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Toby @CaptainGMarti Brisbane, Queensland

🇦🇺 #GME I like the stock

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Lmao fcuking drunk before the damn game
@TheWouston MOR THE FUCKING NING!!! @ApesTogetherDoc 18th June. Nothing happened.Hahahahahahhahaha @GMEshortsqueeze Come on do something!!!!Suddenly we are linked with Aouar Maddison Talks with Ødegaard And then the one I really want us to sign was Ha… @LacsNeko @orizontas6 Bro how many units u have hahaha a @SanabriaAdam @DickTugging Good luck brotherThis is a good tweet @AMC_R_Merkel @DickTugging We the apes #GME #AMC
@cgriffin94 @jhuntermav Sounds good another $4000 in$GME Months ago I found correlations, between $SPY, $BTC, $VIX, $GME. Wanted to check again $GME & $BTC Correlati…
Retweeted by Toby#WhatToReadForToday @AlagbeSimon @VettelsBlues @Orbinho Yea man is stupid af when Giroud won the World Cup mid-season to 2018 @ChrisWheatley_ If we can afford Madison obviously I want Grealish @MercedesBenz @isadorenoir Hire her then? @TheWouston DTCC filed
@GameStop Bro go higher pls @live2beingu Any idea why Dodge Coin is going up?Again @TheWouston nothing happened to #GME 🙁🙁🙁Wtf? @TaraBull808 #GME need to be mentioned all the time as well. @TradesTrey I hope everyone has the same goals including #GME #AMC @TaraBull808 Push for #GME too the fuck is going on with #gme #amc is having a gamma squeeze @MissOllie2020 Hahahahahhaha @MissOllie2020 回顾下 @yunij98 😉日子天天过 别不开心滴过 @av_benriya Do u know where is she now? people is funny af @av_benriya Where is Touka Rinne @gmegang1 What happened to ytd? @ActionPosable @TheWouston Love ur action #gme
Hey @TheWouston what happened to GME today? AMC is bouncing but GME does not have any movement at all. @ProfessorSwings Fucking $57 right now @1BoltNation Let's smash GME and AMC together @DavidBrideau4 @DarcyB @TradesTrey Need to do it for #GME too @sanqueshaonv 再亲By far the biggest clown account in Twitter platform @elspanishgooner I really miss having a midfielder like Cazorla With him, Özil and Alexis I never have so much… @smeagol_11 This guy won a fucking champions league for them If Alexis won a premier league title he can fuck off too
Jack is crazy @tcourtois1i Wanted us to sign him so badly Ozil, Cazorla and Isco will be crazy
Giving a away $100 in 4 hours. Follow @notswabs and retweet for chance to win. Choice of $100 worth #btc
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@TheWouston No subtitleeeee @TheWouston oh no, there’s no subtitle in ur latest YouTube video这些道理都是真的😉😉😉😌 而且都以交朋友开始☺️ @bbwinau I think both of them deserve a good massage. @librarygirlkami @TheWouston @librarygirlkami @TheWouston Maybe the SEC can just wipe off the rule no.5 just like that? @librarygirlkami @TheWouston Thanks! And people always go with “This is not a financial advices.” too.This is so stupid that you disclose information of her like this tho. @TheWouston I want to ask a question, why when there are facts and also backed up with so much informations and evi…
@TaraBull808 Tragic that u guys never mentioned GME. And AMC together This will make GME investors sold and buy AMC tho @Jonas14052948 @TaraBull808 Man you are a legend @TaraBull808 Australia mate, GME as well. #ApeStrongTogether「你就不用陪我上去了 别影响你的前途」
Retweeted by Toby @nonewthing Nketiah was fucking world class in U23 and so shit when playing in the first top league lvl.Poor me, and it didn’t happen. @chuck12679708 AlrightMan I feel like I’m dumbing my whole life saving into this @jhuntermav The shares that we are buying through @_selfwealth is it the synthetic or real shares? @ApesTogetherDoc Should I buy with another $5000 tonight? @TheWouston helloooo, when is ur next live stream?I join the party too late @johnterryUK2 @_Nover @carmarket_china (4+4)x3 = 24 (6+2)x5 = 40 (2+5)x3 = 35 这个也可以
@stem_feed @TheWouston what the fuck is this? @youssfootball @MesutOzil1088 I love him so much @chelsea_hetho @abcnews Just fucking get the vaccinations, bunch of idiots @wallumafc Aour is the oneFeel so different now We used to have Artists RvP, Cazorla, Özil @elspanishgooner I rally gonna miss him
@ChrisWheatley_ This is just fucking stupid @m8arteta you are so ducking uslessBunch of idiots 😂🤣 @FabrizioRomano Aston Villa beat Arsenal @jamesbenge I feel like we just need another Cazorla that can find Ødegaard or ESR from that midfield Cazorla was…
@skengteta I really like Odegaard but tbh the level is just as shit Cazorla or ÖzilFucking pull @RiZzyUTD Smokescreen for Grealish you fucking idiotTop 4 managers from 2004 to 2018
Hahahahah team just not so familiar tho @TheWouston Lmao, GMEWhen u can fuck well and dance well
@KongPosting #TogetherStronger #apestogetherstrong #GMEtothemoonHAHAHAHAHHAHAA this #gme #GMEtothemoon @brisfuckboy 单男Looks like AMC price is gonna take over BTC by this time next month
Retweeted by Toby @michaeljackson Bro, just fucking chill.Imagine having a gf like this, I actually hope we can sign the kid Bellingham from Dortmund He plays like DiabyArsenal board was so so stupid and consistently hire rubbishes instead of coach like Klopp, Conte or even Tuchel.Giroud is a winner @OsmanZtheGooner Building a team like the 2014-15 one will be good
@bbwinau 那么早呢