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Senior narrative designer, @VtM_Bloodlines. Previous @VoidBastards/ #dreamsps4 / BAFTA-nominated #LastCommanders. Wrote Embed With Games, which is nice. She/her

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Logging off twitter. See y’all Q1 next year? Or something
Retweeted by Cara Ellison @thewaterytart The discord made a bunny ears version of Brian and he hates it @thewaterytart His face gets all twisted up and then he’s like WHY @cyberlabyrinth What the actual FUCK @expectproblems This is Kellie @ScrawlingChaos I have written some incredibly bad jokes @cyberlabyrinth @ETPC1 Uuuuuuuuh. No I think the way charisma is hooked up it just means they are convinced you are… is the real evil genius of our office. A world class troll @ETPC1 Haha no you’d fully get away with it. Although you could piss off a faction by bombing a flirt.... possibly.… @ETPC1 I love writing flirt fails @cyberlabyrinth My awful immoral babes!! Out in the world soon!! @ETPC1 We answered a couple questions about how ‘romanceable’ vampires are and the answer is if they can’t suck you… @ETPC1 I’m always like but WHY do you like him. She’s like ‘he just needs more love’ I’m like but he will KILL you.… @ETPC1 She’s a terrorist @cyberlabyrinth We can’t stop her. She’s right now trying to make my worst character into her wife I can feel it @Murderblonde Thanks!my friend & colleague Kellie talks about the meanest weirdest murdersluts in our game like they are captain america… read some comments probably time to leave the internet again. hope u all enjoyed me being out of my hutch. I have to go and do work 😭It's rock vs. EDM in No Straight Roads, a musical adventure coming to PS4 this year from Malaysian studio…
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Look at this guy smash his own nuts by crossing his legs.
Retweeted by Cara EllisonYeeeeeeeeeessssssssss my prettiesssssssssssss @appleciderwitch Weird that people just lose their minds and forget we already trod this ground fifty million times… @paullicino A blart @retroremakes men have ruined large tits for every large titted woman out there. They’re part of a body u imbeciles… very first thing you see in Jazzpunk is a modernist glass/metal sculpture in an airport. This was my homage Joh…
Retweeted by Cara Ellison @babelfishwars I was thinking about how to say this sensitively for about 5 hrs and now you’ve just gone and nailed it @caraellison Why would I want to keep my body on factory settings
Retweeted by Cara EllisonMore things that are not "broken" - the neoliberal university & the expansion of precarity via the commodification…
Retweeted by Cara EllisonThings that are not "broken": - a financial system that favors the "haves" by dispossessing/producing "have nots"…
Retweeted by Cara EllisonMy least favorite form of critique is calling systems "broken" when they are working as designed.
Retweeted by Cara Ellison @paullicino I think the human brain has pain be more memorable than pleasure for good reason.A brilliant, brilliant title! A pleasure to read also. #embedwithgames #caraellison
Retweeted by Cara Ellison @SeanGreaney @Deliriumbrewery Oh dear @paullicino she’s crazy!!!! she’s off the rails!!!! she’s out of (my) control!!!!!!! incredible arguments are pulle… think a lot of this conversation can be summed up by thinking about who has the gaze ownership. When something is… @bombsfall She’s so lovely in basically everythingWhy is Minnie Driver in Goldeneye for ten seconds doing bad karaoke. Did we ever find out @flowrbb Oh thanks for letting me know you liked it! @SeanGreaney are u dead I feel like it was a mistake to match brians drinks tbh @caraellison Tattoos and piercings were so incredibly alluring to me before I realized I was trans, because they we…
