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Canipa @CanipaShow Tokyo-to, Japan

Callum May (Tokyo) Vid maker/Writer. Video editor at @OTAQUEST. Uncovering the anime industry in the least boring way possible.🐧

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I paid $40 for this picture here's a mo-cap shot of a Great Jagras standing on two legs and waving preview of my next video. A "T-posed" Nergigante will initiate company-wide remote work from April 8th, 2020, as a countermeasure against the spread of the Nove…
Retweeted by Canipa @shymander @CriticalReikan That sounds really cool. Glass-making is especially neat to watch @CriticalReikan Venice is my big one. Wanted to go for a while and this quarantine is making me really crave those canals. @CriticalReikan Go on a holiday somewhere far away @ANN_Ed My tactic has always been to edit clips so short that the copyright ID system fails to notice them at all.…
@AnimeAjay @DetectiveX @zZToastie I've dreamed of this day :')“The Terror Of The Umpty Ums” A brand new Doctor Who short story by @StevenWMoffat . Now on the website.…
Retweeted by Canipa @DistantValhalla Supporting journalism and buying The Sun are two very different things @RENATOLOGY Pen Pen from EvaOmg....slime tea pot!!
Retweeted by CanipaThere are definitely developers right now trying so hard to work on Smash Bros DLC from home while trying not to le… am now working remotely. Essentially, I’m supervising the project from a distance. Ultimate is a very high-securi…
Retweeted by Canipa @WanderinDreamr It's a small pedal thing so it's only the pedal part of the bike. I stick that part under my deskI've done it. I've mastered video editing while on an exercise bike. This is the skill I will take away from quarantine. @professoewho42 It's a pain. Means I end up protecting the protagonist even when I have others who are definitely about to die next turn. @vestenet @wendeego That sounds neeeeat. Control feels like a PS5 game struggling to keep up on a PS4. @wendeego @vestenet I played on PS4 and it was pretty rough. Every time I went out of a pause menu, the game stutte…
@AnimeAjay I'm scared that it'll end up reverting back to the slow panning and stiff conversations after this arc is over... @takasakinozomi @frog_kun I'm just the one with the bright screen binge watching shows lol. Good night!People were talking about Wano having good production values, but I didn't realise it would be this much of a 180 i… @frog_kun @takasakinozomi Sorry I'll stop watching One Piece and let you sleep now
Retweeted by Canipa @Jacbros It's easy to binge mostly because I skip the flashbacks XDStarted watching One Piece again. Despite how painfully slow it all is, and the incredibly dull animation in the ar… @BigOnAnime As long as the boomers are happy, he'll stay in.Japan joins the "I'd rather the economy survive than the people" club Fantasy VII Remake’s Tactical Mode | Mix and Jam via @YouTube @crazynabe I wish my penguin islander would come visit... @PedanticRomantc And then they go straight to following websites that say they cover games or anime "Without the po… @PedanticRomantc It's a little depressing when you want to help create a more informed viewerbase for anime when th… @PedanticRomantc "Here is proof that the anime industry doesn't work the way you think" "You're a sexual predator for some reason"#AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch @CatfordsFinest Not like I have much better to do in my free time these days lolI do wonder if it's ever worth doing Anime Mythbusters on this kind of vitriol. How many people want to believe thi…
@Animeorama A prime place to squeeze an angry wank into a day @Hectotane @sankakucomplex Fumimation have been on committees for years and have funded several ecchi anime. Also i… address the scaremongering in the article and replies that they're trying to kill ecchi anime and make it all pu… the news today: Dimension W did not exist @ThePhanSite Definitely the shadows. It gives portraits so much impact.LOL WHAT IS HAPPENING TODAY. ARE WE REALLY DOING THIS NOW TOO ARE WE DYING ON EVERY HILL TODAY?
