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John Gaming @CarbynVAL New York, USA

Hypeman for @Exotic_LLC

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@817XV fortniteJohn Gaming
@NayriFan watch victorious @OkeanosQT DAMN OKE @jimipapifn @OkeanosQT see you at the top @RejanteVAL @BTRVALORANT @redbull LETS GOOOOOOOO @mayuhri_x1 @RedBullCanada @ShadeJay88 @DamoIAM @RejanteVAL @toastyunicorntv @truoVAL LETS GO @zionxiv lqdnrgjahdhaznsjqizu(-;;/)18.&guys @chloe_hime7 is the imposter from among us @mintaims @claudiavalorant i always look out for the homies no matter what @mintaims @claudiavalorant vouch
@hyjinxVAL @camilleettv lemme get a whopper @ItzBoltzy yes please @ItzBoltzy howard too good0-2 vs @GoblinSquadron_ howard diff @Reformed @CommunityGaming oh my god this is amazing KP👾 REFORMED RECAP #03 👾 It's been a while, but we're BACK with a recap from our most recent events! We go live wit…
Retweeted by John Gaming @GoldenTatsu mac n cheese is elite @R1FTT_ @chloe_hime7 ^^ @chloe_hime7 durianpeek @R1FTT_ @Vynlabtw i’m married to the game @chloe_hime7 ooh ooh ah ah @Vynlabtw @CarbynVAL :( @ethexpriv same @TeamSerenity @wafflenomster12 THE MANAGER CAN FRAG @Ethexfps nt time to go 15-1
@Ethexfps GL ILL BE THERE TO SUPPORT @akasyns nothing beats a good orange tbh @ShiftyVAL @1dianazzz shut up birthday boy @akasyns my top 3 Pineapple Oranges Bananas @1dianazzz soon™️ @1dianazzz WWWWWWWWoh shit its my time
Retweeted by John Gaming @ethexpriv meow @ethexpriv :Dthe VALORANT scene is literally a dating simulator now
Retweeted by John Gaming @YankeesHateMe Bauer
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@wokezval @1dianazzz @PlayVALORANT @riotgames wow diana so toxic smh @hyjinxVAL proof?:) | @PlayVALORANT Like & RT 💛
Retweeted by John Gaming @817XV i already did lol @KillerMillerGG @ARIANARCHIST new update lowered her skill floor and it makes me sad @KP_fps it can’t stop working if it never starts @chloe_hime7 @juliaaiis @Avxrsive @kayvalorant @kxtieoh ^^ @notMattVA @WholeWheatPete WTF IS THAT PATHING @hyjinxVAL my badi'm over at a guy's house rn and this is his bedroom door what do i do
Retweeted by John Gaming @version1gg Brim 🤤 @zionxiv yeah⭐️⭐️2X Valorant 50$ Gift Card Giveaway⭐️⭐️ Celebrating something 👀, so why not share the love? 2 winners, ends May…
Retweeted by John Gaming @AR5cs goodnight sexy @817XV what @YellowFps yeah we all bait each other and win the round most of the time @R1FTT_ soon™ @R1FTT_ nah these should all be 10/10LFT, haven't played competitively in a while and looking to get back into it -have prior team experience -immortal…
Retweeted by John Gaming @hasertv all you bbraw aim: 6/10 decision making: 7/10 patience: 8/10 teamwork: 8/10 communication: 7/10 positivity: 8/10 map knowledg… @R1FTT_ @YellowFps @Exotic_LLC :D @hyjinxVAL do it on haven 🥱 @_madisonVAL yes @Sentinels @fireballops
@claudiavalorant @DepthEsports @HitBox_Hiros @chloe_hime7 @iForbiddenn @chloe_hime7 blink twice if she made you type this @zekkenVAL dont expose me like that bro @R1FTT_ sure @hyjinxVAL @NatalieVAL_Hi guys, I'm LFT! My school schedule is starting to clear, as I'm online for 3 weeks, which means I have more time…
Retweeted by John GamingI've spoken on reddit that I'll be doing a giveaway so here we go! Please follow the instructions in order to be el…
Retweeted by John Gaming @_madisonVAL @zekkenVAL copied the whole damn flow word for word bar for bar @817XV KITTY @R1FTT_ ok @R1FTT_ wanna watch together? @R1FTT_ are you rewatching it? @DerekJoon playing among us @817XV i wasn't down bad for once but now I am @ShiftyVAL @DerekJoon my brain is just bigger than his @LeviathanAG jett knifeTo celebrate hitting 1,000 followers I will be doing a $100 GIVEAWAY. All you have to do is follow, retweet and com…
Retweeted by John Gaming @saevalorant WIN IT
I'm not a pro-scene expert but I feel as if that if @Sentinels wants to do well on LAN in Iceland they should drop…
Retweeted by John Gaming @Agr0fps @marynah_1 lets goW @817XV down bad today aren’t we @ethexpriv who said i was filling out a girls eboy form @ethexpriv same @ItzBoltzy i feel you man. us zoomers will rise up this summer @NayriFan bring back lonk or we riot @R1FTT_ @Plex0_ FUCK THAT SHIT @shenFPS @nerdstgamers GGs @BerghyFPS win it for us tomorrow! @TeamBasiliskGG @nerdstgamers @GoblinSquadron_ @Exotic_LLC @RifleCrutchers @KookyKoalas GGslost 1-2 to @1337VALORANT really close third map but we couldn't win it. GGs was a fun series1-1 in the series. all down to split @817XV this guy had sex before me ggsplaying @1337VALORANT in a BO3 to qualify for day 2 of NSG summer open.
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