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@kittygirljizz @bbylapras yeah @kittygirljizz @bbylapras noti @ihateuIoI so truerank suicide has been achieved goodbye csgo forever ^_^!
Retweeted by DN Carbynbattle astra econ rating looks like this so mine can be 181. @CarbynVAL
Retweeted by DN Carbyn @ihateuIoI feeling dangerous tonight aren’t you @Khar_bot @notrxchel @ALOLYAN0 LMFAO @kittygirljizz yeah ur the best reyna NA @kittygirljizz we're so good @kittygirljizz @yeopsoo thats us @hyjinxVAL @khar_bot @MagicEightBal @kittygirljizz LETS GO JAS
@kittygirljizz and u have mine ^_^ @kittygirljizz jas on valorant call it jasorant @kittygirljizz vouch @GeorgeCGed me vs all of them. put me on brimstone and i wont lose @baglebruger bagelburger#burgr @JaxsenFPS overall cypher is better, but there are some maps where KJ is just so much more viable that i feel like… @florscnt YORU SLANDER I LOVE IT @Nurfed @Bjorlulu LMAO @Nurfed @Bjorlulu so you're not denying the other 2? @Bjorlulu there's also the don't touch grass rule @ProfessorSoop some people will never learn. im sorry you had to go through something like that @ProfessorSoop @willardVAL_ wow... that's actually gonna start barking at my ranked teammates @kittygirljizz @ysk1ng nah im the one barking @ysk1ng my bad thats my alt @Agr0fps no @ysk1ng DO IT @baglebruger ratiNO @kittygirljizz @baglebruger @ginsengstrip204 @_thomaszx noti @ysk1ng fart#stink @DerekJoon @WasteManOP @khar_bot @bobabonk WTFFFFFFFF @minnieism1n1 3'4 and everyone else is short @kittygirljizz @minnieism1n1 i can't believe people actually do that @kittygirljizz @minnieism1n1 absolutely not. @baglebruger i agree @graphuu @pokimanelol bro… @sLothVAL @Sentinels round differential. so if sentinels dominate F4Q they get 1st seed @cowffeeeee @k5rie jas on valorant? call that jasorant.ZOMBSNATION @ChurmZz @Rano_ezpz @Unholykid3 @Agr0fps @DIVIZEGG THEOS GONNA BE THERE. I'M DEFINITELY NOT LOSING NOW @kittygirljizz thats me @ChurmZz @Unholykid3 @Agr0fps @Rano_ezpz is that a promise? @hyjinxVAL @khar_bot @kittygirljizz @hyjinxVAL assist @kittygirljizz @hyjinxVAL too short. @kittygirljizz @baglebruger assist @kittygirljizz @hyjinxVAL nah hes too short @hyjinxVAL @kittygirljizz i will palm your head like a basketball then throw you out of a second story window @hyjinxVAL @kittygirljizz natalieval IS real @kittygirljizz @hyjinxVAL imagine being shorter than my gf lol @hyjinxVAL sure buddy @hyjinxVAL are you 5 foot yet? @Evs2x @noisiz @47jakez @sarachashrimpp @AznVAL stop barking on my tl @Evs2x @noisiz @47jakez @sarachashrimpp @AznVAL im turning off your notis after that one chief @hyjinxVAL they can see your search history just sayini hope everyone thats taller than @hyjinxVAL has a good day (he’s 4’11) @kittygirljizz @ratevalorant assist @Apex_VL @Unholykid3 @Rano_ezpz @Agr0fps we’ll see 😈 @Apex_VL true @Apex_VL you’re 5’6 every girl is tall compared to you @Unholykid3 @Rano_ezpz @Agr0fps ready to defend the crown? @PlayVALORANT BRIMSTONE @ImposterVAL @chloe_hime7 bro… @kittygirljizz ill think about it @kittygirljizz 😊 @kittygirljizz can’t wait for that carry @chloe_hime7 i dont laugh at your jokes. @kittygirljizz im hardstuck diamond 3 @kittygirljizz oh LOL @kittygirljizz subtweeting 🥱 @kittygirljizz noti @kittygirljizz @edensarcade noti @Virtyyyy they should nerf yoru @sadIucas happy bday old man @SullyCasts 💯 @kittygirljizz @ShadeJay88 im living in jays head rent free @TrickAIM initiator @kittygirljizz my bad @kittygirljizz @ARIANARCHIST i like the blue ones @madifps im vibing rn. school is boringhello twitterdotcom. hows everyones morning @Sullyzx devious lick @kiwiramune @dommymommies i think its the other way around @ShiftyVAL @AeroValorant @ysk1ng DEEPFRIED! @ShiftyVAL @AeroValorant @ysk1ng OPEN UP THE SKIES @ratevalorant dude wtf @AeroValorant @ShiftyVAL @ysk1ng BRO WHAT ABOUT ME WTF @ShiftyVAL @ysk1ng NO!gonna pull up to lan in the lightning mcqueen crocs. y’all arent ready @Apex_VL @starriebun yeah because you have to come lose another NY lan @hyjinxVAL nate if i see you at school you better run @1kotaaa @kittygirljizz no @JaxsenFPS damn we gotta queue sometime. i need that jaxsen carry @1kotaaa @kittygirljizz no. @Agr0fps @kittygirljizz we gonna defend our titles at lan @kittygirljizz @ShiftyVAL LOL