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social battery is officially empty if i dont reply you for today/ tomorrow pls dont mind me im exhausted
Retweeted by yuges. @otfjadea same @tinywitchbec bec why homegirl 🤨 @katlucilfer why do you do this to me @aforeignbitch why are you awake? @Jjjaylynnn feels like the same day on repeat
Retweeted by yuges. @Jjjaylynnn this was outta pocket ima go @Jjjaylynnn dont even ask @mydrunkenbabble youre asking too many questions tonight now 👀 @d3adfairyy i didnt do anything @katlucilfer @HelpWoshe yeah its over for you now just for that @mydrunkenbabble lost track of time tbhso glad i was lucky enough to grow up listening to the weekend
Retweeted by yuges.this how white people do with BLM 💀 they see one example of gang violence and go ham
Retweeted by yuges. @katlucilfer @HelpWoshe you tempting me just gonna make it happen morewelcome to 2020 feel so emotionally and mentally overwhelmed it feels like my brain shutting down
Retweeted by yuges. @HelpWoshe so damn horny i could smack @katlucilfer with my dick @Her01nM0ther @silversoulweb yeah im about to start packing it up man @Her01nM0ther @silversoulweb theyre shipping megumi and yuji arent theyused to be blinded by how pretty you were
Retweeted by yuges. @katlucilfer in need of a gluck gluck double hand super spit soaker 3000Worst feeling Is when everybody texting you except the person you want to
Retweeted by yuges. @katlucilfer uhhh @PeroxideHeroin this one messy mf brodaily reminder that college is a scam
Retweeted by february @katlucilfer you are @otfjadea my nigga. @OxidizedPercs when is he DROPPING? @LucidlyDonte bro whole ass just hanging LMAO
@alqcritty @alqcritty i dont remember but follow back :) @katlucilfer look it up @katlucilfer te cramaré @katlucilfer please. need it. @katlucilfer english @katlucilfer 🙄 @katlucilfer but i just- 😒 @katlucilfer guess ill die then @vxmpxora peep me in the cutt lyt man @PeroxideHeroin when does it even drop @katlucilfer me @aaeriess the mermaid of laughter dont sound like it to me @vxmpxora red and yellow @katlucilfer go back to sleep @aaeriess glucose what now 😭😭 @CarbonatedXanax Take our struggles and pain as well then weirdos
Retweeted by yuges. @KayltheKing absolutely @xanitystxrs uh oh @heroiinmotherr yes ma’am @zerorosee everyone had a phasei know they not talking about my nigga mali @malifromny @moisoffthedome her mouth prolly stank as shit nowmfs be getting a 99 in 2K but cant get a 99 in school bro you worried about the wrong overall @malifromny @PeroxideHeroin you want some too? @PeroxideHeroin and i did not stutter, wassam fine ass @PeroxideHeroin wassam fine ass @usercoolpunk @beccaccore deadass LOL @beccaccore hit me @aaeriess lil fruit never hurt no one @liyahmf16 you saw nothing @liesforliars an 18 yr old dating a 17 yr is questionable but a 19 year old...?lesbians open this thread [safe /srs] non lesbians pls rt
Retweeted by yuges. @Her01nM0ther @liciavsthewrld i dont even wanna knowuhm 💀 @heroiinmotherr pain. @heroiinmotherr baymax again @heroiinmotherr you need another hug bro @malifromny why are you like this LOL @heroiinmotherr airi no dont do it to yourself @heroiinmotherr @vrclique im just making sure you good? @heroiinmotherr @vrclique airi? @malifromny get her @blacksupergurl violence is brewingmali woke up today and chose domestic violence
Retweeted by yuges. @PeroxideHeroin 25 to life 💀nah homeboy said fuck the peace today 💀💀💀💀 @PeroxideHeroin @OxidizedPercs @malifromny LOL KING SHIT MY NIGGA @malifromny @blacksupergurl LMFAOOOO KING SHIT @OxidizedPercs @malifromny send the tweet @katlucilfer heyy @Rholder29 @adriontitan ever wonder if they either acc hate us or wanna be fans? cuz i cant tell anymore 😭 @vxmpxora dont leave ya brothas out mannn @QuithJa @petermcclain_ foul😭 @QuithJa @petermcclain_ 💀💀 @vxmpxora morning @katlucilfer ?! @PeroxideHeroin probably nothing since school atp is just made to bug the eff out someone now @CarbonatedXanax @adriontitan It’s always been a flex
Retweeted by yuges. @katlucilfer @prettyboylizzie whats up @sameshitkev wassam @liesforliars just like medont know how i feel about this one @prettyboylizzie ill take it from @katlucilfercouldnt be me Sagittarius keeping a secret
Retweeted by yuges. @eastbaybub sorry for your loss man @bitchassfati @adriontitan show love man