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Best coffee, breakfast, smoothies, sandwiches & crepes! Drop in for great service & great food! #Wexford #coeliac friendly - 053 9123669

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@cappuccinosWex Holy mother of thingy. I reckon my son and I would put that away in one sitting. Looks amazing. πŸ’“
Retweeted by CappuccinosWexford @Paulward72 @spurdog1916 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @spurdog1916 😎😎 @Jasonbranagan11 It is a super spot! 😎😎Carne CO Wexford, nice bright day looking towards Tuskar Rock lighthouse.
Retweeted by CappuccinosWexford @ConorHogarty Super shot! 😎😎Blast away that mid morning slump with our Salted Caramel fix! 😎😎 #Wexford #Cafe #HappyFriday @Jasonbranagan11 Enjoy your walk! 😎😎 @Caz_Collins @KomKathleen A perfect illustration. @choosesligo @discoverirl @GoToIreland @sligotourism @DolDeBie @glasshousesligo @markree @Sligo @SligoChamber Super Sligo scenes! 😎😎 @BraySailingClub Good luck with the launch! 😎😎 @trishcavan @LasTapasDeLola This looks superb! 😎😎
@ALittleJoyie You're welcome! 😎😎 @PortsPastPres Super news! 😎😎'Six Wexford beaches have been awarded the Blue Flag' Pictures: Essential staycation beaches in Wexford you need to…
Retweeted by CappuccinosWexford @ALittleJoyie Congratulations! 😎😎 @JanssenPhoto Super work! 😎😎First step in €30m development of Europort from @Wexford_People #Wexford #Rosslare #Europort
@suedwoody7 Thank you, super Sue!! 😎😎We are here- we are open at the #creativehub #wexford I am in my studio painting - so if you want to buy a painting…
Retweeted by CappuccinosWexford @mmolloycannes @fhayesmccoy Thank you both for the super RTs! 😎😎 @ShellQL 😎😎 @spurdog1916 @Tweetinggoddess @RTENationwide 😎😎 @Iclaireo πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜€πŸ˜Ž @foodvillagemeal Congratulations.Something New for you to try - Falafel Wrap. Its Vegan & Vegetarian and tastes delish πŸ‘Œ! Thanks to @lilybloomwex fo…
@ebhodge @RevilleAnd @HeritageToursWx @WexfordHour @mammylisa1 😎😎If you have ADHD Children & Teens, join the community and help figure out which treatments work best. Please RT…
Retweeted by CappuccinosWexford @mammylisa1 @philatcroft @Coleee121 😎😎I will get you noticed....Get more PR opportunities, more sales, more followers and learn how to use Twitter and L…
Retweeted by CappuccinosWexford @RevilleAnd @HeritageToursWx @WexfordHour @mammylisa1 @ebhodge Thank you all for the super RTs!! 😎😎 @unamull 😎😎 @Lizmoorecooks Sounds delicious! 😎😎 @mienasnougat Yum! 😎😎We were very excited to see ourselves and @Tweetinggoddess for a moment on the intro to Friday's @RTENationwide!…
@WeissCenter πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜„πŸ˜Ž @cappuccinosWex Always good to hear from you guys. Getting ready for sea here now. Hopefully see you all before the…
Retweeted by CappuccinosWexford @spurdog1916 We would love some photos from your route if you are able to find the time! Bon Voyage! 😎😎Nothing beats the naked eye and this photo doesn’t do it any justice but my what a beautiful view it was tonight πŸ‘Œβ€¦
Retweeted by CappuccinosWexford @cappuccinosWex It’s great to see your tweets again. Hope you’re all keeping well πŸ’šβ˜˜οΈ
Retweeted by CappuccinosWexford @spurdog1916 Awww! Thank you very much! Great to see your replies! 😎😎 @BarryCreed @eithnasbythesea @Sligo @sligotourism @staysligo πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜„πŸ˜Ž @coisnatra Super name! 😎😎 @EnniscroneGolf @JohnSkerritt Super! 😎😎We are open from 8.45 am - 3 pm for your breakfasts on the go, your takeaway coffees and more delicious sweet and s…
@Tweetinggoddess @RTENationwide Super!! Thanks for letting us know Sam!Lol my cameo appearance was on @RTENationwide last night! See @cappuccinosWex visit too!
