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My Star Trek fan fic from multiple series and movie.

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@TheInsaneRobin @Larkistin89 There definitely should have been a little bit of aftermath. @Larkistin89 Yeah, I actually don’t like it because of how bad he goes through it. The kind of technology genuinely… @Larkistin89 All he wants to do is fix things and play darts but the universe hates him. @Drogyn1701 It was odd that they can make the Doctor who seems to have every emotion that a human does. And yet the… artwork of our dear doctor, and probably my favourite so far by @Larkistin89. If you love it as much as I…’m not sure Trump logging his passport details here is going to fix anything. @Larkistin89 Really pleased for you.O’Brien should show up on Picard and have a really terrible day. Just so we know he still suffers. #ObrienMustSuffer @HacklyFracture Well they say a week is a long time in politics. Who knows what the relative temporal flow is like In academia?Ok, @Larkistin89’s art is always incredible, but this is absolutely transcendent. 🙌💖
Retweeted by Captain RevoYes, I broke and got the legendary ship bundle on STO.The World Gameplay Reveal of Baldur’s Gate 3 will be happening LIVE at PAX East on Thursday 27th February at 1530ET…
Retweeted by Captain Revo @mclark1701 @BenCSRobinson I mean they have already done the model of the Ent F which I think is identical. I think… @EwaSR Jesus. @Larkistin89 I really like the unifished version at pic 2. Something really apealing about the unsmoothed version. @Larkistin89 Never in doubt. @Larkistin89 Amazing. Absolutely perfect.Our man Bashir ain‘t havin‘ it today... 😉 Glad I got to finish it so soon. It‘s actually #StarTrek drawing Nr 100.…
Retweeted by Captain Revo @Larkistin89 @FunkBrittany 3 was awesome. @FunkBrittany @Larkistin89 I agree. Still great but it was very planet bound. The earlier seasons had a lot of war,… @nadiaafiff I would think so. @EwaSR Like an episode of Casualty. @FunkBrittany Was aiming for solid black lol. @MarcieStarfleet *fandom intensifies*I also should add looking forward to seeing these in @trekonlinegame too. @octavya360 The taxi is just the discovery shuttle repainted. They might still release it but it’s not really new.Looking forward to getting the Eaglemoss models of all of these #StarTrekPicard ships, and I'm sure many more to co… @EwaSR "The issue of genetically engineering a minotaur are certainly complex, but hardly impossible." @MaryWakulik *drops phone from three feet and it smashes* *Drops camera from plane, enters a different dimension,… this camera fall from an airplane...
Retweeted by Captain Revo @Larkistin89 Clone yourself. It’s a nice choice to have at least, but cross that bridge when you come to it. It m… @Larkistin89 Glad to here it. Go crush the second one now. @TTrekkie @MikeMcMahanTM
@FunkBrittany I’ve never seen anything like it.Fix it in post. @TheyMightBeGeek @StaticWarpBubbl deemed that he played the ball. @xcarolinas This is a great pic. @Drogyn1701 Any book that requires terminology and appendix sections is usually tricky. @TrekFan4387 I love this episode. Half of it doesn’t make sense, but I don’t care. @ActualDamar @strtrk1701 I’ve reported this to Twitter, the police, and the UN.My President. through the wormhole Charlie Brown! "What are you waiting for Chuck? Dial the address already!"…
Retweeted by Captain Revo @NCC2020A @ohtheprofanity *holds up baby caitian while The Circle of Life plays* @_steelymann I think they are still going to release occasional one off ships here and there, and with Discovery, P… @_steelymann Yes. Not really interested though. I have 5 Miranda variants already and the XL. I’m getting sick of them lol. @writergeekrhw What are you rating Jaresh Inyo? @STO_Shane This ship porn needs a NSFW notice. @SummerRay Or are they? @AndorianSoup @StarTrek Tiny. Half the size of a normal ship. @FunkBrittany Get yourself a woman who can do both. 31 ship, Sheliak cruiser and Tarellian ship @nadiaafiff I’d use nacelled. I’m not sure it’s a real word, but it sounds better. @Larkistin89 Holy shit. Looking incredible.Have you had a favorite episode of #StarTrekPicard? You can say “1 - 3” since they were technically meant to be the…
