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#Turkish mezzo-soprano and music scholar Lori Şen has been cast as Princess Diana at an American musical named “Que…
Retweeted by Cansu ÇamlıbelRahşan Ecevit, wife of late Turkish Prime Minister Bülent #Ecevit, died at the age of 97 at a hospital in the capit…
Retweeted by Cansu ÇamlıbelA İznik ceramic pitcher that’s over 500 years old and worth five thousand Turkish Liras was stolen from the house o…
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At least 400,000 Syrian #refugee children in #Turkey are not attending school, and those who are enrolled face a nu…
Retweeted by Cansu ÇamlıbelThe president is riding a magic carpet – Kemal Can writes @_kemalcan #Turkey #Erdogan
Retweeted by Cansu ÇamlıbelErdoğan and Putin: Friends for life? – Zafer Yörük writes #Putin #Erdogan
Retweeted by Cansu ÇamlıbelA proposal calling for the #Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality to designate the city’s 93 cemevis – houses of worsh…
Retweeted by Cansu ÇamlıbelPresident Erdoğan complained of not receiving enough "applause" as he was making a speech at the Presidential Compl…
Retweeted by Cansu ÇamlıbelThree Turkish soldiers were killed in a car bomb attack in northeast Syria on Jan. 16, the #Turkish Defense Ministr…
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HPV vaccination unavailable in #Turkey as low sale prices delay imports #HPVvaccine
Retweeted by Cansu Çamlıbel#Turkey starting troop deployment to #Libya
Retweeted by Cansu ÇamlıbelDuyumlara göre Demirören'in Total'i pazarlığı 900 milyon dolarda zorluyormuş! Hayırlı işler...Anlaşılan OYAK'a en y… are cadets jailed for life when their commanders go free? – Mehveş Evin writes @mehvesevin #Turkey
Retweeted by Cansu ÇamlıbelEgyptian security forces have raided the Cairo office of Turkey’s state-run Anadolu Agency and detained four people…
Retweeted by Cansu ÇamlıbelBritish Embassy in #Turkey hosts panel on new #media
Retweeted by Cansu ÇamlıbelA more than two-year block on online encyclopedia #Wikipedia was lifted on Jan. 15 at around 10.30 p.m. local time…
Retweeted by Cansu ÇamlıbelWe cannot say that the ceasefire has collapsed, it’s much too early for such an interpretation: #Turkish Defense Mi…
Retweeted by Cansu ÇamlıbelThank you ⁦@UKinTurkey⁩ for recognizing our efforts at ⁦@DuvarEnglish⁩ ⁦@gazeteduvar⁩ for getting the news out. Hon… Gökhan Biçici (Dokuz8), Will Church (Thomson Reuters Foundation), Ruşen Çakır (Medyascope), Cansu Çamlıbel (Gazet…
Retweeted by Cansu ÇamlıbelAmbassador @DChilcottFCO hosted a panel discussion “Media in the Digital Age: Challenges and Opportunities” organiz…
Retweeted by Cansu ÇamlıbelA court has ruled to keep former Democratic Regions Party (DBP) co-chair Sebahat Tuncel and former co-mayor of the…
Retweeted by Cansu ÇamlıbelLegendary actor Kadir İnanır has responded to criticism about him watching a play based on a book by Selahattin Dem…
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#Russia steals Erdoğan’s dreams for Syria and Libya – Fehim Taştekin writes @fehimtastekin #Erdogan
Retweeted by Cansu ÇamlıbelThe #İzmir Metropolitan Municipal Council has designated seven cemevi buildings as official places of worship in th…
Retweeted by Cansu Çamlıbel#Naqshbandi cult on the move to replace Gülen movement in education #Turkey
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#AKP presents new regulation to allow building of presidential palace on Lake Van #Turkey
Retweeted by Cansu ÇamlıbelLibya: Winners, losers and the outlook – Murat Yetkin writes #Turkey #Libya
Retweeted by Cansu Çamlıbel#Turkish and #Syrian top spies meet in first official contact in years
Retweeted by Cansu ÇamlıbelIrak’a var da Türkiye’ye yok mu? - CANSU ÇAMLIBEL YAZDI
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#Turkey’s National Women’s Volleyball Team has earned a ticket to the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics by beating Germany…
Retweeted by Cansu ÇamlıbelNur Tatar Askari, Women’s Taekwondo Champion and the only #Turkish woman to ever win Olympic medals in a row, is pr…
