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Yorkshire's Best Tourism Experience 2018. Best Farm Shop & Retailer 2019 Host of #SpringtimeOnTheFarm and This Week on the Farm on @channel5_tv. Praised by PM!

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Our lovely reindeer Prince is appearing on Channel 5 on Tuesday on a brand new episode of @theyorkshirevet. Tune i… the team at @CannonHallFarm, winners of @O2’s Everyday Heroes awards. Watch how they used the power of mobile…
Retweeted by Cannon Hall FarmOur Oh 'Eck face coverings are back in stock! They sold out in just a few hours last time we had them so we've made… Horsebourne is enjoying his time in our barns and is always happy to pose for a snap for visitors. Don't forge… @minesasavaloy Oh aye!
Farmer Richard’s road home to Mill Farm this evening have a rather confused rhododendron up the farm drive 🙄
Is there anybody there? Get ready for Halloween themed fun! - Kate gets a little helping hand from Pony Hadley to model the Hello Flower ladies fit tee-shirt. This style… don’t come any cuter than our goat Millie! Look at how those little horns are growing. Before we know it she’l…
Dare we mention gift shopping? That time of year is coming up so be sure to head over to our website where we've go… is beautiful #ItsGrimUpNorth #BarnsleyIsBrill #MyHomeTown @EBMuseum
Retweeted by Cannon Hall FarmThe unique design of our farm means that there's plenty of space for social distancing - and while the kids are at…
Just for fun! Caption competition...Oh ‘eck! 🤭 a beautiful day it is to be @CannonHallFarm
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@CannonHallFarm One of the photos from our visit last Wednesday - just love my minders!!! lol - living my best life…
Retweeted by Cannon Hall Farm** Pumpkin Picking at Cannon Hall Farm - October 17 to 31st ** All paying children get a FREE pumpkin (there's plen… @RobNicholsonCHF @CannonHallFarm Trying to get my hubby addicted to you guys as much as I am .. he can’t follow th…
Retweeted by Cannon Hall Farm @CannonHallFarm Had an absolutely brilliant day last Wednesday, met and had a chat to Rob, Dave, Ruth, Darrell and…
Retweeted by Cannon Hall Farm @CannonHallFarm Beautiful view and the whole farm is wonderful. Saw most Farmers and had a chat, that was lovely. M…
Retweeted by Cannon Hall Farm** HOW OUR SUPPORTER NETWORK HELPS US ** As winter approaches and we adjust to our new normal of much reduced capac… White Bull restaurant is open for breakfast from 9am and includes lots of old favourites like this one. Come an…
@CannonHallFarm We had a great visit today. Very well organised and safe for all ages to enjoy. ☀️ 🐄 🐑 🦎 🐖 🐴 🦙 🍦
Retweeted by Cannon Hall FarmThe beautiful views of Cannon Hall Farm can really be taken in and enjoyed on our animal foot safari. This new walk… Ruth just taking a moment to celebrate one of our unisex style teeshirts - which are on sale online now! As… had a lovely day at @CannonHallFarm today 🥰 Memories were made which will be treasured forever! 🐄🐖🐐🐇🐍🦎…
Retweeted by Cannon Hall Farm @Karen_acts Looks reyt grand!
There's something about watching this little guy have his supper that is just infinitely relaxing. Our farrowing ho… limited edition Millie and Primrose tee-shirts are only on sale for another few days. If you'd like to grab you… pumpkin picking tickets are now on sale! -** OUR BONFIRE IS CANCELLED ** We are very sorry to announce that we have taken the decision not to run our annual… Rob is LIVE on Facebook right now chatting about our plans for February and checking in with the ewes and tu…
Farmer Charlotte is rocking the unisex Hello Flower teeshirt - we love how this looks with jeans! As we prepare for… Hungry Llama restaurant is the perfect place to stop to feed the kids during a farm visit - but please do note… to visit again on the 26th September cannot wait @CannonHallFarm and hope to bump into @RobNicholsonCHF and…
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** MERCH SHOP IS OPEN ** Our online merchandise shop now ships overseas for our international farm fans. We restoc… Picking at Cannon Hall Farm - October 17 to 31st Join us this Halloween half term for a fabulous, family-fr…
@minesasavaloy We do have some. Perhaps not in every size or colour.Our limited edition Millie and Primrose tee-shirts are only on sale for another eight days. If you'd like to grab y…
I think we all know who’s the apple of Farmer Roberts eye. Granddaughter Nelly is the next generation of the Nichol… beautiful little new arrival is in our rare breeds barn and really does have the happiest little face. Book yo… one morning, just as the sun was rising! Cracking photo from farmer Robert while doing his rounds today.
Farmer Darrell is proudly rocking the Oh 'Eck hoodie in black and doing a fine job of modelling it too. We've got…
We’d like to wish Cawthorne Juniors Under 7s the best of luck in their first league fixture tomorrow! 😊⚽️ are so proud of our farm team who have proven just how resilient and diverse they can be over the last three mon… @gippytummy @SimoneCleeve @RobNicholsonCHF @ShowFarmBaron When they’re back in they’ll be on here! @gippytummy @SimoneCleeve @RobNicholsonCHF @ShowFarmBaron Im afraid they’re temporarily out of stock but will be back in soonMille, Helen and Primrose 🤩🤩🤩❤ @CannonHallFarm @RobNicholsonCHF
Retweeted by Cannon Hall Farm @KnittingPins @PlanetRockRadio And Jon Bon Pony! ...and Pony Hadley....and Pony M...Here’s Ozzy!