Retweeted by Captain Revo @TheInsaneRobin You’re not my real dad.THERE IS NEW STAR TREK THIS WEEK @EwaSR I’m not ruling out the phone call was *from* the untemp. @Larkistin89 You don’t need luck as you will do great, but I will wish you some all the same.Admiral, Seven just trashed that ship you loaned her. Like Riker
Retweeted by Captain Revo @GeekToyLove Battlestar. I Love it but it's a bit depressing at times and later seasons are not as great as the ear… @Nerdygal33 Which I think they would want to avoid retreading that ground, and going in a different direction with it. @Nerdygal33 Yes, that is true. Some apocalyptic doomsday prophecy. Especially if the Androids are to be presented a… @Ms_EmilyJordan I don't think so. There's still roughly 800 years difference which is a 3 times longer than the Fed… @Larkistin89 @FunkBrittany Now he's trending. Something really bad is about to happen. absolutely loved the way he delivered this line. #StarTrekPicard
@AlwaysGallo Voyager didn’t have one outside a brief invasion by Species 8472. But the war arcs just endangered E… @GaiLannePepper He’s also super into it and excited. @karinchu Interesting. Also one of my favourite eps so I would love that. @1701Eric Absolutely. Some of the very best characters are women.#StarTrekPicard spoilers I am a little concerned that with the destroyer storyline in Picard they are going down… @djvoltz1701 I think there is more to it than the obvious, and that the writers are having fun with us. I can’t hel… @TheyMightBeGeek Have a safe trip. @TheyMightBeGeek Romulan sexy intrigue. @Larkistin89 @FunkBrittany He's also usually up to his neck in trouble so maybe get far away from him. @Drogyn1701 Oh man, going to get that wrong for a while. @Larkistin89 He almost looks like a Doctor here. (Fun thing is as I was typing the above sentence, autocorrect tur… @Larkistin89 Exciting. @Ballerina_KC @TrekkieRob @levarburton I enjoyed seeing him in Voyager as Captain La Forge. Hoping for a repeat in Picard. Happy Birthday! @uk_locutus Look, if a Bynar gets pushed out a window then so be it. @spoowriter @Shepherds5 @ladygaylepete Perhaps Babylon 5, but with all the stand alone eps removed. I guess we will… @DanielAlanB I like the mystery of it. Is it perverted or normal? Is it former lovers or built up sexual tension? W… @DanielAlanB They have referred to each other as siblings. No guarantee it’s the truth or they are technically related. @ladygaylepete I would love if each season had 15 episodes, although I *think* they are telling a very specific sto… @Lulu_4474 I don’t know. He sounded more like he wasn’t doing it now. @Tyranicus Every two subs to CBS All Access buys a model. @TrekCore They are a secretive, suspicious, often paranoid species. Lots of them are going to think he’s set them u… @TrekCore The romulans have not spent 30 years watching next gen reruns. They don’t know him like we do. As far as… @Tyranicus Haha really? Amazing. @Tyranicus @TrekkieRob @rebootingme I only click like if I like something, unless it's in my notifications then it'… know when the klingons boarded DS9 in The Way of the Warrior? Imagine that being filmed now. @sardonic_salmon @SavaeWalton @DS9FBTS @JimSeals1701 I generally prefer this style of storytelling. It’s all a mystery and so many questions. @DS9FBTS @octavya360 I love that we don’t know what he says is true or not. The actor is no Andrew Robinson, but th… @SavaeWalton I think he’s part of the same group, I don’t think he had anything to do with that particular op. @octavya360 @DS9FBTS I think he might actually be falling in love with her. I suspect he will eventually join Picar… @exodus803 @EntropicEnigma Especially after she stood up and straitened it. @strtrk1701 Can you use the amazon prime video app on your phone, and their WiFi if they have it? @DS9FBTS @JimSeals1701 It’s also possible that they are having to pretend for some reason.