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@answerswithjoe Hey Joe... Not sure the best way to reach you, but I have a suggestion for you to do a show. I'd li…
"Forget Pizza Rat, this cockroach with a cigarette is the new invader of the streets""Trump’s remarks about the US and Ancient Rome caused some confusion""Retired Admiral McRaven pens powerful New York Times op-ed on Trump" Mattis mocks Trump's bone spurs at Al Smith dinner speech - CNN Video
"A federal judge has ordered President Trump to turn over eight years of tax returns""Republican Party needs to 'get a grip on itself,' says former Secretary of State Colin Powell""Donald Trump says Nancy Pelosi is guilty of ‘treason’""Trump's 'great and unmatched wisdom' reference prompts a Wizard of Oz comparison"
"Six elephants die trying to save each other at waterfall in Thailand""President Trump says Mitt Romney 'choked' in 2012 election after Romney criticizes calls to investigate Biden""Trump told Republicans that Rick Perry asked him to make the Ukraine call, Axios reports""A second whistleblower has come forward with regards to the Trump-Ukraine dealing, ABC News reports"
It’s time Republicans mutinied against America’s Captain Queeg, Donald Trump @DetroitTrainFan
Trump's private fury over impeachment spills into the public"Trump calls on China to 'start an investigation into the Bidens'" @realDonaldTrump Wow! Trump really has the support! 😂🤣😂Trump reiterates call for Ukraine to investigate the Bidens, says China should investigate too"President Trump held a joint press conference with the Finnish president amid impeachment inquiry"
"Trump responds to NYT report he suggested shooting migrants' legs at the border to 'slow them down'""Mike Pompeo gets a wedge of protest cheese while visiting Italy"
Trump just went on an unprecedented Twitter tirade Amber Guyger found guilty in murder of Botham Jean Pompeo gave a very evasive answer when asked about the Ukraine call Democrats subpoena Giuliani for Ukraine documents in impeachment inquiry blows keep coming for Trump as he struggles with impeachment defense Harris says Trump's Twitter account should be suspended Trump's 'treason' attack on Adam Schiff is completely misleading 2016 map tweeted by Donald Trump is hugely misleading
Family issues apology after 6th-grader recants claims that white classmates cut her dreadlocks @YahooNews is this #Scumbag #FakeChristian waste of human flesh? The same #LowLife who believes that Hitler did the Jews a…"President Trump quotes message predicting ‘Civil war like fracture’ if impeachment goes through" @DetroitTrainFan claim on stalled aid for Ukraine draws new scrutiny told this Trump supporter that “President Trump is doing his best to protect American people”. How can you argu…
Retweeted by CaptivatingNewsℹ️‘Beyond repugnant’: GOP congressman slams Trump for warning of ‘civil war’ over impeachment via @washingtonpost wages, rising cost of living"'Liddle,' hyphens and apostrophes: Dissecting Trump's latest criticism of the media""Fox News' Chris Wallace slams 'deeply misleading' defenders of President Trump""The president did nothing impeachable, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy says""Robert De Niro drops multiple f-bombs in response to criticism he receives from Fox News""Jim Jordan defends Trump admin's call to Ukraine involving Joe Biden"
"Stephen Miller and Chris Wallace go head-to-head over Trump-Ukraine relationship" launches Twitter tirade against Fox News’ Ed Henry via @politicoYou have GOT to see this!!! @DetroitTrainFan President Takes to Twitter in Anti-Semitic and Racist Rant via @RollingStoneRT @PalmerReport | Rudy Giuliani just went on live television and claimed that Joe Biden is trying to have him kill… Was 'Foreign Asset' To Russia Ahead of 2016, New Senate Report Reveals | Thank You @DetroitTrainFan Bernstein: Sources say William Barr preparing to deliver 'evidence' of a 'deep state conspiracy' |…’s LaPierre Asks Trump to ‘Stop the Games’ Over Gun Legislation in Discussion About Its Support | Thank you… Zelensky call also shines a light on Trump’s financial corruption | @DetroitTrainFan via @voxdotcom
"Senate minority report concludes NRA was a 'foreign asset' to Russia ahead of 2016" Post: Trump told top Russian officials in 2017 that he was 'unconcerned' with election meddling - CNNPol…"Fox News' Chris Wallace slams 'deeply misleading' defenders of President Trump""US special envoy to Ukraine, Kurt Volker, has resigned"
