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Turn on a new laptop for the first time --> open safari --> download chrome --> never use safari again @ptknicksblog from 3 point range* @ptknicksblog Is Barrett still a top 3 pick? He shot like 30% in ACC playBefore and after clamshell replacement. Goodbye my stickers. they could trade DSJ, keep and use the pick, and have Ja Morant as your backup guard behind Kryie, which would be wild.If Knicks get 2 and want to trade the pick (bc they got Kyrie), could get a haul for the pick.Regardless of fit with DSJ / fit with Kyrie, Ja Morant is significantly increasing value of getting #2 pick, which… @presidual Really like these shots allowed frequency graphs. Is there a scale here? I'm curious what the % differen… @skip1001 If you think this is bad, wait until you hear about the rigging of their own primaries by Dem Party. Very sad stuff.
@iankach most brackets are pretty chalky, all things considered, which is why a chalky tournament is needed for a p… far so good.16-over-1 or 15-over-2 knocks out like 99% of ESPN brackets. If 2-3 of those events happen in a tournament, its pro… 12 1-3 seeds win their first round game, and the final 4 is ESPNs most common final four picked (DUKE, UVA, Gon…'ve have a fixation the last couple of years with march madness with regards to whether or not a 99%-chalk-ish tou… post: how final score can lie - introducing "Score Control" Using @googlecloud
Retweeted by NicholasNot sure if this has been noted or not but in the @nyknicks vs. @utahjazz season series, the combined 1st half scor… @iankach Boston University
@ptknicksblog is reddish even a top 10 pick? @ptknicksblog The Co. at this point is not looking great tho and I don't think a big tourney run impacts it. Neit… @NateSilver538 Blackjack in bars and bar/grill type restaurants would be nice as well @inpredict @presidual There's about 1430 games in an NBA season, so would we actually expect this type of outcome o… @Neil_Paine Welcome back Hot Takedown @NewEraKnicks Not sure if you heard but there's a Ringer hit job going on. The Knicks front office is in turmoil. C…
@ChadwickMatlin Hot Takedown needs to be brought back permanentlyThe hot takes haven't stopped, so we had to bring back Hot Takedown. (!!!!) //…
Retweeted by NicholasHow many teams should compete in March Madness?Lastly, 4 play-in games make all sports analytics projects on the tournament unnecessarily harder too. Lmk if you r… expanding from 64 to 68, we fixed something that wasn't broken, and in fact mildly-hurt something that was great… the reason we have 68 teams instead of 64 is because enough big-conference bubble teams complained loud enough f…, the 6 seeds that play a play-in winner are always at a relative disadvantage to other 6 seeds, because their… play-in games cause issues for the tourny too. Since there are play-in games for 16 seeds, teams that won their… off, as a comp to highlight the stupidity of 68 teams, imagine if the NBA playoffs were 1-8 in the west, and…!!IMPORTANT!! thought on march madness, which i think is worth arguing for, which is that the tournament should 100… @iankach @MatthewBerryTMR Red Sox have big wallets they can give Betts a deal somewhere around what Machado got to… advertising failure on Google's part...
Not ideal for a Knicks fan, who knows that KD odds are 3x Zion odds. But I feel that this new style of tanking is l… feel like the Knicks, Cavs and esp Suns winning a few games lately has been proof of the new nba tanking rules wo… @presidual Had no idea his TS% the last 7 years has been this high + consistent. Jesus Christ... @EYistotle Well I still live in Cali, so this would've been a tough game to swing. Certainly saw the highlights tho… only take-away from the seeding is that @buffalobills got boned in the March Madness seeding. Was a top 15-ish t… Its wildly helpful and underrated how awesome it is that @FiveThirtyEight posts summaries…
@Zach_websterrr @BleacherReport @RonnieLoveee too accurate
@ZachLowe_NBA Zach is the GOAT NBA podcaster, at least for my generation. Great Q's here and awesome answers by Brown too.
@SportsTalkBarry @PacoTheAwesome - wild stuff here
@skip1001 @rstudio That actually good to know, although I generally only use .rmd in specific instances. RStudio h… @skip1001 @rstudio It is the functions that i spend 99% of my time working on though, so whichever file has the fun… @rstudio and #rstats - I have a .R file opened in RStudio that is just a whole lot of functions, some of which…
We're having a follower drive to reach 4,000 twitter followers by Selection Monday. If you have enjoyed our work t…
Retweeted by Nicholas @NeverTr74704466 @FiveThirtyEight more like 90% - also you can bucket 2-4 into "Fake Progressives" @FiveThirtyEight If 90%+ of the Democratic party is pro war, pro regime changes, pro wall Street, then i don't thin…
@jaydanahy You're an idiot if you wear uncomfortable jeans on a cross country flight
@KnicksFanTv @TommyBeer I feel like the Knicks aren't gonna open Robinson's offense up this season. Makes sense - h… @KnicksFanTv @TommyBeer His FT% may be a real indicator that Robinson can shoot, beyond lob dunks. Something hes sa… @presidual It's certainly odd. I assume that LeBron is looking forward to the 4-5 month off-season vs the usual 2-3…
@EYistotle Barry is the NFLs new breaking-news guy, and he's the best at it, so it must be true. Wild stuff Brown to the Pats.