Retweeted by Cara Ellison @TrippliKit Can I RT?ishe’s the best’s almost time for me to yell ‘choke me xenia’ at my own wall @_DaveKnowles Oh balls @laura_hudson /me rigs the rockets with explosives @bombsfall Urgh @laura_hudson It’s because of cyberpunk that we look at the tits @bombsfall I’m trying to make a point that even the most pedestrian Altered Carbon fan would get with this tweet lol @laura_hudson I don’t understand you if you write cyberpunk and think for example women who have plastic surgery ar… @laura_hudson I feel as a woman that I constantly adapt my body to look and do what I want it to @videodante Came here 2 get mad on a Saturday niteOk I’m done I was just thinking out loud. I try not to come here and get mad any more whoops @NebulaSonata @weredawgz 100% here for adapting my body any way I see fitAs usual it is about WHO is in control. If you are naked all the time in public because you choose to be, great. (K… society *requires* your changing your body to ‘assimilate’, this also feels like control or power has been wre… abled people sometimes have access to or use of equipt that is recognisably ‘cyberpunk’; their direct e… @austin_walker Ah yes sorry I’ve addressed it now wrt harawayThe only time I feel suspicious of body modification is when the product itself might be under someone else’s contr… surgery I have had on my wrist may have been done while I was unconscious but my bones grow around the metal an… don’t understand the outlook that body modification in *any way* makes the body less ‘clean’, less ‘true’, less ‘… am losing my mind over Drake’s horny watch. This costs 750K. What the fuck
Retweeted by Cara Ellison @FirstClassHack @TroyGoodfellow lol if that dude is a twink anything is possible‘The fault lies with her, not the perpetrator because she won’t “let it go” and “get over it”.‘ @WritNelson I’m very tired!!!!! But I enjoy the act of writing what can I say @caraellison sincere suggestion I picked up from a writer friend once they got “made” in Hollywood: make a shared…
Retweeted by Cara Ellison @TroyGoodfellow The hot couple is me and the dude in the bloodlines 2 ads drinking blood out of a glass with his dressing gown on @WritNelson lol hi nelson @jimrossignol JimMaybe I’ll employ an American to write the brags for merealised that since this year is shipping-tastic I will have to grudgingly update my personal website with all of m… as an English major I gotta fucking sit down and stare in awe at "gotta put narratives in any show possible". It…
Retweeted by Cara Ellison @lisyk You have to do it yourself at the counter in Scotland to your taste. Salt and sauce in Edinburgh
@Danielleri a secret is that we originally made the pirates the ‘answer’, the only way out. They are anarchists and… wild @caraellison appears! It's super adorable!
Retweeted by Cara Ellison @Danielleri I wrote all these lines and the guys were like soooooo. Can u just say them nowWhy do Americans always qualify that Tuna is a fish, but never other stuff? It's a "tuna-fish sandwich" but never a…
Retweeted by Cara EllisonI loved playing @VoidBastards, so I knew I had to do some #fanart This one is of my character Robinson. She was a…
Retweeted by Cara EllisonHave you encountered the myriad of strange and terrible enemies roaming around the Sargasso nebula yet? #screenshotsaturday
Retweeted by Cara Ellison @Danielleri I am also the juves lolLol I’m still playing
Retweeted by Cara EllisonCredits rolling on @VoidBastards - Drake was my emotional support animal throughout
Retweeted by Cara Ellison @Danielleri I try to be the life ruiner ppl tell me I amEvergreen
Retweeted by Cara EllisonMe leaving e3
Retweeted by Cara Ellisonthe last few driplets and droplets, the last shimmering giblets falling off the sweet riblets of E3
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Bitch Planet offers hope and solidarity in being the kind of woman that makes men scared.
Retweeted by Cara Ellison @flowrbb I don’t think they have thought this through at allZecs can be very cute from void bastards
Retweeted by Cara Ellison @patrickklepek @austin_walker Why are you both angels
Retweeted by Cara Ellison:’) I’m drunk?Ska Gwen Stefani was the best Gwen Stefani @appleciderwitch @brett_douville As long as you don’t say fudbaw it’s fine @09mshatraw This is an abomination @appleciderwitch I’m trying to be accommodatingIt doesn’t make any sense and I disavow knowing them