Retweeted by Cansu ÇamlıbelPsychological barriers ‘against #Turkey’s main opposition started to be overcome’
Retweeted by Cansu ÇamlıbelNearly 7,000 foreigners get #Turkish citizenship via purchasing real estate
Retweeted by Cansu Çamlıbel47.4 percent of #Turkish asylum seekers granted protection in #Germany in 2019
Retweeted by Cansu ÇamlıbelSaturday Mothers meet for 772nd time, demand justice for Güçlükonak massacre #Turkey #HumanRights
Retweeted by Cansu ÇamlıbelTrans woman unable to enter own home for 7 months due to transphobic violence #LGBTQ #Turkey
Retweeted by Cansu ÇamlıbelMunicipal employee sacked for being gay has ‘faith it will be corrected fairly’ #LGBTQ #Turkey
Retweeted by Cansu ÇamlıbelAli Rıza Güngen writes: High interest payments imperil #Turkey’s future #economics
Retweeted by Cansu ÇamlıbelIs change in the air for Ankara? – Aydın Selcen writes @DuvarEnglish - in which I ask myself whether we witness th…
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A Turkish court has arrested Priest Sefer Bileçen of Mor Yakup Church, a historical Syriac Orthodox church in the s…
Retweeted by Cansu ÇamlıbelDo #Kurdish lives matter? – Mücahit Bilici writes #Turkey
Retweeted by Cansu ÇamlıbelTurkey united against sending troops to Libya – Can Selçuki writes @CanSelcuki #Turkey #Libya
Retweeted by Cansu ÇamlıbelSon 1 yılda çalışma çağındaki nüfus 958 bin kişi artarken, ne olmuş da (geçmiştekinden farklı olarak) bunların sade…
Retweeted by Cansu ÇamlıbelWhat happens when the #AKP keeps failing to read societal change? – Besim F. Dellaloğlu writes #Turkey
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Nearly 60 pct of #Turkish people ‘oppose deploying troops to #Libya
Retweeted by Cansu ÇamlıbelWorking Journalists’ Day hardly a celebration in #Turkey #journalism
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Haftar has rejected the call for a ceasefire by #Turkey and #Russia and said his offensive on Tripoli and other cit…
Retweeted by Cansu Çamlıbel#Erdoğan urges joint attitude against those promoting life without marriage #Turkey
Retweeted by Cansu ÇamlıbelIn Diyarbakır, due to the fact that students in the Şehit Mehmet Aygün Middle School lack an actual #computer class…
Retweeted by Cansu ÇamlıbelDiyarbakır’s trustee administration increased water prices by 330 percent. #Turkey
Retweeted by Cansu ÇamlıbelA former envoy and deputy from the main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP), who was dismissed from the part…
Retweeted by Cansu Çamlıbel#Turkish authorities have fined the 11 women who had gone out on the streets holding white flags, in an attempt to…
Retweeted by Cansu ÇamlıbelHalf of #Turkey’s population wishes the country to join the European Union, a recent poll by the private polling co…
Retweeted by Cansu ÇamlıbelFormer HDP co-chair Selahattin Demirtaş has said that nearly 120 people were burned to death after being confined b…
Retweeted by Cansu ÇamlıbelBerfin Özek who survived an acid attack last year criticized a court ruling that sentenced the perpetrator to a tot…
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Putin, Erdoğan launch #TurkStream gas pipeline
Retweeted by Cansu ÇamlıbelEuropean powers condemn #Turkish plans to send troops to #Libya
Retweeted by Cansu ÇamlıbelRussian diplomats ‘confirm #Turkey sent #Syrian rebels to Libya’
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The government’s interest costs have increased 144 percent in three years, said former Deputy Prime Minister Ali Ba…
Retweeted by Cansu ÇamlıbelWoman who lost legs in #ISIS attack fired from job by appointed Diyarbakır mayor #Turkey
Retweeted by Cansu ÇamlıbelResmi sırlardan resmi yalanlara - CANSU ÇAMLIBEL YAZDI
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Some 11,629 #babies died in Turkey in 2018 due to socioeconomic conditions, the #Turkish Medical Association said.…
Retweeted by Cansu ÇamlıbelA group of Diyarbakır-based #Kurdish journalists released the first edition of a Kurdish-language weekly called Xwe…
