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Hi I'm just some dbag in LA. he/him

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@speeeena @speeeena @whoweekly Every time it creeps into my brain it's like a hard resethappy birthday to that podcast and big thanks to @_tolbertreport for turning me onto it.I will never forget listening to this episode of @whoweekly and almost crashing my car by the Hollywood Bowl after… @JarettSays I really want to see her wig closetMe wandering West Hollywood after reading one news story too many and giving in to my psychosis @TylerDinucci Amazing how I can scream forever and not need to pause for breath @ScottForbes Maybe it’s time to rain fire down upon herDescribe your art career in one gif challenge @ScottForbes 😕 @MatthewKBegbie Ya it’s like...confused at best but catch me at season 2 bc I inhale garbage like it’s a buffetAw it’s nice that he did that inside her in the endok two of them are brothers and the other is just The Town GayI don't understand what's going on perfectly anymore because I've realized I can't tell any of the white guys apart… @CNN 2016: He's just a businessman, give him a shot. 2021: It's not smog; it's human remains.
Retweeted by well how about that @MatthewKBegbie who said that to you"I hate my daddy so much I won't cum inside of u" 😤There is no way getting eaten out on concrete stairs is at all sexy or comfortable it is a COMPULSION for these peopleGoing to your brother's home and helping him get over his break up by throwing out his life-size cardboard cutout of his laffinLike do I believe Casey would ever wear that? And to do this? I don’t know, but this “alleged” update coming so soo… is a perfect update to a perfect story life-sized cardboard cutout of Ana de Armas from inside Ben Affleck’s residence was seen being thrown out into a…
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@emilythebravee @SanteDOr I just sent them a little novel about myself and asked for help 😔did he just *** in a RAG?this girl went from nothin to fuckin 24/7 in front of her staff theyve gotta unionizeOur greatest educational failure is convincing white people that liking MLK and not saying the N-word means you can't be racist.
Retweeted by well how about thatAnyway the HD close ups in Bridgerton are not kind to all these lacefrontsI saw that tweet about a dual popcorn/vomit bowl and it shook me so hard I forgot where I used to throw up when I w… @bhaist Im ready 2 shame @bhaist pitch it 2 me @emilythebravee @SanteDOr They have a cat named Jumbo right now that I am obsessed with, but she needs to be adopte… @emilythebravee @SanteDOr You're the second Emily to recommend them to me! I browse their site and stare at the sam… @shawnlenore Yea the problem is a lot of places aren't doing in person right now. There's a very handsome boy at th… forgot how busted item management is in RE0Anyway I have now had two cats get adopted out from under me 😤Some of these cats on PetFinder are so cute and the organizations can't even manage to type two sentences about the… @mrvn8r Extremely sexy cat
I don't know if that's good or bad, but I do know that my TV is on.I've watched a good half of Bridgerton without paying attention to a single sentence and I still understand what's going on perfectly.Apologies for my mood swings - I keep remembering the past year.The weirdo bullshit Kate Bush pulls in The Dreaming makes me so happy. What an insane album @amonns Some people suck @amonns look we all listened to that album on repeat. these dweebs just chose to watch it instead (is the kindest way i'm looking at this)Hamilton again huh? At least this time it’s at a more human volume @bhaist 🥰🥰🥰 @iamcharlieg I know I know. I’m thinking of starting with 0 and doing a chronological play throughI went back and played 5 and 6 coop so actually 4 is the only one i’m ignorant about. Maybe that’s weird actuallyI fell off of the RE games after 0 so I never got into 4 like everyone else and I don't really feel bad about it @maggiemkang god...need me a cat like this...These rumors about the original Resident Evil trilogy getting a remaster...just what the doctor ordered. @cameronjawesome @GrossSlant He shows his butt and a peekaboo ballsack in like episode...6?the moment it gets above 80 I just gotta waste my day napping
Standing by a vaccination site waiting for someone to come offer me a spare @nsumida I beg of u to treat urself @nsumida Did you do it... @BATHSmusic Thank u 😔Whenever I get a cat it had better be smarter than this Eufy...lil dum dumHigh note in SatisfiedMy neighbors are watching Hamilton at a volume that verges on psychological tortureRewatching the original Mortal Kombat movie and my favorite thing is how when Shang Tsung captures Sonya he teases…
@Joel_Buck this is so fucking annoying HELP“i love your curves” the curves:
Retweeted by well how about thatCan’t believe Resident Evil finally introduced a giantess. The most glaringly absent Weird Kink for the series has arrived.* I worry my apartment smells bad and I'll just never know because I spent 23* hours a day here at this point. @benppollack Flipping D'Andra feels disrespectful and I can't explain why. @SamKallis ah yes appropriately psychoticVeronica Green looks like Amy Brenneman in this second outfitI wasn't feeling it for Ginny until this Kate Bush look and tierDrag Race UK is so fun and simple. Why can't US stick to this? The formula is comfortable, not stale.“Cigarettes and fuckin on the windowsill”...that could be us but I don’t smoke and he’s straightWow zayn rules @RajBrueggemann Thank you for your big brain @boodlebrain the waht @boodlebrain sick of people breaking their already broken brains over a bunch of circles and trianglesMy contribution to the storyboarding discourse is that it’s going to melt your brain either way so you may as well not do it at all @wolfinsheeps OoooOOOOOHHHhhh @wolfinsheeps I wish I understood @PIX3LP3T You’re loosened up baby time to touch that head to those feet
@morheatlessfoam please I hate it @jpbrammer San Antonio is not for me but the river walk is a J E W E LNothing about this month feels real and I'm already expecting to wake up from a coma but these tweets have really c… @kpax4snax 😔me storyboarding on my stomach so I can zap my ass back into shape @KingOfSafari @KingOfSafari dont tell me to anticipate something good without reservations when you know I don't know how @KingOfSafari looking to kill this excitement for myself @KingOfSafari Im thrilled but im also curious about your reservations @kpax4snax please keith no. do air squats as you animateHad a dream I had Hank Hill butt after all this pandemic sitting and I cried because my 30 lb weights weren't going… fucking SNAP!!!!!!!! @gialigammari @bignosebug whoa...when I left the show I was on that was one of the main things on the exit list. What on earth... @raesanni She's smart in a way that...none of the rest of them area play in 3 acts
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my entire head hurts from this part 2 @AnthonyBLSmith You know what? All I had to do was complain publicly and then suddenly I got out. This was fun! I'm… absolutely miserable over this @ryanpequin thank you @ryanpequin I once went over to someone’s house who told me he was living to see the singularity and then made me w… @PIX3LP3T I love 2 pee