Retweeted by Canipa @ReporterDem It's already called Lilypad!She is not happy that I brought 36 pear trees and placed them in grids.Just concluded an hour long conversation with my fiancee that started with, "We need to have a serious talk about t… Hunter video will be out later this week because I need to get it out before I lose all my time to FFVIIR @frozen_ravly This and the Shadowbringers trailer sold me on resubbing after I got halfway through 2.0 in UniMade by a single Chinese game developer, Bright Memory aims to be the Devil May Cry / Dark Souls of first person sh…
Retweeted by CanipaThe cowards later changed it to when they originally called the FFXIV drama series "Daddy of Light" in English general, I usually prefer to walk around the local neighbourhoods instead of going into the more crowded parts o… Persona 5 Royal to imagine what it'd be like to go to Kichijoji again... @Janny_Nash Looks like a nice place to social distance from! @Janny_Nash Neat! I'm planning on moving myself after this pandemic calms downGot Sydney to call me Senpai!!! Small tour of my kKyoto inspired town #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch
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@shizu0_any Usually on the highest cliffs @TombstoneTT The scary thing is that we have no idea how bad it is. All it takes is it to get into Shinjuku station… @DoctorDazza As long as you wear a mask, it's all fine, right?It is seriously uncomfortable how many people are packed into the local McDonalds here today. No spacing in the lin… love egg day #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch Hideo Kojima’s Next Game Must Be About a Nice World Where Nothing Bad Happens
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@zerojustice315 @frog_kun Don't worry, Kim's yet to start episode 1 @frog_kun @zerojustice315 Where are you up to in The Good Place? @zerojustice315 @frog_kun The Amy Santiago/Chidi Anagonye fusion we've been waiting for @shizu0_any Taking my rightful place @frog_kun @C_A_P_ @frog_kun Thanks! Hopefully we're actually able to hold the wedding now 😅It is kinda cruel to release these now BAFTA really needs to work on their export settings Games really made up for the lack of awards for The Outer Wilds at The Game Awards! @chompotron @crazynabe They could do a 4D American theater experience where a small child kicks the back of your seat every 5 minutesCongratulations to Hideo Kojima for receiving the @BAFTAGames Fellowship award today! You are so deserving of this…
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@chompotron @crazynabe The alternative isn't that much better though @crazynabe I remember trying to use a VR headset to watch a TV show in a movie theater set, but the feeling of bein… is getting so brazen in Animal Crossing that she's telling me to move my house so she can make a bamboo…
#News DEVILMAN crybaby's Masaaki Yuasa Retires as Science SARU President
Retweeted by Canipa @Volkerstime Even just small things like an improved translation and new battle music has really made it feel fresh @NaChiKyoTsuki97 Give it a couple years and then you'll be ready to replay it with Royal. P5 is definitely one of t…'s the newest episode of Anime Mythbusters, tackling the myth that: "Anime Adaptations Exist Just To Promote T…
Retweeted by CanipaPersona 5 Royal is doing a really great job at reminding me why it's my favourite game. @riversistired someone who time-travels in New Horizons tell me if Digby is in it at all? @kiha_ki Good luck!~ Looking forward to it!
@SStefcia It's the same reason I hardly posted any videos last year. In the end, I figured that even an attempt at… @TheJadedGuy @AnimeAjay I wouldn't go that far, but thanks!This video was a pain in the ass to write and I've rarely been less confident about releasing a video. Had to skim…'s the newest episode of Anime Mythbusters, tackling the myth that: "Anime Adaptations Exist Just To Promote T… @kiha_ki @playninjala That's amazing! Congratulations!🌟Honored to get involved in NINJALA @playninjala as Character Designer and Concept Artist🌟 It will be released thi…
Retweeted by Canipa @WanderinDreamr I seriously can't get enough of them. I'm now advocating for humans not be allowed in, just so peng… has done wonders for The Canipa Effect productivity.New video in 10 hours on
@socialanigirl It was 90% of my reason for preorderingHell yeah @jacobpdf Yeah, it's been such a long wait and now it's just coming out? Early access, but still... @ThePhanSite I couldn't and still can't stand JunpeiSQUARE ENIX IS A BETTER LANDLORD THAN ANY OTHER LANDLORD
Retweeted by CanipaI want an exercise bike and I'm like... could I put it in the middle of the kitchen...Being at home due to coronavirus all the time has made me want to move apartments to a larger place... but because…