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twnety one. shitposts. genuinely not funny just easy to recognise.

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@OOCWesternR34 congrat! ty for filling my timeline with questionable images! @Struggle_Tweet so u got gassed and thought damn i could go for one right now @DolanDark wow, they really care!!! @CallMeCarsonYT @grandayy ylyl for your first kiss @CallMeCarsonYT its is gay mothe @CallMeCarsonYT Big hot men!! @NintendoEurope Pain @Pounxi1 @Suspect_Tweetss Transage won’t hold up in court @Suspect_Tweetss That is a crime @Suspect_Tweetss for no reason sounds ominous @Slinky07652596 @Struggle_Tweet blushybozo on instait is gay month @OfficialJlipper @carsonkingyt i am random xD @carsonkingyt get a non bowl cut @omggamernetwork yea?companies right now flipping a coin deciding if they put a black and white logo or a rainbow one
2020 cops choose passwords @Struggle_Tweet nah man you said IT ALL @FlimfloomVEVO linkedin @FlimfloomVEVO martin69 @FlimfloomVEVO bubba29 @Suspect_Tweetss racist tweets @Purpzie check the accounts at the top of the first screenshot lol @archillect god i wish that was me @Baka_Kamille prob truegregory langford is a fucking idiot @carsonkingyt he is a gentlemanracists are not allowed in space.
Retweeted by cark?? @Albertisacutie @KozukiDOden @Nelson0318582 @B17Fortres @Struggle_Tweet ? @Kettchan5 @Struggle_Tweet i look into stuff so that i know what i'm saying @Struggle_Tweet the red haired girl is her sister, who i assume is not into that shit @gesouche @Suspect_Tweetss caus she's cute @Suspect_Tweetss she cute right? @KozukiDOden @Nelson0318582 @B17Fortres @Struggle_Tweet lmaoooo don't listen to them im 14 @Struggle_Tweet she's kind of rly cute @Suspect_Tweetss @EikoYoshihara @Suspect_Tweetss crazy how you're here too, you fucking idiot @Suspect_Tweetss i want her to spit out whatevers in her mouth into mine @Suspect_Tweetss delete this shit this is criminal @Suspect_Tweetss ???????????? @LilNasX the kardashians are doing a fucking tag 10 people challenge like it's middle school @LilNasX I don’t understand how people can say this isn’t the answer when people tried literally everything else @carsonkingyt Do you compliment big hot men? @TwitterSupport Suspend trump @YourAnonCentral Anonymous are bottoms? Cute @VascoProgresivo That’s not meanonymous coming back is like when u finally get into ur old account after 6 years @Ukansuqmadiq @neekolul Like 10 seconds @neekolul i don’t need any other sugar bc ur the sweetest @Memeulous pics or not real @carsonkingyt they're just trying to make u feel better, to be real with u it is @carsonkingyt it's more bowlcut than anything else, sorry
@CallMeCarsonYT @ConnorEatsPants he do be spinning @birdeat3 Mint @MrWarNoob @Suspect_Tweetss lol @LilNasX @tippitytoptweet @SusSuspectTweet is he wrong tho @xdsks @Suspect_Tweetss not really no @Suspect_Tweetss watch her wag tail and say that again @Suspect_Tweetss Kissing her with those teeth @Suspect_Tweetss imagine her nibbling on u like a carrot @FartinOutCum @cinnyymon I rtd a lot that’s been deleted bc someone deactivated, I’m not in the right here, I should be doing more @CursedBoomers delete thisI made a carrd with all the ways to help I could find to make it even easier to do your part!! It only takes 5 seco…
Retweeted by cark?? @BitchAssBowie you'll get it next time @bobbyscott04 no @SourceLocator minecraft big boobs emo girl skin @fezcool1 for armpit @carsonkingyt I still sleep at 8am @carsonkingyt If I count my channel from when I was 13..... @OOCWesternR34 So hot @neekolul She isn’t as hot as u @Memeulous not me, i just want u to see this guy clean cars @jamescharles This makes me very confused @dominicbrual @SourceLocator That’s not me @carsonkingyt Do a bright pink one!!pov: adskjdh kfkjsad akjdkdwakjd kj k jadkjhd hkjhdkjshdwafjkjhjgsdg @neekolul i wanna explore your dungeon @PK_Saltstorm @Suspect_Tweetss @SusSuspectTweet sus sus tweets can't even lie @Suspect_Tweetss like for science ofc tho @Suspect_Tweetss did she @jamescharles this one @jamescharles give me one shot please @RhysHarding12 @Suspect_Tweetss its always been 2 @SourceLocator @carsonkingyt a what? its a dog next to carson @Suspect_Tweetss god i wish that were me @carsonkingyt the big texan
@jamescharles Lob some ass instead? @CarlJohnsonIsCJ @discord No @JaobMann @brutalxbunny Can relate @jamescharles I have watched it 23 times!!!!hate when i’m at the pet store getting a collar tag and the cashier asks what breed “baby girl” is
Retweeted by cark?? @tehemopenguin @Wendys who made an unofficial wendys discord server @Memeulous can't really argue with this can you @downsrslybad @Struggle_Tweet hot @Struggle_Tweet better than BreedMeDaddy69 but we wont talk about that