in every hood with a similar story. The truth is generally that their schizophrenia finally becam…
Retweeted by Sugar BritchesThis is like 67% true for me would my phone ring if I’m with the only person that calls 🌚
Retweeted by Sugar BritchesWhy not in major publications?
Retweeted by Sugar Britches @_ohgirlno very!!!Black men please consider going into the mental health field, there are a lot of young Black boys & men who need you all.
Retweeted by Sugar BritchesDon’t ask me questions if you want me to lie with the response to inflate your ego, I’m not the friend for that 🥴
Retweeted by Sugar BritchesUse the affirmation "All the money I use comes back to me multipled" and watch what happens. 🤑
Retweeted by Sugar BritchesYo, All that “I am not my ancestors,” shit is played out and disrespectful. You not the first generation to fight b…
Retweeted by Sugar Britches @KrayzieK3 it wasn’t all in one day lol. They were both my fault though tbh, just the way life is going right now.Recipe: 2 cloves of garlic How many cloves of garlic I’ll actually put in:
Retweeted by Sugar BritchesWhat if all this time, God’s been saving me for John David Washington?But what’s the movie and how do I get to see my future husband in it?Zendaya, John David Washington and Sam Levinson made a secret movie during the pandemic, here’s how: - The entire…
Retweeted by Sugar BritchesI’m ready to go to bed 😭
Retweeted by Sugar Britches @KrayzieK3 I got attacked by a dog and then almost passed out on the side of the road on my bike today. But I’m fine.Racist Karen of the day… “I know EVERYONE in this neighborhood..” Smh
Retweeted by Sugar BritchesLeave Scorpios out of your slander fam #NoRubber
Retweeted by Sugar Britches @realDonaldTrump @CDCgov Reopen schools when: The White House resumes public tours. Trump interacts with untested…
Retweeted by Sugar Britchesthe villain. the actual villain.
Retweeted by Sugar BritchesSave us @jack
Retweeted by Sugar Britches @JoeBiffy @ShannonSharpe It's telling that so many whites see black equality as black supremacy. You are so used to…
Retweeted by Sugar BritchesListening to Big Sean rap is like the Tethered trying to snap on beat
Retweeted by Sugar BritchesI wanna go to Greece. This shit so damn peaceful.
Retweeted by Sugar BritchesLet me go cop.Finna get Black Owned faded 🍷🤘🏽
Retweeted by Sugar Britchesthe allergist said “honey you allergic to earth”😐
Retweeted by Sugar BritchesWhy do they need to microchip you when your phone already does it for you? Why do you need a nefarious vaccine to d…
Retweeted by Sugar BritchesThat part!!!
Retweeted by Sugar BritchesThis is a long video but I want you to watch the whole thing and understand that DC reopened into Phase 2 without m…
Retweeted by Sugar BritchesI wish I lived on less populated street so I could take my daily walks maskless. It’s too hot for this shit. Mask b… crossed the street to get away from this man and this asshole crossed the street right after.This is why all these empty ass gestures and platitudes mean nothing. The lessons are not being learned. Antebellum, because of racist connotations, changed it's name to Lady A (which still stands for Antebellum) is…
Retweeted by Sugar Britches @CNN The gentrification-wave was also the reason police were stopping black motorists in St Paul, namely Philando C…
Retweeted by Sugar BritchesI’ve been meaning to repot my plants for a week. Idky I just don’t feel like doing it. Not like I’m doing anything… no end in sight to the coronavirus, some teachers are retiring rather than go back to school
Retweeted by Sugar BritchesThe venn diagram of people who think the government should control women's bodies but not mask usage is a circle.
Retweeted by Sugar Britches*a licensed therapist
Retweeted by Sugar BritchesCompanies giving money to black lives matter organizations but not objectively making the lives of their own black…
Retweeted by Sugar BritchesI think the reason we NEED to point out Racism to people is SOME people will Never personally experience it.. So in…
Retweeted by Sugar BritchesThey let prisoners out of jail to prevent the spread of COVID but are going to force children and teachers into schools.
Retweeted by Sugar Britches"we don't want the Center for Disease Control to tell us how to control this disease."
Retweeted by Sugar BritchesThey be quiet about it.
Retweeted by Sugar BritchesThat name has GOT to go
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