@NateSilver538 Her views aren't representative of Dem party you're 100% right. Dem party is pro-money, pro-lobbying… @Herring_NBA @FiveThirtyEight Impressive timing.Hey @bklynmaks hope things are well Max - could you shoot me a follow so I can dm? Wanted to reach out with a bball analytics question!
This is (a) ACC | Big12 | Pac12 only, (b) for in-conference games only, (c) for the 2018-2019 season. Consists of 1… @RobMahoney "In just 918 minutes, Robinson has blocked more total 3PA this season than any other player—and, for th… @rxmeister28 @ptknicksblog @ScooterToots Don't love this narrative. Long season not a problem for other players, Tr… @kirkgoldsberry Those left corner 3s tho! Give this man a max contract! @FiveThirtyEight Same chat for CNN / MSNBC being an extension of the Dem party should be coming out any day now?
Have read 2 of the SSAC papers that @LukeBornn posted in his thread last month - EPV and Move or Die. Downloaded 3… @DrKlep @NateSilver538 @ne0liberal well, he would have, so... @JaymeMerline @NateSilver538 @ne0liberal well, she should have, so... @drewmagary Just don't read the websites you don't want to read? @Tim_Canova I'm pretty sure the demonization of opposing parties is by design. It keeps their own partymembers loya…
@ForecasterEnten Tulsi's anti-war stance?
@EYistotle @Stanford @USWNT Looks like 'only' 2 - Press and Sullivan. Like 4-5 from UNC surprisingly
@kirkgoldsberry Kirk forgot the legend for size,so I'm here to help. In this graph, size is an indicator function:… @ZachLowe_NBA we all know you're watching because you like to knock out 2 bad teams in 1 game. Is Mitchell Robins… @klein26_ Dude is going to be the best center in the NBA by then @_CK2K Mitchell Robinson is going to be a superstar in the NBA. The league is not ready for 30mpg from this kid.I'm not saying I want the Knicks to trade Mitchell Robinson for AD, but I'm starting to think that Robinson is a be…
Could not find the time + money to fly from Cali to Boston for Sloan Sports conference this season. Fortunately…
@23savage____ is going to be a legit star in the NBA real soon - big 17/14/6/3 tonight! @ZachLowe_NBA - time to ge…
@Chris_Auld @JAMAInternalMed Great threadA rant about the state of statistical work in (clinical) medical journals: 4/20 "Weed day" edition. Last year…
Retweeted by Nicholas @_lionelhenry @iankach go through this for 20 - 30 minutes if you haven't already, I think it'll be fairly helpful @abresler @BenStinar True. Rather then, if the Nets current front office was around for the last 5-6 years and had… @freakaleak1209 @BenStinar clearly, it's not very good @BenStinar @abresler If you flipped the picks, the suns would be 5-55, and the Nets would have a title or 2 @Tim_Canova @BernieSanders Seems like there are literally zero members of Congress who have addressed the issue. Ma…
@RamLover69 @espn_macmahon @SportsCenter If this is marketing in 2019, I'm all for it. Gonna go get myself a Dodge Ram this weekend @andrewdieckhoff You're at a wonderful inflection point in life. R is great. Good luck.
@LukeBornn @afranks53 @_amiller_ @kirkgoldsberry having trouble with this link ☹️ @Travis_Sawchik @NateSilver538 Great piece. Reminds me of the 538 piece on increased HR rates from a year ago.…
My lab has had 11 Sloan papers over the last 5 years: '14: EPV '15: Counterpoints, Move or Die '16: Pressing Game,…
Retweeted by NicholasThis should he considered mandatory reading within the basketball analytics community. Twitter with all my soul but comments like these make it worth it.
@FiveThirtyEight Talk policy and actual politics just a bit more, and skin color and gender and identity just a bit… @FiveThirtyEight Someone on the pod really said "Kamala Harris whose black and Indian and a woman has more claim (i…
@ShandelRich They should shoot for teams as well. @iankach @RealSkipBayless @undisputed FactsI used the site @3ball_ to watch hundreds of assists made by 4 great All-Star passers - Giannis, Harden, Steph, and…
Retweeted by Nicholas @kirkgoldsberry I'm gonna pre-order 10 of these.
@KnickFilmSchool Seems like the Knicks have an asset-maximization mindset at the moment. Which makes sense. If th… @AlokPattani The NBA is really missing an opportunity to improve the dunk contest with a better scoring criteria than what they've got now.
@advancedstats23 For $20?