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Carla Meyrink @CarlaMeyrink Santo Domingo,ominica Republic

Founder of The Community for Learning (k - 12) school, secondary director, avid reader, blogger, runner....

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@brianrozinsky @markbarnes19 Not only do I learn from you Brian... but your play on words make me laugh out loud. I… @susankotch Hahaha. Great to get those emotions out... That's what REM is for!! #bfc530 @BAKetcham2009 I checked out the link. What a great activity - can't wait to see the pics. #bfc530Good morning and happy Friday #bfc530 friends!
@ShannonOliveir1 @BrianMendler Thank you, Shannon. I'll check it out. #bfc530The need to listen with my heart... always, no matter how difficult that student may seem. The listening opens door… morning #bfc530! I'm packing up for a long weekend on the beach...😊Smartphones have completely changed the way we communicate. We can instantly shoot off a text message, before we le… love this Letha! #teachingexperiment
Uh oh, more books to buy! @JoyKirr This just made me laugh!!Good morning everyone!! #bfc530
@JoyKirr @MrU_ishere Me too! Last week was definitely a couple of steps back.... @mrbg Thank you! @MrU_ishere Karl, have you read Shift This by @JoyKirr ? So much inspiration there - for different areas and differ…'m in the midst of preparing a 6 week edcamp style inquiry PD for our Ts. Right now we're collecting ideas from Ts… morning everyone! Hope you're all having a good week so far. #bfc530 @KenzaMoller 😳
Mentoring ideas #teachingexperiment ideas #teachingexperiment mentoring ideas #teachingexperiment @msiwanicki Love this idea too!So empowering for both groups. #bfc530 @DebbiSab We're in the process of starting to do this. During their recess secondary Ss can choose to go into class… @wheeler_laura I love this idea! Is your #LinkCrew made up of 11th and 12th grade Ss? #bfc530Last year we started student to student mentoring. Some of our 11th & 12th grade Ss work with elementary Ss during… @kiefersj @deelanier @Jenn_Calderon_ @MarilynEDU @EdTechEddie @meagan_e_kelly @mr_hayes @techfairies2 @pdubyatech T…
@ShannonOliveir1 Thank you Shannon!Wow. Thank you so much for your kind, supportive words, Mark. I'm incredibly grateful for your work and for the… @l_untiedt Never heard of this and I'm curious. Thank you for sharing! #sunchat @susankotch Love this strategy, Susan. Great way to honor all questions without going completely off track in a lesson. #sunchat @brianrozinsky @tiffanytruitt @MarisaEThompson Yes! Agree. Our spiderweb discussions are on fire since we started u… @MrU_ishere @Ms_A_Yeh @susankotch We talk about developing life skills that will help them. "You may feel this math… @susankotch Me too. I've been popping all the ideas into a wakelet to share with some of my Ts. Thank you for the… @TheKevinMCline @Ms_A_Yeh Absolutely...and I'll be stealing this idea from you Kevin! Thank you. #sunchat @KarinaLepkowski Oh! Thank you. I'm going to order it right away! @TheKevinMCline I love this! #sunchat @HalcottMStech This is so important. It's often harder to come up with good questions, than to find answers. #sunchat @aimnoncat Thank you for sharing, June. Looks like an interesting article. #sunchatGood morning #sunchat! Carla from Santo Domingo, DR. I'm in the middle of creating a questioning toolbox for a T wh… I have a few Ts that are feeling frightened by our new initiative. I need to truly listen to those concerns inst… Directly confront toxicity. If a T is negative, have a crucial conversation. Let them know we’re working for the… @brianrozinsky @StaffPodcast @cultofpedagogy I'll check this out Brian - always important to see other perspectives. #HackLearning @MsBuragina @awfrench1 @ASCD @alcdsb Thank you! I'll check this out. #HackLearningA2 Listening to complaints, allowing Ts to vent (people often need this), but then moving on to solutions. "So, wha… @StaffPodcast I love the idea of "staff as family" - focuses on the development of relationships. #HackLearning @JuliaFliss Oh yes! Couldn't agree with you more! #HackLearningA2 Developing strong relationships is key. If Ts feel comfortable speaking up about their concerns, fears, feelings… @awfrench1 @chattygaede @ChristineBemis2 Definitely. I guess it's hard for people to see themselves objectively. #HackLearning @LeeAraoz The faculty room is a great place to measure the cultural health of a school. #HackLearning @Ms_A_Yeh This is so true. It's important to validate ALL complaints & concerns. Taking the time to listen is so im… @chattygaede @ChristineBemis2 And they are often the first to complain about these kinds of behaviors in their Ss.… @ChristineBemis2 So hard to deal with these passive aggressive behaviors. When confronted, they'll often say "What… I’ve had Ts who became very negative for some reason They gossiped & stirred up a lot of bad feelings. In the pa… morning #hacklearning! I'm Carla, secondary principal from Santo Domingo, DR. Looking forward to learning fro… @GregButzEdu @brewerSS_nikki @MeehanEDU @DrBradJohnson @hubbardbradford @engagethemiddle @cliffordmaryann
