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Win probability graphs are now equipped with run-detection technology.
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Hey @TheCoachStew - any chance you could follow so I can send over a direct message? If so that would be great. @AceTrainerZack @dmstadler1 @MetsDaddy2013 but we're not contending in 2019, not sure if you noticed, despite what… @BleacherReport Greatest Raptor of all time. Has the best shot in franchise history, the most 35 point playoff game… @haralabob Rough shotIn the first of many, @herhoopstats will be rolling out game reports and charts for every @WNBA game all season lon…
Retweeted by Nicholas @SportsTalkBarry I think the whole NBA is collectively rooting for the Bucks in the finals, esp Giannis, considerin…
Instead of firing manager, instead of trotting out the GM, how about the men who actually make the decisions — both…
Retweeted by Nicholas @mort228855 @pulleyblanklaw A couple of oligarchs in poor countries choosing to blow their money on soccer players… @mort228855 @pulleyblanklaw It's also true in the 200+ countries that are both poor and also have poor athletes. @Chris_Broussard The trailbalzers aren't the 2nd best backcourt, that would be the Rockets. Harden alone >> Dame + CJ @PacoTheAwesome Imagine gutting the farm system for this "win-now" team. @mort228855 @keithlaw @pulleyblanklaw In the United States, MLB player salaries are a reflection of the wealth of o… @KeithOlbermann @MetsDaddy2013 Thank you KeithHonest to God, Mickey Callaway isn’t Gil Hodges but if Wilpon and this amateur Van Wigglesworth blame their gullibi…
Retweeted by Nicholas @AceTrainerZack @MetsDaddy2013 Hindsight is always 20/20 with baseball signings, and MLB relievers are amongst the… @AceTrainerZack @MetsDaddy2013 What ERA was he one year removed from? @thebig3 Not gonna lie this gets me hyped for the upcoming Big3 season - look at the freaking talent they've assembled here. @keithlaw @pulleyblanklaw Player salaries are entirely demonstrative of the wealth of the nation. @AceTrainerZack @MetsDaddy2013 The Yanks signed Ottavino to what contract this offseason? His #s are just as good a… @AceTrainerZack @MetsDaddy2013 loose use of the phrase "some salary" there @MagicJohnson Think magic is becoming self aware with these tweets @AceTrainerZack @MetsDaddy2013 We gave them a net 60M salary dump in Cano + 2 elite prospects for a closer who we r… @EYistotle @Buster_ESPN Ultimately the wilpons are the problem, not him, but he's bad too
@Buster_ESPN Fire the GM and Owners @tangiers12 @MetsDaddy2013 @GMBVW Ridiculous to buy a plan, let alone go to any home games. Hit up road games at Ph… @ZachLowe_NBA @cleantheglass Sorry Zach but McCollum and Kawhi each hit a long 2 to win a series. The analytics mov…
Beautiful @KnickFilmSchool @JCMacriNBA Feel like the Knicks need that home run pick that can become an all-star more than the…
@RealSimbalism His on/off metrics are really good, even accounting for Zion. Not every prospect comes in as a gre… @JCMacriNBA @KnickFilmSchool @ptknicksblog @KnicksFanTv @TheKnicksWall Thank you, will be sharing these pages for a… @PV2nice @KnickFilmSchool @JCMacriNBA @ptknicksblog @KnicksFanTv @TheKnicksWall App isn't live yet, no name to share yet. @msubbaiah1 @KnickFilmSchool @JCMacriNBA @ptknicksblog @KnicksFanTv @TheKnicksWall I am paying for SportRadar's college basketball feeds. @CortezEra nah the dataset I have doesn't go into that level of detail unfortunately.Barrett mostly struggled from 3-point range all season, except for the right wing where he shot 24 / 65 (good for a… the Knicks pencilled in at the 3rd pick, wanted to share a summary of R.J. Barrett's overview page from a new… assists have been distributed over time during the #NBA playoffs. Hard downward sloping shows when teams switch…
Retweeted by Nicholas @FiveThirtyEight Nice interview. Comments here are sad tho, clearly nobody got past the article headline. Politic… @EYistotle @BleacherReport @TMZ_Sports LOLKnicks stuff will be more reasonable if we don't get KD but this was a li…
@BleacherReport @TMZ_Sports The media: LOLKnicks Knicks fans: 3rd pick + Dallas not leaping into the top 5 is a p… @tofftheman @michallub @NBADraftWass LeBron got 1 championship and he simply happened to choose the Cavs as the tea… @jakeandamir Oh boy do I have a Steph Curry clip to share with you @OppenheimerEvan I'm not sure what D3s main purpose is for, but that's primarily what I use it for - bigleaguegraph… @OppenheimerEvan If you want to build advanced web apps with beautiful, interactive data visualizations, you may wa… @michallub @NBADraftWass Nuggets, Bucks, Nets, Portland, OKC all doing fine. Brook Lopez is the only lotto pick who… @KnicksFanTv Low key biggest win of the night. Their top-4 odds were significant and they wiffed. @MaxOnTwitter @SacramentoKings @sixers Imagine firing the GM who made this trade. If you're an R / RShiny / ggplot2 type of data visualizer, and want to level up your data… @KnickFilmSchool You don't waste a future 1st to move up one spot when the randomness amongst these top guys is so…
@shaunking When they rigged Canovas election in both 2016 and 2018 and he called it out then, over and over again,…'t reinforce enough how much I like these graphs for highlighing playoff win probabilities
@Wattenberger Will I be able to download / buy the entire book to read online or am I going to have to purchase the hardcover?
