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Carla Meyrink @CarlaMeyrink Santo Domingo, Dominican Rep

Founder and director of The Community for Learning. A passionate educator, I love learning, reading, blogging, and traveling.

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@sarahdateechur thank you so much for your inspiring keynote on #simplycoachingsummit20 You gave me a lot to think about!
2020 a suggestion @fitbit Your sleep meditations end with loud music. If the meditation helps me slip into sleep, t…
I just finished The Fifth Season by @nkjemisin... What an incredible book! I'm so happy it's a trilogy, so that I h… @dmvelliaris @Buggsnow @ann177345 @Mind_on_ASaP @TIAscience @awfrench1 @Anthony_OBrien_ @ocpalloneword2 love this!
Hello #CrazyPLN! I'm Carla, from Santo Domingo, Dom Rep. Hmmm, this is tough! 3 words: progressive, community, individualized. @drangelapeery @clegleiter So do I - I'm hearing impaired, so she has one of the few podcasts I can follow. I love… @drangelapeery Thanks for sharing - I have to listen to this one! #leadupchatA2 So far our plan is to do half Ss on alternating days - basically 7 - 9 kids in a classroom. Ts will Zoom their… @Toups_J This is awesome!! It would take me all year to make just one of these! @YokastaSanche10 I'm signed up! #822chat @SKingPES I'd be happy to share! #822chatA2 I'm working on preparing our back to school PD sessions - making them hybrid & trying to model ways to engage ki… @LCarrEdM To be fair, we were a small school with 2 cats. As they've passed away, we haven't replaced them because of allergies. #822chatGood point! #822chat The way I see it - progress is movement towards that distant point of perfection that changes as our understandi… @YokastaSanche10 Yes! I'm a crazy cat lady.... @pattersonaubrey Good morning!Good morning #822chat! I'm Carla, from Santo Domingo, Dom Rep. One of my unsung heroes was our school cat who gave… @ADownham Yes, me too. I watch online conferences to see how the hosts make things interactive. Some are very good… @jillmclean27 @GruntledChalkie @pnabbie @teresagross625 @JillDuBois22 Yes, and it's not just what they do on campus… @GruntledChalkie @pnabbie A 16 year old committed suicide in our city 2 days ago. She couldn't take the isolation.… @teresagross625 @dawblack I have so much to think about (all the issues of how we'll open in Sept) that I can't see… @KarlOLeary4 @specialtechie @ProfaMAB Hahaha - me too....I have a mobile bookshelf - the trunk of my car. #pd4uandmeGood morning #PD4uandme friends! I'm Carla, school director from Santo Domingo, Dom Rep.A1 I liked using Zoom breakout rooms. Students in the rooms shared a doc & collaborated. This worked well for holdi… @AyoguGloria Good morning!! @mrsbrownEDU @jillmclean27 That looks stronger than Jamboard - I'll give it a try! #satchat @specialtechie Morning Pam! #SatchatGood morning #satchat! I'm Carla, from Santo Domingo, Dom Rep.
I love this blog post by Melody Stacy @me1odystacy "Toxic positivity ignores the negative. True positivity overco…
@iTEACHiLEARN @__itsniaj Good to know. I've never found any that fit. @susankotch Looks lovely! @tayari Fireflies in BC CanadaAwesome change! this idea... Word of the day notebook. #teachingexperiment @MarilynEDU @jesush1979 @Gameboydrew @MsG_techSpace @mrscalatayud @JCastilloEdu @docholliday747 @MsNyreeClark @ShiselleLO @Raymi76 @ylonkarodriguez @odile_grullon @maguicidad @AndreaIsabelM @lorenadegarrido I feel your pain!.…
@Kbahri5 @awfrench1 Precisely!! @biologygoddess @JillDuBois22 @saldanact Thanks so much. Very helpful Bonnie! Much simpler than anything else I've seen. 💯 #822chat @HartofLearning 🙋‍♀️ I want one! #822chat @awfrench1 Agree - all that money could be spent on initiatives that really make a difference to Ss. #822chat @biologygoddess @JillDuBois22 @saldanact I would love to see an example of this Bonnie. We're trying to move to sta… @biologygoddess @organizedbinder Oooooh, I'm so curious! Put me on the list when you start sharing, please. #822chat @biologygoddess @saldanact Language shifts are so important. We can't ask Ts to have a new mindset if we continue t… @awfrench1 Our school has been around for 22 yrs & we've never used a standardized test. All our kids go on to univ… @JillDuBois22 @mafost I'm reading Point-less by Sarah Zerwin & her chapters on grades and "data" are excellent. #822chat @biologygoddess @saldanact Yes, makes sense, Bonnie! But many Ts still use words like "test" #822chat @mafost @Principals3in3 Wow! Awesome magic... wish that existed when I did my 1st years. 