Retweeted by Cansu ÇamlıbelMassive intel headquarters opens in Ankara #mit #Turkey
Retweeted by Cansu ÇamlıbelTurkey’s state-owned TV channel TRT has misled the public with its report of the Russian Navy’s missile cruiser ‘Ma…
Retweeted by Cansu Çamlıbel?? of population thinks #Turkey should remain #NATO ally
Retweeted by Cansu ÇamlıbelA new year for Diyarbakır #Turkey #Diyarbakir
Retweeted by Cansu Çamlıbelkfkdkekekdd saplamış
Retweeted by Cansu ÇamlıbelShop owners who hung teenager from ceiling released pending trial #Turkey
Retweeted by Cansu Çamlıbel70 percent of population in southeast opposed to trustees replacing mayors #Turkey #Kurds
Retweeted by Cansu ÇamlıbelInmates declined medical care for having “less than seven decayed teeth” #Turkey
Retweeted by Cansu ÇamlıbelRouhani urges Erdoğan to unite against US after Soleimani assassination
Retweeted by Cansu ÇamlıbelJustice minister slams defining Kurdish as an ‘unknown language’ in courts
Retweeted by Cansu ÇamlıbelSuicide of university student sheds light on financial difficulties facing youth in Turkey #SibelÜnli…
Retweeted by Cansu ÇamlıbelIncompetent monetary policy cannot protect the #Turkish #Lira, and it was the last straw to tell the banks that the…
Retweeted by Cansu ÇamlıbelMehmet Ağar does not have any official titles. Yet, his statements imply that he speaks on behalf of “the state”, t…
Retweeted by Cansu Çamlıbelİnsanlar aç, işsiz ve intihar ediyor...
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Mehmet Ağar: The deep voice of the state – Zafer Yörük writes #Turkey #ağar
Retweeted by Cansu ÇamlıbelAppeals court upholds Altan’s sentence in Erdoğan insult case, acquits him of insulting Atatürk #ahmetaltan #Erdogan
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Coining for the Palace – Uğur Gürses writes @ugurses #Turkey #centralbank
Retweeted by Cansu Çamlıbel#Turkish court formally arrests five suspects over #Ghosn’s transit
Retweeted by Cansu Çamlıbel
The U.S. air strike in Baghdad which killed Iranian Revolutionary Guard commander Qasem #Soleimani will increase in…
Retweeted by Cansu ÇamlıbelFirst reaction from #Turkey to Soleimani’s killing comes from the opposition – Murat Yetkin writes #Soleimani
Retweeted by Cansu ÇamlıbelGreek President Pavlopoulos warns #Turkey, urges it to live in peace with #Greece
Retweeted by Cansu ÇamlıbelTeachers punished for hugging during birthday celebration #Turkey
Retweeted by Cansu ÇamlıbelAnkara’dan Kasım Süleymani ile ilgili bir ses var mı? Erdoğan hükümeti bir pozisyon alabiliyor mu mesela? Türkiye’n… Ph.D. granted in ‘Kurdish Language and Literature’ #Turkish #Kurdish
Retweeted by Cansu ÇamlıbelIslamist journo says money and power relations under #AKP rule corrupted the congregation #Turkey
Retweeted by Cansu ÇamlıbelIndictment suggests former ÖSYM leader hired Gülenists to copy and distribute exam questions #Turkey #feto
Retweeted by Cansu ÇamlıbelHerkesin İran uzmanı olduğu bir güne uyandık çok şükür.
Retweeted by Cansu ÇamlıbelMayor İmamoğlu to answer hotline call – Duvar English #imamoğlu #Turkey
Retweeted by Cansu Çamlıbel#Police forces are no longer enough to ensure the security of cities. We need to develop new methods: Erdoğan…
Retweeted by Cansu Çamlıbel#Turkish F-35 suppliers eye production in Bulgaria #F35
Retweeted by Cansu ÇamlıbelToo many hard sells for Erdoğan’s government – Can Selçuki writes @CanSelcuki #Turkey #Erdogan
Retweeted by Cansu ÇamlıbelAfter sitting in on years of debate over what Washington can do to support democracy in Turkey, here, for whatever…
Retweeted by Cansu ÇamlıbelPolice #drone shot down by gendarmerie in Taksim Square on New Year’s Eve #Turkey
Retweeted by Cansu ÇamlıbelTrump tells Erdoğan foreign interference complicating #Libya #Turkey
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Share of foreign capital in #Turkish industry increased under #AKP rule
Retweeted by Cansu ÇamlıbelAs water level of Ilısu Dam rises, last residents move out of ancient #Hasankeyf #Turkey
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