Farm tickets are just £2.95 plus booking fee on some sessions! - to report that the traffic cone orange Oh 'Eck hoodie that Farmer Tom is modelling for us is online now! Big… miss another live broadcast again - tune in to our Facebook page for all the latest farm news. Tuesdays/Thurs… Horsebourne, like all rock gods, has a nose for trouble, and what a nose it is! in the farm shop from Haworth Steam Brewing Co! Who could resist Willie Eckerslike Yorkshire Ale? Part of a ran… us LIVE on Facebook right now as Farmer Rob visits our most famous animals
Clearly super happy to have met my @CannonHallFarm favourites today (bar Farmer Dave whom has rudely gone on holida…
Retweeted by Cannon Hall Farm** Pumpkin Picking - October 17 - 31 ** Tickets for pumpkin picking are on sale now. All paying kids get a FREE pum…
Oh ‘eck! aprons, now available on our online shop and modelled by farmer Richard as he cooks lamb rump with garlic…'s a goodnight from Pony Hadley and all the lovely animals at Cannon Hall Farm. We open tomorrow at 10am and we'… Richard is thrilled with his Oh 'Eck apron which is perfect for those kitchen disasters...… @CannonHallFarm did a remarkable job keeping folk going through lockdown with their daily vlogs. They are open agai…
Retweeted by Cannon Hall Farm @Catheri84744251 @HillaryWad There's nothing to be picky about. There is only one Santa (and we are working on it - promise!) @MatthewCowling Hi you will find all the information on what is open and what isn't here (updated regularly) you’re as handsome as Ted is, you’ve just got to shout about it - he's one of our finest Highland Cows. We ar…
Great time @CannonHallFarm today. Much excitement over all the animals. I think we spotted Farmer Roger but didn’t…
Retweeted by Cannon Hall FarmOur limited edition Primrose and Millie tees are now available to preorder and are available as a sweatshirt or a h…
@BarnsleyFC Some amazing moments there and we’ve been supporting you through them all! @YorkshireTots We are planning an event. Won’t be the same as previous years.Our farm shop is one of the biggest and best in the UK with a butchers counter featuring home produced beef, pork a…
Interesting sky down at Mill Farm yesterday. Mill Farm sits in valley with a Mill pond, stream, trees and hills. It… @CeliaYa27232646 Rather fierce those I think 😳How sweet 🤩❤ from this mornings live xx @CannonHallFarm @RobNicholsonCHF
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The originals, Donald Sinclair (Siegfried Farnon) Alf Wight (James Herriot) and Brian Sinclair (Tristan Farnon). Lo…
Retweeted by Cannon Hall FarmWe've reduced our admission tickets! - to @AroundTown_Mag for writing such a comprehensive and compelling version of our story. farming brothers dressed up smartly for their first photoshoot. “I suppose I was expecting a lot of them, but I…
We don't think we've ever seen a more fitting picture of our Oh 'Eck tee than the expression on Gareth's face as he… of all he surveys! Gary the donkey looking majestic on the hillside in a photograph by @Camdragon that we love… @Camdragon Hi Carol, Love the picture of Gary the donkey. Are we ok using it for a social media post? 🙂Brilliant birthday trip to @CannonHallFarm for Doug's 15th.
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@AEBrid556 @RobNicholsonCHF This is wonderful! Thank you!** WE ARE RECRUITING ** Do you know someone looking for a new challenge? We are recruiting experienced team members… reached 40,000 followers on Instagram so we celebrated with a Mill Farm sunset. Follow us on @cannonhallfarm 😍
@FayChelle 😂Our official merchandise store has been stocked up and farm tickets are dropping in price! - for something to do - come and visit the amazing animals of Cannon Hall Farm!
When you just can’t get enough of farming tv!! 🐑🐂 @theyorkshirevet @CannonHallFarm @channel5_tv
Retweeted by Cannon Hall FarmYoung Pony Hadley is enjoying life out in the paddock with mum Pony M and dad Jon Bon Pony. He's certainly one of t… @3asdplusmum @RobNicholsonCHF We think he raided @thejuleshudson ‘s wardrobe when he was here filming! 😂The boys are out in the field getting up close and personal with that lovely ryegrass. Will Robert be able to keep…
@TrotterPossum It’s on the Cannon Hall Farm shop Facebook page. It’s separate from the Cannon Hall Farm one.Lovely day at @CannonHallFarm 😊We loved seeing all the animals and visited the hungry llama for lunch 5⭐️
Retweeted by Cannon Hall FarmHelen the alpaca spotted farmer Roger leaning against a gate chewing a piece of straw and looking thoughtfully into… you missed out on the original limited edition tee shirts then we are thrilled to say that we have a very limite… carrot salad farmer Richard cooked up for our Cannon Hall Farm Shop Facebook page on Wednesday, served with rar…’ve still not had my hair cut, post Covid so I reckon I’m a 3 or a 4! 😂 is highly possible that we will never in our lives be able to capture another image as cute as this one of Milli… day today @CannonHallFarm definitely recommend this farm to everyone who don't mind driving... Can't wait t…
Retweeted by Cannon Hall Farm @CannonHallFarm one group of happy drivers and mechanics with pie and peas at midnight during the @2cvracing 24 hou…
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****GUARANTEED TO MAKE YOU SMILE!**** This has to be the cutest thing we’ve seen in a long time. Jon Bon Pony’s you…