Retweeted by CappuccinosWexfordCecil the lion was killed 5 years ago. Please don't forget him, only 13,000 wild lions left in Africa, don't let an…
Retweeted by CappuccinosWexfordThe brilliant @rickygervais rightly says #trophyhunting is β€œHumanity at its worst”. It’s time to #GetTheBanDone . R…
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The Great Saltee, situated approximately 5 km off the coast of Kilmore Quay #Wexford. The larger island Great Salte…
Retweeted by CappuccinosWexford @sharongrimes1 Thank you Sharon!! 😎😎 @JohnNectar @DigiNormous @donlav @ebhodge @roisinmeaney Well thanks for all of your super RTs!! 😎😎 @StephenGAWA Yes!! Regular and large! Thanks for asking Stephen. 😎😎 @DigiNormous Thank you! 😎😎 @roisinmeaney 😎😎Bannow Island, Co. Wexford This Evening
Retweeted by CappuccinosWexford @roisinmeaney We have superstar salads that brings a balance to our menus!! 😎😳😎 @har_oak @HettysKitchen Yum! 😎😎 @flightradar24 @KareninBristol 😎😎 @charaimeedovey 😎😎 @KitchenFlavour1 Yes, it does! 😎😎Are your ready for a Friday sugar overload? Our crepes are back by popular demand!! FYI We are operating with stric…
Fabulous shot @desmondloughrey
Retweeted by CappuccinosWexford @DeanPhelan7 Doesn't sound to lazy to us! 😎😎 @GoToIrelandCA @IloveDoolin @MartyM_RTE Epic Ireland! 😎😎 @iamCiaraKing @MarkTreacy11 😎😳😎 @underfootdesign Congratulations! 😎😎Congratulations to Wexford e-commerce start-up @scurri who have raised €1.5m! from @siliconrepublic #Wexford
Log on today to a @CoWexChamber initiative. Complete the questionnaire, play your part cont…
Retweeted by CappuccinosWexford @Alisonmdesmond You're welcome! (and thank you)βœ… One more step towards #ZeroNetCarbonEmissions by 2050. Our Danone Wexford facility is the first baby formula prod…
Retweeted by CappuccinosWexford @Alisonmdesmond 😎😎All the Cool Cats love Cappuccinos!! 😎😎 #Wexford #Cafe #TakeAway #CatsOfTwitter
@haga666 Super photos!! 😎😎 @heritageparkwexwexford heritage park
Retweeted by CappuccinosWexford @aerialvisionni @DebsFoodlover @VisitCauseway @CCAGTourismTeam @roevalleyarts @VisitLimavady @DiscoverNI @UFUHQ… plans on track for 2020 from @Wexford_People @SpiegeltentWex #Wexford
@ianomccabe Welcome back Ian! 😎😎First day back in Wexford since last year πŸ˜ƒ
Retweeted by CappuccinosWexford @FerrybankMotors @property_ross @ApsoMollie1 Thanks for the RTs you super people! 😎😎Ireland is open and safe for travel again – and it has #NeverFeltBigger! 🧑 Let's make this summer count with a perf…
Retweeted by CappuccinosWexford @chefjamesoakley @John_Crowe_Chef Yum! @traceysfarm @jjlandscapes A super combination!! 😎😎 @naturalwaymag Lovely! 😎😎In case you missed it we are now open from 9 am until 3 pm!! #Wexford Cafe #TakeAway
@ToeTabby Why thank you Tabby!! 😎😎We are outdoors visiting some gardens & garden centres in Dublin, Wicklow and Wexford @DouentzaGarden…
Retweeted by CappuccinosWexford @siarlandscapes You're welcome! 😎😎 @TrimTourismN @ronangnews @Failte_Ireland @DiscoverBoyneV @discoverirl @BoyneAdventureR Super photo! 😎😎 @Rural_Adv_Tours @CathalByrne2 @macgeopark Super! 😎😎 @NualaColl πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜‚πŸ˜Ž @MichelleLWine @BackforBusiness Congratulations! 😎😎"There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate." - Linda Grayson πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜„πŸ˜Ž #Wexford #Cafe…
Form Ireland: An Online Directory for Creatives in Ireland is now Live! Thanks so much t…
Retweeted by CappuccinosWexford @OTemplebar Good luck! 😎😎 @DeliaOnline @corkfoodie Yum! 😎😎Fresh Daily - Fruit and Veg boxes available now , delivered straight to your door. €25 with the Raspberries and Blu…
Retweeted by CappuccinosWexford @pumpkinspicebag @itsclairekane πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜‚πŸ˜ŽAwww! 😎😎 #Kittens #Wicklow
@Maddycdonworth Awww! A shy Nature 😎😎