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My Star Trek fan fic from multiple series and movie.

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@Tyranicus @WormholePodcast @ThePoey They brought it forward to accommodate Alexander being on the station. The war… @hylianviolinist Both of them are so good.The man fought for and was wounded for his country, he devoted his career to protecting its national security—and t…
Retweeted by Captain Revo @TTrekkie You are correct that it's nothing to be ashamed of. We are all here to support you. On our proverbial Sta… is, clearly, the best one.
Retweeted by Captain Revo @Bethyyeah Yes.Blackbird preview @hollyamos22 Okay, here's my brand new, homemade Star Trek Meme for you! 😁🖖
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@Bethyyeah The first half of season 1 and 2 theme slaps. The second half of season 3 and 4 theme slaps. I was denied complete slappage.Trump's govt has fought disclosure so hard that these documents from 2017 didn't emerge until now, in late 2019 --…
Retweeted by Captain RevoInteresting poster for #StarWars #TheRiseOfSkywalker in #IMAX
Retweeted by Captain RevoI suspect the Republicans won’t impeach Trump, but if they don’t I hope the Democrats then just start another impea… @RogueEnterprise @albinokid That's nothing. This is him in 2255. @HenInAHat1 #NeverForget @DS9FBTS Fuck. @Larkistin89 I ask the tough questions.Dave. Trek? @ListeningToFilm @StarTrek @awhaleinthemoon Starfleet code for real talk. @StarTrek Chewing out Admiral Ross for his questionable choices with Section 31. @Drogyn1701 I know, but had the trend came earlier I think they could have had all the best stuff and none of the guff. @Drogyn1701 To be fair most shows have periods of not being good, yet also never get close to being the best show o… season ends with an avg of 8.65. It was slightly less consistent than season one, although the middle part of t… Down Your Burdens Pt 2: Baltar is elected, while the cylons claim they are leaving. A strong final. Roslin tryi… @TheInsaneRobin I want stripes!!!!! @Larkistin89 Haha. Are you sure you’re not Future Steffi? @Larkistin89 Love it. Really excellent work. 10/10 lemons.#Stargate drawing Nr. 22 was a promise to @dhewlett. Hope you like it. It was my pleasure, sir. 🍋❤️…
Retweeted by Captain RevoYou can see her soul leaving her body. new Mass Effect game is in the works at BioWare, according to a new report
Retweeted by Captain Revo @HenInAHat1 I’m going to use the old Imperial Class Star Destroyers in episode IX. Disney executive: Fine, but how do we m… @ARTPHOBOS That's awesome.We do care. We really do care that your party is trying to manipulate and trick people. @Larkistin89 He's making the rest of us look bad lol. @Stephleesi Who are the two on the left? @mrjamesob I wonder what life would be like if we had a truly fair press that dispassionately delivered the news and facts. @FunkBrittany @cathrynfraser I don't know the exact date but I think it would even predate the Phantom Menace time period. It pro… @BBCNWT @NinaWarhurst I really, really hope the voters blame the government for poverty. @mrjamesob The common thread running through this, through JRM's Grenfell comments and even the FactCheckUK debacle…
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@leesargent Interesting wish you have there. Be a shame if someone spoiled it.’s saying it’s not actually baby Yoda, but what if it’s a clone of Yoda so it’s literally baby Yoda?2019 isn’t done with us yet. want everyone to see this
Retweeted by Captain RevoRewatching Discovery season 2 has cemented for me that it’s my favourite season of Trek. All quality, no filler, lo… @Drogyn1701 An unstoppable army of girl wrestlers will soon conquer us all.i think about this post a lot
Retweeted by Captain Revo @OhMySpaceSailor Dax and Leeta tend to get all the recognition, but Kira is indeed stunning. @carlquintanilla @reuterspictures Could he not remember that?Lay Down Your Burdens Pt 1: They launch a rescue mission to Caprica, but discover a habitable planet. Decent. Would… @EwaSR Have two, just to be safe.The size of the bus that Sondland just threw everyone under. suspect the Tories will still end up with the most seats for numerous reasons, but will be incredibly funny if al… @TrueFactsStated Trump off to do another part of his yearly physical.My house is on fire, but perhaps if I throw more fire onto it then the flames will burn themselves out? the most ridiculous position for any media outlet to take - much less the BBC. Trust in democracy is on the fl…
Retweeted by Captain RevoThey did it guys, after initially announcing Trek's first ever woman director, they found a white man to write and…
As a rule of thumb don’t vote for a party that changes its twitter name to fact check UK in the hope of conning peo… up, I'm A Celebrity, which depicts your life 4 years from now. Living in the woods, arguing with a group of st…
Retweeted by Captain RevoAhh, the fickle nature of football. Fallen Order is very good but I hate trying to get out of the dungeon/complex once you complete the main obje… @BenCSRobinson Sorry, let me clarify. Enterprise the series, NX class, and whatever ship Picard has in the new show. @BenCSRobinson Or an Enterprise one. Or a Discovery one. Or a Picard one. Or a Kelvin one, or a.. #TheTrialNeverEndsDownloaded: Sharon and Six download back to Caprica. The other Sharon has her baby. It’s interesting to see them wr… @jonathansfrakes Star Wars covers for Entertainment Weekly. was following behind this van and as far as I could tell, none of it was secure. Not a thing. How any of it didn… @EwaSR Is this guy for real?Adrian “Ozymandias” Veidt’s latest plan. @thisismewhatevs All of them.One month to The Rise of Skywalker., it's cold outside. @Larkistin89 @TheInsaneRobin
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have not stopped thinking about this since last night imwheszing
Retweeted by Captain Revo @strtrk1701 Amazing.Into Darkness my old friend You've brought me Wrath of Khan again Because a Ceti Eel softly creeping Left Space See…
Retweeted by Captain Revo @TricksyLiesmith A glo up, and a saunter vaguely downwards. 😉Recording this.... starting now... 🖖
Retweeted by Captain RevoPeter Oborne: 'Johnson should not be able to get away with this scale of lying. In properly functioning democracy l…
Retweeted by Captain Revo @eatatquarks @Tyranicus @thisismewhatevs I love a good reference book. @eatatquarks @Tyranicus Maybe Picard just couldn’t remember what he looked like and just conjured you a generic kid.Are you or do you know someone who has experiences with editing websites or podcasts and help us out? @BatlethBabe
Retweeted by Captain RevoI will die laughing if the Synder cut comes out and is hated by everyone. Like truly hated to their core. Their rag… @Larkistin89 Thank you.😘 @alexandertperry 1) The excellent music 2) The funny humour 3) The powerful emotion 4) The superb villains 5) The i… @FunkBrittany 😔 @FunkBrittany Not good. Hope it clears up quickly.The Captain’s Hand: Pegasus has a new commander who make a poor tactical choice when two raptors go missing. Roslin… Bull just broke the record for the fastest F1 pitstop in history. I can't even plug a USB in
Retweeted by Captain Revo @StaticWarpBubbl @TheyMightBeGeek He also speaks French, German and Spanish. The guy is just brilliant at everything.#TheExpanse Season 4: New trailer,
Retweeted by Captain Revo @Drogyn1701 @TheInsaneRobin Perhaps. Visually it was. The opening rescue is spectacular. Does get bogged down aroun… @MikeDrucker @EwaSR I have killed my character a hundred time already jumping off shit.Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order is the story of a brave Jedi who can’t catch a rope to save his fucking life
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