Trump Meets With LaPierre to Discuss How N.R.A. Could Support Political Defense | Thanks @DetroitTrainFan Wilson, Who Challenged Iraq War Narrative, Dies at 69 via @nytimes | @DetroitTrainFan Wallace: Whistleblower spin from Trump supporters 'deeply misleading'"'Liddle,' hyphens and apostrophes: Dissecting Trump's latest criticism of the media" @DetroitTrainFan - #OMG @realDonaldTrump is really proving what a #MoronTrump he really is! His spelling and grasp…'Liddle,' hyphens and apostrophes: Dissecting Trump's latest criticism of the media
"Trump calls White House aide who informed intelligence whistleblower 'close to a spy'" 31 wildest lines from Donald Trump's press conference on Ukraine - CNNPolitics"CNBC interviews Wall Street Dem donors who say they'll back Trump over a Warren nom""'This is a cover-up', Pelosi on White House's alleged attempt to 'lock down' Ukraine call data" Again Rejects Trump’s Border Emergency, but Falls Short of a Veto-Proof Majority accuses Trump of covering up bid to seek Ukraine’s help in 2020 election – live @KamalaHarris is showing how this has even come to be a cover-up | @DetroitTrainFan @DetroitTrainFan @sallykohn is saying the exact thing you just said! @DetroitTrainFan @Timodc Schiff: Call transcript is "most graphic evidence yet that the President of the United States has betrayed his… TRUMP USED POWER 'TO SOLICIT INTERFERENCE' | The House Intel Committee releases the declassified com… could be done in by being Trump: Initially the Ukraine scandal led to partisan positions typical of the Trump…"Police investigating alleged major jewelry thefts at Trump Tower in New York""This photo is not from the September 2019 climate strike""Senate votes to block Trump's emergency declaration at the southern border" I can say is... Exactly. @realDonaldTrump... our #prresident... A disgusting excuse for a man, is no man. If you can vote for him, what does…"A majority of House members support impeachment action against Donald Trump, NBC says""President Trump goes after 'so-called whistleblower' and media in UNGA press conference" White House sent us their talking points around President Trump’s Ukraine call. For some strange reason, they…
Retweeted by CaptivatingNewsℹ️"Justice Department was asked to consider Trump's Ukraine call as campaign-finance violation, reports say""White House 'accidentally' sent GOP talking points on Ukraine to Democrats" White House has released a redacted version of the whistleblower complaint related to Donald Trump's call with…
Hillary Clinton says Trump 'has betrayed our country' - CNNPolitics
"President Trump says he will release transcript of call with Ukraine's leader" says he'll release the transcript of his call with Ukraine's leader. It has been scrutinized in the wake of a… mocks teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg - CNNPolitics | @DetroitTrainFan What a #disgusting #sick man i…'Pence has fouled our paradise': Furious Michiganders slam the vice president after his motorcade descended on car-… Conway Publicly Embarrassed During Weekend Meltdown"UK Supreme Court rules that Boris Johnson's suspension of Parliament was unlawful" Yep, UK #Trump |…
Karen Pence Mocked On Twitter For Promising To ‘Tell The Story’ Of What Trump And Pence Are Accomplishing |… rains hell on ‘fake Christian’ Karen Pence’s new Twitter account: ‘I can’t wait for the rapture’ | Raw Sto… Pence's attempt to help Trump 2020 online falls flat | @DetroitTrainFan"VP Pence brings motorcade on Michigan's Mackinac Island where vehicles are banned" #Evil #AntiClimate @mike_pence really can't help but agree. Eh, @DetroitTrainFan?
‘Before you pity her’: Pence press secretary mocked for dating Stephen Miller Conway's husband thinks her boss is a 'cancer' that must be 'removed' - Front Page Live @DetroitTrainFan
I love @answerswithjoe. This is some interesting and enlightening information. Our #LoserTrump @realDonaldTrump h… pressured Ukraine's President to investigate Biden's son - CNNPolitics @CaptivatingNews @snopes And continue to be President, because the Democrats are too darn scared to do a thing.
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