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Captain Xavier @CapX15 Norwood, OH

I like basketball more than most people. Co-host of the @rollblobpod and contributor for @thebrokenanchor. GM of @XavierTBT. #HBET #AllForOne ⚔️

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@ZipEmUp12 Wild 👀 @andypic17 @DFluckesFans I like your opinion but I do not respect it @mike_mcmahon13 Easily @NoEscalators @Russ_Steinberg Loosen the tie my guy(s)Normalize Bill Walton announcing the Bachelorette @Russ_Steinberg @FundamentallySD These are fucking garbage lol @Caronimo3 @patrickvollner Really fucking is
@nickhaIIII JC Hall @nickhaIIII Yes, he’s not dead lol he’ll probably just never start again. Woah. @MyNumbersGarden Appreciate you my guy!RIP Fitzmagic. Thanks for the memories 🙏🏼 @XavierMBB @xaviermuskie88 @Jason_Carter_25 @zachfreemantle Captains?⚔️ | Your TEAM99 Captains. #LetsGoX
Retweeted by Captain Xavier @DFluckesFans My guy ❤️ @NovaCountVillan @RollBlobPod I wish I could claim them lmaoI lowkey miss Tebow Mania and highkey think this is a bop @surfxu1 @RollBlobPod @John_Fanta @NovaCountVillan @CasualHoya My man!! @JpCarlesimo @thepantiman @AnimSacar My fault @SSNetwork2016 Both could apply lol @SSNetwork2016*200 of youFooled 2,000 of you @jahr39 YES!!!Tweet us your questions for Roll Blob Mailbag!
Retweeted by Captain XavierHigh school football coach updates team on COVID
Retweeted by Captain XavierIt’s a shame that Harvard, aka the Xavier of the east, won’t be playing basketball this year @BpenfieldJ WECU consoling UC when they come home after the first round yet again: @BarstoolDepaul @juliannee29 @Caronimo3 @TheAthleticCBB 😂😂😂😂 @caseywhalen57 @DFluckesFans @Rockies @BlueBlob16 @Xav_Lester @MHoman41 I’m hearing he was hackedThere might not be a glow up in all of college basketball over the last 30 years bigger than Xavier’s. How far this…
Retweeted by Captain Xavier @NoEscalators @eamonnbrennan @ClintFromOhio Lol definitely a smart play. Sorry for the downgrade, btw @GampelCrazies Oh I love them lol just don’t tell me it’s peanut butter @ajbutter3 @hornypep Bang. @BarstoolReags @DFluckesFans is to Cincinnati drivers as prime time games are to Andy Dalton
Retweeted by Captain Xavier @RetireFiftyTu @CapIndustriesUS Appreciate you my guy ✊🏼Clicking this story not via twitter link and then seeing @CapX15 in there was pretty wild. @CapIndustriesUS is thri…
Retweeted by Captain Xavier @LeBatardShow @tatefrazier Sad W @LibHuskyRSox @TheAthleticCIN @XavierMBB I don’t blame you one bit lol, “ignorance is bliss” applies here @TheAthleticCIN @XavierMBB to know the @XavierMBB fanatic behind @CapX15.
Retweeted by Captain Xavier @DFluckesFans @Rockies 4 days ago 🙋🏻‍♂️ @DFluckesFans @RickBroering @Xav_Lester
Retweeted by Captain Xavier @xubelle11 Yesssss 💙Imagine not being a burner account
Retweeted by Captain Xavier @CapIndustriesUS Couldn’t be me @SCooper9 But damn do I love it 😎 @SCooper9 Hahahahaha facts 😂😂😂Here's what I'm most interested in as Xavier gets into preseason practices...
Retweeted by Captain Xavier @apecs64 My guy! @muskiefan3 Captain X. You should’ve bought stock a long time ago. @MarquisDeMiami My guy!!🏀 | Xavier snapped an eight-game losing streak to Cincinnati with a 77-69 win at Riverfront Coliseum in 1980 under…
Retweeted by Captain Xavier @laractechgirl @JpCarlesimo @nickhaIIII Imagine having a c where the h should be @JpCarlesimo @andypic17 It was a hot summer @ThatTonk 🔥🔥🔥 @JpCarlesimo Now this I can get behind @7larryd @ObviTravSteele Cash Money Records @JpCarlesimo Team awardNew @titusandtate: Our buddy Duncan Robinson joins to talk about: -Why people love telling his story -Having ultr…
Retweeted by Captain Xavier @JpCarlesimo James and the Giant W @clubtrillion @titusandtate Lol LFG @The_Joey @Xav_Lester @TheBrokenAnchor @FadedCBBExpert @TheAthleticCBB 👀 @MOR_XU Thank you brother! We’re getting there! All for the X baby! @MusketeerSZN Yessir @TheBrokenAnchor @andypic17 Picture is goated lmao @7larryd Good shit old man @CoopLed ily @CapIndustriesUS Thank you @CapX15 @MOR_XU HELL YEA @Josh_Ayen 🔥🔥🔥 @FadedCBBExpert @TheAthleticCBB @Xav_Lester WCan I get a.... Go Muskies?This is what I meant @MOR_XU @NoEscalators @eamonnbrennan @nickhaIIII #AcknowledgeHall #WTSNow seems like as good a time as any, this as an ode to Team 95 and the Xavier “never say die” mentality. I hope yo…
Retweeted by Captain Xavier @CapIndustriesUS I support this movement. @TheBearDonnelly 😉 you’re coming over here from @TheAthleticCBB, I apologize in advance
Retweeted by Captain Xavier @NoEscalators @eamonnbrennan Speak for yourself