@DerekBodnerNBA @TwoWayGame You're telling me the team that canned the best GM in the NBA for a guy who made a hist… @jakeandamir Home court advantage is mostly about referee bias, these guys are human and they blow the whistle for… @Large_Professor You just listed his all time best playoff games and the average of these games is still less than… @SportsTalkBarry not low-key more attractive than Ayesha @SportsTalkBarry @dmorey you seeing this? Give the man a job! @kirkgoldsberry Almost done with Sprawlball. NBA needs to hire Kirk and have him run the rules committee, if that's…'t think the person who designed this water bottle has ever seen a person shoot a basketball before @NateSilver538 It's obviously for better, and the fact that you preface the tweet with "for better or worse" is ridiculous.
Too accurate @politicspdx @mjbxmjb @sfpathe @ElissaSlotkin That's a problem with America not with AOC or her policies @billshander @IneffectiveMath The article is great but y'all should really buy the book @SEM3376 @haralabob Moderate Dems are Republicans wearing blue @SaturdayOnCouch @knarsu3 @ElGee35 @dmorey That's what Houston does. Warriors offense looked ugly and team looked b… @SJCeruti that's not just you, it's the whole NBA
@JCMacriNBA The price won't be right. Ben Simmons on a rookie contract is great, but not sure there's enough added…
@NateSilver538 Russia story has been beat like a dead horse, and polls show it. If you think Trump's crimes are bad…
@andrewthehan @WindhorstESPN @NickFriedell @Herring_NBA Whoever gives Jimmy a max has to put him on that Kawhi Leon… @EVR1022 Add Harden to the list and you've got your clear top 6 playoff performersRockets ending the quarter with a Harden, Paul, Rivers, Gordon, Shumpert lineup, ends with a Harden layup.… continues to drop the ball in this, what a complete waste of money on their part. @DegentlemanBags @Herring_NBA Ready for 48 minutes of this @Herring_NBA Wild start gotta see some replays on wtf just happened @Herring_NBA Losing 2 at home after stealing 1 on the road never looks pretty.
@Herring_NBA Refs You Suck has become the most overrated chant in the NBA. Fans use it way too liberally. It's al… @jasonwinship9 @NateSilver538 @jacobinmag "deluge of policy"... you mean policy? The race for presidency doesn't ha… has a serious chance to be the greatest inbound passer ever with his size and passing ability, right? How w… @NateSilver538 @jacobinmag If this writer thinks that focusing on policy is a bad omen, then what the fuck are we e…
2019 Amazing how fast we forget about a guy like Kawhi. Ask anybody before the last month who t… @omartalpur @kirkgoldsberry This dunk needs it's own chapter @EYistotle What needs to happen for them to win? Liverpool and Man City each have one game left I assume, w Man City currently ahead? @thomas13355651 @SportsTalkBarry The craziestSteph looking like me on a 9 ft rim wishing it we're 8.5 ft instead #TheUltimateShaqtin @SportsTalkBarry Facts scene
Live look at Jokic before and after playing an hour in game 3
Retweeted by NicholasUs west coasters are 100% on board with triple overtime and beyondI dig this style of graph to visualize a playoff structure.
@NateSilver538 "The only part of the Democratic party that cares about policy instead of age / race / gender needs… reading list for @carmeloanthony’s time in Houston turns into a nightmare 😱 #GameOfZones (@StateFarm)
Retweeted by Nicholas @KevinOConnorNBA @kirkgoldsberry I feel this - my copy is in a NY mailbox and I'm in California...Number of teams that went for it on 4th-1 or 4th-2 more than 60% of the time: 2005-2017 (total): 4 2018: 5
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What a #ChampionsLeague blowout. Feels like Messi should've had 5 assists in this game, makes it look so easy.If not, you're welcome. @EYistotle - you aware of this? - commercials on repeat with the frequency they are on is an advertising disaster, a fireable offense imoWhat % of NBA playoff viewers does TNT think are girlfriends and housewives that they're wasting some of TVs most v… Durant should be doing this for literally any other NBA team and these playoffs would be 1000x more exciting @espn_macmahon Gonna be hard to beat the Warriors when Steph Curry is their 3rd or 4th best player, and not bc he's…