😀 #822chatA2 Working on our Aug PD - trying to make it hybrid (or virtual if we don't come back) & make sure that we model st… @mafost @Principals3in3 Hmmmm... this is like Chinese to me. Would love to know what this is. #822chat @saldanact @mjjohnson1216 @pattersonaubrey One ex: We have a system where we keep track of all the notes home to Ps… @saldanact Such a good point. And even our words like "quiz" and "test" have to change so that Ts don't feel contsr… this! I'm sharing... thanks Meredith. #822chat @Mathemagician4U @pattersonaubrey As we've begun writing protocols for hybrid learning, there are soooo many things… @mjjohnson1216 @pattersonaubrey Yes, this is becoming more and more of a grey area, isn't it? #822chatGood morning everyone! Made it in on time from my walk! Happy to see you all. #822chat @bethhill2829 Completely agree. Such a high price to pay for a false sense of security.In case this interests you: @ShiselleLO @ylonkarodriguez @odile_grullon @maguicidad @AndreaIsabelM @Raymi76
@susankotch Me too! We finally had graduation yesterday and I got to get spoiled before hand! you for sharing this. Excellent! I love the strategies she includes for keeping Ss engaged while teaching vir… @ShiselleLO @ylonkarodriguez @ShiselleLO @ylonkarodriguez An idea for our Friday PD if we go back to virtual learning. Ts could also share stra… @edonald304 I saw a discussion about this on the Teacher Tech FB page. Write a few great examples were shared.!👇🏽👇🏽 #ELASCD happened! It was an incredibly moving, emotional ceremony! #TCFLDR It became apparent that our Ss had strong critical thinking skills which helped them work independently. On the… This is going to last waaaay longer than you think. Get some self-care routines in place & make sure you set bou… We faced difficulties in engaging some Ss. We noticed that they "woke up" during PBL & inquiry units. I would l… We've always asked Ts to keep mini-lessons short 10 - 15 mins. max & then give Ss an hour to work in class. This… All our Ts went above & beyond, but Ss often mentioned a math T who consistently let them talk about feelings &… I'd like to get rid of vocab & grammar quizzes in ELA. I had to find creative ways to check on understanding & t…
@TWTConference I'd like to buy tickets for a group of our teachers. How can I do that?Love this idea! #teachingexperiment @TeachesEllis @Cathig8r Hi Cindy. So great that you found Twitter. I've grown so much because of my inspirational,… @coreymohn @822Chat This looks interesting! #822chat @biologygoddess This would be awesome. The connections would make the learning so much deeper. #822chat @saldanact Mmmmm... so delicious! @biologygoddess I feel the same, Bonnie - I'm usually in bed & drifting off by 9:00.... #822chat @EmilyDeeter1 @pattersonaubrey Not to mention, teachers. When Ts complain that they have too much work, it's often… @goodmanre03 Yes! 100% #822chat @Willmdunn I completely agree. When grades are based on student self-assessment they're much more meaningful. And S… No more traditional tests, no grades that reflect anything but mastery, no rewards or punishment. #822chat @Kbahri5 Hey Kellie! How are you? #822chatHello #822chat! I have to say I love grilled onion and grilled pineapple. Makes everything else delicious!
@PrincipalProj @daveschmittou @karenswnsn @Chris_Chappotin @CivicsEngaged @mctownsley @ReginaBotsford Thanks for pu… @GradesMatterSBG @karenswnsn @PrincipalProj @daveschmittou @Chris_Chappotin @CivicsEngaged @mctownsley @Lindspren @EL_ASCD @MicheleOgdenEdu Love the topic! Thanks for sharing Linds - see you there! @karenswnsn @PrincipalProj @daveschmittou @Chris_Chappotin @CivicsEngaged @mctownsley @ReginaBotsford @ReginaBotsford @EducatedAce @PrincipalProj @daveschmittou @karenswnsn @Chris_Chappotin @CivicsEngaged @mctownsley @TWTConference - what will the cost be after July 1st? We want to offer this conference to our teachers but it's to… to see you tonight at 8:22pm CST 🌴🌴 @simplygrace @LaneWalker2 @Hedreich @Kbahri5 @SKingPES @YokastaSanche10
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@Ms_A_Yeh A lot of food for thought in this article, Aubrey. During virtual learning, we had to figure out to asses…
#teachingexperiment @Kbahri5 @saldanact @AlliciaSaldana @lportnoy @inc_yv @TraciBrowder @woodard_julie @laurabeess @DHarrisEdS were so many great ideas on today's #Hacklearning chat about sketchnoting moderated by @mospillman! I collect… @mospillman @TannyMcG @hackmylearning Definitely. I'm going to go back and curate all the great ideas for my Ts. #hacklearning