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Tired anomaly that summons tanks and cries over games @IRLGuppy is my wife -|he/him|- -|art tag: #carillust|- -|design: @pineapplelava|-

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Retweeted by Carius @yukiri_VT Maybe @MagicalMomoka We will be very soon I'm sure LOLMy turn! Let's be friends ok! #Vtuber #VTuberUprising #ENVtuber
Retweeted by Carius @umiushiurara I'm still coming to terms with being a naruto fan so I feel this 😔 @yukiri_VT I strongly dislike this image but I don't understand why @MagicalMomoka Amazon employee here we have not been able to work for 8 hours I have no clue how things broke this… @AscartPrince @KicchinNezumi We can make that happen @KicchinNezumi Make it 4🌹RE-DEBUT ANNOUNCEMENT 🌹 ✨you're invited✨ Saturday, December 18, 2021 5:00 PM PT | 8…
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@MrFunneeMan Yesrt this to destroy an nft
Retweeted by Carius @SBunc I only play ground forces, typically I just pick the country randomlyDo not create unrealistic expectations for your favorite content creators
Retweeted by Carius @SBunc 1. Not for me lol 2. I'm going to play that on my own as I don't want the pressure of making content and hav… @yukiri_VT Yuki moment @strawbunn_y What does this mean『i am reborn and i am become the harbinger of winter』 she's here, the 2.0 outfit design by @/siivvvvvv 💙 i'll be…
Retweeted by Carius @linearlinera Clearly you've been good this year @linearlinera They are encouraging you to celebrate Christmas through the gift of giving Giving them ur money mainly @IdealGothGF I felt this so hard Not me showing everyone art I get before I post it @Komatorrra Nah I don't watch any movie that doesn't include sex @DrYunYun YOU CANNOT DO THIS @SuzuSuzuCh_ Do this pantsgrab @SuzuSuzuCh_ Pls @JacobSSJ4 I could tell em about the time u got hit by a car and went right back to work
Retweeted by CariusIt makes sense Buffalo can't fly when you look at how small their wings are
Retweeted by Carius @SuzuSuzuCh_ Please don't make me @kyokubear All the best and a speedy healing process to you Big love @PuniButWorse @Hamulily I can now die happy and fulfilled @DrYunYun h @Argent_AI This is correct i have been kidnappedTfw like 40 people in the room with u get emergency alerts and you're sitting there waiting for yours @whoisrinkya Gimme one I'll try it @suguremashita Wart tunder @Komatorrra We should freeze this specimen fo preserve it @DrYunYun h @YourAngelz I will! @tanooki_draws I hug @DragoniaCrimson Yes @DrYunYun h @Egocider They can't keep making weird shit I am begging them @Hamulily One day that will be me 😔 @HighRollerVT A simpler, more pure time @DrYunYun h please ask the secretary before dying in my chat thank youIT'S THAT TIME OF THE WEEK AGAIN TANK TUESDAY 7PM PST WAR BLUNDER DON'T CARE, DON'T CARE, STILL DON'T CARE @YourAngelz I will destroy them for u >:( @DrYunYun h @JusagiChan Nah we all fuckin angry now @AirahShunken I am a bot @DrYunYun h @DrYunYun hI'm going to pretend this is the best tweet I've ever made and I will QRT it on March 2nd, 2022 saying something st… @DrYunYun h @MayaVtuber Yea fo sho @DrYunYun h @HighRollerVT I have no idea what you're implying @ExaltedV1olet This is the move I think @beakyVT I am the bigger tank @whoisrinkya The Rudolph nose is very festive rin @AzaleaMark Bet come over @DrYunYun h @AzaleaMark Yw would u like a bite @beakyVT You will never learn if I can be killed @DrYunYun h @AzaleaMark Mac n cheese with hot dogs for u @beakyVT You are observing me as you wait to strike @IRLGuppy @whoisrinkya Yoooooooooooooo nice @Virtual_Echo_VT @MayakoKitsune How the tables have turned @whoisrinkya @IRLGuppy prove @MoralTruthy ANGER @VTFaye Back when my acc was smaller most of the people who followed me were other vtubers so I know what you mean… @LewdFoxMaya It is what it is @MayakoKitsune Irl I'm actually 5'10 I just made carius short for funny @LewdFoxMaya Always was @kodoku_hime Same @whoisrinkya It could beThis goes the other way to an extent too. Sometimes the feedback is all glowing and positive, but not constructive.… is a challenge for all creators. It's important to learn how to take it and use it to better yourself. Yo… @beakyVT Nah sign it as god @rinsjpeg Just straight up going "nah that ain't true" when it 100% is One of the most rewarding things a person can ever do @beakyVT Sign that mf with "Jeegus Christie" @beakyVT This is genius @CorvoApollo This is good advice @NinoAzalea Me too @Argent_AI Yes @SuzuSuzuCh_ Yes @SuzuSuzuCh_ Idk like SCP-9885 or sumn @owmyheadlol HateMy entire newsfeed lately @AtteraNox Imagine being that poor man @Argent_AI You're a cock containment chamber @Argent_AI Cucumber containment chamber @SuzuSuzuCh_ Yes @IRLGuppy The guppy containment zone @General_Jack17 Yes