@GruntledChalkie Awwww... So cute! @mrsleban Followed you to help... @manuelgarcesjr Thank you, Manuel. Just the pump up words I needed! #822chatPutting this one in my toolbox. Thanks Aubrey! #822chat #teachingexperiment I feel like my job is often 2 steps forward, 1 step back. This is was a 1 step back week, so this weekend I'll b… @mjjohnson1216 Thank you! These look great! @SteinbrinkLaura @specialtechie We've been doing this for 20 years and it's helped us develop into a strong, close… @SteinbrinkLaura @specialtechie We do this too. Ss leave at 12:00 on Friday & Ts meet from 12:30 - 2:30. Best decis… morning on Twitter I was reading through a teaching thread. One tweet was hidden from me because it "contained… @mjjohnson1216 I'd love to see that Meredith. #EduGladiators @clegleiter I agree. This is why I believe in "small schools" In a small tight knit community of learners, it's pos… morning #edugladiators I'm Carla, secondary principal from Santo Domingo, DR @runningdmc I work on this all the time too. Amazing how a word can change the tone completely. I love What We Say… @Sheila_SouleVT Hahaha - me, yesterday! @runningdmc For me, it's about how the wording feels to me when providing PD. If I change the wording it helps me t… @Sheila_SouleVT Yes. We have to carefully prioritize or it's easy to become overwhelmed & burnt out. #satchat @Tellez2u Agree. And the resistance to change can show up in so many ways - sometimes it's hard to recognize that p… example of the power of word choice! I love this idea. #satchat #teachingexperiment! Maintaining enthusiasm is key! #satchat @LearningForward What I see as one of the highlights of my job!A2 Sometimes I have to suddenly do a long term subbing. Neg: Takes sooo much time & I can't get around to everythi… Being an instructional leader means doing lots of observations, classroom visits to know where Ts are at. Then g… morning #satchat! I'm Carla, secondary principal at The Community for Learning in Santo Domingo, Dom Rep#teachingexperiment
@MarisaEThompson @MsBteacherlady @MakeThemMastrIt @RamsersRhetoric @kathrina_mendez @braswellhs @JuliaFliss @lethajhenry @GruntledChalkie Super! @GruntledChalkie @lethajhenry Our science lab opens to 2 indoor classrooms and an outdoor classroom. I wish all our… @GruntledChalkie @lethajhenry I love this, Carl! Because we're in the tropics we can take out kids outdoors to read… @kiefersj @pdubyatech @techfairies2 @mr_hayes @meagan_e_kelly @EdTechEddie @MarilynEDU @Jenn_Calderon_ @deelanier I…
@MarisaEThompson @RamsersRhetoric @braswellhs @JuliaFliss @kam_blue11 @kathrina_mendez @ashtrzcinski're gradeless in elementary (narrative reports) which allows Ts to focus on the learning. This changes in seconda…
@LSpencerEdD Yup. I wonder if they're just a little lost and have Twitter confused with Tinder. @AngelaStockman @routledgebooks Such exciting news! Congratulations!You're always your own best advocate -- whether that's in regards to your health, your career, your relationships,…
Retweeted by Carla Meyrink @susankotch Wow. Lovely. Thank you for sharing, Susan. I'm stuck in a traffic jam and this helped me remember to just breath.I'm constantly learning and try to make sure my Ss & Ts know it. I just started studying "grit" and how to help stu… @ChrisQuinn64 @Kbahri5 @Evo_Hannan @melanie_korach @TheresaHolloran @SusZanti5 @NowakRo @bbray27 @cvarsalona @lethajhenry This is just awesome. I love it!!
@KatherineBomer @alextvalencic @SylviaEllison @Gavin_Sonntag @alisonstoneCBSD @DrBelcastro @MrsRThal @dmvelliaris @runningdmc @BrianHerb17 I completely agree, Dawn. So many of the examples I see are recorded lectures or explanati… @alextvalencic @SylviaEllison @Gavin_Sonntag @alisonstoneCBSD @DrBelcastro @MrsRThal @dmvelliaris @RavesiWeinstein @BrianHerb17 This is what I needed to hear. Since I'm not a big fan of lectures, the idea of video taping them does… @philosophypaul I feel that the home environment isn't always equitable. My Ss all have devices, but not all of the… @ShannonOliveir1 @wheeler_laura Me too - they understand my feedback so much better and actually use it. They learn…